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July 16, 1946.
Filed June 6, 1945
3 Sheets-Sheet 1
.\\\9. xxOoE., v *,1:.fil.1 .QNH?whH» m.umN
WA mm.Q Km.
July 16, 1946.
' -
Filed June 6, 1945
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' 6“
JfZTH. c
My 16, 1946..
Filed June 6, 1945
3 Sheets-Sheet 3
M H. Clark
Patented July 16,1946
2,404,123v ’ _
iMar-ion AcClark, Tulare, ,Galif.
Application June 6, 1945, Serial No. 597,798
-1 ‘Claim.
(01. 37-9)
‘wardly projecting :dra'ft assembly ‘2 adapted :for
This invention relates :to 1an improved Learth
working implement, and particularly ‘an earth
digging, carrying, zanddumpingscraper.
:connection with a tractor, and which draft as
-An object'of this invention is'lto embody, in a
‘carryetype scraper, novel means dormechanically
elevating :earth from an independently amounted
scraping iblade upwardly-1f or discharge some dis
sembly =may ‘be supported at its {forward end, if
desired, by a wheel truck ‘3. *The frame it also in—
cludes :a pair 1of rigid, rearwardly extending side
‘beams 4 disposed inrelatively widely spaced par
'allel‘ relation.
tance?abiove the blade ‘into anorma‘lly upwardly
‘openinglearth receiving ibowl; saidibowl tbe'ing ~ro~
:connectediby axheavy-dutycross shaft 5 .journaled
Adjacent their rear ends .thelside beams 4 are '
tatably mounted :so that ‘it may .be :inverted ;to 10 "in vconnection with and projecting .a .short dis
=1tance outwardlykof saidibeams.
discharge a load, ‘and ath'ene zbeing :power means
arranged to .control the position of. said‘ bowl.
.EBetwe'en :the side beams 4>the<shaft ‘5supports'
Another object .of {the inventiondsitozprovide a ' .a ;cylindrical .zearth receivingand carrying 'bowl
scraper, :as'in :the preceding paragraph, in which
‘:6, saidfbowl having :a zfu’llwidthibut circumferen- I
tially limitediopening 2'! itherein, and-.saidopening
"the bowlis cylindrical; said earthgelevating means
comprising ‘a, reel surrounding the 'bowl ‘in rotat
able relation, the ,reel including a ‘plurality ‘of
is mormally disposed at :the top of the ‘bowl, as
show-ngin Fig. 11.
filIilri‘e zcylindrical ‘bowl :6 'is surrounded in rela
longitudinallyextending, circmnferentiallyrspaced
earth’ elevating vanes, and ‘there being .-an arou
ate earth retaining hood extending circumfer
reel comprises scircular end ,plates ‘:9 journaled on
the cross shaft 5 between "the-ends of ‘the bowl '6
‘and thezsidebeams '4. w'l‘hegcircularend plates 9
.are [,connected together zoutwardly .of the bowl 6
entially about the reel from the ‘.blade :to substan
tially the ¢point=of discharge ‘of earth into :the
' bowl; ‘the ‘reel running ;between said bowl .‘and
hood whereby earth‘ ‘carried :by the .reel is LCOD
?ned against :escapeiunti-l discharged :into said
:tively =o1ose ibut rotatable relation by an earth
elevating reel, vindicated generallyiat a8; and which
by longitudinally extending, ,circumferentially
fspaq?dearthtelevating vanes 1:0 ; ,said :vanes being
.of (substantial width and extending radially 30f
A further "object :of the ‘invention is :to‘ mount
the digging blade .on the loweredge of the shOQd,
and to power actuate ?she ‘ZhQQd about (the:
vthedzzowl and thegreel.
arcuate, earth retaining hood .:l;[ {of some
.the bowl to raise ,or ?ower ‘the {blade ; ~,t_her.e tbeing . >5 what less than ;,1.80°\extent extends circumferen
tially about and cooperates with the reelat the
supporting wheels associated with the hood :in :a
manner ‘such ‘that when the blade is in digging
backihereefa said hood-including forwardly pro
position the wheels are clear of the ground, but
,iedting §§hd¢p1ates d2 whichinclude laterallyv out
wardly‘ offset legs l3 journaled in connection with
when the blade is raised to a certain extent, the
wheels engage the ground and support the scraper 35 the cross shaft 5 outwardly of the side beams 4.
The legs l3 are of alength such that they pro
bowl and reel clear for transport.
ject some distance beyond the cross shaft 5, and
A further object of the invention is to produce
in a direction centrally opposite the hood I I. At
a simple and inexpensive device, and yet one
their outer ends the legs [3 are ?tted with‘ out
which will be exceedingly effective for the pur
pose for which it is designed.
40 wardly extending spindles M which carry ground
engaging wheels‘ l5.
These objects are accomplished by means of
such structure and relative arrangement of parts
At its lower edge the hood H is ?tted with a
as will fully appear by a, perusal of the following
transverse, earth scraping or digging blade I 6;
speci?cation and claim.
the arrangement being such that when the blade
In the drawings similar characters of reference 45 I6 is in earth engagement below the cylindrical
indicate corresponding parts in the several views:
bowl 6, the wheels l5 are clear’ of the ground,
as shown in Fig. 1.
Figure 1 is a sectional elevation of the scraper
in loading position.
Figure 2 is a side elevation, partly in section, of
the scraper in discharging position.
The rotary position of the hood II is controlled
by double-acting power cylinders I‘! which con
nect between upstanding posts I 8 on the side
beams 4 ahead of the bowl and the adjacent for
ward edge portions of the end plates l2 of the
hood II at points adjacent the periphery of the
Figure 3 is a plan view of the scraper, with the
power cylinders removed.
Referring now more particularly to the charac
ters of reference on the drawings, the scraper
latter.v The power cylinders l‘! are controlled
comprises a main frame I which‘ includes a for 55 from the tractor by a conventional valved ?uid
1 pressure system. When the cylinders I‘! ‘are ex
tended the hood H occupies a rotative position
l withthe blades IS in ground engaging'bor work- _
ing position, as shown in Fig; 1,’ and at which
time thev wheels 15 are clear of the ground, with
x the reel 8 riding the ground ahead of said blade
l6. However, when the cylinders I‘! are con
tracted, as shown in Fig, 2, the, hood is swung to
a raised position so that the blade I6 is clear of
the earth elevating reel assembly assuring of pos-'
itive loading of said bowl. In addition, the reel,
as it rides the ground during a loading opera
tion, tends to loosen the earth directly ahead of
the blade [6, for‘the reason that the vanes dig
into the earth in the manner shown‘ in Fig. 1.
This facilitates the digging operation and makes
it easier for the blade I 6 to progress through the
the ground; the wheels theneriding the ‘ground 10 1 " From'the foregoing description it will be read- »
, ily seen that there has been produced such a de
with the ‘bowl 6 and reel 8' clear thereo; This
is the transport position of the scraper.
vice as substantially ful?lls the objects of the in
' When the scraper is in working position, vas
’ vention as set forth herein.
While this speci?cation sets forth in detail the
in Fig. 1, earth is dug or scraped up by the blade
16 with advance of the implement. As the im 15 present and preferred construction of the device,
still in practice such deviations from such detail
plement advances, the reel—'on account of1 its
may be resorted to as do not form a departure
ground engagement—rotates in a clockwise di-,
from the spirit of the invention, asde?ned by
:rection and the vanes “I pick up the earth dug
the appended claim. '
by the 'blade [6 and sweep such loose earth u-p
Having thus described the invention, the fol
wardly between the hood II and corresponding 20
lowing is claimed as new and useful and upon
portion of’ the bowl 6 until such earth reaches
the normally upwardly facing opening’l. Asthe
which Letters Patent is desired:
through said opening into the bowl'6.
When the bowl 6 is ?lled, 'as above described,
the ‘hood I I, is actuated to‘ raise the blade I5 and
lower the wheels l5 into ground engagementfor
A scraper comprising ‘a draft frame, a rotary,
vanes reach such opening the loose earth falls
bowl mounted'on the frame for rotation about
a transverse axis, said bowl having a circum
ferential opening therein, means to 'control ro-~
tation of the bowl between a loading position
with the opening on top and a dumping position
with the‘ opening ‘on ‘the bottom, a transverse
After 'the'lo'ad has beenjtranspor‘ted to 'the
point of discharge, ~the bowl Bis rotatedzsoia‘s to 130 scraper blade mounted .for earthiengagement'be
low and spaced v‘from the bowl, an; arcuate fhood
cause the opening 1 to move toward the bottom
extending upwardly and 'rearwardly from the
of ‘the bowl, .and :at which'time :the load spills
blade-in spaced ‘symmetrical relation to the ‘bowl
vthrough said opening; The bowl Biis so ‘rotated
to a-apoint adjacent the top'of the latteryand an.
between its loading and dumping lpositionsby
transportof thesload.
' means of the following power‘ mechanism:
‘earth elevating-reel rotatably surrounding vthe
‘ Power cylinders l9 are pivotallylmounted, vas at
bowl and running between the latter and said
2B, in connection with the posts [8, ‘and the pis
ton rods :21 of said cylindersrare formed with
rearwardly projecting racks '22, which cooperate
hood whereby to elevate earth from the blade and r
'to load’said earth into the bowl from the top; the I
hood and blade being secured in un'ita‘ryrelation
V in meshing engagement with pinions 23‘ ?xed on .40 and :the hood including end ‘members projecting
the cross shaft 5 outwardly of'the legs [3. vThe
racks 22 aremaintained .in'mesh with the pin
ions 3 by suitable roller hold-‘down units, indie
cated generally at 24. It willibe seen that bylac
radially across the ends'of the bowl, means lpiv
'oting saidend members intermediate their 7ends
‘axially of the bowl, ‘supporting wheelsmo'unted
on said members "at ‘the end opposite the hood,
tuation of the power‘ cylinders ‘l9'ithefbowl 6, 45'ithe wheels being clear'of‘the earth'when the
which is ?xed on'cross shaft‘B, may be positively
blade engages therewith, and means torotatably
adjust the hood betweenv one position vwith the
rotated, and to controlled extent, between load
ing and dumping positions; the bowl beingin
“blade in’ earthengagement and the wheels'clear
loading "position when the racks are ‘advanced,
thereof, and another position with thebladeclear
' and in dumping position when the racks are cone 50 o‘f-the ‘earth and‘the wheels! in engagement there
With the'improved scrapenas above described, ‘
the bowl 6 maybe fully loaded with relative ease;
with. '
a '
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