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July 16, 1946.
Filed ‘Nov. 8, 1944
19 J3
Patented July 16, _1946
2,404,128, "
I‘ ".
. The invention relates
'1 ' ' V ‘ "
.; 'y'uHerberitH; Field,
s, 1944,,lseria1"
‘' w‘ g Q
‘ to a locking
" '
and ‘ (Cl.
' Q 15148:) “
Figure 7 is a fragmentaryphantom perspective
view ofthe bolt with the device applied. locking
more, especially to a bolt andnutloc‘king dc- >
.; ,',I’he.primary, object of the invention is the pro
vision- of a device of’ this charactennwherein a
positionfor the nut.
I v,
'_ ,
Figure 8 is a view similar to Figure-7,~,showja
ing the device severed or cut‘forlther. releasing
nut threadedon abolt;
curely' locked in place‘inr any desired adjusted
of the nut from they bolt.
position, without liability- of suchnut OI"--,b01t .
‘Similar reference‘
characters indicate vc'orre- ,
spending ‘parts throughout the several views ‘in
becoming loosened or separating, from each other, ‘ the
the device being‘ in the form oi’xa bendableiwire'
for interlocking engagement‘ with the bolt :and it .Referring to the‘ drawing in. detaiLir'A- desig;
nates generally a portion of apiece'ot work, hav-Z
Another object. or the invention is the provision
of a device of this character, wherein its appli
ing engaged therein a screwrthreaded bolt, a..por-‘
tion"tliere0f. being denoted. at 1.0,.and: carriedtby
this bolt is a nut II, which is threaded thereon
15 to a point for the fastening of the bolt in place,
as best seen in Figure 1, with respect to the said
’ piece of work.
ing of the bolt from the nut, and in this manner
assuring safety in the use of the same.
A still further object of the invention is the
provision of a device of this character, which is
simple in construction, thoroughly reliable, safe
and e?icient in the working and purpose there
of, strong, durable, readily
The bolt at diametrically opposite sides there
of is provided with longitudinally disposed chan
nels l2, which arealigned ‘with each other fol
lowing the axis of the said bolt, and communi
cate at their outer ends with a bifurcation or
slot 13 formed crosswise of the bolt, intersecting
its center, and opening through the outer end
of the shank of such bolt. The bolt is provided
with a transverse passage or bore 14, which is
at substantially right angles to the lay of the
bifurcation or slot I 3 and is carried through
and removed, economical in construction, and 30 opposite sides of such bolt for free access, the
inexpensive to manufacture and install.
passage or bore l4 being in intersecting relation
to the bifurcation or slot I 3.
With these and other objects in view, the inven
The nut II in the wall of the clearance for
the bolt Ill is provided channel-like key-ways l5
inafter more fully described, illustrated in the ac- V. ' which are selectively spaced from each other
companying drawing, which discloses the pre
concentrically to the said clearance and open into
the latter in its longitudinal direction or aligned
ferred embodiment of the invention, and pointed
out in the claims hereunto appended.
with the bolt l0 when engaged in such clearance.
In the accompanying drawing:
Adapted for cooperation with the bolt and nut
Figure 1 is a fragmentary section View through 40 is a locking device, comprising a bendable look
ing wire l6 of a required length, which on ap
plication has its end stretch I‘! resting within
plied thereto.
one of the channels I2, this being accomplished '/
before the nut is threaded onto the bolt, the in- '
Figure 2 is a view looking toward the nut end 45 termediate portion of the Wire having an elbow
formation‘ I8 created by bending, which is coun
terseated in the slot I3, and this elbow l8 may,
be e?ected before or after the application of the
Figure 3 is a sectional view through the nut
showing the channel seats for the locking de
nut to the 'bolt, which also may be true with re
of the bolt with the locking device in locking
a vice.
spect to the laying of the stretch ll of such wire '
in the channel I2.
Figure 4 is an outer face view of the nut de
tached from the bolt.
Figure 5 is a fragmentary side elevation of the
Figure 6 is an outer end view thereof,
‘. bolt Ill and 'the stretch is threaded or laced
‘ through the passage or bore I4 to interlock with ‘
passage to be disposed at substantially right an
gles to such bifurcation with the outside portion
a the elbow l8 inwardly of the slot 13, as best seen A
of the loop“ overlying thenut.
in Figures '7 and 8_ of the drawing. The outer
2. A locking device fora bolt having a bifur
1 side 2| of the loop 20 protrudes over ‘the router j5 cated end, provided with a passage crossing the
face of the nut H when'in the position shown in
‘bifurcation, and a nut threaded on the bolt in
Figure 2 of the drawing beyond the non-chan- ‘
wardly of the bifurcation, comprising a bendable
neled side of the bolt l0, and thus holds the nut ‘
' locking wire having one end stretch seated longi- '
" on the boltand againstloosening action with re- ‘
tudinally in the bolt,' an, elbowportion within '
spect to: each other., One or ‘more passages or '10 the ‘bifurcation, and another end stretch‘ looped ‘
bores M can be instituted in the shank of the
over the bifurcated end of the bolt and threaded ‘ ’
bolt In to enable variable locking adjustment, v
in the passage tov be disposed at'substantially
of the nut II when engaged thereon. The chan- " ' "right angles to such bifurcation with the outside
nel-like key-ways 15 'in the nutv are adapted to? '_ ‘portion of the l'oo'proverlying the nut, the bolt
register with the channels l2 in the bolt. ill for“, being formed with channels for selectively seat- a
giving su?icient clearance to the latter for the in-" " 'ing the ?rst mentioned end stretch of the wire.
' sertion of the stretch ll of therwirelrl?iin such:\ 1 1 3. A locking device for abol-t having abifurcat
channels l2 without thread interference on the 1
7 v
ed end, provided with a passage crossing the bi
furcation, and‘ a nut threaded on the boltin
As will appear in Figure 8 of the drawing, when 20 wardly of the bifurcation, comprising a bendable
‘ "it is‘ desired'to remove the nut from the bolt,
locking‘wire'having one'en'd stretcha'lse'ated?lon-y
the wire/l6 is- severed as at 22' in the loop'2ll,v
I gitudinally win the bolt; an elbowfportion'within
and the severed portions of such ‘re withdrawn
the bifurcation, and ' another end stretch looped
over the bifurcated end of the boltand threaded
';;Wha,t is maimed is;
' i
a a. 7' ' ‘
' 25 in the" passag‘eto be disposed-at substantial-1y
"lj A locking device for1 a' bolt having a bifur;
right‘ angles to suchbifurcation with the outside
cated'end; providedrwitha passage v“crossing the
portion of the loop overlying the hutgthebdlt
bifurcation; and a’ nut threaded on‘the b'ol-twinL
‘being formed with channels ‘for selectively s'eat
wardlyeof the bifurcation, comprising a bendable
ingthe ?rstmentioned end stretchy-of the wire,
locking vwirehavin'g one end stretch seated longi- 30 the ‘loop and‘ elbow portions or th'e'wirefbeing
‘tudinally'inlthebolt, anlelbowvportion within the
interlocked with ‘eachother;
bifurcation; and another end ‘stretch looped over
theibifurcated'end of thebolt' and'threaded in the
‘ {I
_ ' ’
b I
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