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July 16, 1946.
v '
Filed March 23, 1945
m»- 1
'%l? -
' ‘[29. éz/évzes/y Z66
Patented July 16, 1946
‘ _
~=side\.SteeL(§ompan-y, Wheeling;
-' "f?pplioationtMarch‘123; 1945; Serial?No.1'584,4’38 ‘
(c1. eras-as)
1 oftzany accumulated trefuse. or;.theilikeiwithinitlie
Thisiinventi'on' is :directed. to: an vimprovement
'zi'nt'bottle carriersland "is rd-irectedxmoremarticu
sla'rlyito a. carrier,:int-whicnsazpredeterminedrsnum
.'_ber of i'b‘o'ttles ~mayl be accurately ‘supported :in
'Jlmutu'al :co'ntact with"Yth'erzoarrier‘rand
~other>tol prevent?theirI
.lEaChlendE walliszcentrallyyprQvided‘I-Withe and
:?cleadin'g. tfroln.the;bottomt=2 eat the-lowenend rand '
l terminating-.rshort .of {the : upper; ,‘edge ,aoi thesend
dependent, movement.
wall :to provide transverse .w'barsfltbridg-ing :ea?h
I ":Carriers of "this typei‘h‘ave ib'eBn iheretoforeipro
': vided': but zusuallyconstructed ofcardboardorslike
slot at the :upper end. The "upper.redges-rofltheY
end walls 3 ofvthe body-amiornied wit-vhvsnaced
--material- and having their ‘primary,-servicenimen
‘.lip's 3v preferablyint??fal projeotionsofithe lend '
eablingvia customer ibuyin'gainumb'eriof ibOttlGSTtO >
walls, which dipsaarexturned outwardly relatiaverto
If-re'ce'ive such: aicontainerrifori conveniently vcarry
the, interior‘ ‘of :the carrier; and present relatively ‘
inner ‘or adjacentsquareredgesa9;:with;the;$l1aeing
between such :;=edges '191ss_ligh}tly";in 1 excessuof'tthe
ing?theibottles :asiaunit. . Suchtcarri'ers vhowever,
ishaveiproved mi. lrli-ttle‘ real ivalue "as they are‘ easily
*ibr'o'ken eo‘r damaged, :scannotsbei housed finra :re
-'>f'rig'erator fwith rany?c‘ertaintyhof their; remaining
winta'ctYan-d ordinarily. ‘areaof :value :only intrans
porting a selected number of bottles from'ithe
~ width" of the
‘ .‘ slot. ‘The, 1ips1~8 ?are. arranged-tone
15 .on eachside of 1each.,;s1'otfiiandztheioutergedges I
l l- '5 e of the v. lipsi'slope, {gradually inwardly :fromi' the
v, outer‘ ends *of' thezedges 9 .into ,mergenc‘e gwithethe ‘
store by the purchasernan'dlarle- neither s-d’esigned
auppenedeeiproper ofl'theendswalls 3.;
“nor contemplatedlforicontinued reuse.
= ' ‘
L'Ifhexparts sodandescrlibed constitute what may '
"i'i'h‘erlprimary vobject of the presentinvention 201 be termed an integral; body. portion» of the carrier
else-‘the vprovision Iof * acarri‘erlof ‘this type ‘designed
‘as none 'ofithe parts referredto {are relatively
primarily fora de?nite @number of ‘bottles, ~ say
<,.movable.; and obviouslyt-may?be readiiy-iand’QOn
veniently .formed. by ‘conventional :metal opera
*sixpconstructed wholly-ofnietal to provide ‘for
tion,1a's; for example"; byastam-ping.
‘continuous and ' inde?nite ‘reuse, ‘involving "but
.‘g-Ll ~
' r
three 'parts conveniently ' and "easily “constructed 25‘ The second :~separab1eipart;.0f ,the; ‘carrier
:handle ‘portion H tcomprisingea; substantially
for interlocking cooperation :when' ‘m- ‘use 0r" dis
.‘s'emiecircular length of metal, preferably; rbfdts??t
assemblage when not "desired “for'use‘ to permit
=1 necessarily, {of "; spring; metal, the rbOTdy vL engaging '
< ends of which are formediwith teeth-formed lock
marrangementqin a compactpackage; to effectively
QandEDrODe?y support the contained bottles'in a
‘refrigerator, or the‘ like and to provide a ‘handle
ing lugsrl2, the neck l3 of which is bent at ‘right
“angles .to'zth'e adjacent length ofthe handler-with ~
1‘ the T.-head Madispo'sed ;:inward1y ‘of ‘the handle '
.which .in operative ‘use vcif the carrier projects
.{a'bove thetops of-ther'bottles for convenient port
andpresenting :with the neckebrupt shoulders 1:15,"
alltas morevparti'cularly shown aim-Figure. 3. lithe
age, with .the'handle movable to avoid projection
‘above or beyond the bottlesfwhen .in a refriger
neck 13 “of “the locking l headsisuofx: slightlysless
~~ator~orthe like (to reduce, carrier occupied. space. 35 width than that of the slots ?rwhilegthe ihead; 5M1
i , .illherinvention is. illustrated in the'accompany
hing drawingin which: _
is;of :greater width thanithat oftheacs-lots... "
zili‘igu-rel isagperspeetive viewpf the carrier;
the handle substantially ‘in . parallelism“; withsthe
:eFigureQZ ‘is ‘.an :end Yview showing‘ the handle ele- v
body with thelocking ends .of :;the.;handle :dis
posedv b‘elowi'lthe lips "8. In ‘this positiomthezlock
Figure 3V is a perspective viewofthehandle
nits-ubraces; detached;
,7 1‘
i ing'h‘ead r|4=isin1paralle1 relation :tolthe walls'sl‘ots
1 6 and ithe heads ldlmayl’belreadily passedi'thr'oug‘h '
. :Eigure 4o's:azdetaitperspective view‘of one end
The ‘handle .is"applied.rtol-thenbody by holding
ii. the‘slots to ia'rrang'e-th'e ‘neck' I3 betweenitheiwal'ls .
45 of the ‘slots. :‘The handletis theneturnedwerticajl‘ly
- trEigures ?end-<6; arer-views iofrthe ‘handle ’ brace.
The improved carrier comprises'ia'body I: pref
a'era'blyl of imetalrandrimade 11p ofiza‘ :gauge ltovpro
widev'requi'site .zrigidity;
:body“ comprises a
“ sbli‘dibottom 12, end ‘avails ‘53 ‘of ‘the ‘full ‘Width 'of" 60
of the body; that 'iseto'ran 'oper‘aitiveipo'sitionzabove
the body "and 'as‘the ends'fof .th'e handlezridel'over
the portions ll 0 “of "one or the v'otheriof#thealipst-t,‘
' the ends ofIthe-handle are slightly deflecte'dnut
wardly without separating the lockingzhead from
*‘thé’bdttom, andside ‘walls 4 on less len'gththan
the-“end wall and the movement of" the handle is
fthat 10f thelbottom with the iends of‘ the ‘side walls
continued until‘the‘side edges-‘of thehandleiprop
aoed‘from ithe‘ "end walls? to‘ provide openings v.5
orQ'c'onvenient ‘cleaning 1of vthe ‘iinte'rior ‘ of lithe
'- er "ride" betweeni'the shou1dersII-592 formed viby'; the I
‘ lips. L'As'thus applied;1thehand1e isllo'ckediagainst
tan-rep and-‘provide for: the-convenient idisch‘arge" 65-‘ swinging; movement a‘ relative to‘ the bodylby'it'he
7 I; ‘
" '”
bility of their lateral displacement even under
tipping of the carrier.
' shoulders 9 and held against; separation from the
body in any other direction by cooperation of the
locking lugs I2 with the inner'su‘rface of the end
The carrier as a wholeris designed to form a ;
convenient package of a plurality of bottles which’
best illustrated in Figure 1. a
' 5 may be readily transported from place to place or,
for example, stored in arefrigerator for the coolTo prevent relative lateral movement of the
ing of the bottles’ contents when such’bottles
' handle ends with respect to~the body when the
_'are not in immediate u'sel'l {As statedr the handle
‘in operative position,- a brace’bar I5
in its carrying " capacity ‘projects in part above 7
1 having terminal locking ends I‘! corresponding to
‘ , the locking means I2 of the handle is arranged 10_ the upper end of the bottles and thus when in a
refrigerator or the like would occupy space be
between the opposite ends of the handle in par- allelism with the body by passing the locking’ yond that actually necessary. for the cooling of
means appropriately through slots l8 in the hang
In order toloverc'ome this objection the handle
dle ends. ' In order to avoid the bracebar taking ,
up unnecessary space between the bottles-that 15 is readily andconveniently moved longitudinally
of the end walls‘ in the slots 6 until the locking
length of the brace substantially between the
handle parts is twisted so that the brace‘ i6 is . heads 12 are in contact with the bottom 2 of the
carrier. In this movement the brace l6 passes
?nally ‘disposed on edge‘ when in operative posi
between .the upper ends ‘of the bottles and termi
tion. This result is obtained by forming the look
ing ends ofrthe brace and then giving the brace 20 nate's adjacent and preferably between the ends
walls. This position of, therhandle ‘is probably
the bottles.
Y‘ 9 .of the. projections.8 so that. the tie member I9
-will rest’ more'zor. less squarely upon. the‘ upper
edges of theend walls 3 and sidewalls 14 of the a
body as shown in Figurej1..., The carrier as a '
‘plane of the 31013518 to prevent entrance of‘ such
locking means throughthe slotswhen the brace 25 whole is preferably constructed of. metal or other
appropriate‘ material which wil1:facilitate., con- '
.» l6.~is turned with its width in parallelism with the
a half turn ‘immediately adjacent the locking
ends as' illustrated in Figure '1; Thebrace lt'is
"applied by arranging its locking means in the
tinued reuse of. the carrier and :will notibel-af
fected in any way by the storage of. the carrier
.ibottom ofrthe body or transverse the handle ends
‘to provide an effective brace.
» 3
and contained bottles‘ in‘ a refrigerating. conU 'lJfInig order‘ to effectively brace the parts and
" maintain them in substantially rigid relation 30 tainer. ‘ But three parts are employed in the car;
rier and it is understoodthat the sidesand, end
‘when suchparts are inoperative positions, a tie
‘member I9 is provided. comprising a relatively v 1 Walls of the body. are merely of vsu?lcient?height . ‘
narrowv strip shaped topresent sides 20 and ends v ' ‘to maintain stability of the. bottles ~when_in. the
vcarrier which, whileinsuring thatthe bottles may"
#2 l vwhich are in vertical alignment with the upper‘
'iédges ofv the endand 'side walls 2 .and 4 of'the
‘ ' 1; “body when'in position.
be safely carried in the carrieralso facilitatethe
Thiss'trip is bent 'inter-. I
'im'ed'i'ate-its ends to form an inwardly projection’,
22 by appropriatelybending the material while
withdrawal or' removal-‘of any'bottleifrom the
l. A bottle carrier comprising a body. -a Sep
lproj'ection'22v terminate inwinwardly extending 4w arable handle vfor the body, means for assembling
V the handle and body, and simultaneously locking
'lips23. .1 The tie ‘member I9 is applied after the
the ends of the strip diametrically opposite'the
- application of thegbracing strip 16 by passing the '
~projection22lthrough‘ the slot, l8‘ in one section
‘ ~ . of thehandle immediately overlying and" bearing
the handle and body toprevent other than rela
tive sliding movement of the handle while'in'one
wertical plane .relative to the. body, said ‘means
upon'theflockingmember l1 thebracé bar Iii,‘ '13? providing forunl'ocking the handle and, permit;
' ting free separation of the handle from the. body
IjThe'1lips"22. and’ 23 are passed inwardly through
when the vhandle/is in parallel'relation to .the ’
*rthe'sl‘otl? in the opposite section'of the handle .
“ l l .and- the iinnerends of the lips are spread apart»
-/and' ?attened to secure the tie member. in posi;
It'will be noted that the vertical lengths of. the
islot iii are such as to substantially ?t in and ?ll
the slots "above the lockingmember I‘! of the
r Y.‘ - brace'rvl? thereby ?xing the brace against move
' U,7 2. ‘A bottle carrier comprising a body-including I ,
50" a'bottom, side and end wa1ls,1the end' walls being 7.
‘formed with slots normal to’ the bottom; andv a’
handle of rounded length having its ends formed
' with ‘interlocking heads capable of, being passed
throughth'e slots when the handle is in a'positi‘on ~
"ment'and obviously tieing thehandle parts in 55" substantially parallel to the body, the locking
‘more rigid relation.
The carrier as a whole is-here shown as de- 7
' signed to receive six bottles which. through their
'lheads being of‘ aleng‘th “to prevent’i'separatin‘g
' movement of the handle and body when the han
dle is normal to the bottom of the body; ‘and
means on the body to prevent'otherthanaln in
‘mutual contact with each other and with the side
and end walls. of the body are sufficiently braced: .130 terlocking relation of the slots and heads except
in a predeterminedpositon of the handle relative
‘to prevent any relative movement tending to slip-v
to'the bottom of the body.
. Y
. .i
»;page' or breakage. .The length of the handle is
3. VA construction as de?ned inclaim 2wherein
such that the rounded upper portionrwill, when »
. lips are formed‘ on the body on oppos'itesides of
the carrier parts are in operative position, project
1; - V 'Vgsufliciently above the bottles in the carrier as to;v 65 each‘ of said slots to receive and-hold the handle
‘ spro'vide a convenient hand hold for handling the ' .- against‘movement relative to the body other than
zcarriergand its‘ contents;v Inthis connection, it
.. in a plane normal to the body. ;
will be notedthat ‘the carrier is in line, with the
~medium longitudinal plant of thebody to balance
; 4. A constructionasde?ned in‘ claim 2hwherein ‘
, the ends of the body are iformed with outstanding
:thev load'and provide vfor convenient handling. r70" lips extending outwardly from the body and-do?
The tie member I 9 actsto eifectively insure the
. rigidity. and "freedom‘ from relative movement of
v?ning the margin ofyeach wall of a slot to re
; ceive th'e_'handle,between :them and prevent.
athe parts,>it being understood that .the tie ment
swinging movement of the handle relative. to, the
.;1 her‘ also serves as a guardof the upper ends of
; body when the, handle is in apo'sitiondngormalto
sthegbottles in. the carrier to. prevent anyppossil "tithe. bottom of thebodm'the lips-helped a thick
ness to permit the handle to be moved beneath
them to free the handle for swinging into a plane
parallel to the bottom of the body for release of
arranging such handle in substantial parallelism
with the bottom of the body and with the heads
at the ends of the handle in parallelism with the
the handle.
walls of the slots, inserting the heads through the
5. A bottle carrier including abody integrally c: slots and turning the handle up at right angles
constructed of metal and including a bottom, end
to. the bottom of the body, the handle in such
walls rising from‘the bottom and of the fully ‘movement riding over the curved edges of the
' length of the width of theibottom and side walls ‘
lips and into a position between the shoulders
rising fromrthe bottom and having a length less
formed by said lips, whereby to lock the handle
than the length of they bottom, a handle having 10 by the head bridging the slots and the handle
ends overlying the outer surfaces of th'eend walls
portion adjacent the head held between the
and bridging slots in said end walls, each such
shoulders of the lips, and a reinforcing bar re
handle end having a neck extending through its
movably engaging the opposed portions of the
underlying slot and a head at the end of the neck
handle at such distance above the upper edges
to bridge the slot on the inner side of the end
of the end walls of the body as to permit the
wall when the handle is in operative position, the
handle to move freely lengthwise the slots with
handle in an inoperative-position at right angles
out permitting any disconnection of the means
to its operative position, turning the heads to per
for holding the handle in predetermined relation
mit their free movement through‘ the slots in the
to the end walls of the. body.
end walls to free the handle, and means project
7. A bottle carrier comprising a body, a sep
ing from the upper edges of thev end walls to
arable h'andle for the body, means for assembling j
provide shoulders on opposite sides of and wholly
the handle and body for simultaneously locking
free of any connection with the handle to prevent
the handle and body to prevent other than rela
swinging movement of the handle relative to the
tive sliding movement of the handle in one ver
body when the handle is in operative position, 25 tical plane relative to the body, a brace member
said means permitting swinging movement of the
removably interlockably inter?tting in slots
handle to an inoperative position under limited
formed in the middle portions, and a tie member
movement of the handle ends relatively outward
engaging the slots receiving the brace member
from the end Walls.
- and overlying and ?xing the brace member in
6. A bottle carrier including a body having a 30 position, the tie ‘member presenting an outlying
shape corresponding to that of the body.
bottom, end walls of the full width of the bottom >
and side walls of less length than the length of
8. A construction as de?ned in claim 7 wherein
the bottom, the end walls being formed with slots
extending at right angles to the bottom and ter-‘
‘the handle portions are formed with slots to pro
vide for the connection of the brace member and
minating near the upper and lower edges of the 35 wherein the tie member is connected in said slots
end walls, the upper edges of the end walls being
abovethe connections of the brace member.
formed with outstanding lips having curved outer
9. A construction as de?ned in claim 7 wherein
margins and inner abrupt shoulders on the re
the handle above its connection to the body is.
spective sides of the slots, a curved handle hav
ing the ends formed with a narrowed neck bent
intermediate its ends at right angles and having
a width substantially that of the slots in the end
walls of the body and a head at the end of the
neck having a dimension transverse the neck, ex
formed with slots to permit the connection of the ‘
brace member, and wherein the tie member is
formed with an integral projection to seat in one
of said slots and at the opposite ‘end with lips to
be passed through the other of said slots and up
set inwardly of the handlemember to secure the
ceeding the widths of the slots in the end walls, 45 tie member in position.
the handle member being inserted in the slots by
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