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July 16,A 1946.
2,404,136 ¿
‘Filed’ Aug. 29,- 19454
irma# '
Patented July 16, 1946
Mary A.1Knauiï, Tucson, Ariz.
Application August 29, 194‘5, Serial No. .613,324
1 Claim.
(C1. 41-24)
This invention relates to a three dimensional
scenic background and can bersuitably colored.
picture and to a method of producing the same.
It is an object of the invention to produce a ,
picture the scenic background of which is dis
played on the concave surface vof a trough WhileY
various objects so that Ythey will extend from the
foreground. Among those illustrated are minute
the foreground portion of the picture comprises
moulded material serving to support reproduc
tions of Vegetation and other objects positioned
plied objects have been indicated at 5. Y
in proper proportions in front of portions of the .
A further object is to provide a picture of this
type which can be framed and then‘displayed
either by mounting it on suitable supports or by y
hanging it.
With the foregoing and other objects in view
which will appear as the description proceeds,
the invention resides in certain novel details of
construction and combinations of parts and cer
tain steps of the method hereinafter more fully
described and explained, it being understood that
changes may be made in the invention without
departing from the spirit thereof as claimed.
In the accompanying ‘drawing„the preferred
form of the invention has been illustrated.
In said drawing,
Figure 1 is a perspective view of the trough
containing the scenic background, said trough be
ing employed as a form in the shaping of the
Figure 2 is a vertical section through the com
pleted picture.
Figure 3 is a front elevation thereof.
In producing a picture having the present im
provements, a trough of suitable proportions is
first prepared. This can be made of strong card
board or any other suitable material and pref- n
erably formed with segmental ends l joined by a
sheet of material 2 secured to and conforming
with the curvature of the arcuate edges of the
Also it can be utilized as a means for holding
portions of vegetation which, after being dried,
can be permanently colored.
Some of these ap
It is to be understood that all of the foreground
structure is located within the- trough and after
10 the contents of the trough are completely dried
following the assembly of all parts thereof, said
v trough is set into a frame 6.01- other holding
means containing a glass 'l or the like constitut
ing a protecting means.
In preparing the picture, it is preferred to use
a composition made up of papier-mâché, one part,
finely sifted sand, one part, and plaster of Paris,
two parts. These ingredients are thoroughly
mixed with a sufficient amount of glue to make a
pliable composition. It is While in the pliable
state that the plastic is placed in the trough
and moulded and it is also while in this state
thevvarious objects 5 which can represent vege
tation, rocks, etc. are inserted into the moulded
material so as to extend therefrom. The coloring
of the foreground is effected after the composi
tion has completely hardened and it is preferred
to use genuine oil colors in this iinal treatment
of the plastic and the parts supplied thereto.
What is claimed is:
A three dimensional picture including an elon_
gated trough of sheet material having segmental
ends and an open face, the inner surface of the
trough being provided with a scenic background,
» a plastic material partially filling the trough and
extending from end to end thereof, said filling
being extended backwardly to and merging into
` the background and depicting a scenic fore
ground, objects seated in the plastic material and
ends. Displayed on the concave surface of the 40 supported thereby iixedly for display in front of
sheet 2 is a scenic background 3 produced in any
the background, means joined t0 the edges of the
manner desired. After the trough has been pre
trough for concealing the same and the forward-1
pared, a selected quantity of plastic material 4
most portion of the plastic, and a transparent
is placed in the trough and the exposed surface
closure carried by said means through 'which the
thereof is moulded to indicatefthe configuration 45 background and the fabric are displayed to depict
of the foreground portion of the picture. This
a natural landscape or the like.
material extends back toward and meets the
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