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July 15, 1946.
Filed Dec. 11, 1943
Edy-'1 ~
77 74 76 6.65‘27‘8
796781 7a 62
Patented July 16, 1946
Jennings Nelson; St. Paul, Minn.
Application December 11, 1943, Serial No. 513,899
15 Claims.
My invention relates to an improvement in
scraper blade holders, wherein it is desired to
provide a novel and effective means of holding
a razor blade for scraping purposes.
The object of my invention lies in the provi-r
sion of a scraper blade holder supporting a razor
blade so that it may retract or project'from its
holder. In retracted position the scraper blade
edge is held in protected position. In projected
posi-tion the razor blade is in readiness for Vfull
operation for its designed purpose.
A feature of the present invention lies inthe
provision of a novel means for holding the razor
(C1. 30-162)
2 Y
' sition my reinforcing plate structure is arranged
to support a blade ofthe doubleedged type,
either receded into or projecting from the en
closure. Thus my holder is useable with blades of
either of these types.
These and other objects and novel features of
my invention will be more clearly and fully set `
forth‘in the following specification and claims. '
In the drawing forming a part of my speci
Figure 1 is a top plan view of my razor blade
holder, a portion of which has been broken away '
to show the construction thereof.
blade in selected position. This means comprises
Figure 2 is a longitudinal section through the
a pin or knob which is secured to the reinforcing 15
holder illustrated in Figure 1, lthe position of the>
plate to which the razor blade is secured, and
section being indicated bywthe line 2_2 ofV Fig
which extends through a slot in the hollow en
closure in which the razor blade and reinforcing
Figure 3 is a cross-sectional view through the
plate are slidably positioned. This pin or knob is
engageable in spaced enlargements in the slot sov 20 holder, the position of the section being indi
cated by the line 3_3 of Figure 1.
that the blade may be held in adjusted posi
Figure 4 is a cross-sectional view through the
handle portion of the tool, the position of the '
A further feature of the present invention lies
section being indicated by the line 4_4 of Fig
in the simplicity of assembly of the apparatusï
ure 1.
The razor blade is removably secured to its slid 25,
Figure 5 is a top plan View of a modified form
able reinforcing member and a spring pin device
is also attached to this reinforcing plate structure. . of holder construction shownholding a double
edged blade in retracted position.
The razor blade and its .reinforcing plate may
Figure 6 is a
view similar to Figure 5 showingthen be inserted into the hollow body of the hold
er, and is mounted therein for retractable move 301 the double edged blade in projected position,V
Figure 7 is a view similar to Figures 5 and 6
ure 1.
A feature of the present invention lies in the t
fact that lthe portion of the hollow enclosure ad
jacent the slot in which the adjustment pin is'`
engaged is ofi-set onto‘a, plate parallel the ad
jacent surfaces of the enclosure., Accordingly a
_ part of the spring urged pin may
showing the holder clamping a single edged type
razor blade in projected position.
.. ,
Figure 8 is a sectional view through the holder,
the position of the section being indicated bythe
y line 8_8 of Figure 5.
' '
lie interiorly
of the slot edges to hold «the `pin or knob in proper
relation to the reinforcing plate.
A feature of one form of myvinvention lies in`
the provision of a slot at one side edge of the
holder through which a blade may be inserted or
rejected. Accordingly blades maybe changed
whenvfound necessary or desirable without re
moving the supporting reinforcing member from
its enclosure. .
line 9_9 of Figure 6.
Figure 10 is a sectional view through the hold-eri
shown in Figure 7,’the position of the section be- `
ing indicated by the une in_ln of Figure 7(
The homer A, illustrated
4 of the drawing, comprises in Figures 1l through Y
A further feature of my invention lies in the
fact that the holder may be such as to support
an upper substantially fiat panel I2, foldably’ con
a razor blade of the double edge type or of the
nected side edge walls >I3 and I4, and
single edged type. The reinforcing plate is re
bottom panels I5
The bottom panels,
versibly positioned in its enclosure and is remov
nected together, `
able therefrom, When in "one position in rela-v
.tionto the holder av single edged blade is lsup
single piece of sheet material bent >in substantial-Y
ly rectangular form.
ported for slidable movement receded into or
projecting `from the enclosure. In reversed ypo
The top surface
panel I2 extends rearwardlyv
beyond the remaining panels and is provided with
, ses
The pin 48 is provided with a hollo'w cylindrical
a central bulge I'I which extends into the integral
handle portion ll. The handle II is provided
with oppositely positioned side walls I9 and 20
shank 53 and a head 54 at the upper extremity
thereof. The shank 53 is of proper interior di
ameter to accommodate the upper end of the iin
ger 44. This shank 53 is also of proper outside
and with a down-turned end ñange 2| forming
a reinforcement for the handle and also providing
a channel-shaped hollow within the handle in
diameter to slide longitudinally within the slot
30. Thus when the pin 49 is depressed, compress
which extra rrazor blades may be kept.
A »tongue 22 is bent from the material form- ‘
ing the spring 45, the pin may slide from' one ex
treme position to the other. »
. .
ing the handle, at substantially the longitudinal
, In order to prevent the razor blade and its re
center of the. handle, asbest illustrated «in_FigT 10 inforcing plates 33 and 34 from sliding out of the
ure 2 of the drawing. A closure plate 23 is shaped
to fit between the side walls I9 and 2D of the ¿_.
handle, lthis closure plate being, provided with
an upwardly curved tongue 2A which extends be
tween the tongue 22 and the under-surface of 15
the handle body I I. Opposed side ñang'es 25 and ’
once the holder has been assembled, I Y
provide a finger 55 which is .preferably broken
upwardly from the bottom plate I6 into the lon
gitudinal slot 56 in the plates 33 and 34. This
linger 55 is formed in the lower plate I3 during
the formation of the holder, but remains cc
26 are provided on the closure plate 23, which fit
planar with the plate i5 until the razor blade re
within the side wall flanges 23 and I9, respec
inforcing plates 33 and 34 are engaged within the
tively, of the handle I I, as illustrated in Figure 4
>Through the use of a'y suitableinstru
of the drawing. spaced apertures 2l. are provid
ment the finger 55is then broken upwardly -into*
édin the side wall flangesV I9 andv 20, and‘raised
the slot 55, thusA limiting the slidable movement
knobs 29 on> the flanges `25v and ‘25 engage in these
of the razor blade and Y.its reinforcing plates and
apertures 2l under springtension. The closure
holding the reinforcing plates assembled within
lplate ¿2'3 vis thus .held in
sion `and may support a series of extra razor 25
blades, illustrated in general bylthe'numeral B,
Contained Vwithin the h llow body of the handle
the'head I0.
As best illustrated in'Figures l and 3 of the
drawing', a slot 51 i's provided in the'side edge
I3 of the'head Ill, extending toward the rear of
the head some distance from the front edge
Extending longitudinallyof the head I5, I pro
thereof. This slot 51 is provided to permit inserê
tion `and withdrawal of therazor blade C from
between the plates 33 and'34.. .When the'razor
vspaced. parallel relationwith the remainder et
the upper panel I2 >of the Yhead l5. The-offset ‘ vblade is in the projected'vposition illustrated in
vide in the upper panel I2 a slot 3€). Portions ¿3l
on 'opposite sidesïof the Vslot 3i) "are cir-set into
Y l
' portions
3 I» are connected by olf-'sets
remainder of the surface'ofthe panel-I2.- - »
~ The razor bladevrein‘forcing comprises a pair
Figures k1 and 2 of the drawing, pressure against
the upper edge of the blade C, as viewed in .Fig
urel of the drawing, may slide the blade C‘ trans
versely out from between the plates »33 and 34
,i of clamping Vplates 33` and 34, whichr are >spot
to di'sengage the blade fromthe holder. A new
welded, Aor otherwise connected together. Spac
blade may be inserted between the plates 33 and
ing flanges 35 and 33 are provided on the >rear
edgegof these plates 33 and 34, respectively. iso 40 34 in the same way, 'a blade being illustrated _in
vpartially removed position in dotted outlineV in
as -to hold the plates in proper relation to the
Figure 1 of the drawing. When 4the blade is in
head Ill. The plates 33 and 3% areprovided'wi'th
retracted position, i-t lis held from- >lateral slidable
oiiÉf-setv portions 31 and 39 which terminatein
clamping lips 40 and 4I, respectively. The ofi-set .45 movement -by the side edge- I3 of the head IIJ.
From the foregoing/description it will be ob
portions 3lY and 33 are spread apart to receive the
reinforcing edge 42 on the blade 32 of aasingle
edged razor'blade C.l The clamping lips 43 and
4I Iengage the blade ’43 *outwardlyV of the ‘rein
forcing member '32„ embracing the edge 'of the
blade `«43 opposite the cutting edge thereof. _A
finger- 44 is bent up fromAv about the center of the
upper plate 33 and, extends upwardly at Vsubstan
vious that a `single edge»razor blade may .be .in
serted between or withdrawn from between the
reinforcing plates 33 and 34 at any time the blade
is in .extended position. When inthe retracted
position described the blade isheld tightly from
movement by engagementof the circular shoul
der 50 vvit‘lfi> the enlargement 52 `in thesloït -32..
When.' moving longitudinally from :one eXtrem-e
ti`ally"‘right angles thereto. ’ A conical 'spiral
sif?ri'rigl 45 encircles this ñnger 44 and isL ‘secured 55 position to the other button orv lpin 4331s fd’e-r '
end to ‘the’ ringer Yadjacent>
pressed until the shoulder 59 vis positioned fbe
at its small diameter
, the'r‘surface "of the platev'33. The large diameter
neath» the off-set portions 33B, ïwhereupon the .
endj of theïvs'pring ’45 is'resiliently held Within the'
blade and its reinforcing plates may beY moved
circular recess 45 within the> circular flange ‘äl‘ of
rearwardly to retract the-'blade until the-shoul
the yadjusting button 43. The iiange 41' is var
der 50 engages inthe circular enlargement 5I.
rang-edV to ride beneath the'oiî-setfportionsïü -of
Wheniin thi-js extreme position, the blade is Aheld
thehead I-Il adjacent the s'lot '30, this flange '4l
retainingv the adjustment pinY 49 fromV loutvvfard
'~ movement-through the
50 within the recess 5l, and the lblade will re
/A-'c'ircular shoulder :5'31is provided adjacent the
53 being engageable in
>enlargements 5I 'and'
either? of a «pair
`52Li-n`V the. >slet 30. When the adjustment pin 45
from movement by engagement ofthe shoulder
main yretracted until the pin 49 'is again de
pressed and' longitudinal force exerted thereupon j
to move the blade into open position. `
In Figures >5 through l0 Vof the drawing YI'd'is
clo'se a Vmodified form Vof holder, which vhas many
" isfiÍn'> registry Witheither of the enlargement open
features in common with the construction above
ing‘s- 5I or'52, the shoulder 50' is engaged therein, 70 described. This razor blade holder Dis provided'
and the razorY blade reinforcing'plates 3?»Y and 3&1
with no handle and `is yextremely compact, and
are-heldV from longitudinal slidable movement.
However, when the pin is depressed so that 'the
shoulder 5B is below the vlevel of the off-'set por
tionsf3l,¿adjacerit the 'slot‘ì-Sü, äthe’pin' may slide
along the siot iatale-‘ny acjustedrpesinon: f
therefore Acan 'be easilyV carried in a pocket or4
_ The '_,noleïer vD meiddfes" ¿ag hcucw' ieetangiilar
75 outer lbotilyfhaving a slot ’in'one edge thereof 'from'
which the blademay project. 'I'hebody is pref
spectively.` ‘ When thus reversed,.the blade F' will
be> found to be in projecting position when the `
erably formed of an upper panel ûû'having mar
ginal flanges 6| along three adjoining marginal
button 16 is in the intermediate slot enlargement
edges thereof. 'I'he flanges 6| and 63 extend into
telescopic relationship and are securedA together
to hold the upper and lower panels 6U and 62,
respectively, in substantially parallel relation
1,0. By depressing theV pin or button 16 and ex
erting a rearward pressure on this pin or button,
the razor blade may be slidably moved into re
tracted position in which the shoulder 'l1 is en_
ship. 'I‘he provision of the flanges SI and 63/
gaged in the enlargement 69. Thus the holder
along three adjoining edges leaves a fourth edge
64 open, and it is through this open edge that the 10 is suitable for use with either type of blade,
whether'it be possessed of two cutting edges or a
blade and its reinforcing-member may project
and retract.
single cutting edge.
In accordance with the patent statutes,>I have
The upper panel 60 is ‘provided with a slot 65
therein at substantially right angles to the open
-front side 64. PortionsA 66 of the upper panel 60 15
are off-set onto a plate substantially parallel and
above the plane ofthe remainder of the panel 60,
these oif-set portions 66 being connected by off
sets 61 to the remainder of the panel. The slot
described the principles ofy construction and op
eration of my razor blade :holders and while I
have endeavoredA to set forth the best embodi
ments thereof, I desire to have it understood that
these'are only illustrative of a means of carrying
out my invention, and that obvious changes may
65` is provided with three longitudinally yspaced 20 be made within the scope of the following claims
without departing from the spirit of my invention;
circular enlargements 69, 10, and 1|.
I claim:
The razor blades are arranged to be clamped
The upper clamping plate 'I2 is provided with an
upstanding ear ’i4 cut therefrom and arranged to 25
extend into the hollow shank 'I5 of the headed'ad
justing pin'lö. The Yshank 15 is of proper outer
diameter to slide in the slot 6,5 and is provided
with a circular flange or shoulderll of a size to
fit snugly within the enlargements B9, 'I0 and 1|. »
A still larger flange 19 is provided at the lower
- extremity of the shank 'l5 and this ilange 79 is
recessed to receive the large diameter end ofa
spiral coil spring 80. The 'small diameter end of
the spring 80 is engaged in opposed notches
formed at the baSe’of the ear 74. lThe headed
pin 'I6 and the upper reinforcing plate 12 are held
together by the spring 80.
, _
4`The upper plate 12 is provided with a pair of
1. A razor blade holder comprising a hollow re
between two separate clamping plates 12 and '13.
ceptacle having an open side'therein, a pair of
reinforcing plate means slidable in unison toward
_and away from said open side, razor blade means
supported between said reinforcing plate means
to slide therewith, a slot in said receptacle ex~
tending at substantially right angles to said open
side and communicating therewith, an operating
means resiliently secured to one of‘said reinforc
ing plate means-and extending'through said slot,
spaced enlargements in said slot, and shoulder
means on said operating means resiliently urged»
into said enlargements to hold said reinforcing
plate means .from movement toward or 'away-from
said open side of said receptacle.
'2; A razor blade holder comprising a hollow
receptacle having an open side, a pair of clamp- .
ing plate means within said receptacle and slid
oppositely disposed >spaced apertures 8l there
through, while the lower plate 13is provided with 40 able in’unison toward and away from said open
side, a slot in said holder extending at substan
uptu'rned circular projections 82 which engage
within the apertures 8 I .
These projections 82
arearranged to fit through the perforations orig
Ainally found in double edged razor blades, and
the projections hold the blade from twisting with
tially right angles to said open side and communi
eating therewith, A‘spaced enlargements in said
slot, means resiliently secured to said reinforcing
45 plate means for sliding the same toward and
away from said open side,- said operating means
extending through said slot, means on said oper
»When the razor blade holder D is holdinga
ating means engageable in said spaced enlargedouble edged razor blade E, as illustrated in Fig
ments to hold said'reinforcing plate Vmeans from
ures 5, 6, and 9 of the drawing, the projections
82 extend 'through apertures in the blade E, and 50 slidable movement, and a razor blade secured be'
tween said reinforcing plate means for movement
one edge' of the blade Vprojects beyond the ad
respect to the reinforcing plates 12 and 13. “
jacent edges of the reinforcing plates 12 and 13.
3. A vrazor blade holder comprising a hollow
when the blade E is in retracted position, as'
receptacle having an open side therein, a slot in
illustrated in Figure 5 of the drawing, the ad
justing button or pin 16 is engaged in the central 55 said receptacle extending at substantially right
angles to said open side and communicating
enlargement 10. When it is desired to project the
razor blade E the pin 'I6 is depressed, compress
` therewith, 'a .pair of reinforcing plate means
slidably positioned in said receptacle for move
ment .in unison toward or away fro-m said open
applied to slide the razor blade `E and its plates
12 and 13 outwardly into the projecting positionv 60 side,`¢ an operating button resiliently secured to
ing the spring 8_0 and longitudinal pressureis
said reinforcing plate means and extending
throughásaid slot, a razor blade secured betweensaid reinforcing plate means and slidable there
1I, holding the blade- in projectingfposition. The
with from a position projecting from said open
blade is retracted by depressing the button 76
and sliding the blade and plates rearwardly until 65 edge to fully enclosed position, and spaced en-t
largements in said slot„shoulder means on said>
the shoulder l1 becomes engaged'in the enlarge
illustrated in Figures-6 and 9 ofthe drawing.
The shoulder 11 then engages in the enlargement"
. When the holder D is used for supporting a
single edged razor blade F, as illustrated in Fig
operating button resiliently urged into said en
largement as said operating button is operatedy
to slide said reinforcing plate means, said shoul
ures 7 and 10 of the drawing,xthe position of the 70 der means being engagea'ble in oneA ofï said en
largements to hold said razor- blade inuprojected
reinforcing plates .12 -and 'I3 is reversed. ‘The re
position and engageable vin another of said en-'
inforcing strip 83 embracing the rear edge of the4
blade F engages in longitudinallyextending slots
84 and 85 in the reinforcing platest'IZ- and 1.1.3,- re,
largements toI
hold said razor blade' in enclosed:v
4. A razorx‘blade holder comprlsing’aflhollowg
V '
ward and away -from said open vend, sal-d razor
blade clamping means including a pair 'of re
receptacle' having an >open side, a pair >of rein
forcing- plate means slidable in unison in said
silient plates embracing the thickenedv'edge Yof
hollow receptacle and designedrto support a razor
blade therebetween, a slot in said receptacle ex
’ tending at substantially right angles with re
the blade and contacting opposite -sídes -of the
blade adjacent the thickened edge,` a slotv in said
body at substantially right angles to said open
spect to said open side thereof .andcommuni
end, means secured `to said razor blade clamp
ing means and extending through saidy slot Afor
actuating said razor bladey clamping means, and
a slot in an edge of said receptacle body adïjaçen-t
Said open end, said slot registering with-the thick
ened edge of said blade in one positionthereof,
said blade being removable from between said
eating therewith, ñnger means on one of said
reinforcing plate means projecting, toward said
slot, an operating button mounted on said finger
for axial movement with respect thereto, resil
ient means between said button and said rein
forcing plate'means, .a liange onsaid 'button en
gageable within said receptacle inwardly of said
slot,4 shoulder means'adjacent said flange, spaced
enlargements .in said slot adapted to receive
clamping meansthroughsaid slot.
1o. A razor blade holder Comprisinga hollow
receptacle body having an open end, a slot in
said' shoulder means, and button head means on
' said 'buttonv extending Vthrough said slot.
said body extending at substantially right angles
y5. A razor blade holder comprising substan
tially flat receptacle having an open side, a slot
to Asaid open end, a razor blade support' slid
receptacle having van‘open side, a razor blade
slidably disengaged from
able within said body toward and away from said
in .said receptacle >extending at substantially 20 open end, said support including a pair of clamp
ing plates engageable with> said blade to hold
right angles to said open side, outwardly .off-set
said >blade from longitudinal movement relative t0
portions adjacent said slot,V a button having a
saidsupport while'permitting transverse move’-y
flange- inwardly of said off-set portions `and `a
mentY thereof relative to said support, means on
second> ñange outwardly of said Aoff-set portions,
said support'extending through said slot for mov
razor blade supportingk means
said receptacle, and means resiliently .connecting v ing said razor> blade support, and a slot in said
body registerable with said razor blade -in one
said button'to said razor blade supporting means'.
position thereof to permit said razor blade to' be Y
6. A razorblade holder comprising a'hollow
between said `clamping
supporting means within said bodyjslidable to 30
ward and away from fsaid open side, a slot in
’ said-receptacle body extending at substantially
11. A razor blade holder comprising a hollow
receptacle body having an open end, a Vslot lin
said body extending at substantially right angles
right angles to said open side, outwardly off-set
to sai'dopen end, a razor blade rsupport .slidable
.withinsaid body and ,movable towardgand away
portions `in said receptacle body on opposite sides
of said slot forming an «outwardly bowed >slotted
from said Vopen end, an operating means on said
channel in said receptacle body, a button in said
slothaving a flange slidable in said channel and
support extending through said slot, saidV razor
blade _support including a pair of substantially
flat, plates designed to lie in superimposed ,rela
a Asecond flange outwardly ofr said body, said
button extending through said slot, means resil
tionship, transversely extending elongated regis'
iently lsecuring said but-ton to said razor blade
tering slots ,through said plates- adapted to vre
supporting means, spacedenlargements in said
slot, and shoulder means onv said button en
gageable in Isaid enlargements to" hold said razor
ceive the thickened edge of. a single edged razor Y i
blade, spaced apertures in one of said plates', and I
lugs unl-,the other of .said plates designed to eX
tend into „said apertures to hold said plates inV
blade supporting means in a selected position.
'7. A razo;1 «blade holder kcomprising a hollow
receptacle ¿body having an open» side, a razor
proper relative position.
» 1
. 12. VArazor blade Vholder for Asupporting single
blade supporting means engageable with oppo
site A'sides of a blade slidable in said body toward
edged razor bladeswith Aa thickened reinforcing
edge-and for supporting double edged-razor blades
and-away from said l pen side, »a slot in saidl
receptacle extending atr substantially right an
5 (i
gles'fto Vsaid open side-and communicating there
with spaced apertures therethrough, .comprising
abody, a razor blade >support movably secured y
with, spaced enlargements in said slot, .-a button
relative to said body, lsaid support .comprising a
pair „of .superimposed plates, elongated register- " ,
extending through said slot resilient means con
necting said button to ysaid razor blade sup
ing slots through said plates. .adapted to receive ” '
porting means, shoulder meansv on said buttonr ' the 4thickened edge of a- single edged ,razor-blade,
resiliently engageable in said enlargements, and
a pairof spaced apertures -in one of said plates,
Vmeans for 'limiting the outward movement of
anda pairot-spaced lugs in the other of said
said razor blade supporting lmeans with respect
platesdesigned to extend through said apertures
to said body. ~
and >through `the apertures of a double edged razor
'8. A razor blade holder comprising a hollow
receptacle body having an open side, .a razor
glß. A ¿razor blade >holder comprising a `hollow
_ blade supporting >means »engageable with oppo
receptacle having anopen end, reinforcing platesite sides of 1a blade slidable in said 'body toward
means slidablyy-supported in said hollowrecep
and :away from said open side, Aa slot'iin said
bodyr at substantially right .angles to» said open
side, a button extending through. .said gslot, a
iinger means on said razoi'blade ~ supporting
means engaging said button to" guide the same,
tacle and-movable toward and away from said
open end', said reinforcing plate .means Varranged
‘to support a razor ‘_blade,paeslot in said reinforc
ing plate means longitudinallyv ofthe direction :of
and ,resilient means connecting .said ‘finger means f
movement thereof »withinl said .hollow receptacle, '
and a finger .on saidhollowreceptacle engagß- '
and said button.
able .inLsaid ‘Slot >to .limit slidable movement .-off
.9,.A razor blade' holder for single .edged .razor
blades havingv a thickened edge opposite thefcut- Y
tingpedge thereof, the holder comprising a hol
low receptacle body having an open end,.a razor
blade: .clamping means `slidable Vin Vsaid Jbody Yto
said freinforcingfplate means relative ,to Asaid ho'l-;
low receptacle.
1 .14.1K
«.razorfblade holderçfor
a razor
a, lhollow
tacle having an open side, reinforcing plate means
slidable in said hollow receptacle toward and
away from said open side and including a pair
of clamping members designed to embrace the
115. A razor blade holder forv single edge raz’o
blades having a thickened edge opposite the cut
ting edge thereof, the holder comprising a hol
low receptacle body having an open end, a razor
reinforced edge of a razor blade and to engage
said blade adjacent said reinforcing edge, a slot UI blade clamping means slidable in said body to
Ward and away from said open end, said razor
in one edge of said hollow receptacle in com
clamping means including a pair of re
munication with said open end through which
silient plates embracing the thickened edge of
the reinforced edge of the razor blade may slide
the blade and contacting opposite sides of the
laterally with respect to the direction of move
blade adjacent the thickened edge, and a slot
ment of said reinforcing plate means, a slot in
in the edge of said receptacle body adjacent said
said reinforcing plate means longitudinally of
open end, said slot registering with the thick
the direction of movement thereof, and a linger
ened edge of said blade in one position thereof, `
ori said hollow receptacle engageable into said
said blade being removable from between said
slot to limit outward movement of said reinforc 15 n clamping
means through said slot.
ing plate means relative to said hollow receptacle.
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