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Patented July 16, 1946
' 2,494,174V
vcharles F. Hines, Clarksburg, W. va'. ,
Application May 25, 1942;.fSeria'l'No. 444,412'.
2 Claims. (o1. 1x1-235')
The present invention >relates to improvements
in ash trays for cigars, cigarettes and the like, and
aims generally to improve existing trays of that
One of the primary objects of the invention is
the provision of an improved tray for holding a
burning cigarette, which will prevent the complete
burning of the cigarette while resting on the tray.
A further object of the invention is the provi
sion of a tray having a novel type of cigarette-`
retaining groove which will cause a burning ciga
rette to :be extinguished after a relatively short
period, while remaining unsweata'ble.
I3, and preferably these grooves taper downwardly
toward the bowl I I, being deeper at the bowl end.
The grooves I5 are preferably of a Width slightly
greater than the diameter of the cigarette, andthe bottom thereof-’fis formed with a supplemen
tary groove I1, providing sharp- corner edges I8
for supporting the cigarette by edge contact
throughout substantially the length of the groove.
The outer ends of the rests I3 are formedV with
conical grooves I9 tapering towards the ends of
the rests 'and inclined downwardly toward the
groove I5, providing at thev pointr I6 a semi-cir
cular seat for the cigarette adjacent the plane of
Other objects and advantages will be apparent
the edge I 8.
from a consideration of the following detailed 15
A lighted cigarette placed on the tray with th
description, reference being had to the drawing
lighted end in the bowl I I is maintained in down
illustrating preferred embodiments of the inven
In the drawing
Fig. 1 is a plan View of a preferred form of tray
according to the invention;
Fig. 2 is a similar view of a modified form
Fig. 3 is a central sectional view taken on the
line 3_3 of Fig. l;
wardly inclined position, and is supported longi
tudinally by edge contact with the sharp edges I8.
If the cigarette is a fully lighted one or is of a
length exceeding the length of the groove I5, the
outer end portion may be supported arcuately by
the semi-circular edge of the groove I9 at the
point I6. Inasmuch as the groove I5 is wider
than the cigarette and thev bottom is grooved as
25 at I'I, the sides of the groove are out of contact
Fig. 4 is an enlarged longitudinal sectional view
with the cigarette which prevents sweating
of the rest of the modified form of tray as taken
on the line 4_4 of Fig. 2;
In either of these positions the current of air
Fig. 5 is a detail transverse sectional view taken
may pass under the cigarette inwardly from the
on the line 5-5 of Fig. 3; and
30 point I6 down through the groove I1 to permit
Fig. 6 is a detail sectional view taken on the
the even burning of the cigarette until the ash n
line 6-6 of Fig. 4.
extends to a point within the groove I5, when the
Referring to the drawing, the tray advanta
cigarette will be extinguished, thus eliminating
geously comprises a body l0 provided with a bowl
much of the offensive, and irritating odor of a
II and a, flat top surface I2 extending substan 35 burning cigarette. The fact that the cigarette
is positioned between the closely adjacent com
tially outwardly beyond the bowl so as to provide
paratively high walls forming the sides of the
for a'plurality of rests I3, herein illustrated as
eight, of substantial length, the length of the rests
groove I5 apparently has considerable effect in
being preferably more than half the length of a
producing this result. I have found from ex
standard sized cigarette. The perimeter of the 40 perience with the grooves of the size and propor
surface I2 may be pointed as shown in Fig. 1, in
tion shown in the drawing that the cigarette will
which case the rests are in the form of radial
become extinguished in about two and one-half
extensions from the body I0 and bowl II. Alter
minutes. By widening the grooves I5 the ciga
natively, the perimeter of the top I2 may be sub
rette will burn longer. 'Usually the cigarette
stantially circular and coextensive with the body, 45 burns from a sixteenth to an eighth of an inch
in which case the rests comprise portions of the
before being extinguished.
The improved tray of my invention may be
Each of the rests is formed with a cigarette-.
made of glass, pottery, metal or other material
receiving groove of novel construction, adapted
suitable for the purpose.
to receive and substantially embrace a burning 50 In the specification and claims I have referred
to the grooves as being of a size for retaining
The cigarette-receiving groove I5 is preferably
cigarettes but it will be understood that some or
rectangular in cross section extending from the
all ofthe grooves may be of a size to receive
bowl II to a point I6 spaced from the outer peri
stogies, cigars and the like without departing`
meter of the surface I2, or the ends of the rests 55 from the invention. 'Obviously my invention is
` not limited to the details of construction as shown '
` and described, but includes equivalents as well.
I claim:
1. An ash tray comprising a body formed with
l a bowl and a plurality of cigarette rests extend- l
ing therefrom, said rests being oi substantial
2. An ash tray comprising a body formed with
Y a bowl and a plurality ofecigarette rests extending
therefrom, said rests being of substantial length
and formed with a cigarette-receiving groove in
the upper face thereof, said grooves being of sub
stantially rectangular cross section for the major
` length and formed with ra cigarette receiving
portion of the length thereof, a supplementary
groove in the upper face thereof, said groove being
groove of narrower Width formed in the bottom
l of substantially rectangular cross sectionV for the
of the receiving groove andproviding therewith
mentary groove of narrower width formed in the
l bottom of the receiving groove and providing
cigarette, the outer ends of said rests being formed
major portion _of the length thereof,- a supple@V 10 relatively ,sharp edged supporting means> for the
Awith arcuate grooves communicating with said
therewith relatively sharp edged supporting'v "rectangular grooves and having an upper edge
means for the cigarette, the outer ends of'said ' Ísiïb‘stantially triangular in form and pointed to
_Wards the endsof the rest, the upper edge of said
i' rests being formed With an arcuate groovehaving
an upper edge substantially triangular ‘in form ‘ 'arcuate groove 'communicating with the »rectan
¿ and the'upper edge of said arcuate fgroblvebeing“zv If‘í gularïgroove"aboverthe bottom of the groove of
‘ in a plane aboveV the bottom of the
narrower Width.
gTOOVe ¿of
narrower widthd
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