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July 16, 1946
Filed NOV. 21, 1944
Patented July 16, ,1946
Salvatore Cangemi, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Application November 21, 1944, Seri'al'No. 564,448
5' Claims. (Cl. 36-495)
This invention relates to improvements in shoe
construction and more particularly to improve
ments in the‘ construction of open back shoes for
rear end to provide a heel breast flap I6 to cover‘
the breast of the'heel I4, and a portion to overlie
the front part of the heel. At the back the upper
is provided with‘ a sling or sling arrangement’ II‘
to hold the back part of the shoe on a foot. This
sling comprises a, strap or strap portion I8 extend
ing from the rear end of the front side of the
upper (Fig. 1) around the back of the ankle and
adapted to be connected to a buckle I9 on a strap
In each shoe of the open back type as made
heretofore, the upper not only at the front of the
shoe but also at the back extends around the
edge of the insole and is secured beneath the
insole in any suitable manner, between the insole
and the outsole or between the insole and the 10 or strap portion 20 extending rearwardly from
heel. With this construction, throughout, the
the side of the upper at the rear in Fig. 1.v These
back part of the upper is not drawn closely around
parts are well known to shoemakers and others
the foot of the wearer, and when the wearer
skilled in the art.
rests her weight on the foot the upper bulges
At the front of the shoe the upper II is car
adjacent at the edge of the insole. Such bulging 15 ried around the edge of ,the insole and secured
is very undesirable and produces an unsightly
between the insole and the outsole by suitable
means, for example by paste or the like. At the
An important object of this invention is to
back, however, it is preferable in carrying out
provide a novel and advantageous form of shoe
this invention to carry the upper to the top sur
construction which will obviate such disadvan 20 face of the insole and to secure the upper to the
Another object of the invention is to provide an
open back shoe in which the upper at the back of
the shoe will ?t closely around the lower parts of
insole. Preferably this result may be attained
by cutting or slitting the insole at each side so
that at the edge of the insole a cut or slit 2|,
to receive the rear edge of the upper, shows as a
the sides of the foot of a wearer.
25 line extending from the upper part of the insole
A further object of the invention is to provide
at the back part of the shoe downwardly and for
an open back shoe in which the upper at. and
wardly to the bottom of the insole. This cut is
near its back edge does not pass around the edge
preferably so inclined as to come to the lower
of the insole.
surface of the insole and form a tongue 2a which
A still further object of the invention is to 80 at its outer edge along the edge. of the insole
provide a shoe in which the upper at any exposed
increases in thickness from front to rear and at
edge thereof extending upwardly from the insole
its inner edge is very thin. With the insole thus
will ?t closely around the foot of the wearer.
prepared, the upper is passed between the tongue
The present invention may be applied to par
22 and the body of the insole and after being
ticular advantage, to various types of open back 85 placed in proper position, as by being drawn
shoes, for example to an open back pump. v
tightly around a last, is secured in such position
Other objects, features and advantages will
in a suitable manner as by means of tacks or
appear upon consideration of the following de
nails 23 securing the tongue and the adjoining
tailed description and of the drawing, in which
portion of the upper to the main portion of the
Fig. 1 is a side elevation of an open back pump 40 insole.
embodying the present invention;
After the upper and the insole have been as
Fig. 2 is a fragmentary bottom view illustrating
sembled on a last, the shank stiffener I5, the out
a manner of slitting the insole and of inserting
sole I3 and the heel I4 may be added to the as
portions of the upper in the slits;
sembly, the parts may be pasted together or
Fig. 3 is a fragmentary edge view of the insole 45 secured in another suitable manner. In the ?n
illustrating the manner of slitting the same; and
ished shoe the insole I2 may be covered by a;
Fig. 4 is a section taken along the line 4-4 of
sock lining 23a attached thereto as by pasting. _
Fig. 1.
Referring to the drawing there is illustrated
Upon inspection of Fig. 4 it will be evident that
upon drawing together the straps I8 and 20 and
in Fig. 1 in side elevation an open back shoe I0 50 securing them by means of the buckle I9 the up
of the pump type embodying" the present inven
per II at and near its rear edge will be drawn
tion. This shoe comprises an upper I I, an insole
closely around the foot of the wearer and will
I2, an outsole I3, and a heel I 4. Between the
obviate gapping or bulging such as is experienced
insole and outsole is a shank sti?ener I5, which
where the rear portion of the upper passes around
may be of steel. The outsole I3 is split at its 65 the edge of the insole. ' It is evident that this
3. The combination according‘ to claim 1
wherein said slit extends along a curved line.
arrangement will be very effective for the pur
, pose speci?ed.
- 4. In an open back shoe, the combination of
It should'be understood that various changes
an upper having at each side an exposed rear '
I may be made and that certain features may be
edge, an insole having through each edge a slit
providing a tongue having at the edge of the
insole an edge starting at the back with a thick
Having thus described my invention, I claim:
ness equal substantially to that of the insole and
1. In an open back shoe the combination of
decreasing gradually to nothing at the front and
I an upper having at each side a free rear edge
extending upwardly from the sole of ‘the shoe, 10 having a thin inner edge," the upper at the for
ward portion of the shoe passing around the edge
1 an insole having at each side'thereof a slit start
of the insole and the back portion passing into
1 ing at the rear of the shank, said slit extending
i used without others, without departing from the
‘ true scope and spirit of the invention.
insole and inclining downwardly and inwardly to
4 said slit and to the upper surface of said tongue,
and means to secure the rear portions of the
the edge of the insole and an edge having at the
5. 'In an open back shoe of the sandal type,
, forwardly and outwardly through the edge of the
‘ provide a tongue having a substantial width at 15 upper in said slits at opposite sides of the insole.
3 rear thereof a thickness equal to that of the insole - i the combination of an upper comprising at the
back portion an upper element on each side ex
and decreasing in thickness to a forward edge at
tending upwardly from the sole, an insole having
I the lower surface of the insole, said upper being "
‘ secured in said slit and extending from the hot 20 at each side a slit inclined downwardly and in
wardly and forwardly and to the corresponding
1 tom face of said insole upwardly through said
siderof the insole. and receiving the corresponding ,
upper element and means forv securing each ele
'2. The combination according tov claim 1
ment in the corresponding slit;
wherein said slit extends forwardly and then out
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