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July 16; 1946.
‘ 2,404,218 4
Filed Sept. 2, 1943‘ > -
. j 7% ’
[,mvEN'ro? ~
Patented July 16, 1946
Arthur Crossley, Wauregan, Conn, assignor to
Wauregan Mills Incorporated, a corporation of
Application September 2, 1943, Serial No. 501,016
3 Claims.
(Cl. 19-130)
This invention relates to spinning, more par
ticularly to the spinning of cotton yarn or a strand
formed of staple ?ber analogous thereto.
In the working of cotton ?bers after a sliver
has been formed in order to reduce this sliver
from a soft thick ?eecy form to a hard twisted
thread the sliver is subjected to a succession
Fig. 1 is a sectional view looking endwise or
axially of the rolls;
taneously reduce it in size until in the last stage
mercial yarn._ These successive drafting opera’;
At the end of each of ' these various
spool or bobbin and thentransported to the next
machine where further drafting operationftakes
the strand.
group some condensing means such as a. trumpet
may be used if desired.
place and so on until the ?nal yarn is produced. 20
strand from the ?rst group to the second group
of rolls is without-draft and the delivery vof the
strand from the ?rst group is such that thestran'd
is traveling at substantially the same speed as it
is received by the second group. Inthe second
drafting operations the; strand is wound upon a
One of the objects ofthis invention is to pro
vide in a single. drafting frame a high draft vof
performed upon the strand. The transfer of the
out successively on a number of separate ma
ditions from beginning to end. '
vmay perform a draft which has heretofore been
simple drawing and twisting operations carried
referred to as roving and in other'stages re
ferred to as yarn. However, in this speci?ca
tion I use the word strand as indicating the sliver,
roving, yarn, or thread in any of its various con
I provide asecond group ofrolls for drafting the
mercial yarn require, in present mill practice,
As the sliver is reduced in size it is sometimes
10 strand a further amount, which second group
tions whereby the sliver is converted into com
In proceeding with this inventionI provide a
group of rolls for performing a usual draft of
the staple ?ber strand and in the sameroll stand
of drafting operations which elongate and simul
it reaches the condition of a ?nished twisted com
Fig. 2 is a top plan view illustrating somewhat
diagrammatically the. drive and'with the top rolls
With reference to the drawing I0 designates'a
supporting deck of the spinning frame upon
which rests the ‘pedestal II with the L,-shape
bracket I2 upon which additional L-shaped
brackets l3 and M are positioned and held in ad
justable relation by the bolts l5 and I6.‘ ‘Each
of these brackets are provided with bearings for
the drafting rolls, these being provided in such
a manner‘ that adjustment of the distance be
tween back and‘ front roll centers of the roll
30 groups may be had.
A group of rolls ‘designated
A comprise'a back feed roll l8, an intermediate
feed roll l9, and a delivery feed roll 20, which
strands by eliminating ‘certain ‘packaging opera
rest in suitable bearings in the roll stand brackets
tions and the number of ‘machines or separate
at intervals spaced along the frame and are driv
units which are utilized to accomplish the results.
Another object of this invention is to ‘provide in 35 en from one end of the frame; Upper rolls 2|;
22, and 23 are provided with a clearer 24 for pick
one unit or spinning frame a drafting which has
ing up ?bers which wrap about these upper‘ rolls
heretofore been accomplished by two or more
2| and 23.
‘frames, thus eliminating a packaging operation
A second group of rolls designated B comprise.
which occurred between the twoframes bydoing
40 'ing lower feed roll 25,. intermediate roll 26 and
the work in one machine or mechanism.
delivery roll 21 are mounted in suitable bearings
Another object of this invention is to cause
on the roll stand brackets at spaced intervals of
drafting in a plurality of stages with a transfer
‘the spinning frame and are driven by gearing at
of the strands from one stage to the other with
out drafting whereby a control of the strand is v45 one end of the frame. These rolls are also ar
ranged in pairs with the upper or top roll 28 for
provided which will permit of successive opera
“Another object of this inventionis to simplify
the various steps in draftingv or attenuating
the roll 25, 29 for the intermediate rol1>26_,' and
30 for the delivery roll 21. A clearer roll 3| is
Another object of this invention is to control
provided for this top roll 30 while a clearer .roll
the strand and ?bers thereof between successive
operations of a drafting or attenuating character. 50 '32 isprovided forrthe lower delivery roll 21.
Eachjof the ‘top rolls is supported in slotted
With ‘these and other objects in view, the in
blocks mounted upon over arms 33 which
vention consists of certain novel features of con
extend from suitable supports 34 at the rear end
struction, as will be more fully describedand par
of the roll stand and are held in‘ position by set V
ticularly pointed out in the appended claims.
screw 35. Each of these over arms carries a
In the accompaying drawing:
as block 36 which is slotted as at," and” on oppo
. i
also supported on a traverse bar 64 which may
cause the yarn to be guided in its travel back
and forth along the rolls to distribute the wear
site sides so as to receive the trunnion 39 at the‘
opposite ends of the upper rolls of the pairsof ‘
rolls which grip the strand to be attenuated.
The lower rolls are driven through gearing as
diagrammatically shown in Fig. 2. The main
drive shaft 38 drives gear 36 which drives di
This trumpet arrangement 63 also
serves to condense the ?bers as they are being‘
drawn in the second group of draft rolls B which
may ‘be’ advantageous‘ in suchyyarns where the
?bers areparticularly unruly and tend to ‘spread.
rectly their ntwdeliveryyroll 21 by__a gearjyiflnqeshei
gear ‘36; Feed 'roll 2510f v'groupB
ing with:
is driveii'fro‘m'the main drive shaft‘ 38 ‘through’
the gears 39 and 40 on the roll shaft 25 while,‘ I r
I do not ‘consider, however, that it is essential
.that a condenser be used.
the intermediate roll 26 is driven from the gear
‘ ‘After the yarn is delivered from the rolls 21,
43 on the shaft of the intermediate roll 26. The
shaft 44 of the feed roll 25 is" extended onrthel‘l
»* traveler .61 vmoving about a ring 68 which has a
4| through the idler 42 meshing withjthe geari- < 13llit is taken up on a bobbin or package 65 be
ing'led thereto through‘ a thread ‘guide 66 and
traverse motion along the package 65. Twist is
placed into the yarn in a desired amount which
‘runs-back substantially to the delivery rolls, bind
ing .in all of the ?bers and making a strong
strand'yarn, 0r thread for subsequent use.
opposite end of the machine for "the drive of the"
group of rolls l8, l9, and 20. Gear (45 on shaft
44 drives idler 46 on shaft 48 while intllrn gear:
41 drives gear 49 on shaft 50 which provides the.
drive for the delivery roll 20 of the rolls v‘of group '
The drive is taken- from this shaft 50 byv
I claim:
1.‘ Inv a spinning apparatus,a group of three Y
means of gears 5| and-521,0 driveishaft 53~Whi1e
pairs of rolls for drafting the strand,_ a second
from this shaft the feed roll I8’ is driven by'means
group of three pairs of rolls ‘adjacent said r'?rst
of gears54' and 55 on shafti56 which-is the shaft
extending to the roll IS. The intermediate rolls
group for drafting the strand located to receive
l9 are driven from the shaft 56 by gear 5? driv-v
ing‘gear 58 on an extension of the roll'lS through
intermediate gear 59." This manner‘ of drive will
the preceding group and the receiving rolls of
the strand'lfrom the V'?rst group, without inter
mediate feeding or contact, the delivery rolls of
the succeeding, group having. substantially the
same ‘surface speed for transferring thestrand
permit ‘of great flexibility through the change
gears "whereby a wide variety of drafts may be.
fromone group to the next'group' without draft,
‘means for mounting the delivery rollsof the sec
i The drive ror the 10115 is so constituted that'the
ond group, ‘a slide adjustable’ relative 'to' said
means for‘ mounting‘the intermediate 'and‘feed
‘surface speed or the roll 20 and-the roll as will
be'i'substantially ‘ the‘ sam'e'so‘ that there 'is no
draft betweenjthe rolls of group A" and the rolls
ofjgroup-B; The surface speed may be'slightly
rolls of said secondgroup and the‘delivery rolls’ i
35 of the ?rst group and a' second'slide adjustable
\ for: roll 25 so ‘as to'just keep tension on
- greater
relativevtoh said means "and the‘ ?rst‘ slide for
mounting the intermediate ‘and feed rolls of's'aid
the "yarn' but no draft is‘contemplated. ' By this
‘ ‘ arrangement a mcety of control of the strand is
provided and the ?bers are not unduly spreaderv
For "example I’ provide-a draft of about 5 in
the'rolls of'group 'A‘- while I provide a- draftiof
about 20,v in the rolls of-group-B; Thus the total
drafts‘ rolls and feed rolls, a ‘slide for mounting
the front lower draft roll of'one' unit 'and'the
‘lower ‘feed and intermediate rolls of the adja
:dr'aftiwill-befthe vproductof these ‘two '5' X 20
' "equals: 100,
In ‘a ‘spinning apparatus; a‘ plurality of
drafting :units positioned in tandem, each’com
prising"pairs oi‘ front draft roll/s,’ intermediate
This 'draft‘may be distributed‘ so
‘ ,a breaker draft ‘of from 'l.37-to"1.‘5- (4.5 cent unit; a second‘slide' for mounting the lower
' ‘there will be
betweenjjthe‘roll I[8 and‘ I9 while the ‘remainder
' intermediateiand feed rolls in therunit of'the
.“s'aidfront lower‘ draft; ‘rollja'iidmeans for mount
'o'ffthe 'dr’a'ftlwill be between "rolls _I9_ and 2a.‘;v n1
group‘ ‘B the breaker draft between rolls Hand
26 ‘will’ be" from v1.02 to'1'_.5 while'theprem'ainder
the draftvwill be'between rollsgZ? and'21.
ing "the" lower denvery you or vvtlielsaid'adjfalcel'it ,
'unit, said slides beingrrelatively movable for, ad
' justi‘ngfth'e‘spacing between the front di’aft‘roll
Suitableweighting'ineans may be provided"for
the“ upper roll-s such as 2| and‘ZSiZB and '30jwhich
has not‘, been
jand'j‘the" intermediate‘idraft roll of eithereunit
without ‘disturbing the-spacingof the rolls of the
cient 'to‘ provide ‘a good hip‘ or‘ gripupow Fh‘e
strand 'Whichis' ‘passing through‘ the apparatus.
Preferably the intermediate rolls-2'2 and‘29 will
'ng apparatus, a plurality of’ draft;
' ‘3;’In ai's'pin‘
'ing "units; positioned‘ in "tandem, "each compris
‘ingpairs' of front" draft rolls, intermediate draft
‘be self ‘weighted and of such character ‘as to‘ per
rolls“ and feed rolls, a‘ slide for mounting ‘the;
mit of some‘ slip occurring along their‘ surfaces.
front‘ ‘lower-‘draft roll of one'unit' and the lower
1 {The slip "arrangement of the vin‘termediat'e‘ rolls
feed vand intermediate rolls of the adjacent unit,
‘ ; may, be as shown" in my tic-pending application‘ or
va second'slide supported on'the- firstsaid’slide
may be of ' a usual'charac'ter' at‘these' locationsjf
forl'mounting'the lower intermediate and‘ feed
The ‘strand which is jtobejdi-aited designated ' rollsin the unit of the said front lower’ draft roll,
I generally 69 extends from'a suitable package ver~ ' and vmeans ‘for‘mounting the lower delivery roll
tically'supported “on the‘ rear of thedechli?zand 65 'of- the said adjacent unit, said slides being rel
led to the feed'rolls, ‘18:21 throughsome guide atively movable for-adjusting the spaoing'lbe
or trumpet 6|, "carried by ‘_a traversejbar >62
tween the front draft roll and the intermediate
which‘ is reciprocated ‘to traverse the‘jyarrr or
draft' roll of-either unit without disturbing ‘the
vstrand along the feed rolls.
spacing of the rolls of’the adjacent unit.
7 'Invso'mek cases a vtrumpet‘orgui'de Isms-pro;
‘Vided'betwee'n rolls'j25,"28,"and gay-32's, which may
.sbe'jiin the'form 'of'a‘trur'npet ‘or iuiiheiliihe guide -
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