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July 16, 1946;`
' 2,404,224
Filed March l0, '1945
i@ ß.
Patented July l16,' 1946 ’
’ 42,404,224
l f
` V.Ii/»sepa A. Fink, Englewood, N. J.
Application March 10, 1945, Serial No. 582,066
Z’VClaims. (CL‘ 294-28)
' This invention relates. to pot and pan lifters
‘jaws .4
and 5 which work vona pivot 1, ,In this
specification the'parts yof the pincers whicharer
beyond the pivot 1 are called the “jaws 4 and 5,” »
and holders and has forr its prime object to pro
vide a device of this characterwhereby a hot
pan may be removed from an oven without the
a device of the above indicated character, which
is quickly placed over the upper edge of a pan
of any shape or design and which will firmly grip
and the portions which extendl directly from the
handles 2 and 3fbeyond the pivot 1 are called the
“main portions of the jaws,” while the straight
primarily fiat outer end portions which extend
from said main portions are called the “gripping
portions.” The latter are bent relative to the
adjoining main portion of the jaw member at
substantially right angles, so that they will be
in a substantially vertical position when the
handles 2 and 3 are pressed towards one another
the sides of a pot or pan.
so that said handles are in a substantially hori
hands of the cook coming in contact with the hot
pot or pan, thus eliminating any possibility of
the cooks having their hands burned or scalded
in any way.
A further object of my invention is to provide
A still further object of my invention is to pro
vide a device of the above indicated character,
which will automatically release itself from the
zontal p-osition. These gripping portions of the
jaws il and 5 are substantially iiat and have in
cross-section the >shape of a U which has a broad
pan .as soon as pressure is removed from the
web between two low ribs, as may be seen in Fig.
handles of the lifter, thus providing means where
by the tool may be quickly and easily removed
yfrom engagement with the pan after same has
The main portions of the jaws 4 and 5 andV
the handles 2 and 3 are preferably also substan-` ‘
tially U-shaped in cross-section but have higher
ribs than the gripping portions. A spring 8 (Figs.`
1 and 3) is arranged around the pivot l. and is
adapted to swing the handles 2 and'3 and the
jaws 4 and 5 about the pivot 1, so -that >the tool
been removed from the oven.
Still a further object of this invention is to‘pro
vide a pan lifter of the above indicated character,
which is simple in construction and operation,v
durable, eincient for the purpose intended, and-`
will be normally open and release itself from a
one that can be manufactured and placed on the"`
market at a relatively low cost.
pot or pan when no pressure is exerted upon the
handles 2 and 3. The opening movement caused
by spring 8 is limited by a pin 9, which is secured
tion is the provision of a device of the character
to part 3. That portion of handle 3 which is
described whose gripping portions;¿a_re provided 30 joined to the jaw 4 is slightly narrower than the
with easily» replaceable, soft, resilient gripping
handle 2, and is extended through an aperture l0
caps so that the enamel of the upperl edge of a
in the latter.
pan or pot will not be damaged nor will the rim
Flat caps â of heat resisting rubber o-r of any '
Yet still another object of the present inven
or edge of the pan or pot be bent or otherwise
other soft suitable material are placed upon the
be deformed by the use of the device- regardless of 35 gripping portions of the grasping jaws 4 and 5
how strong a gripping pressure may be exerted
in such a manner that they cannot slide or
upon the same.
change their position, but that they never can
With the above and numerous other objects in
stick to the gripping portions, -so that they always
view as will appear as the description proceeds,
can be removed and replaced easily when they
the invention resides in certain novel features 40 are worn out. I prefer to carry out this 'feature
of construction, and in the combination and ar
of my invention in the manner shown in Figs.Y
rangement of parts as will be hereinafter more
1 and '2, where it will be seen that each cap 6
fully described and claimed.
has a mouth which iits tightly around the grip
In the drawing:
ping portion of a jaw, 'but that the main portion
Figure 1 is a side elevation of a preferred em
bodiment of my invention as it appears when its
gripping portions are in an open position;
of the hollow interior of each cap` 6 is dimen
sioned to fit snugly the outer sides of the ribs of Y
Figure 2 is a cross-sectional view through thej."
closed gripping portions; and
Figure 3 is a sectional view on the line 3-3
of Figure l.
Similar numerals
similar parts
the gripping portion of the jaw and to fit loosely
the top and bottom of said gripping portion.
Thus the tightly ñtting mouth will prevent any
ysliding up and down of a cap on a jaw 4 or 5V
when the tool is used, whereas the fact that
refer to
the inside of the capiits loosely the top andI
throughout the several views.
bottomvof the gripping portion will prevent a
In the drawing the numeral I denotes a pair
stickin‘gîof the cap on thegripping portion.
of pincers having handles 2 and 3 and gripping
» 231104,22'4
_ „
" É
Those sides of the caps 6 whichvv are opposite tol
each other >and. which come in direct contact
which i-ltsA tightly around the gripping portion
of one of said grasping jaws whereas Ythe main
with `the' pan or pot, thefso-called “gripping
` portion of the interior of each cap is larger than
sides,” are provided with roughages, so that Yeven Y
that portion of the grasping jaw which is cov
a slight "pressure will be suiñcient for safely
grasping the pan or pot edge.
eredïby the cap, all substantially asset forth.
' 'I‘he forego-ingwill, it is believed, suffice to im
part a, clear understanding of myinvention With
out further explanation.
from said handles, la pivot on which vsaid handles
and jaws work,v resilient means on said pivot
YManifestl'y the invention, as described, i`s` sus-y
ceptible _of modification without'departing from
served vto such modifications as fall within the
Vadapted toswi?g the handles ‘and the jaws about
the pivot,V and a flat cap covering the gripping
portion of each jaw and having a rough surface'>
the inventive concept, land right is herein rei 1
scope of the subjoine-d claims.
2; A pan lifter comprising twoy handles which
are U-shaped in cross-section, two jaws extended
i .at its gripping side, each of said caps having a
'mouth which ñts tightly around the gripping
Having thus described my invention, what'I` 1.1" Í portion of one of said jaws whereas lthe interior
claim and desire to secure by Letters „Patent in _ o, of each cap is larger than that portion of the
the United States is:
jaw which isVV Ícovered by the cap, and the grip
pingportions of said jaws fbeing primarily ñat
Y,1. A pan lifterïcomprising a pair of¿.pincersj¿
having broad U-shaped jaws and a pair of re
-sil-,ient flat caps >covering the gripping'portions
ofr said jaws and having rough surfaces at their
l_gripping~Sides'each of said _caps having a inouth
Aand having in cross-section the shape of a U
which has _a ‘broad web between two low ribs,~a1l
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