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July 16, 1946.
s. KRlzsAN, JR
2,404, 23.7
Filed May 10Q> 1944_
2 sheets-sheet -2>
Patented July 16, 1946
' - 2,404,237
y ' Stephen Krizsan,`Jr.', Trenton,- N. J.
vApplication May 1o, 1944, serial No. 534,943
4 Claims. (01.4242-118)
This invention relates to a spool for wire
stranding machines, and it aims to provide va
means which will -simplify and expedite the spool
An expansible and contractile brake band 22
ing of wire in such machines, and one which will
'speed up production in assembly.
surrounds the drum 20 preferably having an in
ner rib 23 located in a peripheral groove 24 of
A further object is to provide a novel construc
tion wherein the spool is made in interlitting sep
arable sections having adjustable means to po
sition the spool of wire and which also functions
to hold the sections together and against separa
tion, and further to provide in connection with
the drum. This band is fastened at 25 to the
frame I5 at one terminal, while the other termi
nal is free. Anchored to a stud 26 in the ñxed
terminal of the brake band is a contractile coil
spring 21 carried by a screw member 28 passing
through a bifurcation or slot 29 in the free ter
minal of the brake band and above which a nut
30 is screwed onto the bolt 28 for adjustment
the spool, novel braking mechanism.
The more specific objects and advantages will
become apparent from a consideration of the
to vary the tension of the spring 21 and control Y
description following taken in connection with
accompanying drawings illustrating an operative
In said drawings:
seat 2| of the hubs I2 so as to be rigid on the
spool and to rotate therewith.
the action of the brake band accordingly.
In using the invention, the workman or spoolêr,
with the sections Ill disengaged, sets the coil or
bundle of wire on one of the sections about the
Figure 1 is a View in side elevation showing my
improved spool in place in the frame of a wire 20 bar I6 and then secures’the other section to the
first section through proper adjustment and
stranding machine;
tightening of nuts I9, and then places the spool
Figure 2 is a vertical sectional view taken on
with the assembled coil or bundle of wire thereon
in the frame I5.` The machine will accommodate
Figure 3 is a vertical sectional view taken on
both fine and heavy wires and the method of
the line 3_3 of Figure 2;
25 spooling is eicpeditious and will overcome the
Figure 4 is a vertical sectional view taken on
the line 2-2 of Figure 1;
necessity of stranding machines having to wait
the line 4_4 of Figure 2, and
hours as is necessary under present conditions,
incidental to the mounting or assembly ofthe
Figure 5 is a horizontal section taken on the
line 5-5 of Figure 2.
Referring specifically to the drawings wherein 30
like reference characters designate like or similar
parts throughout the different views, the spool
has two main sections I Il. Each section I 0 has
It will lbe noted ythat the sections have a bore
3l therethrough. This enables a bar or rod to
be passed therethrough when desired, and espe
cially in handling or supporting either of the
sections when detached from the other.
Various changes may be resorted to provided
they fall within the spirit and scope of the in
I claim as my invention:
a relatively large disc or ilange II provided with
a hubat I2. Such hubs at the inner ends have
pairs of projections I3 which are interñtted with
each other and the outer ends of the hubs I2 are
formed as trunnions I3’ which are journaled in
side members I4 of the frame I5 of a wire spool
ing machine.
bundle or coil onto‘a spool.
1. A structure of the class described compris?
ing hubs, opposed projections on the hubs separ
ably engaged with one another, said hubs having
between the discs or flanges II and on bars I6
integral discs, bars securing the discs together,
of any desired number which- are adjustably
ymounted to assume different positions radially
land means clamping the bars to each disc >for
according to the size of the coil to be supported. 45 adjustment radially with respect to the discs, said
Such discs II preferably have radial 'slots I'I Y
bars and clamping means dually functioning as
therein and the bars I5 have screw threaded
a bundle support and for retaining the hubs in
shanks or terminals I8 located inthe slots for
adjustment. Nuts I9 are threaded on the shanks
2. A spool of the class described having parts
I8 outwardly of the discs.
50 provided with hubs, the inner opposed ends of
'I'he spool is mounted in the side members I4,
said hubs having projections, said projections
as will be realized, for rapid rotation during the
beingseparably interfltted, discs integral on said
stranding operation and suitable braking means
hubs provided with radial slots, bars spanning
may be provided on- the spool. To this end, a
the discs, said bars having 'Shanks extending
brake drum 20 is mounted on either corrugated 55 ìthrough the slots, and securing nuts on the
A coil of strand wire (not shown) is located
shank-s to clamp them t0 the discs to Yform an
adjustable bundle support and detachable fasten
ing means for retaining the hubs in interfitted en-`
pair of parts, said partsr each including a hub
having projections on its inner end, said projec
tions being interñttednfor keying the parts to one
another, a disc integral with each hub and having
a plurality‘of radial slots, bars spanning the discs
and slidably engaging the »slots to form a bundle
3. A spool of the class described having parts
provided with hubs, the inner opposed ends of
support, clamping means for adjustably clamp
said hubs having projections, saidY »projections
ing the bars to the discs for varying the siZ'e of
being separably intel-fitted,` discs integral on said
the=~-bund1e~support and` for~seeuring~sthev hubs in
hubs provided with radialysiots, barsspanning
the discs, 4said ‘bars “having Shanks ‘extending 10 inteifïñtted engagement. one? of: said^f hùbs having
a toothed portionjadjacent its outer end, a brake
through the slots, securing nuts on the shanks
to Clamp them to the discs, a framefaV brake drurny `«drum having a part in interñtted engagement
v‘vith thetoothed portion, trunnions on the outer
on one of the hubs, a brake shoe >carried ¿by said Y
frame operatively associated Withï'said»ïdruin,~‘~arid , `/erniseef jïtheïhubs?arframe in Which the trun
„nionseare áournaled, and afbrake shoe yieldablyV
trunnions on said hubs to enable mountìngain. Yand”
aïijùlstäbly supported by the frame and en
a frame, said bars and nuts formingianadju'st-i'
.gaging'íover-ïthëbrake drum.
able bundle support and a detachablefco’rínèation>
for the hubs.
4. A spool _of the class described comprising"aì
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