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July 16, 1946-
Filed ‘Nov. 24, .1945
3nventors "
hall?» .
. _ (Ittorneg
Patented July 16, “1946
7]. i
~ 2,404,244 ,
7 1' 12,404,244
sucrrroN CLEANER
7 Joseph H.‘ Nu?’ér; Toledo, Ohio, and Lynn H,‘ ‘
vLatta,Los'Angeles;~Calif.,assignors to Air-Way"
Electric ApplianceCorporation, Toled0,.0hio,-=v1
a'vcorporation of Delaware
- w-
.‘ brkipplication November 24, 1943, Serial No.‘ 511,525v
~-,2 Claims." (01. 230—133)
-' This invention'relates to'suction cleaners of
the type iii-which the ?ltering and suction units 4
I :,I
N Figure 5 is a fragmentary'sectional-viewxshow
ing'the valve disc in open position.“ '
T 1 1
'are'botli'en'close'd within av rigid housing through
which a ‘dust‘laden' air- stream is lead through a .
flexible jsuctionv'hose ffrorn "a cleaning‘ tool.’ '
Figure 3 is a plan view ofthe blower outlety;
Figured is a side elevation‘ of i’th'eaclean’er; and
As an-example ofYone form ‘in which the‘ in‘
vention may be embodied,~we' have shown 'in‘the
object of the invention 'istol-pro'duce‘ a‘suc
drawing the'body portion'of‘ a suction cleaner
embodying a "suction unit‘ l0 and ?ltering-unitllz
tion cleaner of ‘this’ typevwhereinthe ?ltering
Fu'nit' is'vertically disposed and the hose is con
nected to the housing'in’sucha position ‘as ‘to
attain“ maximum e?iciency'inithe conveyance of 10
mountedside by- side upon a‘ base‘ 14. I A‘ cover-SIG
cooperates‘ with‘fthe base “to form'?a‘ housing -
de?ning a chamber H in which 'the- suctionvand
‘a'du'st "laden? air stream to‘ the ?ltering, and col
?ltering units 10 and I2 arelenclosedh The cover
‘lecting’ units; and "yet "the ‘center ‘of 'gravity’l‘of
I6 is hinged to the-‘base I44 byimea'ns of_ a hinge ,
the entire body of the cleaneris' sufficiently low
l8.‘ ‘Theibase M has an upwardly‘ioffset portion ‘
and the weight-is sufficiently distributed hori
'zontally so that the 5cleaner body may be‘ dragged 15 22 and a raised porti'on?24 extending rearwardly
from vthe offset portion ZZQthe hinge l8 being '
about by“ the suction '1 hose without being ‘tipped
formed at the rear end'of the raised “portion 24.
the pull of the
-' to provide
The cover is held'initsi'closed position by‘ latches
a‘: cleaner'wherein' the space within ' a streamlined
26; one on either side thereofgemd has’ at‘ itlower '
jrear extremity‘a tail portion '28 extending ‘below
‘the'lhinge l8‘ ‘and adapted, when? thev cover‘ is _
housing‘, such as?for' example “‘a tear drop”
shape, 'is utilized " so as to‘ ' obtain‘, maximumjcorn
raised toianv upstanding position," to engage the .
'under side of the? raised portion 244 of- the ‘base‘so
‘as to support the cover in such upstanding 'po-
'3 The ‘present invention is ‘directedv particularly
to the‘ problem of converting a cleanerof the
type'above indicated, into a blowing device, and
' When the cover is thu's‘lrai'sedrto aniuptsand
has as a particular ‘object, to produce an arrange
“ ing position, the suction'unit'ltl and ?ltering unit ' '
ment wherein" the insertion of a‘ hose‘ coupling
‘ to' a blower outlet will automatically ‘close the
normal discharge aperture of ‘the fan and‘ provide v
for ‘the concentration of the discharge at‘: the “I?
l2 will be substantially completely'exposed above
the base l4 for-servicing operations as, {or ex'
ample; removal‘ and’replacement ‘of thecar-bon
brushe‘siiwiof the‘su'ction unit 10, or removal of
the screwsv32lby means of whichthe suction unit
I 0 is a'ttachedtto ‘supporting brackets 34 or 35,;
‘cleaner of the type indicated, a suction unit hav
The'?'ltering unit i-2'includes' a receptaclef20,
ing anormally diffused, sound mu?‘led outlet and
having means whereby this norinalo‘utlet can be 1::vi a perforated liner‘ 36 encircling and'supporti'ng
the lateral wall of the receptacle”, and a tubu
closed and the discharge concentrated‘for delivery
larcasing '38 encirclingfand spaced from the liner
to a blower attachmenuandwherein this conver
blower outlet.
A‘further object'iis to produce,‘ in a'va'cuum
36. At ‘the upper end of “the casing 38,¢is an
aimular channe1 40 in which is mounted a pack
"sion may be made simply by inserting the blower
attachment hose connection into the blower out
let of the cleaner.
-' " A still further object of the invention is to
provide a vacuum cleaner with a’ blower outlet _
ing ring 42 of compressibleumaterial 'suchas,
for example, soft rubber; andrthe‘ receptacle”,
having a closure member which is self-“closing
which is preferably of porous paper sorlthat it
may be disposed of when ?lled,‘ is provided at its .
and‘which is adapted to be opened by the pres
upper end‘: witha non-porous
sure of a blower connection thereagainst.
ing ?ange '46 adapted-to
annular tans;
clamp the-?anges“ I
nozzle '48: receivable in a central opening 5.0 in-‘a
FigureLZ is a partial sectional view) showing the
.blower coupling connected _to the/discharge of’
?ange‘ “44 resting '
non-porous ‘top member 52 ‘which‘is?secui'edto
" ‘Figure 1<is_ a longitudinal sectional ‘View of a
vagainst the packing ring :42; and with aft delivery
vacuum cleaner embodying ‘the invention;
the suction unit; ,.
The coverrl‘ii is formed withgan
eOther objects and advantages, of the inven
tion will hereinafter appear, and for purposes of
illustration but not of limitation. an embodiment
of the invention is shown in the accompanying
drawing, in which
the receptacle 20. The top member~~52vmay be ‘
connected integrally“ with the ?ange 44 by an
offset portion 54£by means of which the top mem
beris stitched to the receptacle 20.~ The nozzle
:48; carries a‘ sealing- ring,- f56 ‘a of compressible ‘me,
terialhsuch as softfrubber. which is adapted. to
hood 8'! into a chamber 88 de?ned within a shroud '
arranged that the sealing of the nozzle’ 48 to the
top 52 and the clamping of the ?ange 44 against
the packing ring. 42 is. effected by moving the
89. The shroud 89 has an inturned ?ange 90
secured to the ?ange 85 of thefan housing, and
an outturned ?ange 9|v to which is secured an‘
cover 16 ‘to a closed position and latching it in
that position. Conversely, the raising of the cover
[6 to the vertical position uncovers the'?ltering
unit so that a ?lled receptacle 2!) may/bere
normally discharged through a sound mu?iing
seal the nozzle to the’ top 52. ‘The parts are so
' moved and replaced by a fresh receptacle.
annular valve seat‘92 of soft rubber or the like.
Between the valve seat 92 and the ?ange v9| is
secured a screen 93 oi wire cloth or'perforated Y
metal. The valve seat 92 is vulcanized to the
?ange 9| and secures thescreen 93 in ‘place. .
‘Mounted in the ?ange 9| and projecting
" Formed in the cover I6 is an inlet 58 which is g '
connected to the nozzle 48 by a short duct 69. A'
" ' through the valve seat 92 is a series of pins '94. '
' cleaning tool (not shown) is adapted to be cone '
A valve disc 95 hasa plurality of apertures free->
1y receiving the pins 94. Thus the valve disc is
. nected to the ?ltering unit 12 by a. ?exible suc
tion' tube 66 having on oneiend a suitable’ con 15 mounted for ‘bodily movement toward and away
nector swivel to permit swiveling of the tube 661
from the valve seat 92 ‘while supported for slid-.
' relative .to the body of the cleaner.
ing movement on the, pins 94. 'A plurality of light’
means_,'such as a latch 69 may be employed for 7 coil'springs 96, ‘mounted on the pins 94, are in
connecting the hose tothe inlet 58in such man-' ' terposed between the valve disc '95 and the 'seat >
7 .ner as to form a draft connection by means of 20 92 and serve normallyto maintain the valve disc
which the ‘cleaner body maybe pulledaround at
95 spaced away from the seat 9260 as topro
the endof thetube 66.
vide-V an annular discharge opening through
_. The casing 38. of ther?ltering unit 12 is mount
which ‘the exhaust from theisuction unit to may
ed at its'lower. end on an'annularflange1 19 , be discharged in all directions. vThescreen 93
‘formed integrally with the base l4 and constitut
supports the mu?iing'hood ll‘l-against-being dis
ing one end‘ of a- duct 12*adapted to apply suc
tended into contact with the valve’disc'95. The
tion to the lower end- of the casing 38, which is
airnoises produced ;by thelpassage of the dis
‘open; and in communication with anannular port
charge through. 'thefopeningst? is mu?‘led' as V .
"de?ned by the flange 19.; Suitable attaching ele
the air passes through the hood 81 and is ‘fur
v» *mentsfsuch as ‘screws .62, extending upwardly
'ther mu?led by a dispersal of the discharge man
j through .the- base t4 and ?ange ‘Hi and. threaded
directions in a thin ?at stream through thean- '
'into‘an inturned ?ange 64 on the. lower Hendi of
nular discharge aperture between. the valve disc
Suitable . '
_ . the casing 38, may be employedfor securing‘ the
‘95 and the seat92.
" ;casing 38 to “the flange"). vThe other, end of the
*duct 12 is extended diagonally upwardly; and
rearwardly- as at 13,,and mounted’ in the duct
portion 13 is a short length of tubing ‘14 of yield
.able. material, such as soft rubber. w .
c g ,
In'the center of'the valve disc 95 is a neck .
$35 '
member 91' which isadapted to receive a blower
‘and coupling member 68d on‘ the endvof the hose »
member 65a.’ The couplingf?ildemay be'provided '
with a latch element 69a adapted ‘tii'icooperateimw,
"; The suction unit Ill includes an electric motor '
with a’ discharge outlet 98 inzth'e cover l6_ so as’
having'a casing“: to one'end of which: is vat 549' to hold the coupling 68a securely in contact with
_ 'tached the fanv casing .94..
The other‘ end’off
the-motor casing‘l8 is provided, with an inlet '15
to: which’ the ?exible tube 14 is connected as
. shown. " 'Encircling and secured to the casing
. 18 is an annular vibration absorbing mounting
theineck member 91, with the valve’ disc V95held
snugly against the valve ‘seat 92.,
' the coupling 68a through the blower ; outlet 98 '
80, which is attached 110 the brackets" 34 and’ 35
‘by the screws 32 as previously stated, and which
and the pushing of the coupling snugly against
the neck memberVST, serves to close thenormal
I discharge opening and to concentratethe fandis
thus forms the meansior mountingthe suction
unit upon the base M,‘ the bracket 34 being se-.
cured directly to the base I4 and the bracket 35
charge'at the blower coupling. In addition, the
‘insertion of 'the‘coupling serves to open va plu
being secured to one side of the'?lter unit cas
ing38. =The, suction unit In isadapted to vibrate
about the center of the mounting 80,'with the '
soft rubber tube 74 permitting the lower end"
‘of the motor casing ‘1-8 to vibrate without trans
mitting such vibrations to the base M.
rality of - segment’ shaped "closure .members'99
3 which are hinged as at J90 to the casing; I 6 around
[the periphery of theblower'ou'tlet 98, the en
closure members 99 being simply pushed aside.
by the coupling 68a‘ as it is pushed through the
blower outlet 98.77 The closure members 99*are ,
returned to‘their closed position shownin Figures
The suction‘ unit 19. is arranged on " an axis
1 and 3 by means of light spring members [01.
It is to be understood'that numerous changes :
in details of construction, arrangement andoper
‘this arrangement lies in the fact that it pro 60 ation may be e?ected without departing from the
vides for maximum closeness of coupling between
spirit of the invention especially as de?ned in the
which is inclined upwardlyrand rearwardly from
the duct'portion 13. An important advantage‘of
V the inlet 16 of the suction unit‘ and the open low- 7 i
appended claims.
er- end of thefllter casing 38, thus increasing the
sliction-e?iciency of the cleaner. A further ad-.
vantageof the arrangement arises from the dis
position-'ofithe fan housing 84 at such-an angle
. ing a fan casing provided with a normal discharge ‘
asto" make available for it a space of’ maximum}
"extentinthexplane of its radii. This provides
aperture, a shroud providing av discharge cham-'
be:- into which said aperture discharges; an out
the" necessary space for accommodating the
turned'peripheral seating ledge on said shroud;
a substantially ?at valve disc providing the outer
f shroud and discharge valve mechanism whichrwill
T nowbe described;
The fan housing 84 is in the form of two stamp; .7
V 'ings secured together by annular ?ange means
‘585. a. In‘ therouter stamping is a series of discharge
bpenings 86.’?From the openings-86 the air {is r
It maynow be noted that" the 'insertionrof :
What we claim is:
1. In a suction cleaner, a housing having a
blower outlet, a suction unit in said housing hav
wallfor saidshroudand adapted to'seat against
said ledge, and resilient means interposed between _ .
said disc and, ledge; normally >maintaining’ a
spaced relation between ‘said valve disc and said
seating ledge, said disc having a blower discharge '
opening aligned with said blower outlet, where—
by said suction unit normally discharges through
said blower discharge opening and the space be-
2. In a suction cleaner as claimed in claim 1»,
wherein said resilient means comprises spring ele
ments interposed between said ledge and said
tween said valve disc and said seating ledge, said
valve disc, and pins serving as guides for the \
blower outlet being adapted to receive a blower I movement of said disc.
attachment coupling extended therethrough and
into contact with said valve disc for moving said
disc into sealing engagement with said ledge.
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