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Jul)’ 15, 1946.
Filed Dec.
2, 1944
BY ‘144,
Patented July 16, _1946
, 2,404,265
Application December
(Cl. 46-52)
2 Claims.
My invention relates to, toys which produce a
noise when whirled through the air.
airplane may be connected to the body I,~ for
example by passing the_plate 2 through aslot
provided in the body I. A plate. 3 simulating
horizontal rudders may be connectedto the rear
part of the body ,I in a similarmannen
.A shaft It is rotatablycarried, by ,a bearing 5,
‘ .
Objects of my invention are to provide a toy
with a movable part which is operated bythe
relativegair current when the toy is‘ whirled, 'to
‘attach sucha part rotatably to awhirla'ble body,
af?xed to the body I. The shaft 4 has a laterally
to operate a drum or a similar noise making in
strument by such a part‘, and to producea' crack~ I
extending part or crank 6. ;jAn opening '[ Cut-out
in the body I permits the crank 6 to, rotate to:
ling or rattling noise by a whirling toy.
- I
gether with the shaft 4. A second bearing 8 may
Other objects are to whirl a'toy of this kind by 10 be provided at; the other side of the opening ‘I.
a string or similar ?exible means, toaf?x a string
The bearings 5 and 8 may be constructed in any
or any other holding element about over the
suitable manner. .For example, they maybe
center of gravity of the’ toy,-'tov provide the toy
formed by cylindrically bent parts of a thin metal
with a reverberating or loud sounding element, to
.15 plate 9 affixed to the body I in any suitablezmane
provide the toy with an element adapted to strike
ner, for example by rivets Ill. _
this reverberating element or to cause the same to
reverberate, to make this striking element resil
3 a.
A propeller II is concentrically affixed to, the
shaft 4, for example by soldering the propeller '
ient, to bring the same periodically into a tensed
to an angularly bent end I2 of the shaft. The
position,-to release the striking element periodi
propeller II may be made of metal or any other
cally from this position, and to obtain loud sounds 20 suitable material, For example, the propellermay'
by strokes of an element released from a tensed
be cut out of a ‘sheet of metaland may be bent
at the two ends in opposite directions‘Iwhereby
Further objects are to provide a toy of this
the air current hitting the propeller in ‘the. direc
kind with a shape simulating an airship or air
tion of the‘ shaft 4 will turn the propeller and
plane, to provide means directing the toy into a 25 the shaft.
,I... :
de?niteldirection when the toy is whirled‘, to'pro
A reverberating plate I3 which may be the
vide the toy with wings and with tail rudders, to
upper plateof a drum I4 is a?ixedto the body I.
provide the toy with a rotary propeller, to provide
the toy with a noise making device simulating the
The plate I3 or the entiredrum “may be made
of any suitable material, for example of ,card-.
noise of an engine or of a machine gun, and to 30. board, and the drum may have a longitudinal
operate this device by a propeller driven by air
slot for the passage of the plate 9.
A resilient arm I5 has one end a?ixed to the
Still other objects are to obtain these results
body I, for example, by a rivet I6. The other
35 end of the arm I5 is positioned over the plate
I3, has a part I‘! bent down into contact or al-.
most into contact with the plate I3, and has a
part I8 positioned in the' path of the crank 6.
with simple, inexpensive and e?icient means, and
in a, manner capturing the fancy of a child.
Still further objects and advantages will ap
pear from the following description of an ex
emplifying embodiment of the invention, from the
appended claims and from the accompanying
drawing in which:
The arm I5 may be a narrow strip of thin sheet
40 metal which is so twisted that the a?ixed end is
Fig. 1 shows a side elevation of an illustrative
parallel to the body I and that the remaining
parts of the arm are parallel to the plate I3.
The arm I5 may pass through an opening pro
Fig. 2 shows an elevation of the same embodi
vided in a ledge I9 which may be formed by an
ment seen from the upper side inFig. 1, a part
integral part of the plate 9 bent at a right angle
of a wing being broken off for the sake of better 45
relative to the body I.
A string 20 of which only a short part is shown
this wine.
is affixed to the body I, preferably at a point posi
Referring to the drawing, numeral I indicates
tioned about vertically over the center of gravity
a body which may be made of a ?at sheet of any
of‘ the body. The string may be a?ixed in any
suitable material, for example of cardboard, and
suitable manner. For example, the a?ixed end of
which is preferably out according to the outlines
the string may form a loop passing through a
of an airplane, the left, front part of the body I
hole provided in the body I.
simulating the engine casing and cockpit, and
The described toy operates as follows:
' v
the right rear end of the body simulating a verti
cal rudder. A plate 2 simulating the wings of the 65 A hand of the playing person holds the string
representation of certain parts positioned below
20. , When the toy is suspended in this way idly,’
it represents a horizontally ?ying airplane and
may swing like a pendulum. 'I'he elongations
of the Swinging body may be increased by suit
able movements of the hand. By su?icient suit
able movement of the hand, the toy is whirled in
a circular way in a plane that may be vertical,
‘1.7 A toy comprising a body of sheet material
having an outline simulating that of the fuselage
of an airplane, the body having an opening in its. ‘
1 forward portion, a plate of sheet metal mounted
against a side face of said body under the open?
ing and having upstanding arms extendingalong
front and rear ends of the opening and provided 7
‘ horizontal or obliquely tilted as desired.
with bearings, a drum carried by said plate and
has su?icient z=speed,. the air ‘resistance or the 10 projecting therefrom laterally of the body, a
flange projecting?laterallyfrom the'rrear end of
relative air current causes the propeller to rotate
said plate along the rear arm thereof, a strip
whereby the crank 6_rotates and, at each turn,
:extending longitudinally of said body and through
hits the part [8 of the arm l5. Preferably and“
as shown in the drawing, the turning'idirection pf‘ 7 an opening in said ?ange and having its rear
the propeller II is so chosen that the crank hits '15 -~end~ secured to the body and its forward ‘portion.
V'freefand bent :to form a depending portion dis
the part_l8 from the lower side or from‘ the vside
where the drum I4 is positioned.’
V ' ‘
posed over the drum, a shaft rotatably mounted
'ltln'ough said‘ bearings and extending along a side
The sizes and positions of the surfaces of the
of‘thebody with its front end projecting from the
' toy, particularly of the wings Z and the-rudders
-'As soon as the whirling 0r swinging movement
3, and the distribution "of weight are so chosen 20 body and carrying a propeller, and a portion‘ of
that, theair resistanceldilreets the body 5| into ‘a
the shaft opposite the opening in the body being
position where the propeller-deeds and "the/“tail
bent to ‘form an armmov'ingéthrough the open
followsior where 'the air current hits theme
penerm axia'tdireetioni
The crank1-6,--:iliavingv-hitlthe 1 part l8; lifts ‘the
arm» 1-54 somervhatand, then,‘ ‘rotating ‘further
around itlqeiaxis of "the: shaft 4*,1toWard the .posi
tio‘ni shown :in ‘the drawing, moves :to the side;
thereby vreleasing ‘the part 1413. Upon this release,
ing in the body as‘the shaft rotates an'dLinter
under the frontend of said
strip to vibrate the .strip vertically and cause its
. mitten‘tly engaging
depending portion’ to have noise-{producing con;
tact with the drum.
72. 'Atoytcoinprisingiabodysimulating‘the fuse?’ ‘
lage of an airplanenand-formed with aniopening,
the arm 15 which, by @the ~ lifting :mqyemenrt, has 30 bearings-at front and irearjends of said opening,
, a drum. projectin-glaterally from said bodyalong
backeandi strikes the plate ‘1| 3 of the drumvM with‘
* the lower portioniof, thenpening, » a resilient» strip
considerable force" whereby: a loudin'oise or sound
extending I longitudinally _of the ‘body at aside
1 ' acquired’w-al tensed condition swings resiliently ‘
is produced. iThis-istrokelis repeated ‘at ‘each ‘turn
of ‘the 1prop'e1ler1-1 Ior thecranl: shaft i4 and gives ‘
an impression surprisingly liresembling the noise
thereof and secured at its rear; end and haying
its. .forward portion opposite gthejopeninggproi
vided with 2. depending ~~strlker> located overqthe
drum; a- shaft extending longitudinally of the
produced by an airplane‘ engine or by "a ‘machine
body and rotatably 'mountedthrough said #bear
ings ‘and having its forwardv :end projecting ‘from
confined to‘tthefparticularrembodiment 'sli‘ownfand 4:0 the "body, said. shaft havingya radially extending
desoribedgthe same ibeinzg merely illustrative, and
arm moving through vthe opening during rotation
that the “invention may ‘be = carried out inlother ‘
of the shaft and intermittently striking :the front
ways ‘Without-departing from :thesp-irit .of the‘ in
end portion of :said .-strip:to vibrate the :strioand
vention iasiiiit :is obvious that the particular em
cause. its strikerhto have sbeating contact’ with. the
bodim‘entsliownsandedescribed isonly oneiof-‘the 1‘ 1
drum; and agpropellericarriediby the/front endzof
many that may be employed to attain thetolije'cts '
desire ‘it understood thaltzmy ‘invention is not
Havin' ‘escribed r-the :natureiof ;my ‘invention ‘
1 andéhow
lop‘erates, ‘whatil claim’ and" desire "\to
; secure by hettersiPatentiislz: I’
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