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Ju?y 1, 1946-
Filed June 18, 1943
2 Sheéts-Sheet 1
(at 2/
2a \
f 23
July 16, 194-.
- 2,404,2?6
Filed June 18‘, 1943
2 She‘e ‘cs-Sheet 2
Patented July 16, 1946
Michael Henry Loughnane, Little Falls, N. J.
Application June 18, 1943, Serial No. 491,338
4 Claims.
(Cl. 177-311)
This invention relates to improvements in mine
of this speci?cation, and in which like numerals
detection devices and speci?cally it relates to a
are employed to designate like parts throughout
system employing a plurality of propelled and
controlled torpedo-like detection vessels oper
Figure l is a plan view showing a schematic
ated in front of the ship to be protected and
arrangement of a detection device embodying
an electrical detection circuit comprised in the
my invention,
control cables of said detection vessels whereby
Figure 2* is a sectional elevation of one of the
approaching mines are automatically indicated
torpedo-shaped “feelers,” and,
on the ship to be protected.
Figure 3 is aschematic diagram of the detec
The protection of ships against mines is a 10 tion and indicating circuit.
problem which is of great importance and which
In the drawings, wherein for the purpose of ’
has puzzled naval designers for many years.
illustration is shown a simpli?ed and preferred
Various forms of protection has been devised such
arrangement of my invention, the numeral ‘5
as “blisters” and nets, etc., but most of these
designates the ship to be protected. On the for
devices were extremely cumbersome and were not
ward part of the ship 5 are placed reels 6 and ‘I
effective when the ship was under speed. My
from which cables 8 and 9 extend forward to
present invention solves this problem in a new
the torpedo-shaped detectors or “feelers’g’ I0 and
and unique manner without any cumbersome
I I. A cable I2 is connected withone end through
armor or other hindrances to the operation of
the insulated lead-in I3 to the feeler Ill and with
the ship at full speed. By means of adetection 20 the other end to insulator I4. Another cable I5
apparatus comprising a plurality of torpedo
is connected through the insulated lead-in I6 ‘to
shaped “feelers” which are electrically driven
the port feeler II and with its other end to in
from the mother vessel, and which may be con
sulator I4. A mine ?eld comprising mines I'I,
trolled from same and operated far in advance
I8, I9, 20 and 2| is indicated in dotted. lines,
of same, I am able to detect and automatically 25 see Fig. 1.
indicate the position of mines in time to either
The torpedo-shaped feelers I0 and II are ‘con
reverse the engines and stop the ship or to change
structed as indicated in the sectional elevation.
the course and get out of the way. This device
shown in.Fig. 2. The torpedo-shaped body I0.
may also be operated as an advance “feeler” by
has a propeller 22 at its forward end. A protec
submarines or mine sweepers seeking a channel 30 tive frame 23 prevents damage to the propeller
through enemy mine ?elds. It is believed that
from driftwood or other objects. The propeller
this device will be of great value on the protec
22 is driven by the electric motor 24 through the
tion of both naval and merchant shipping.
gear reduction 25. At its rear end the torpedo
An important object of this invention is to
provide a simple and easily operated detection
device which will give automatic indication when
a vessel is approaching a mine.
shaped body I0 carries horizontal and vertical
35 rudders 26 and 21 which are operable by means
of the electricmotors 28 and 29,}respective‘ly,
through the gear reductions 3B and 3i. The tow
Another object of this invention is to provide
cable 8 carries several insulated'conductors which
a detection system for mines which may be oper
provide power and control to the various mo
ated sui?ciently far ahead of a moving vessel to 40 tors as well as carry the’detection current. "The
either reverse the engines and stop same or‘ to
cable "8'is preferably brought to a distribution‘
change the course and get out of the way.
box 32 from which separate connections are
Still another object of my invention is to‘ pro
brought to the motors and to the insulated lead
vide an automatic, electrically operated detection
ins I3’and I6.
system which will indicate when a vessel is ap 45 -The'detection circuit as illustrated in Fig. 3
proaching a mine as well as the approximate
consists of the two bare cables I2 and I5 which
direction and location of the mine.
are insulated from one another by means of in
A further object of this invention is to provide
' sulator, I4, see Fig. l. These cables
I2 and I5
a mine detection system which permits operation
are connected through insulated leads carried,
and automatic indication while the vessel is un 50 in the two tow cables 8 and 9 to the variable
der full speed.
resistor 33 from which leads 34 and 35 connect
Other objects and advantages of my invention
to transformer 36 which again feeds into the
will be apparent during the course of the follow
two‘grids of tube 31. The sliding member. of the
ing description.
‘ In the accompanying drawings forming a part
variable resistor 33 is connected through lead 38 f‘
55: to one terminal of coil 3920f the powerv trans
thus not necessary for the mine to touch the
cables l2 or 15 and it is obvious that the indica
tion given will be proportional in strength to the
former 40 while the other terminal of coil 39
is connected to ground through lead 4!. The
center tap of transformer 36 is connected to the
distance between the mine and the cable.
slider of a variable resistor 42 by means of lead
it is also possible to obtain an indication of the
distance away from the mine as well as whether
it is approaching the starboard or the port cable.
In this manner a quick and reliable indication is
43. The remainder of the circuit consists mainly
of the amplifying tube 44 which has two plates
and two grids and which is connected so as to
amplify the impulses coming from tube 31, and
the two relays 45 and 55. Through leads 4?, 48
obtained and it is possible to either stear away
and 49 the'relays 45 and 46 may be used to con 10 or‘ to reverse the‘ engines 1and stop ‘the ship in
time before hitting the mine.
trol automatic signalling means such as visible
indicators or even to control rudder or engine
room signals. The lead 41 is common while 48
indicates port and 49 starboard.
The power
transformer 40 furnishes the necessary operating
voltages and is connected to a suitable source at
It is to be understood that the form of my in
vention, herewith shown and described, is to be
taken as a preferred example only, and that vari
ous changes? in the shape, size and arrangement
of parts may be resorted to, without departing
from the spirit of my invention or the scope of
the subjoined claims.
Having thus described my invention, I claim:
1. A mine detection device for ships comprising
a plurality of feelers, said feelers being electrically
driven and controlled and operated ahead of the
terminals 50 and 5|. The tube 44 is preferably
of a type known to the art by the trade-name
Thyratron. It is to be noted, however, that other
tubes and other circuits may be used to obtain
the same result without departing from the ob
ject and nature of my invention.
ship to be protected; electrically operated rudder
The operation of my invention is as follows:
means controlling said feelers; insulated,.multi
As mentioned supra the motor-driven, torpedo
shaped feelers are powered by electric motors and 25 conductor cables connecting said feelers to said
ship; a pair of bare cables, mechanically con
controlled from the ship to be protected. These
nected together but insulated from each other 'at
feelers I0 and I! are sent out ahead of the ship
their connected ends as well as from the body of
5 and operated at a suitable distance away from
said feelers, said bare cablestying said feelers
same. The electric motors 24 furnish an excess
of power thus giving the feelers a greater speed 30 together mechanically, and automatic detection
means comprising a balanced bridge circuit, of
than the ship 5. In this manner the tow lines
which said bare cables form one half, whereby-the’
8 and 9 will be held taut as will the cables I 2 and
proximity of mines or other metallic objects may
[5 due to the fact that the rudders 26 are set so
be indicated.
as to give the feelers I0 and I I a slight angle out
2. A mine detection device for ships, compris
ward from the ship 5. Due to the fact that feelers 35
ing a plurality of electrically driven, torpedo
l0 and ll have a higher speed than the ship 5
it is also possible to make turns at full speed by
properly controlling said feelers and by pulling
in on one or the other of the cables 8 and 9 if
necessary. The feelers are designed to have suffi
cient buoyancy to ?oat and to carry the cables
8, 9, I2 and I5 and their elevation may further
shaped feelers operated at a considerable distance‘,
ahead of the ship to be protected; electrically
operated rudder means whereby said feelers may
be controlled from the ship; insulated,imulti
conductor cables connecting said feelers to said
ship; a pair of bare cables forming a tie between
said feelers, said bare cables being insulated from
more be controlled by means of rudders 21. The
one another as Well as from the bodies of .said
electric motors 24, 28 and 29 are preferably ar
45 feelers; a Wheatstone bridge circuit including
ranged so as to minmize any gyroscopic action.
said bare cables and said insulated cables} avari
The bare cables 12 and 15 form one half of a
able resistor forming two legs of said bridge. cir
Wheatstone bridge, as shown in Fig. 3, with the
cuit; a polarized amplifying circuit connected to
variable resistor 33 forming the other half. A
said bridge circuit, and indicating means ‘oper
voltage is applied to this bridge circuit from coil
39 through leads 38 and 4|, the current traveling 50 ated by said amplifying circuit whereby the‘
proximity of a mine ‘may be indicated... ~
through the salt water and through the body of
3. A mine detection devicefor ‘ships compris
the feelers l0 and H. Normal zeroindication is
ing a plurality of feelers, said feelers .being elec
set by adjusting the variable resistor 33. The
trically driven and controlled and‘operated ahead
cables l2 and 15 are bare and in contact with the
salt water, but are insulated from the bodies of 55 of the ship to be protected; ‘electrically operated
rudder means whereby said feelers may be'con
feelerslil and I l by means of the lead-ins l3 and
16. Being of equal length the resistance of cables
l2 and [5 to ground will also be equal. It is there
fore only necessary to adjust resistor 33 to obtain
perfect balance in the bridge circuit. 'I’his'bal
ance is furthermore adjusted to match tube 3'!
trolled from the ship; insulated multi-conductor
cables connecting said feelers to said ship; ‘alpair
of .bare cables forming'a tie'between 'said‘fe‘elers,‘
said bare cables being insulated from one another
at their common ends as well as fromthe bodies
of said feelers, said. bar’e‘cabl'es' being connected
through insulated lead-ins to said insulated multi
conductor cables; .a potentiometer ‘connected,
across said ‘insulated cables, said bare cables, in‘
sulated cables and potentiometers forming ‘a
immediately result in the upsetting of this bal
bridge circuit; a sensitive detection circ'iiitéo'n
ance and a voltage will be induced in transformer
nected across said potentiometer, and remote con
35. If, therefore, a mine or any other metallic
trol means operated ‘by said sensitive detection
object comes into the vicinity of one of the cables
l2 or I?) the balance will be upset and being po 70 circuit whereby the proximity of ‘amine maybe
larized the induced voltage in transformer 36 will
4. A detector device comprising a plurality. of.
act on either one or the other of the grids of
by means of resistor 42. With the bridge on bal
ance no voltage will flow in the secondary of
transformer 36. Any small change in the con
tact areas of the cables l2 and [5, however, will, 65
electrically driven torpedo ‘shaped feelers oper
ated at a considerable distance ahead of the ship
other of the plates of the ‘Thyratron 44, thereby
operating either one of the relays 45 or 46. It is 76 to be protected; electrically operated ‘rudder
tube 37 and accordingly operate either one or the
means whereby said feelers may be controlled
from the ship; and insulated multi-conductor
cable connecting each of said feelers to said ship;
a pair of bare cables forming a tie between said
feelers; said bare cables being tied together
through an insulator at their common end and
connected to a separate lead in said insulated
cables through an insulated lead-in in said feelers;
a potentiometer connected across said leads of
pli?er tube, a potentiometer connected across the
two plates of said dual detector tube, a dual
Thyratron tube connected across said potentiom
eter, a pair of relays connected in such a manner
that one is in series with the cathode of one side
of said Thyratron while one is in series with the
plate of the other side of said Thyratroma power
transformer energizing said tubes, said power
transformer having a separate winding energizing
said insulated cables, said potentiometer forming 10 said bridge circuit through said potentiometer,
the two arms of a bridge circuit, while the two
and remote control means operated by said relays
other arms are being formed by said bare cables;
a sensitive detection circuit connected across said
potentiometer and comprising an input trans
former connected into a dual detector and am- 15
whereby the proximity of a conducting object may
be detected.
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