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- Filed June 28, 1943
Patented July 16, 1946
Thomas Clark and William Henry Lindsey, Cov
entry, England, assignors to Armstrong Sid
deley Motors Limited, Park Side, Coventry,
Application June 28, 1943, Serial No. 492,614
In Great Britain October 2, 1942
3 Claims.
(01. 60-41)
This invention relates to an intemal-combus
tion turbine plant.’
Our main object is to prevent the formation
of ice in the compressor in a very simple way.
Ice, it will be understood, is particularly liable
to form in the compressor when such a plant is 7
being used to provide jet propulsion for an air
ling a valve 25, a’bell-crank 3| operable by a
rod 32.
In practice it will be desirable for all the valves
25 to be operable in unison and by equal amounts,
so that equal quantities of the burning gases
will be abstracted from’ the different chambers
l6. At the same time the open ends 29 of the
craft and the latter reaches a predetermined
pipes 21 are, it will be
height above sea level.
spaced angularly round
A further object is to provide means for ab 10 as to distribute evenly
stracting a small quantity—say, 2%—of the
desired the interiors of
burning mixture, preferably before it passes to
the turbine, and for injecting this small quan
observed, symmetrically
the compressor inlet, so
the injected gases. If
the pipes 21 may, any
where along their lengths, be interconnected to
ensure uniform pressures therein.
At 33 we
tity into the air at the compressor inlet.
show part of an annular pressure-equalizing
For a better understanding of these and other 15 pipe which interconnects the interiors of all the
objects and advantages of the invention atten
pipes 21.
tion should be directed to the following descrip
As stated, we contemplate abstracting, say, only
tion in which reference is made ‘to the accom
2% of the total burning gases, which, in ordi
panying diagrammatic drawing. The‘ single ?g
nary conditions, will provide ample heat for de
ure of this is a fragmentary sectional elevation
icing purposes.
of an internal-combustion turbine plant accord
vWhat we claim as our invention and desire to
ing to the invention.
secure by Letters Patent of the United States is:
The drawing shows a turbine plant having an
1. An internal-combustion turbine plant in
axial-?ow-type of rotary compressor compris
cluding an axial-flow-type of rotary compressor
ing a stationary casing II with sets of ?xed 25 and a combustion chamber connected to the
blades l2, l2 between and coacting with which
outlet‘end of the compressor, in combination
are sets of blades l3, ii! on a rotary drum l4
with a passage leading from the combustion
keyed or otherwise secured upon a shaft 15.
chamber to the inlet end of the compressor, and
The plant has a plurality of combustion cham
controllable valve means‘ which when opened
bers l6, "5 which are arranged in parallel with 30 allows about 2% of the burning mixture to be
one another and symmetrically spaced angularly
passed from the combustion chamber to the com
round the axis of the shaft 15, and the delivery
pressor inlet.
of air from the compressor outlet I1 is divided
2. An internal-combustion turbine plant in
between these combustion chambers IS, The
cluding a compressor and a plurality of angu
outlets l8 of the latter lead to an axial-?ow-type 35 larly-spaced combustion chambers arranged in
of turbine including a stationary casing I9 carry
ing sets of fixed blades 20, 20 which coact with
blades 2|, 2| on a rotor 22 keyed or otherwise
secured upon and driving the shaft l5.
Only the outline of a combustion chamber I6 40
is shown, as such combustion may take many
known forms. The burner and fuel-injection
arrangements form no part of the present in
vention and are not therefore illustrated.
In the present instance each combustion cham
parallel, and connected to the compressor outlet,
in combination with means for abstracting a
small quantity of the burning mixture from each
combustion chamber and injecting it at angu
larly-spaced points into the air at the com
pressor inlet to raise the temperature thereof,
and means for equalizing the delivery to said
angularly-spaced points.
3. In combination with an internal-com
45 bustion turbine plant including an air com
her It, near its outlet end,_has an opening 23
pressor, a plurality of combustion chambers ar
leading to a valve chamber 24 which is shown
as containing a poppet valve 25 pressed by a
ranged in parallel and connected to the com
pressor outlet and a turbine connected to the
spring 26 to the closed position. Each poppet
outlets of said combustion chambers, means pro
valve thus controls the delivery of some of the
viding passages for abstracting a small quantity
burning gases from the associated combustion
of the hot gases produced in the combustion
chamber I B to a pipe 2'! leading from the valve
chambers and injecting said hot gases into the
chamber forwardly outside the compressor and
air at the compressor inlet to warm said air,
curled round at its front end 28, such that some
and means for equalizing the pressure in said
of the burning gases can be injected through 55 passages.
the open ends 29 of these pipes into the air at
the compressor inlet 30. We show, for controlWILLIAM HENRY LINDSEY.
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