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‘July 16,1946.
Filed July 28, 1944
J-[czroZoZ (3071272
m \
Patented July 16, 1946
1 12,404,276
Harold Cohen, Elizabeth, N. J.
Application July 28, 1944, Serial No. 547,065
2 Claims. (Cl. 189-19)
This invention relates to the construction of
or gussets are arranged at a right angle with re
towers, masts, sca?olds and analogous structures.
spect to each other and project laterally. Wings
The principal object of the invention is the
provision of means whereby structural com
ponents may be quickly, easily and rigidly con
or gussets I8 are rigidly secured to the member
nected with each other to form a structure of
respect to each other and project laterally in the
the types mentioned. ,
same manner as the wings or gussets I6, so that
A further object is the provision of an improved
construction for integrating structural elements
l3’ at the upper end, as by welding l 9. The wings
or gussets 18 are arranged at a, right angle with
these parts will be disposed in pairs with the
wings or gussets of each pair disposed edge
to form a tower and the like which is effectually 10 wise in the same plane while the lower end por
tion of one member I3 is telescoped into the upper
braced so that the ?nished structure will be
end portion of another member l3. Each collar
I 4 limits the extent of the insertion of one leg
member l3 into another, because the collar M
15 on one leg member abuts the end of a contiguous
rugged, durable and stable.
With the foregoing, other objects of the in
vention will appear when the following speci?ca
tion is read in conjunction with the accompany
ing drawing, in which---
leg member. An oblong plate 20 is rigidly se
cured flatwise to the gussets l6 and [8 of each
Fig. 1 is a fragmentary side elevational view
pair overlapping the same in any suitable man
of a structure embodying the features of the in
ner, as by the use of fasteners 2|, received in .
Fig. 2 is a sectional view taken on the line 2-2 20 holes 22 and 23 in the gussets and plate, respec
tively. In this manner an upper and lower leg
of Fig. 1.
member [3 are rigidly connected in telescoping
Fig 3 is a fragmentary side elevational view
relation to form the legs II).
on an enlarged scale to more clearly bring out
The legs l0 thus fabricated are rigidly connected
the main features of the invention.
Fig. 4 is a collective view of the certain parts 25 in the desired spaced relationship by the/brace
members H and I2. There is a brace member H
which are shown assembled in Fig. 3.
arranged horizontally between each pair of plates
In the present instance there is shown by way
20 at each side of the tower, and the opposite ends
of example a structure in the form of a quadri
of said brace member I l are rigidly secured to said
lateral pyramidal tower which may be of any
suitable dimensions as to height and width. The 30 plates 20, respectively, as by welding 24. A brace
member 12 is arranged diagonally between a gus
tower is constructed of sections, including legs l0
set I6 on the lower end of a leg member [3 and
and bracing members or tie bars II and I2, con
a gusset [8 on the upper end of a second leg mem-_
nected with the legs NJ in accordance with the
ber H3 at each side of the tower, and the opposite
The legs l0 constitute the main supports for 35 ends of said brace member l2 are rigidly secured
to said gussets I6 and I8 by some of the fas
sustaining the weight and the strains and stresses
teners 2|.
from any causes. Each leg l0 consists of a plu
From the foregoing it will be understood the
rality of members l3 of suitable length and differ
present invention.
various parts are integrated in such manner as
ent cross-sectional sizes so as to be telescoped.
Each member I3 consists of a metal tube, round 40 to produce a structure which will be strong, du
rable and stable.
in cross-section. As shown, the legs Ill are ar
ranged slantwise to provide a pyramidal structure
but the legs may be disposed upright in a ver
tical position.
I claim:
1. A tower including spaced legs, each leg com
prising joined tubular members, each joint be
45 tween the leg members comprising an extension
In accordance with the invention, a joint is pro
and shoulder on one leg member respectively
vided between adjacent ends of the members of
'telescoped into and abutting the end of a socket
each leg H], for this purpose; each leg member l3
formation on an adjacent leg member, a gusset
has ?xedly secured thereto a collar [4 to provide
plate secured adjacent the end of each leg mem
an extension beyond the collar spaced a suitable
distance from its lower extremity. In the pres 50 ber and a connecting plate extending across the
joint 1ine between the leg members and secured
ent instance the collar I4 is welded to the member
to a pair of adjacent gusset plates, a horizontally
83, as at 15. Wings or gussets l6 are rigidly se
positioned brace member directly securedfto each
cured to the collar M, as by welding. Obviously,
pair of connecting plates on two opposed legs, and
the collar l4 may be omitted and the gussets may
be secured directly to the member [3. The wings 65 diagonally positioned brace members each di
rectly secured to a pair of gusset plates of two op
posed legs.
secured to a. pair of adjacent gusset plates, a
horizontally positioned brace member directly se-‘
cured to each pair of connecting plates on two op
‘J2; In a tower, spaced legs each composed of tu
hular members joined in pairs in telescoping rela
posed legs, and diagonally positioned brace mem
tion, each joint between the leg members includ
bers each directly secured to a pair of gusset plates
ing a gusset plate secured adjacent the end of each
of two opposed legs.
leg member and a connecting plate extending
across the joint line between the leg members and
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