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July 16, 1946. '
‘ 2,404,278
Filed May 26, 1944
l ¿gw/»WM I‘
Patented July 16, 1946
George E. Dath, Mokena, Ill., assigner to W. H.
Miner, Inc., Chicago, Ill., a corporation of Del
Application May 26, '1944, Serial No. 537,385 "
A4i Claims. (Cl. 10S-197)
This invention relates to improvements inr rail- “ï
way car trucks.
One object of the invention is to provide in a
railway car truck simple and eflicient means for
effectively ` snubbing the action of the usual ._
‘truck springs by frictionally resisting upward and
downward movement ofthe truck bolster.;
broadly a pair of rocking friction members V.A-A „
carried by each side frame member and friction
allyengaging the b_olster at the Vopposite sides,
anda pair of springs B-B associated with each
rocking member for tilting the same against'the
bolster in frictional contact therewith.
In carrying out myY invention, I provide pock
et‘s12Iy-ZIineachside frame at each side of the
A more speciiicobject ofthe inventiony is to
provide friction means for snubbing Lor dampen
yb'olster‘guide opening thereof. _Each pocket 2I
in-g the action of the truck springs of a railway 10 is formed' by the inner and outer webs IS'and
car comprising spring actuated rocking friction' ' 20 >of Athe section I3 of the side frame, a vertical
members mounted in pockets in the truck side
wall 22„‘7'forming the back wall of the pocket, a
frames at the bolster‘guide portion thereof and
horizontal bottom wall 23, and a horizontal top
engaging opposite sides of the bolster to fric
walll 24.v A_s will be evident, the walls'22, 23, and
tionally oppose upwardv and downward move
24 Vextend from one web tothe other of the side
ment of the bolster.
Other objects of the invention will more
clearly appear from the description' and claims
hereinafter following.
frame. The pocket 2I `opens toward the bolster,
said opening, which is indicated by 25, _being of
A'rectangular shape.
¿Each vfriction member A` is in> the formof an
In the drawing’forming a part of this specifi
cation, Figure 1 is a side elevational view of a
portion ofl one of the side frames of a railwayL
car truck and the associated bolster and truck
springs, illustrating my improvements in connec
L-shaped plate comprising a, vertically disposed,
flat plate section 26 and a laterally extending
tion therewith. Figure 2 is a longitudinal, ,hori
zontal sectional View, corresponding substantial
seat for the springs B-B which cooperate with
base portion or flange 21 at the lower end of the
plate section 26. The base‘ilange 21 has a sub
stantially fiat, upper surface 28, which forms a
the friction member A. The underneath surface
ly to the line 2-2 of Figure l. Figure 3 is a
of the base flange is substantially flat, as indicat
detail perspective View of a friction rocker em
ed at 29, and terminates at its outer end in an
ployed in my improved construction.
upwardly curved face portion 30. The plate sec
In said drawing, III indicates one of the side 30 tion 2B presents a substantially flat friction sur
frame members of a railway car truck.- The side
face 3|, adapted to engage the corresponding
frame member is in the form of a casting and
vertical side face of the bolster I4. The friction
has a top member II and a bottom member I2
members A-A are rockingly supported in the
.connected by vertical sections I3-I 3. As will be
pockets 2I-2I of the truck side frame, the base
understood by those skilled in this art, the car 35 portions or flanges 21-21 of said friction mem
truck includes two side frame members III-I0,
bers being supportedV on the bottom walls 23-23
of the pockets.
a truck bolster I4, and truck springs I5. The op
posite ends of the bolster I4 are guided between
The springs B-B are in. therform ofV helical
the vertical sections I3-I3 and I3--I3 of the
coils, two of such coilsl being associated »with
truck side frames and the bolster ls supported by 40 each friction member A. The two springs B-B
the truck springs I5 of the two side frames, which
of each friction member are interposed between
springs rest on the bottom members I 2-I2 of
the base 21 thereofrand the top wall 2401’ the
the side frames. The truck bolster I4 supports
pocket. The springs B-B areunder initial com
the car body vby means of the usual body bolster.
pression and tend to tilt the friction member A
As shown in Figure 1, the sections I3-I3 are 45 against the bolster to hold the friction surface
inwardly offset at the upper ends thereof to pro
thereof in tight frictional engagement there
vide guides IB-IB which cooperate with guide
with. As=will be evident, the friction members
seats I'l-I'I at the sides of the bolster I4. The
A-A offer frictional resistance to up and down
vertical sections I3-I3 of each side frame cast
movement of the bolster, which is substantial
ing I0 include a vertical wall I8 and inner and 50 ly constant at all phases of the operation there
outer webs I9 and 20 at right angles to said wall,
of: The recoil action of the truck springs
which webs, together with similar webs on the.
I5-I5-I5-I5 is effectively snubbed by the re
top and bottom members I I and I2, form the in
sistance provided by the friction members A-A
ner and outer side walls of the casting.
in resisting upward movement of the bolster. As
My improved snubbing
means comprises 55 will be evident, the compression of the springs
Y frame and pressing on said base Vplate elements' _
‘í5-l5--I5-I5 is also retarded by the friction
members A inasmuchVV as they offer the same
amount of frictional resistance to downward as
to rock said members against the bolster frictionV
to upward movement of the bolster.A
3. Ina railway car truck, the combination with
a truck side frame having spaced vertical bolster
Y '
I have herein shown and described what I now
said guides, and truck- springs .supporting said l
bolster on the side frame; 'of a..l pocket inf said side
frame at each side of the bolsterat said bolster
guides, each pocket having a horizontal bottom
I claim:
guides, a truck bolster vertically movable between ,
consider the preferred manner of carrying out
my invention, but thesame is merelyv illustrative
and'I contemplate all changes and modiiioations
that come within the scope of the’claims append
_ wall; a friction plate in each pocket, said'plate
l. In a railway car truck, the combination with".V --having a Vfriction surface in engagement withthe
truck sideframe members'tax'trucl; bolster-v, and . y vororrespending outer side of the bolster; a fulcrum
springs supporting said bolster on theV side frame ` ‘ armonsaicl plateat the lower end thereof piv-V
members, said side frame members'being provided 15 otally supported, onsaid bottom wall of the pocket;
l and a spring under compression, said spring being
with bolster guides; of la pocket in one of said
mounted'in said pocket Y(and. buttressed »at its
upper'end> against the side frame and bearin'glat
side frame members at the bolster guides'g'sa-id' ' ‘ '
pockethaving a bottom wall; a rockablegfriction;
its lower endV on theupper sideof said f_ulcrum
member in said pocketl'engaging the bolster,said
Yfriction rmember havingma _laterally projecting,
rounded bearing*projection'fulcrumed on the bot- Y
guides, a truck bolster guided for vertical'move
toinwall of saidfpocketi'and additional .springsr
‘ reacting between the side frame and arm of said l
friction ’member to Vrock ytherlattery vagainst the 25
4. In a railway carY truck, the combiriation'with'
a truclzside frame having. spaced vertical bolster
platelilçe’arm atV its lower endf provided with la
ment between said guides having the Vertical outer
side faces at yopposite sides thereof providedf with
friction 4surfaces, and(V truck springs lsupporting
said bolster ron the sideîframe'; ïof‘ pocklets'ein said
sid’egframe >at opposite sides offthe- bolster atsaid
Y Y`2f. In a railwaycar truck, the combination vwith
a truck‘vsi’dé frame V'provided with.v bolster guides,
a truck bolster having theÍvertical outer sides _ .bolster guides, each pocketÍhaving', hori'z'ontal'top
'and bottom 'wallsj'f aà .friction> rmemberI .inf each
thereof provided withl friction surfaces, land
springs supporting said bolster on the truck side l pocket,keach member.- co?mprising). an upstanding
friction plate _ section: and Q av. laterally projecting
frame between said guides; of .afpocket in said
side frame; at each sideof the bolster at said
Vrfulcrum arm, said plate'sectiohä bearing on. the
Vbolster- guides; an L-shaped friction plate meme . - corresponding friction'surfaceÍofthebolster; Yand Y
b'er comprising an opstanding'- plate section and 35 a spring undery compression- buttressed vagainst the
a laterally projecting base plate element, said
top wall of said pocket and beari'ngrfon the, upper
member being- mounted in each pocket and ful
crumed on said base plate element; and, addi"Y
'tional springs'means V.buttressed against thefside
side of -said arm ltoetilt saidmember Vaga'instfthe
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