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Julyls, 1946.
Filed Nov.'12, 1943
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I J `
«5 ’
` 2 sheen-s116151 1
July 16, 1946-
G. ‘2a.~ G'ILPIN
Filed-Nov. 12, i943
z sheets-sheet 2
ÜœrÍ/z @6d/m72,
Patented July 16, F1946
2,404,285 `
Garth G. Gilpin, Chicago, Ill., assigner to Stande
ard Railway Equipment Manufacturing Com
pany, Chicago, Ill., a corporation of Delaware
Application November 12, 1943, Serial No. 510,056
14 Claims.
(Cl. 213-,61) ,
This invention relates to improvements in rail
way cars and more particularly >to improvements
in means for supporting the outer end of a rail
way car couplerv adjacent itsf‘head.” f. .
l My present invention isfanimprovement over v
Patent No. 1,923,433 granted to me on August 22,
1933, and Patent No.` 2,308,032 granted to James
pler', and which may .be readily and quickly as
sembled or taken apart; is very light in weight
and ,economical-to manufacture.
Another object of the invention is _to >resiliently
support‘the coupler by‘a pair of spaced apart
springs and provide means so that as the coupler
» Oneof the objects of the invention is to sup
moves laterally a predetermined distance, in
either direction, the _ springs Will be distorted,
thereby causing a tendency for the springs to re
turn the coupler toward its normal position and
within coupling range and at the same time ar
port a railway car, coupler upon a device which
permits the coupler to move horizontally and
vertically with the coupler of another car when
laterally (in either direction) beyond said prede
termined position without further distorting the
S. Swann on January 12, 1932, both of which pat
ents are assigned to the same assignee to which
this invention and application will be assigned.
coupled thereto as the couplers adjust themselves
to the curves and unevenness‘of the track, as well
as causes the coupler to return to normal coupling
range when free todo so; for instance, when a
coupler supportedby my device is uncoupled while
range such means so that the coupler may move
springs and at the same time not relieving the
springs of any distortion. Such an arrangement
may be necessary and advisable where the cou
pler moves a-great distance laterally, such as in K
passenger train cars.
The object of such `con
the railway car is upon a curved track.
20 struction, is to ,limit the distortion of the springs
Another object of the invention is to provide a
as excessive and frequent distortions may cause
»resilient means in a carrier for supporting the
fatigue of the metal and breakage of the spring.
outer end of a coupler at a desired elevation dur
The .distance two couplers are out of alignment
ing service movements of the car, but which
means permits downward and/or lateral move
ment ofthe coupler when an additional live load
is applied such as when two coupled cars are
pulled over a track elevation, hump, vertical curve
in the track, or around a curve, and wherein said
and Will still couple iscalle'd the coupling range.
Throughout `the specification, wherever the
lterm “coupler” is used, it is understood to mean a
y carrier, when free to do so, will return the coupler
Also in the modiñcations of the invention some
of the elements'rolksome rock and some do both
to its normal height and simultaneously to a
position at least adjacent the center of the car
Within coupling range.
Another object of the invention is to reduce the
standard railway car coupler wherein no provision
is made for the coupler to rotate around its longi
tudinal axis.
simultaneously, therefore, applicant has used in
Athe speciiication and claims the word “rock”
, (and derivations thereof) with the understanding
service stresses in the coupler by `providing a;
that, for the purpose of describing the invention,
resilient coupler carrier thereby permitting the
theterm includes a rocking and/or rolling action.
outer end of the coupler to move vertically so
In the drawings:
that the center line of coupled couplers will be
Fig. 1 shows the striking casting of a railway
nearer a straight line, thus reducing the resultant
car withy my device appliedthereto.
force in the coupler shank. When the force. ,40 . Fig. 2 is a section on line 2-2 of Fig. 1.
ceases, as when the cars are- uncoupled, the re
Fig, 3 shows the coupler and my device in nor
silient carrier returns the coupler to its normal
mal position; that is, adjacent the middle of the
vertical position, which is an essential in ac
cepted railroad operation when coupling railway
Fig. 4 shows the coupler and the relative posi
y'fill tion of the component elements of my device when
A further object of my improved resilient cou
`»the coupler has been moved laterally a prede
pler support and coupler centering device is to
termined distance.
prevent jar in the coupler, caused by uneven track
'Figfä lis the same as Figa except that the
and the movement of the coupler on the carrier,
f coupler hasV been moved laterally more than said
from being transmitted by the coupler to adja-_ 50 predetermined distance.
'cent car parts, and furthermore, to reduce the
Fig. Gashows a modiñcation of the inventiony
friction and wear between the associated parts.
_Another object is to provide a resilient means
I which cushions and centers the gcoupler by main-
`with the coupler in normal position.
. . Fig~>v 'î-shows thenmodiñcation with the couplerY
„moveddaterally a predetermined distance. ì
taining the carrier in adjustment with the cou- ~55. @Fig-,ashows the modiiication with the coupler
2,404,285 ‘
laterally»` and»Y vertically with »the coupler, and
spaced springs adapted to be interposed between
fand/orslaterally of the car insubstantially hori
zonta1-_¿planes, `said car havingqa member fixed
below-the coupler;-_said device comprising a car
saidspring seat and spring cap and on opposite
rierff‘forusupporting _the Acoupler, saidxcarrier
adapted to'lrnove> vertically and/,or laterally with
sides of said spaced supports, whereby -when the
the'coupler, a springseat so formed as t__o be rock
yable upon; said member-fixed tojïthe= car; l and
spaced , springsçadapted to be `_interposed Vbetween
device is applied to a car` and the carrier is moved
laterally a predetermined distance> by thecou
pler the spring seat and spring cap >are, held in
parallel relationship by said spaced supports .and
the springs are laterally distorted, said Ldistorted
Usaid V,carriers-and; said spring; seat substantially
10 equirdistantnon opposite sides of f the middleoi '
-springs providing a restoring force urging the
device toward coupling range‘and whereby upon
the> carçwhen the device is appliedjto a car,.-_said
carrier andî .Springseat beingso formed that said
springs are rockablyV mountedupon the carrier
and springv seat, respectively, on a relatively wide
furtherl lateral movement ofl the coupler -the
spring-seat, springs and spring cap rock as a unit
upon one of said supports'without substantially
further distorting the springs.
ilat‘surface between oppositelydnclined surfaces,
saidflat surfaces and said inclined- surfaces being
positioned .in relation to each-other» and to said
-`2,. A coupler cushioning, positioning and sup
portingdevice for a railway car coupler movable
laterally and vertically of a car in substantially
springs sothat as the carrier `-is moved» laterally a
horizontal'planes, a'coupler carrier to support 20
said coupler andv move therewith, and al member
fixed to the car below the coupler; said device
comprising spaced springs adapted to -resiliently
predetermined distance both springs are‘distorted
and ¿the >trailing spring ,fis compressed more J.than
the :leading fsprîna» «thus4 :providing a restoring
forceßin said springs for'urging thecarrier' toward
normall central pcsition, and aV further lateral
movement ¿ofthe `_carrierwill cause each .spring
supportthe carrier, means >including a spring seat
ymountable upon said memberto support said 25 ,to ¿rock from said flat surface to one of_ _said in
springs upon said memberupon spaced supports
clined surfacesîwithout further distortion.`
, s
<between said springs whenthe ydevice is applied
, i 6. A coupler cushioning and positioning device
vto a car, said springs being laterally distorted
fora railway car- coupler, mounted upon a car
upon a predetermined lateral movementrof the
to move _inr substantially horizontal vplanes later
carrier, `thus providing a 4restoring force in the ,30 ally _and ‘vertically within av support“ having-a
springs, to return the carriery to normal central
member below the coupler;v said devicecompris
position when free to do so and further lateral
ing spaced springs adapted to resiliently support
movement of the carrier will cause said spring
`the coupler', and means including a _spring seat
seat to rock upon one of said supports without
further distortion of the springs.
3. A cushioning coupler supporting 'and posi
upon. said member adapted to support said
springsupon said member at spaced points be
tween said springs, said springsand support op
tioning device for a railway car coupler movable
eratively- associated with said coupler and mem
laterally and vertically ofa car in substantially
ber, respectively,vwhen the device is applied t0 a
car, Vsaid vsprings being laterally distortedupon a
predetermined lateral movement of the coupler
horizontal planes, which car is provided with a
part having a portion below the coupler; said
device comprising resilient means adapted to re
siliently support said coupler, and means includ
ing'a spring seat upon said portionadapted to
support said resilient means upon said portion
when the device is appliedvto a car, said support
ing means formed and operatively associated with
said coupler and portion, respectively, so that a
predetermined lateral movement of the coupler
within coupling range, thus providing a restoring
force in the springs to maintain the coupler with
in normal coupling range, and further lateral
movement of the coupler will cause the support to
rock about one of said spaced points without iur
ther distortion of the springs.
, 7. A cushioning coupler supporting and posi
> tioning device fora railway car couplermovable
will distort said resilienty means, and further lat
laterally and vertically of a car in substantially
eral movement of the coupler will not relieve nor 50 horizontal planes, rwhich car is provided with a
further distort saidresilient means, thus provid
ing a restoring force in the distorted resilient
part having-a portion below the coupler; said
fdevice comprising spaced springs adapted to re'
siliently support said coupler, and a support
means to return the coupler to coupling range.
4. `A cushioning and positioning device‘to sup
mountable upon said portion for-said springs,
port a coupler carrier upon a member fixed to a 55 said support having' spaced flat surfaces, 1 each
railway car, which carrier is movable vertically
between oppositely inclined surfaces, said springs
and laterally of the car in substantially horizon
normally resting upon said nat surfaces, when the
>tal planes ;` said device comprising a spring seat,
device is applied to a car, said flat surfaces and
a spring cap, and spaced springs adapted to be
said inclined surfaces being positioned relative
.interposed therebetween, means adapted to sup 60 to each other and to said springs so that as the
coupler is moved laterally a predetermined dis
port said device between said carrier and mem
ber, respectively, at spaced points between said
tance both springs are distorted, and a further
springs when the device is applied to a car, said
lateral movement of the coupler willcause each
springs being laterally distorted during movement
spring to rock from said flat `surface to one of
of the carrier laterally of the car a predetermined 65 said inclined surfaces without relieveing or’fur
distance, thus providing a restoring force in said
ther distorting said springs, thus providing a re
`springs to return the carrier to normal position
storing force in the distorted springs to return I
,when free to do so, and further lateral movement
the coupler tocoupling range.
8. vA cushioning coupler supporting and posi`
of the carrier will cause said device to rock about
one of said points without further distortion -of
ltioning device for a railway car coupler movable
the springs.
.laterally and vertically of a car in substantially
5. A cushioning coupler supporting and posi
horizontal planes, which car is provided with a
tioning device for a railway car coupler, said cou
pler mounted normally adjacent the middle of a
_part having a portion below the coupler; said
device comprising tiltable spaced springs adapted
railway car and arranged to move vertically 75 to resiliently support the coupler, and means 4in... '
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