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' July 16,- 1946.
Filed May ‘6, 1943
(5672 é’mimm
Patented July 16, 1946 ‘
2,404,286 V
Bert Graham; Tacoma, Wash.; Pearl L. Graham
administratrix of said Bert Graham, deceased
Application May 6, 1943, Serial No. 485,921
1 Claim. (01. 134-167)
This invention relatesto cleaning apparatus
for cuspidors.
It is particularly aimed to provide a construc
tion which will support cuspidors of di?erent
sizes and subject them to a water spray to clean
them, at the same time being sectional so that
after cleaning operations a screen within the
apparatus may be emptied and cleaned.
casing l0. Portion 22 may contain a conven
tional cut-o?‘ valve 24.
The vertical portion of the water supply pipe
2| is shown at 25 and is located axially of the
casing I0. ‘Surrounding the portion 25 is a tube
26 depending from a spray nozzle 21, having any
desired number of ori?ces so that admitted water
will be sprayed into the inverted cuspidor such
as that suggested at l2.
which is adjustable according to the size and 10
The nozzle 21 is vertically adjustable correctly
position of the supported cuspidor and ‘a spray
to dispose‘ the same according to the size and
or water-supply means which has a ?exible con
height of the cuspidor being cleaned. To this
Another object is to provide a spray means
nection with a source of supply, to- enable the
dismantling or ‘separation of the sections for the
aforesaid cleaning of the screen.
The more speci?c objects and advantages will
end the tube 26 is slidable and rotatable on the
pipe 25 but engages the same with such a degree
15 of friction as to remain in any adjusted position
become apparent from a consideration of the
To facilitate handling the apparatus, a handle
description following taken in connection with
28 is rigidly connected thereto in diametric
accompanying drawing illustrating an operative
alignment with the pipe portion 22.
It will be ‘seen that the cuspidors may be sup
In said drawing:
ported on the ?ared portion l I or on brackets l3,
Figure 1 is a view of the apparatus primarily
and ?ushed and cleaned by water admitted or
in central vertical section, a cuspidor being sug
sprayed through the nozzle 21 under control of
gested in cleaning position in' dotted lines; and
valve 24. Any waste matter will be trapped in
Figure 2 is a plan view of the apparatus.
25 the screen l1 while the water will ?ow from the
Referring speci?cally to the drawing wherein
like reference characters designate like or similar
parts, [0 indicates a casing having a flared upper
portion II to accommodate one size of cuspidor
as suggested in dotted lines in an inverted posi
casing through the discharge tube l6. However,
after cleaning the cuspidors, handle 28 may be
grasped in order to lift or remove the section ID
from theibasal section I4, the ?exible hose 2!]
30 permitting such action. With the upper portion
tion. A smaller size cuspidor, (not shown), may
of the apparatus thus removed basal section I 4
be supported in inverted position within the cas
may be inverted, and any deposit collected on
ing ID on brackets I3.
the screen I‘! be removed therefrom, and the
Casing I0 is sectional'in that it has a remov
able basal section l4, telescopically engaged
screen be washed for reuse.
I ?nd, with the present apparatus, that cuspi
watertight but removable at overlapping por
dors may be cleaned expeditiously, much more
tions l5.
so than by hand or brush, and in a more sanitary
Said basal section I4 has a discharge tube l6
and pleasing manner.
leading from its bottom wall adapted to ?t into
I claim as my invention:
a discharge hole of a cleaning sink for example.
A cleaning apparatus for cuspidors or the like
Basal section l4 carries therein a hemispherical
comprising a casing to support a cuspidor, spray
screen l1, preferably secured at its marginal edge
means mounted by the casing for the cuspidor,
said casing having a separable basal section, said
to the wall of the basal section and also sup
section having a discharge outlet, and a collect
ported and secured to brackets I8, in turn fas
a ing screen in the basal section across‘ said out- '
tened to the bottom wall of the section l4.
let, said casing having an upper ?ared portion
Water for cleaning purposes is adapted to be
to support a cuspidor of one‘ size, and means below
supplied by any suitable source as at‘ [9, and the
same is connected by a ?exible hose 20 to an L
said portion to support a cuspidor of a different
‘size, said spray means being adjustable accord
shaped spray pipe 2| having a horizontal portion
ing to the position of a supported cuspidor.
22 rigidly fastened at 23 in the sidewall of the 50
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