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Juäy 16, 194€.
Filed NOV. 22,' 1943
Patented July 16,946
' , 224045295.l
y VJames D. Klinger, Detroit, Mich.,A assigner to
~-Chrysler Corporation, Highland Park, Mich., a
corporation of Delaware> p
. Application November 22, 194s, serial No. 511,281
5 Claims.
This invention relates to improved .bearing sur
face and the method of making the same.r
Morek particularly, the invention pertains to im
provements insurfaces of machine parts which
operate under load in4 rubbing contact with each
other inl the presence of a lubricant.
Here‘tofore, lubricants containing sulphur or
sulphur bearing compounds have been employed
in many instances during both run-in and subse
quent operations of machine parts of this kind in
(c1. 3019237)
" "
ily mated with- each other andfwhich are
adapted to be Well lubricated by conventional
lubricants may be formed on parts which .move
. relative to and in contact with each other by de
positing a selenium coating thereon. The selen
vium coating may be produced as an immersion
deposition or it may be electrolytically deposited.
Thickness of the coating may be predetermined
. with` respect to the construction, vsizeand load'-
carrying requirements of the parts. yOnly one of
a pair of parts which operate in contact with each
order to produce on the surfaces of the respective
other may be coated or surfaces of both parts may
parts which operate in bearing-like or other rub
be similarly coated with selenium. While this
bing contact With each other a film-like layer or
coating can be used to advantage and with an ac
deposition which is believed to comprise a sulphide
companying improvement of the lubrication of
of the metal, frequently ferrous, of which the
parts comprising numerous metals, it is particu
parts consist. Sulphur containing lubricants are
larly adapted for use on parts comprising ferrous
frequently used for this purpose during run-in
operations of engines and other devices in which
A satisfactory selenium coating may be pro
normal lubricants are subsequently used in order
to build up bearing and rubbing contact surfaces 20 duced on parts comprising ferrous metal as well
as on numerous metals lower in the electromotive
Which Will become mated with each other more
series than selenium by i'mmersing such parts in
readily than the metal of which the parts are
In other devices such as gear trans
a bath comprising a solution of a selenium bear
ing compound. A suitable selenium coating bath
missions, a sulphur bearing lubricant may be used
for this purpose throughout the life of the mecha 25 may be produced by dissolving in 80 parts by
weight of a 5% phosphoric acid solution, 20 parts
nism without objectionable consequences.
by weight of selenium dioxide. The phosphoric
One of the main objects of the invention is
acid solution may vary in concentration from sub
the provision of bearing surfaces having `proper
stantially 2%% to 10%. It is understood that
ties similar to those obtained by the use of sulphur
the final bath comprises an aqueous solution of
containing lubricants which can be formed to a
selenious acid. Selenium coating baths may be
desired thickness on such parts prior to assembly
made up of from 5 parts by weight of seleniuml
dioxide and 95 parts by Weight of the phosphoric
Another object of the invention is rto provide
acid solution, to substantially a saturated solution
bearing surfaces of this character which do not
require replenishment during operation, by the 35 of selenium dioxide in such phosphoric acid solu
tion. The selenium content may beintroduced Y
action on the metal of the parts of lubricant con
into the bath by the addition thereto of any solu-`
tained agents.
ble selenium salt such as salts ,of selenious acids,
A further object of the invention is to provide
for example, sodium and potassium salts of seleni
a bearing surface material which will withstand
the normal run-in operations to which parts `of 40 ous acid.
In Fig. 1 of the drawing is illustrated a shaft I0
this kind are frequently subjected and remain on
journalled in a bearing I I, having a selenium de
the parts thereafter to serve in presenting well
posit I2 on its bearing surface. The portion of
mated contacting surfaces during subsequent nor- .
the shaft In which is received in the bearing may
mal operation.
An illustrative embodiment of the invention is 45 also be provided with a deposit of selenium I3. A
passage I3’ is provided in the bearing Il forl
shown in the accompanying drawing in which:
supplying lubricant to the contacting surface _of
Fig. 1 is a vertical sectional view of a shaft and
the shaft and bearing.
bearing assembly illustrating an embodiment of
An assembly comprising a rotatable cam I4
the invention.
Fig. 2 is a side elevational view, partly in sec 50 and shiftable follower I5, embodying the inven
tion, is illustrated in Fig. 2.- -The follower I5 is
tion, of a cam, follower and follower guide assem- L
reciprocably mounted in a guide passage I6
'bly illustrating other embodiments of the inven
formed in a support I1. A selenium deposit I8
is provided on theperiphery of the cam I4 for
Rubbing contact surfaces embodying the in
vention which are particularly adapted to be read 55 contacting the end of the follower I5 which may
4 Y
tent consisting substantially entirely of selenium
and having bearing properties.
2. An assembly including relatively movable
. also be provided with a selenium deposit I9.~ The Y
periphery of the follower l5 as well as the wall
2 of the passage-*I6 may be likewise coated with
Í selenium deposits 20 and 2| respectively. vSuit
metal parts having portions in lubricated con
tacting rubbing relation, and a bearing layer
‘ able lubricant, such as lubricating oil, may be
`supplied to the contacting selenium surfaces of
having a metal content consisting substantially
entirely of selenium on said portions Vof each of
j the cam and follower by a tube 22 and to the
contacting selenium surfaces of the support and
follower throughl an Voilpassage 23 formed >in
said parts, said bearing layers being Vadapted toY
readily mateV with each other during run-in oper
the support. Only one of each of the contacting _
ation of said assembly.
portionsvof various relatively moving parts show-n
3. An assembly including relatively movable
Yin Vthe-drawing may be coated with a seleniumy . ` ferrous metal parts having portions in lubricated '
Y deposit if desired,`although longer'bearing wear-r ‘
contacting rubbingrrelation and a metal coating
on said portion of one of Ysaid parts comprising
an. immersion deposition Yof selenium .adapted to
mate readily'wíth said portion of said other part
ing life is believed to be obtainable when the
contacting surfaces'of both parts. comprise sele
Although >but several specific embodiments
of the invention are herein shown and described, ï
it will be understood that various changes in the
during run-in operation of Said assembly.
4. A metal part having surface portion adapted
>for bearingdike rubbing contact with anotherl j
l `sequence of operations, steps and materials em 20V part, and a bearing layer on said portion of said
î ployed .may be made withoutY departing from the
first mentioned part having a metal content con
spirit of the invention..
'I claim:
Y Vsisting substantially entirely of selenium. `
5. A yferrous metal part having a surface por
l. An assembly I including relatively movableY
tion adapted for bearing-like rubbing contact
metal parts having surface portions in rubbing
with another part,` and a bearing layer on said
contacting relation, and a coating onV said sur
portion of said first mentioned part having a Y
iface portion Yof one of said parts adapted to mate
`readily with said surfaeeportion of the Vother
metal content consisting of an` immersion deposi
tion of selenium.
`part during run-in operation of said assembly
comprising a nlm-like layer having a metal con
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