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Filed Aug. 25, 1943 I
v2 Sheets-Sheet ‘1
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Gav/Z02] ?eé [0 ‘w
July 16, 1946.
Filed Aug. 23, 1945
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
f2: V922 Z4021’
"zigzag ' 7%?0 Z
Patented July 16, 1946
2,404,305’ '
Anthony Theo Logus, Cedar Rapids, iowa
Application August 23, 1943, Serial No. 499,593‘ ~
, ‘5Claims. (01. 103-174)
Persons skilled in the pump art have long recog
the pistons H and eccentric surfaces I‘! of shafts
nized advantages in radially arranged reciprocat
l8.- Each of the shafts I8 is journalled in the
ing piston pumps. Not only do they have the ad
housing l9, preferably by means of rollervbear
vantages of relatively simple production, ease of
ings 2i. ~ In any event, all of the bearings for the
selling, and the ability to make use of all the 5 shafts i8 are identical. Each of the shafts i8 is
highly developed art relating to reciprocating
driven by a gear 22 which may be integral ‘with
pistons but also their radial arrangement permits
the shafts as shown or may be separately formed
the use of common valve means located atythe
and mounted thereon. In any event, the-ring por
axis about which vtheyare radially arranged.
tions 23 thereof including the teeth will be iden
Furthermore, the radial arrangement itself is ad-‘ 10 tical for all of the shafts.‘ These gear rings have
vantageous from the standpoint of compactness
been shown integral with the gears 22 and shafts
and because of avoiding any long crank shaft
l8 but they couldibe‘ made separately if .pre
with multitudinous bearings.
According tothe present invention, a radial
- The gears 22 mesh with a gear 24 which is car,- ’
reciprocating piston device is provided in which 15 ried‘ by and keyed to a shaft 26“ which is suitably
j-ournalled. in housing 19 as by roller bearings 21,.
obtained together with further advantages of
It will be observed from Fig.‘ 3 that the gears 22
greater economy and simplicity of manufacture
overlap slightly and hence they. are staggered as
and highly ef?cient operation. One key factor in
seen in Fig. 1. I
making manufacture economical is that there are 20 The gear 24 ‘and. the gears ‘22 have the same
relatively few parts of different shapes, vmost of '
number of teeth and hence the shaft‘ 26 will rotate
the parts for each cylinder being the same for all > in fire-‘determinedrelationship with the recipro
of the cylinders or for at least halfof them. Fur
eating; of the pistons H. The shaft 26 is pro
the recognized advantages of such devices are
thermore, all of the bearings are of small. di-'
vided with an intake conduit 28 and a discharge‘
ameter, thus reducing both manufacturing cost, 25 conduit 29. These conduits are provided with
and frictional moment or torque.
ports which are separated by shaft portions 33
Additional objects and ‘advantages of the in
which; serve asirotating valves to control thein
vention will be apparent from the following‘ de
let tolor‘discharge from. the cylinders l2. Each
scription and from the drawings in which
- r
of theeylinders communicates with'the ‘bore I3
n Fig. 1, isma'longitudinal sectional'view of the 30 through a port’ 34. It will be obvious that each
form of the invention chosen for illustration,
port’ 34 will, communicate with the ports 3|
being taken approximately on the line l--l of
through ‘approximately one-half of the cycle and
with the‘ port 32 through approximately the other
half of the‘ cycle, the valve portions 33'serv‘ing
Fig. 2 is a fragmentaryL'sectional view taken
approximately on the line 2—2 of Fig.3;
93. Cal to open the ports 34 ?rst to one of the ports 3!
and 32v and then to'the other, in timed relation to
Fig. 3 is a transverse sectional view of the
structures shown in Figs. 1 and 2, taken approxi
the reciprocation of the‘ various pistons.
as each piston is moving‘ outwardly, its- port 34
mately'on a radial plane normal to the axis.
A preferred form of the invention has been ' will communicate with the supply conduit 28 and
chosen for illustration and description, in com 40 as" each‘ piston is moving inwardly,‘ it will come‘
pliance with section 4888 of the Revised Statutes,
»munica'tewith the discharge conduit 23.
but persons skilled in the art will readily perceive
vFor cooling; the Cylinders l2, the cylinder block
other means embodying the invention for accom
, I4 is» preferably hollowed out between, the cyl
plishing the same results, and the claims are
. inders, as showil at 36 in Fig. 2, to forTm'a passage
therefore intended to cover the invention as_
for cooling liquid‘. Of course this also conserves
broadly as possible’, consistent with the‘prior art.
metal. The adjacent portion of housing It prefer~
As clearly seen in Fig. 1, a plurality of pistons
ably forms a jacket so that cooling liquid is sup
H are provided, each operating in a" cylinder‘ I2,
plied‘ to‘ the hollowed-out spaces by cooperation
the cylinders [2 being radially disposed about I
a bore 13 in a cylinder block l4.- The pistons may,
if desired, be provided with suitable piston rings
as lndicated. The pistons, their cylinders and,
of course, their piston rings are identical. _
between the cylinder‘ block 14 and the‘nousing I9. ,
The housing I9 is made’ llpof two portions 3-‘! ‘
and 38; The cylinder block ,llwis" secured to the
portion 38 as seen in Fig. 2.‘ The portion 38' is
provided with aninta-ke opening 39 to which a
All of the pistons are reciprocated by identical
supply‘ pipemay be secured. This‘ commune
pitmansi [6 which form connecting rods between 65 cates with one of the hollowed-out spaces" 36.
-' "
-1. A radial reciprocating piston device compris
All of the hollowed-out spaces 35 are connected
' by means of a passage4| formed in the housing
ing a stationary cylinder block having a bore
therethrough and having a plurality of cylinders
portion 38. Diametrically opposite to the inlet
opening 39 is a passage 42 which communicates
' radially disposed about a bore‘and having ports
with the passage 43 in a cap 44. This cap is
provided with an annular groove 45 which com
through which they communicate with the bore,
a drive shaft extending through the bore and
having supply and discharge conduits therein,
a gear fast on‘ thejdrive shaft, a.,gear meshing
municates with the passage 43 and with a port
41 in shaft 28 which in turn communicates with
supply conduit 28.‘
From the foregoing, it ‘is seen that the liquid 10
for which the ' illustrated device is intended
gear in driving relationship, the phase of each
'piston in its reciprocatory cycle at a given in
would flow through inlet 39 and through the pas.‘- ,_
sages 4| into contact with the various cylinders
for cooling them and then it would flow through
the passages 42, 43, 46 and port 41 intothe supply
therewith for each of» the pistons,’ eccentric
‘means connecting eachyof the pistons with its
. stant corresponding to its angular position about
15 the shaft, and valve means formed by the shaft '
'in said bore connecting each of said ports with
conduit 28 in the shaft 26 and then into» the
successive expanding cylinders as the; pistons ‘' rv said supply‘ and‘ discharge passages consecu- ~
move outwardly therein. In the case of liquids‘it - , tively in correct timing with the reciprocation of
the pistons; all of the pistons and cylinders, the
is’ believed.~ that this will have all of the cooling
effect necessary, although some people might be 20 eccentric therefor, the gear rings associated with
the eccentrics and .the’bearings associated with
surprised. that ‘it has a' net cooling effect. ‘Ifde
the gear rings being identical.
sired, still further cooling could be accomplished
2. "A radial reciprocating piston device com
by connecting a cooling coil between the passage
prising a cylinder'block having a bore there
stand the annular groove 45.
In the illustrated form, the discharge conduit 25 through and having‘a' plurality of cylinders ra
dially disposed about the bore and having ports
‘ 2gfcommunicates through a port 48 with an an‘
nular groove 49 which in turn communicates with
- through which they communicate with the'bore,
delivery conduit 5| to which may be secured a
pipefor conductingthe liquid to any desired
on the driveshaft, agearmeshingtherewith for
1 The shaft 26 is provided with a spline groove
each of the pistons,‘ eccentric. means connecting‘
each of'rthe pistons with its gear in driving re
56 for coupling it to any other apparatus indriv
lationship, the phase of'each piston in its, re
a drive shaft concentric with the bore, a gear fast
ciprocatory cycle at agiven instant’corresp’ond- .
' ing relationship.
ing to its angular position about theshaft and
"Although thiSl apparatus can, be used as, a
v vfluid ‘driven motor, it will probably most often I 35 valve means in said bore rotating with the shaft
and connecting each of- said ports with supply
anddischarge passages consecutively in correct
timingwith the reciprocation of the pistons; all
of the pistons and cylinders, the'eccentrics there-v
for’, the gear. rings associated with the eccentrics;
andthe bearings associated with the gear rings
be used as a pump. In either event,'suitab1e
rotary sealing means, should beprovided around
the'shaft on both sides of the intake port 41 and
the discharge port 48. L-type sealing range 51
have‘ been illustrated in one'instance' and _V,
type’ ‘packing rings 58 inthe other. The L
ty'peisealing rings have been illustrated as vfac
ing the port 41. This is because it- is contem
plated'to use a centrifugal'pump for supply
ing, liquidto the illustrated pump under. a‘ low
sealing'rings ".51 will probably ,be faced the other
through which they communicate with the bore,
a (drive shaft extending through the boreviand
created ‘by; the outwardly moving pistons, the
radially disposed’about the-bore‘and having ports
pressure. If. such centrifugal pump is, not used ~
and the liquid is. drawn in by the partial vacuum
3.- A radialreciprocating piston. device com
prising a stationary cylinder block- liaving a bore
therethrough’ and having a pluralityof cylinders
having supply and¥dischargeconduits therein,
50 agear ‘fa'st‘ori the’ drive shaftfa gear meshing _
' If. the device is to be used as a fluid motor, the
' operation-will preferably befreversed, therdriving
therewith for each of the pistons, eccentric ‘means
connecting each of the ‘pistonswithits'gear in ,
?uid'being introduced at Blunder highpressure
driving relationship, the phase of each, piston in' "
and pushing half of the pistons outwardly, these
its reciprocatory cycle at agiven instant cor
pistons causing rotation‘ of the ,shafts l8_ and 55 responding ‘to': its angular position about the
' ultimately, of. the shaft 26jto; drive a. suitable
shaft,‘ and valve means formedrby the shaft in
load; the?uid'being expelledat low pressure by
said bore connecting each of said ports with
the pistons through the port 41.,
saidsupply and discharge passages consecutively
' The chief use of the device at present con
templated is as. an oil pump. The oil will lubri 60
cate the pistons, and to some extent, by leakage,
other working parts. Wherever necessary spe
cial lubricating means may be provided. Excess
oil seepage may drain out through aperture 62'.
in correct timing 'with the reciprocation of the ,
4; A radial reciprocating'piston,device com.-'
prising a cylinder blockhaving a bore there;
through and having a plurality of cylinders ra-'
Plug Bl may be provided to ‘provide additional 65 dially disposed about the bore and communicat¥
ing therewith through ports, a drive shaft con
lubricant, or for flushing purposes.
From‘the foregoing, it is seen that a very e?i; ‘
' cient pump has been devised in which manufac
' turing costs are kept at a minimum by usingja
centric with the bore, agear 'fast on thegdrive
shaft, a gear meshin‘g'therewith for each of the
pistons,-yeccentric means connecting each of the
small number of diiferent, parts or inrothler'words 70 pistons with its :gear in driving relationship, the.
having as many of the parts'as possible, the same
, for all of the cylinders.‘ Operating e?‘iciency, is
high ‘due to the use of a single, valve for all of
the ' cylinders ‘ and due- to avoiding» large _ diameter
phaseof each piston in its vre'icip'rocatorycycle.
at a given instant corresponding to “its angular,
position about theshaft and valve means in said.
bore rotating with theishaft and connecting each
75 ofv said portspwith, supply and ‘discharge passages,
consecutively in correct timing with the recipro
cation of the pistons.
5. A radial reciprocating piston pump includ
surrounding the cylinder block and with it form
ing conduit means supplying working fluid ad~
jacent to one of the cylinders and forming pas
ing a cylinder block having a bore therethrough
and a plurality of cylinders radially arranged
around the bore and communicating with the
sage means between the hollowed-out spaces ad
jacent to all of the cylinders, an annular cham
ber surrounding the shaft, communicating with
bore through ports, a shaft extending through
said passage, and communicating through a port
the bore having supply and discharge conduits
in the shaft with one of said conduits, said cas
therein, each having openings axially aligned
ing and the associated parts being so arranged
with the ports and separated by portions of the 10 as to cause the work ?uid which is supplied to
shaft having a valving ?t with the cylinder block
the cylinders to circulate through the hollowed
which substantially seals the ports on one side
out spaces and cool said cylinders, and to pass
thereof from the others, said cylinder block being
directly between said spaces and the cylinders(
hollowed out between the cylinders, and a casing
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