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July 16, 1946.
FiledA Jan. l5, 1945
Patented July 16, 1946
2,404,308 ‘
_ o
Joseph Magdus, Chicago, Ill,
Application January 15, 1945, serial No, 572,826
6 claims. (o1. 301-6)
tending from the disc portion I9 outwardly‘to
This invention relates to a reversible vehicle
wheel or the like.
ward each 4face of the Wheel, and each such U
formation being formed by the inner flange 20 and
outer iiange 2I. Thus, the hub member is not
only of double H formation, but is also of a plu
rality of double U formations both on each side
of the disc portion of the wheel and also on each
YAmong `other objects,` the invention aims to
provide a strong, durable wheel which may be
made in part of sheet metal stampings for light
nesslof weight and rigidity, While at the same time
effecting enhanced economy of manufacture.
In one aspect, the invention discloses such a
side of the axis of the wheel.
wheel in which a brake drum member is‘/ provided
integrally with the wheel itself.
" In an important aspect, also, the wheel is made
soas Íto be of duplex character or reversible, so
that either face of the wheel may be placed out
wardly of the 'vehicle without reversing the tire,
In other words, in any cross-section of’ the
Wheel by a plane intersecting the axis and extend'
ing in the direction of the axis as shown in Fig
ure l, there are one such H formations appear- '
ing on each side of the axis and two such U forma
tions on each side of the axis, making two H for
the tire valve` being nevertheless accessible at the 15 mations in all and four U formations.
outer fajce of the wheelin either position.
The inner ilanges 20 'of the wheel disc I9 con
’ Another object is to provide such a wheel which
stitute a cylindrical hub proper for the wheel, the
is simple and may be readily adapted for inter
outer ends of which may each be similarly coun
changeability `in varied uses and styles of ve
vterbored as at 22,1;0 receive the anti-friction de
hicles, While retaining ' important advantages 20 vices each of which is represented by the numer
herein more particularly ,pointed out.
als I2--I3--I4. Since the hub may be identical on
Thesev and other objects will be apparent from
thefollowing description, taken together with the
both faces of the Wheel and _desirably is as Shown
the Wheel is thus reversible, as will `later be more
accompanying drawing, of an illustrative embodi
particularly pointed out, and may be placed on
25 the axle Iii in either direction.
ment of the invention, and in which drawing
The flanges 2l of the disc I9 of the Wheel have
1 >Figure 1 is a verticalv sectional View of a wheel
.a two-fold function also. Each „annular face
following the present invention, Vone form’ of >at
represented by the inner faces of the annular
tachment to an axle being exemplined, and the
flanges 2| on each side of the central disc por
tire being indicated in dotted lines; ,and
Figure 2 is a somewhat reduced face viewof 30 tion I9 provides mounting means in the nature
the wheel of Figure 1 removed from the axle and
i of a, brake drum for a brake band generally in-V
the tire ,being omitted.
dicated in dotted lines by the numeral 23 for the
'Referring in detail to the illustrative construc
usual cooperation with a brake shoe similarly in
dicated as by the numeral 24, the details of which
tionshown in the drawing, the numeral I0 in
dicates an‘axle illustrative of such a vehicle part 35 brake mechanism are conventional and need not
upon’which the wheel of thev presenty invention
may be mounted, the axle having a bearing por
tion II and anti-friction> bearing devices, each
comprising the usual annular series of cone bear-'
ings I2 and concentric races I3 and I4 interposed
between the axle bearing portion and the wheel
hub, a washer I5 and securing nut I6 being there
after >engaged 4with Vthe outer threaded end I1
of the axle.
" ' "
be here further described, it being the purpose
of the present disclosure however to provide a
wheel which is thus capable litself of serving as
the mounting for the brake mechanism and for- »
providing a double mounting in the sense that
each face of the wheel provides such va brake drum
mounting whereby the wheel is reversible as here
The wheel as here shown also includes a plate
In accordance with the present invention, the 45 member and in the embodiment here illustrated a ’
hub member of my improved Wheel is of one piece
and preferably formed as here shown in the draw
pair of plate members 25 each of which is also
annular with their inner edges secured, as for
example by weldingas at 26, vto the outer edges
ing and indicated by the numeral I8. This hub
of the outer flanges 2| of the wheel disc portion
member, in this instance, as shown, being of
double H formation in diametrical‘cross-section, 50 I9. Intermedially, the plate members 25 ‘are
as seen fromlî‘igure 1 and comprising an annular
advantageously annularly' frusto-conical or
disc-like portion I9 which has a single web lying
troughed as at 21, for enhanced strength andY '
in a plane medial of the wheel and perpendicularv
are flared apart at their outer edges as at 28. '
to its axis, an H formation being formed on each
Finally, the Wheel includes a rim member in
, side of the axis bythe double U formation ex 55 dicated by the numeral 29. This rim member is
or rib 39 which isV annular and is annularly re
- ceived between the 'flared edges 23 of the 'plate'
claims without departing therefrom.
here claimed is:
with the usual constructiony of wheels in _this
member secured to -said rim, and a one-piece
hub member-of double H formation in diametri
cal cross-,section secured centrally `of gsaid plate
respectively Yin a felly 32,`which is in accordance
1 tion with Va rim'member therefor, of a plate ¿
the rim member extends outwardly toward each
1. Ina reversible vehicle wheel, the combina
From this inner annular bead 3U
face of the wheel and terminates at these faces
The invention having been described, what is
members 25, and may be serviceably welded there
to as at 3|.
be made as fall within the scope of the followingV '
of the drop center type and has a central bead
10 member, said 'h_ub V'memberßintegrally,"comprising,
_a brake drum and providing a pair of brake drum ~
The usual pneumatic tire may now be mounted
on the rim 29 of Vthe'wheel and I provide means ,. „members at each faceV ofV therwheel.> '_
'I'he structure of claim 1 wherein the hub
' vwhereby, the valve stem of the tire may be
member is of double H formation in cross-section
whereby> the wheel is reversible and wherein a
rendered accessible from either face of >the wheel
Yso that the wheel may be reversed while carrying
Y hub cap Vmemberis provided engageable with said
with it the conventional tire here 'indicatedin ,Y
y ' dotted lines by the numeral 33 and Withoutany
' l
lbrake'drum at either face of the wheel.
tire valve accessible from either face of the
wheel. To this end, and as here shown„I pro-l
vide a tire valve opening 34 in the center of the
' rib portion 30 ofthe wheel rim and communi
cating with plate openings. I have, arranged a
`pair of`> openings 35 in reach of the plate membersv
2.5.» To [seal these openings -35 against entry of
dirt or thevlike to the hollow interior space be
tween‘the plate membersr 25, I'may provide a
tube` 36 which is received in the Vopening S5 and
has inwardly and oppositely directed V-,shaped
V,endsconforming to the trough-like contourï2î
i '
3; In a reversible vehicle wheel or the like, th
combination of a >one-piece hub part havingran
axle receiving portion, asíngle web disc portion
thing being done7 other than this,V to render the 1
and a pair of brake'drum'forming portions in- , '
tegrally provided by said one-piece 'hub part, said
brake drum portions extending outwardly of said
disc portion on eachside thereof and >facing re
spectively in opposite directions on opposite sides
of _the wheel, ,a pair of plate parts VannularlyV
encirclingY and secured to the said brake drum
forming portions, tire valve openings î inV saidv
plate parts registering on Qppositersides _of the `
' 3,0
dotted lines by the numeral 38. The closure 36
may bevwelded to the plate members as at 39
fannularly about the opening 35. '
' ` ‘Itwwillbe Vunderstood that the closure 3S is
Wheel, and a rimgpart carried by the plate' parts,
said plate parts being secured to'saidïrim part,>
The K closureßß has a perforation
,therein as at 3l registering with the perforation
3,4 to admit the valve stem here indicated~ in
ofthe plates.
and Vsaid rim part having a tire valve >opening
communicating with said openings in the,V plate
4. Thefstructure of claim 13 wherein aïtubïef>
» like closure open at 'each end is received in "saidY
Vopen at -bothrends conforming to the openings
35 so that Ythe fingers of Yoneîs hand maybe passed
openings in the plate_`parts torseal the space
,between the plateparts from access and wherein
said closure has an opening.‘communi'eatingV with
throughÍeither of these openingsfto reach the
the opening in theV rim part. `
valve stem cap dll forfthe purpose of unscrewing
' 5„ïn a reversible vehicle wheel Qor the, like,
>the combination of a one-,piece hub part having
or replacing this cap and for they purpose of pass-`
an axle receiving> portion, a central disc portion
ing to the Vvalve stem the service end of an air
and a pair of brake drumiorming portions in
hose (not shown) for replenishing the air supply
`of the tire in the usual way, the openingsäë 45 tegrally :provided by said one-piece ïhu'b part,
Still carrying out the “reversible character Vof,
jsaid brake drum portions extending outwardly of
said disc portion on' each side Ythereof 'and facing
vlthe wheel, vthe usual'hub cap M' is adapted for
respectivelyY >in opposite directions» on oppositeY
being large enough for this purpose.
use'with myrimproved wheel and the wheel isv
so arranged that the hub cap may be placed over 50
whichever Vface of the wheel happens to be out- Y
rward Vat any particular time. As representative `
of this adaptability and for illustrative purposes,
`I here( show the hub cap M as having a'n inner
Vannular flange 42 which may be pressed by a 55
snug friction'vñt ’into the inner annular face of
, l the outer .hub flange 2l, thus Vcovering and pro- ,
`tecting> the axley nutfjlßvr and the anti-friction
sides of the. wheel, a pair of plate parts annueV
larly encircling and secured to the said brake
drum forming portions, and a wheel'riml part
carried _by the plate parts,fsaid plate »parts be-j> »Y Y,
ing secured >to'said rim part.V
6. In aV vehicle Wheel >or th'erlike,Y the'V combi-y,V -r
nation of a one-pieceïhub part having an axle
receiving portion, a radially extendingy disc por
tion and an annular flanged brake drumk portion, `-
said flanged portion extending axially on eachV
side of said disc portion, a?plate part annularly ` '
' f„bearing
" It ’_i'sgrt'o
ai? the
be V,understood
cuter., end,I ofV
the invention
„ is
encircling and secured to 4the said flangedïpor->
¿not intendedfto belimited'to detailsof construc
1 tion, and a wheel rim »part encirclingv and rse- g
tion here shown for purposes of Vexempliñcation
ofthe present invention, and'such changes Vmay
cured tothe .plateparu
Josern MAGDUS. '
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