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July 16, 1946.
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Filed April 26, 1944
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v July 16, 1946.
Filed April 26, 1944
ZSheetS-Sheet 2
Patented July 16, 1946
:2 -
* 2,404,311
Leavem I. Plank, Santa Barbara, Calif., assignor
to Shell Development Company, San Francisco,
Calif.,‘ a corporation of Delaware
Application'ApriIZG, 1944, SerialNo. 532,914
. ' v ‘4 Claims.
The present invention relates to tanks and
tank trucks and more particularly to “safety
means for controlling thedischarge valves from
e -
(Cl. 74-2)
5 which is pivotably joined at 4. In‘ Figure III,
the valve handle 5 is shown. in the position‘ it
takes when valve I is open, the valve normally
tending to return to a closed position, moving
In certain types of tank units, particularly
valve handle 5 to the position shown in dotted
tank trucks for delivery and dispensing of‘gaso
outline in so doing. Delivery conduits as at I‘!
line to service’ stations and the like,» the truck
are provided in flow communication at eachvalve.
tank is commonly providedlwith a plurality of
Rigidly attached. to each valve housing is a
separate compartments for di?erentgradesof
bracket as at 6, alternate brackets having support
.‘ gasoline as well as other in?ammable materials, .10 arms as at 25 extending forward to support op
such as fuel oil, kerosene, solvents, etc. Each
erating rod 9 in slidable relationship therewith
compartment is provided withla separate dis
as at 8. Each bracket 6 is provided with _a pro
such equipment.
charge control valve and‘delivery'conduit, each
jection 'l terminating above valve handle 5 (when
the valve is in the'open position) andlextending
trolled. The control valves ‘hare _3also_ .-_usually 15 outwardly from the valvelhousing a ‘distance
each provided with a safety‘ mechanism suchzas
slightly less than the length of valvestem 2. 7
valve being individually and manually ‘con
a fusible metal section in the valve handle, in
‘order to provide automatic closing of the valve
in the event of ?re in, the vicinity ofv an open
‘An operating arm. ' l5‘ depends downwardly
~from and is rigidly attached to rod 9 opposite
each valve, a contact plate asat It being vrigidly
valve. A manually operable remote control; is 20 mounted on each operating arm. Operating rod
generally also included inorder ‘that all of the
9 is normally urged to the right in‘ Fig. I by
valves which may be openedat- any giventime
spring ll’ attached thereto atv onevend, the other
may be simultaneously closed ‘from theside or
end of the truck opposite from that on which
end of spring ll being attached to a stationary
point, ‘as for example a bracket 6, by ,means of
the discharge valves are positioned.
.25 metalg-uy ID. A second spring I2 is attached
It is an object of the present invention to
to the opposite end of operating rod 9 at 25 and
..provide. improved} means associated with the
normally urges operating rod to the left in Figure
individual valves of a plurality of tanksor com
‘I in opposition to spring 'l I. Spring I2 ‘is
partments for closing the valves in an emer
anchored at its other end to a stationary point
gency. Another ‘object is to provide improved 30 on or near the valve furthest removed from the
fusible link means associated with said valves
point of attachment of spring l2 to operating
adapted to close automatically and simultane
rod 9, a plurality of metalguys l3 with inter
ously all the valves in the event of ?re in the
posed fusible metal links I 4 and an adjustment
vicinity of one of the valves. A further object
turnbuckle 24 serving to connect spring l2 to
is to provide improved control means of this 35 the stationary support. Turnbuckle 24 is ad
type which may be easily and rapidly reset after
justed so that the tension on spring [2 is suiIl
having been activated during an emergency. A
cient to retain operating rod 9 in the position
still further object is to provide manual and
shown in Figure I.
automatic control means which are readily and
Bracket I9 is rigidly attached to the truck body
inexpensively adaptable for use on existing tank 40 and supports link I8 which is pivotably attached
systems. Other objects, together with some of
thereto at 20. Link I8 is also pivotably attached
the advantages to be derived in utilizing the
to operating rod 9 at H and to pull rod 22 at 2|. _
present invention, will become apparent from
Pull rod 22 extends to a. point remote from dis
the following detailed description thereof, taken
charge valves I, usually to the opposite side or
together with the accompanying drawings 45 end of the tank truck, and terminates in emer
gency handle 23.
Figure I is a perspective view of a valve con- '
trol assembly according to the invention.
Figure H is a plan view of the valve control
The assembly operates as follows:
Referring particularly to Figures II and III,
valve I is opened to permit ?ow therethrough by
mechanism as applied to a single valve.
50 swinging valve handle 5 outwardly, as shown in
Figure III is a side elevation taken along
dotted outline in Figure II, then downwardly '
III—III of Figure II.
from the position shown in dotted outline in Fig
In the drawings, a conventional self closing,
ure III and ?nally inwardly and beneath pro-'
spring loaded valve is indicated at l, the valve
jection 1 to the position shown in Figure 11.
stem 2' being rigidly attached to a valve handle 55 The self-closing mechanism in valve l urges
I claim as my invention:
handle 5 upwardly against projection ‘I, thus se
1. Activating mechanism for a plurality of
control devices comprising a slideable rod, a
plurality of arms on said rod, yieldable means
urging said arms out of contact with said control
devices and yieldable means urging said arms
into contact with said control devices, and a heat
curing .valve I in the open position, to close the
valve, handle 5 is swung outwardly from beneath
projection ‘I, whereupon the self-closing‘mecha
nism of the valve operates to‘raise handle 5 to
the closed position, as shown in dotted outline
' in Figure III.’
responsive element in association with said ?rst
' When one or more valves have been adjusted
mentioned yieldable means whereby said ?rst
to the openposi'tion, the valve handles 5 thereof
mentioned yieldable means is rendered inopera
lie against contact plates 16 of arms l5 which 10 tive upon a su?icient rise in temperature.
are carried by operating rod 9. In the event of
,2.’ Activating mechanism for a plurality of‘
?re in the vicinity of the d1schargeva1ves,oné
devices comprising a slideably mounted
or more of fusible metal links “will fail, thus ~ $061. arms rigidly- attached to Said rod, a spring
releasing the tension on springilz, which nor: "
urgingfsaidrarms'outof contact with said con-'
mally counters (tensions) the ‘tension on‘spring ‘ trol devicesaspring urging said arms into con
II. With the tension upon springv I2 released,
tact with vsaid'control devices, and a thermally
spring ll operates to move operating‘ rod 9 to; Y fusible
metallic element countertensioning'said
the right in Figure I, thus swinging handles 5
'?rst mentioned spring whereby said ?rst men
outwardly from beneath projections ‘I by means
tioned spring may be rendered inoperative.
of arms l5 and contact plates it, As soon as
Activating mec "anism ‘fer-a- plurality of con
. i.Siiig a slideable mounted‘ red,
raiplurality of arms attached tes‘aid rod,ia*?rst
‘handles5 have cleared "projections L1, the ‘selfe,
‘troll ‘devices a 0
‘closing mechanisms of valves l' ‘Operate to move
handles 5 upwardly to‘ the closed ‘position. After
having been activated, the safety mechanism may
V _ 7 attached
_ 'to said rod urgiiigisaid red-and
‘arms in‘ a direction such that contact withsaid
vices is avoided,‘ a secondwéaker "spring
be’reset by ‘simply replacing the fusible link or
links that have failed and 'retenfsioning spring
l2. Although it is apparent that the safety mech
anism will operate when springs 11 and i2 exactly
‘to ‘said rod-urging said rod and‘a’rms
posite direction wh ' réby- do
preve'nt'movem‘ent of ‘operating'v‘ rod'9 due to vi~
i1; wherebv said‘?rstspi’ing W111 ibe rendered ' were; ivpeg-ats’umrienf its? is mature
'bration *of the truck in transitjor similar‘ me
chanical ‘event
that?re near the discharge 'vaives " 35
is noticed 'by'fhe ‘truck ‘o'pe'rato'r ib'eioi'e' the heat
générated'is sufficient to cause failure of one or
more fusible links, all open valves may be simul
taneously closed by 'means'of emergency handle
v_2‘3.- Upon pulling emergency handle 23,1ro'd' 22
ope‘rates'to‘ pull ‘one arm of pivotable ‘link It, the
meuontemg transmitted through the other arm
act of said
-a_r "is with saidepntroi devices will result,- ‘fusible
'countertensioneachjo‘therfin practice it has been I I
found. desirable to tension “spring l2 toa degree ’
'appréciablyiin‘ excess ‘ of spring‘ ll inorder ‘to
‘in’ tnevicinity of/one or more rorsaidfus ble metal
» fActi-lvatin'g‘ v-emecfh nism" fona~plural1ityYof '
control d
rod; a V plur ality
‘ '
slideably’ mounted
' right angles
to ‘the length-of ‘sali'df‘l'b'di‘a'il?l?? spring attached
'"to {saidjrod urging said’ rod and armsanaerrec
tioriis'uch that contact er each arm w-itneac‘h
control devi'eei's'v aVoided-asecondlvVeaKer sp ng
attached to said rod ‘urging! said rodand 'arms'lin
1th? v 01399533?‘ :d'n‘w?ion “whéifeby 'Qimtaéi ‘0f @011
of pivotable Iink“I’8"and]serving to pull operating
with each-controldevicefw 1 result; a pinrod ‘,9 against the tension of spring [2, thus swing- ; arm
rality of fusible-metal" links ‘a ranged inese'ries
ing handles 5- outwardly frombeneath'prcjec
tions 1 ‘and ‘permitting’ the selfri-closing mecha
vnisms of'valves‘l to return valve handles 5 to the
"closed position.
, I
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