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July 16, 1946. ‘
Filqd Aug. 25, 1942
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July 16, 1946.
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July 16,. 1946.1
Filed Aug. 25, 1942
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July 16, 1946.‘
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Filed Aug. 25, ,1942
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Patented July 16, ‘1946 r
‘George Sauer, ‘Chicago, 111., assignor to Union
Special Machine Company, Chicago, 111., a cor
"poration of Illinois
I ‘Application August v25,1942, ‘Serial No. 455,977
13 Claims. (01. 112—_256)
‘ invention will'appear from a detailed description
This invention relates to an improved construc
tion for sewing machines having a rotary loop
taker or hook of the vertical axis type and more
particularly to a construction by which adequate,
of an illustrative form of the same which will now
be given in conjunction with the accompanying
drawings, in which:
Fig. I, is a top plan view of aportion of the base
‘of a sewing machine embodying thepresent i'n
ventiori, certain cover platesbeing removed.
Fig. II is a bottom plan View of said portion‘
but accurately regulated, lubrication of the hook
raceway and other portions of the hook assembly,
of such machines is insured.
An object of the invention hasbeen to provide
of the base,vparts of ‘certain oil reservoirs being
a simple, ‘compact and readily accessible device
for accurately regulating they supply of lubricant 10 broken away for purposes of better illustration
to the raceway of a vertical axi's'jhook‘ from a res
of their
Fig. III is'an enlarged‘vertical sectional view
ervoir disposed below the plane of said raceway.
A feature, in this connection; is the provision of
along the line III'—III of Fig. I;
Fig. IV is a perspective view of av cover element
a single member which, serves both'to induce or
assist in the pumping of the lubricant, and to reg'-' 15 embodied in the improved machine. ' '
‘ Fig. V is .aperspe'ctive view of a gasket asso;
ulate the flow of the lubricant‘so pumped. The
ciated with they cover element.
arrangement is such that the vcapacity of the
Fig. VI is a detail view in axial section through
pumping means is normally ‘in excess of the re;
a bushing embodied in the machine.
quirements of the raceway but the flow‘actually
created by the pumping means is restricted, 20 Fig. VII is a transverse, vertical sectional view
along the line VII-VII‘ of Fig. I.
through manual adjustment of a part‘ of such
Fig. VIII is a horizontal. sectional viewron a
means, so as to cause delivery of just the right
amount of lubricant. The adjustment of .said
reduced scale taken along the line VIII-VIII of
part is readily effected from the exterior of the
machine, without the removal of any elements,
so thatcompensation may easily be made for var.
iations in flow due to wear of the parts, the use
of lubricants of different ‘viscosities, or due to
substantial changes ‘in the spe'ed‘ofv operation of ‘
the machine.~ Adequate lubrication of the ‘race
way may, accordingly, be provided at all times
without danger of soiling the'work orthethread
and without wastage of oil.
In the preferred form of the invention the lu-.
Fig. III, and
Fig. IX is a detail view partly in elevation and »
partly in section taken along the line IX—IX of
Fig, VIII.
Referring now to the drawings, the invention‘
has been shown in connection with a machine of
general type more fully disclosed in the ap
a" the
plication of'O'scar Quist, Ser. No. 326,828 ?led
March 30, 1940, which has matured into Patent
‘No. 2,329,484, Sept. 14, 1943 and in applicant’s
pending application SernNo. 436,554 ?led March
bricant supply and the means for pumping. and ,, , 28,‘ 1942. Reference may be had to said prior
' pending applications for further details as to the
regulating its flow are formed as a unit, in the
construction and operation of parts of the ma
frame or saddle which carries the hook. The lat
chine forming the setting for the novel devices
ter is provided with a hollow shaft ‘through which
the lubricant is fedby the pumpingv action of‘
herein more fully disclosed.
means within the .bore of the shaft. This means,
The illustrative machine comprises a vertical
preferably in the form of a spirally grooved'core
pin, is supported for axial adjustmentwithin said
bore and through such adjustment serves to re
strict more or less, the flow of oil through the
' standard (not shown) rising from one end of a
bore, induced by rotation of the hook ‘shaft,
Another feature of the invention is the;provl-_
sion of constantly effective means for lubricatingv
certain cam or eccentric devices ‘associated with
base portion 9. ' A laterally extending arm (‘also
not shown) which overhangs the base portion
is provided at the upper end of said standard;v
In this overhanging arm there are suitable de
vices for supporting and operating a needle bar ,
which carries at its lower end a plurality of ver
tically reciprocable needles Ill, indicated in cross
the hook unit and takingpart 'inthe operation
section in Fig. I. While the illustrative machine ‘
the cooperating surfaces. of the driving gears ‘is
avoided so that the delivery of only clean oil to.
single needle machine. A main driveshaft, sup
of the same. Atthe same time,.contamination of 50. is of multiple needle construction certain features
the lubricant by dirt or by particles worn from v of the invention may, if desired, be applied to a
the hook raceway, is-insured.»
ported by the standard and extending through
the overhanging arm, is provided with a com
.Other objects, features and‘ advantages of the 55 bined pulley and hand ‘wheel through which‘pow
to maintain the proper relationship betweenv'the
, er is supplied to thevarious operating devices in
the machine. . An. oscill‘atable shaft ll (Fig. II),
gears 20 and 2| as the frame is adjusted.
supported by suitable bearings I2, is adapted to
be operated in properly timed relation to other
devices in the machine by appropriate connec
Al- ,
lowance may thus be made for different sized
needles, in single and multiple needle machines,
and for different needle spacings in multiple?
tion with the above-mentioned main drive shaft.’
needle machines.
An arm 13 secured to the shaft H has. attached
to its upper end a feed dog bar l4 carrying a feed
dog I5 (Fig. I). As shown,’ portions of the feed '
As an integral part ofthe frame 2‘! there is 7
provided a chamber 39, laterally in line with the
hook shaft 23, which constitutes a lubricant res
dog are arranged to pass, upwardly through, and 10 ervoir for the oil utilized in lubricating various
longitudinally of. slots 1 6" formed in a throat >
surfaces of the hook unit. A relatively large open
plate I‘! constituting a, part of the work support;
‘ ing is provided at one sideof the reservoir, this
ing surface of the machine.
being closed by a plate '40 and a gasket 4|
Also extending longitudinally of thebasejpore, clampedin place 'by any suitablemeans such as »
tion :of the machine and suitably journaled in 15 screws '42,? The lubricant may be introduced
bearings carried by the latter is a rotatable,v shaft
, through a closable cup 43 ?tted into a suitable
This may be connected with the main drive '
opening at the top' of-the chamber 39. At its up
7 shaft, hereinbefore mentioned, through-gearing ~
of the type disclosed in said Quist application, or
intheipatent to Christensen No..2,113,572, grant 20
iejd?April V12, 1938. An eccentric carried by the'
'shaft"l8 cooperates, with 'a' strap l9 (Fig. II)
per end this chamber communicates with an
other chamber 44 which extends laterally toward
the shaft'23 and constitutes an extension of the
reservoir space.‘ 'The lower end "of the chamber
39 is connected ‘by’ a passage 45 with another,
and serves to impart the desired lifting and low- '
smaller chamber 46 formed in an extension 41
ering movements to the feeddog [5. A pair of
(Fig. III)'at"the bottom of the frame. Chamber
spiralge'arsiw,secured to the shaft l8,'meshes 25 46 constitutes an auxiliary reservoir, at the lower
with'coope'rating spiral gears 2| (Fig. III) each
end of the hook shaft 23, which may be consid
of which is secured, by asst-screw 22 to a hollow,
ered an extension of the "main reservoir. This‘
vertically extending 's_l1aft_23 which carries at its
auxiliary reservoir is closed by means'of an‘, ad
upper'endthe rotary component of a" rotary loop
takerlor hook designated generally asj'24." The‘
. justable screw threaded plug 48 cooperating with
threads in the bottom of the extension 41. When‘
the plug is turnedto the desired? position, it: may
be locked in place by‘a nut49 which may, at the
two hook units, each including a ‘shaft 23 and its
associated ‘hook ‘24,1'are substantially identical
except for the fact that certain parts of one unit‘
are‘, off right hand constructionv while those of
same time, clamp av'gasketi?gagainst the under‘_
surface of the extension 4'4. In the upper surface;
' thelothery are‘of'left handconstruction. It will 35 of'the plug there is provided a diametrical groove
be sufficient, therefore, for a'full understanding
or slot 5| adapted to’receive' a tongue '52 at the
of the invention to describe only one'of‘the units
lower end of a core 'pin 53. ,_ This core pin is pro
Gears '25 and. 2| are of such" relation that the
hook shaft 23 will be rotated at twice the angular
speed of. theshaft 18. Accordingly, two re'vo
vided with'a spiralgroove 54 throughout the ma
jor portion of its length, commencing at a point
a slight distance up from the bottom. , Adjacent
thejtwb ends of the grooved portion thediameter
lutions will be given tothe rotary componentof
of the pin is slightly venlarged, as indicated at 55
and 56. Theseenlarge‘d sections are adapted to
the‘ hook for each stitchefor‘ming cycle of the
' machine. Shaft23 is journaled in suitable bush‘
?t snugly, i. e. with a bearing fit, within therhol- 7 .
ings 25 and, 25*mounted in spaced portions 210. 45 10w ‘bore of the shaft 23, while the part ofthe'
. and 21b of a saddle or fram'e'Zl constituting the
' pinw intermediatev the sections, 55 and 56 is of
somewhat reduced diameter. This serves to re-
main support for the rotaryhook and the assoe
- ciatedi devices. Gear 2! is secured to the shaft
duce the friction and to provide, most effective
23‘ between the bushings 25 and 26 within are'cess
ly, the desired oil pumping action to be explained.
28 formed'between the spaced portions 27a and 50 Above the section 56 thecore pin is provided with
7 27b of the frame. , The latter is adjustably car
a tapered or pointed end v5'! adapted to cooper
- ried by the base portion 3 of the machine and for
this purpose is provided with a split collar ex
tension 29 (Figs. II and VII) adapted to surround ,
a bushing 39 extending through and projecting 56
laterally from one of a pair of bearing supports
3| for the shaft [8. A, clamping screw ,32 serves
to clamp the split collar in adjusted position on’
ate with an aperture in an annular member 58'
mounted in the upper end of the shaftv23 or the
bottom of. the rotating component 59. of the ro
tary hook.
1 .It will be understood that due to the spiral .
groove 54 in the core pin, which is held stationary
by'the screw plug 48, oilthat is delivered by grav
the'bearingsleeve. At its opposite end the frame ' ity from the reservoir into the lower end of the
21_is provided with an extension 33 having a 60 shaft 23 will be elevated by a viscosity pump ac
' rounded upper surface 34 (Fig. VII) adapted to
tion created upon the rotation of the shaft 23;
cooperate with a ?atunder surface ona portion
35fof the base 9. A screw 36, passing through an
elongated slot 3'! (FigtII) in the extension 33,
The oil so elevated will be 'forced through there
stricted passage between the ‘tapered end 51 of b
the core pin and the aperturein the member
has screw-threaded engagement with the portion ' 65 58 which constitute a needle valve. It will be re- '
35 of the base and when tightenedserves to clamp
the corresponding end ofthe frame 21 in place‘.
It will beiseen from the'foregoing that the frame
721 may readily be adjusted along the bushing 30
and portion 35 of the base of the machine;
Screws» 32and '36 maysimply be loosened for
this purpose and then'tightened again to clamp
'the frame in thedesired position.
A screw 38,
which serves-to secure the spiral gear 20 tothe '
shaft I8, may be manipulated at the same time
ceiv'ed byasmallpocket above the member 58;
formedbeneath a plate 65 in theb-ottom of the .
rotary component of the hook, and will be deliv- .
ered from this throughla tube 6|, to a channel
62 in the wall of the rotarygcomponent. This
channel’ forms a raceway ‘for a ribor .?ange 63
projecting laterally from the wall of a, stationary,
bobbincarrying component 64 of the hook. It is
important thatjust the. right vamount of lubri
"15 vcant
should‘be d‘eliveredto the raceway 62 to
avoid 'Yun'due friction 3and overheating, on the one‘
up'r'aise'di portion. 82 of ‘it-e: cover‘ element. 18,151
hand; Tand‘to ‘avoid the "splatter-ing ofioil upon thev
worker the? stitchingv threads, on the other-1 hand.
pad 83 which > at . one. end Lengages: the; toner.
adapted‘ to- receive" and retain.‘v a awi‘ck' or felt.
the wicking '11 and at its-.otherrend engagesthe:
Aivery nice and very accurate control of this ‘111brican't supply is provided by "the core pin con
. strap-portion of the pitman >61, during awpor- ,
tion1 of ‘the rotation‘ of the latter; Pad,‘v 83 ' is.
held up at spaced pointsby a.» series oftprojec~
tions :84 on the lower cover .element‘19. extend-=
ing‘inwardly from ‘the sides of, an. opening 85,
struction and mounting 'just described. By turn
inglthe‘ screw- plug»- 48’-'the{ core pin may be lifted
or lowered,- as desired, to‘ provide just the right
restriction between the ‘point 5-? and the member.
58;v This longitudinal"adjustmentof'the core pin,
alinedv with-‘the upraised portion of the top;
cover element; Theglower coverelement isalso
formed with .a ‘circular opening 86v alin'edwith:
moreover, maybe very "quickly and simply effect
ed. “The screw p1ug148 'islrea’dily» accessible- at the
bottom offthe machine‘. Accordingly, any vari-‘
ation in- the lubrication ‘requirements, vdue to
thetolpening ‘8'0;
In the operation'of the machine; oil1which= is:
by the wicking ‘I1 is delivered to-the:
wear‘ -of~parts,'the use of a lubricant of a differouter end of‘ the pad 83 and is carried .byjthis:v
ent viscosity, or due to a change in the speed of
to a point adjacent the strap portion of pitmani
operation of the "machine; may-be quickly taken
61; Upon each revolution of the shaft. 23: at
small amount of this oil is‘ wiped from .th'erpa'd;
the strap and is delivered to a depression:
cient ‘freedom of movement isprovided between 20 by
81 in the top of the pitman 61; From this de'--'
the ‘slot El and tongue 52 to‘ make it unneces-~
pression a portion of the lubricant is delivered:
sary‘t'o ‘employ anyhigh degree’ of accuracy in the
through a small opening “to the outer perip'h-=
productionof the parts.
cry of the eccentric‘ '66 while another portioni
The‘bushings 25 but
and they
25 may
vofof a 25 is delivered‘ to a recess above the top? of the‘.
bolt '68.- The latter oil serves to». lubricate the
porous, lubricant-absorbing type of a ‘material,
relatively moving surfaces on the: connectedl
such'as "that known as oilite. Ordinarily, theoil
61, 68 and'69. So also, a part of. this oil:
level‘in the reservoir 39~wi1l be‘ such as to create‘
‘along a groove 89 in the upper sur
asl'ight head of. chat thelevel of’ thetop’of the
‘of the arm 69 to ilankopening- ‘9.0 ; through
bushing '26. Accordingly, there is a slight tend 30 face
which it is supplied to the bearing-surface of.‘
ency'toward leakage of'oil- at this point. To re
pin 'H." Some of ‘the ioil?idelivered toiwthe'
ducefthis‘to a minimum the-‘inner surface ‘of the .
eccentric '66 may also'fbe carried into the bush-i
bushing 26*is'provided with -af:g_roove ?tigof oppo
ing 25 to lubricate the bearing surface :of the?
site sense to'the groove 54 in the core'pin. Hence,
c'are' of. ‘ Furthermore, ‘the 1' construction is’ rela
tively-simple and inexpensive ‘to ‘produce. I Suffi
the'groove (55: serves, upon'rotationof the shaft
While an illustrative e‘ bodiment‘ of the in
23, to force downwardy into the reservoir a?iany
vention 'has been described 'in' considerable d'e-
oilv which has come between the shaft and the
tail, it will be understood that numerous‘
changes may be made in the construction, ar-~
Adjacent ‘the upper end “of the shaft 23 it is
provided ‘with an eccentric portion 66‘ cooperat 40 rangement and cooperation of the various parts
without ‘departing from the general principles‘
ing with a strap integral ‘with a‘pitman 61. The
and scope of the invention. The terms and ex-»
latter is apertured adjacent its free end tore
press'ions used herein have been employed as
ceivethe‘head of a screw or bolt 68 carried‘by an
terms of description and not of limitation.
arm‘ 69.01‘ a‘ rock member ‘having sleeve portion
10 surrounding a reduced section of a pin ‘H car
What I claim is:
1. In a sewing machine, a. vertical axis hook
ried'by theframeZ‘l. A large headed screw‘ 12 is
having a ‘hollow shaft‘ connected therewith, said'
provided‘ to retain the sleeve on the pin. At the
hook having a raceway, a lubricant reservoir
upper end of the sleeve a laterally extending arm
13, having an enlarged‘ block-like portion ‘M at 50 communicating with the lower end of said shaft,
adjustable means within the bore of said, shaft
its ‘free end, serves to support an escapement
operable ,only upon rotation of the shaft to
member 15. Thisim'ember is secured to the block
14 by a screw'lB and .is oscillated upon each rev
olution of the hook shaft. The operation of the
escapement member upon the stationary com 55
ponent-of the rotary hook, to enable the thread
loop to escape around the ‘retainer which holds
the stationary member against rotation, is well
known and need not be further described.
The escapement operating mechanism" just
described is located in the extension M’of the
reservoir. Provision is made for proper lubri
cation‘ of' this ‘mechanism.
For this purpose a
wick member, such as a felt pad 11, is provided,
this extending downwardly from the top of the
reservoir to a point near the bottom of the
latter. It may suitably occupy substantially the
entire ‘passage connecting the. reservoir 39 with5
the extension 44.
The upper end of this ‘ex
induce a ?ow of lubricant therethrough to said‘
raceway by a positive pumpingaction depend
ent upon said rotation, and means sorcooperat4
ing with said ?rst recited means that adjust
ment of the latter will‘ vary the quantity of‘
lubricant delivered through-said bore to the‘
2. 'In a sewing machine, a vertical axis hook"
having a hollow shaft connected therewith, said
hook having a raceway, a lubricant reservoir
communicating with the lower end of said shaft,
means within the bore of said shaft operable
only upon rotation of the shaft to induce a flow
of lubricant therethrough to said raceway by a
positive pumping action, means adjacent the
lower end of said shaft for axially adjusting
said means within the bore,‘ and means so co
operating with said ?rst recited means that
composed of elements 18 and 19 which are se 7 0. adjustment of the latter will vary the quantity
of lubricant delivered through said bore to the
cured ‘by screws or the like to the top of the
frame ‘21. The cover element 18 is provided
3. In a sewing machine, a vertical axis hook
with anopening 80 surrounded by an upstand
‘ tensionis closed by means of a two-piece cover
ing fcoll‘ar 8l' adapted to encircle the eccentric 75 having a hollow shaft connected therewith, said
hook ‘having ‘a raceway, a lubricantv reservoir:
66 "and 'thestra‘p' ‘portion-‘of ‘the vpitman ‘61. An
communicating with the lower end of ‘said shaft,
said-reservoir, a member withinisaid bore adapt-- ' it
means within the bore of said shaftpperable
only upon rotation of the shaftto induce a ?ow,
edto positively pump lubricantfrom said _reser-_
'voir, to said raceway upon rotation of saidyro-r,
tary component, means for shifting said meme,
of lubricant therethrough to said raceway by a
positive pumping action,v screw meansifor ad
, ber axially within said bore, and means,,co-=
justably supporting the lower'end of‘ said means
within the bore of said shaft, and means _co-,
operating with said member to‘ regulate the flow,
of lubricant by axial shifting of said member.» , V»
9. A vertical axis hook unit whiche-com-j ,
operating with said meanswithin the bore, of
said shaft for regulating the quantity'of _lubri-;
prises a frame, a hollow shaft journalleduin
cant delivered throughv said bore to the raceway, 10 said’ frame, a rotary hook component carried
.4. In a sewing machine .a vertical axis hook
by said shaft, a stationary hook component cohaving rotary and non-rotary componentswith
operating with a raceway in said rotary‘come
a raceway therebetween, a reservoir for supply- ; " ponent, a chamber in said frame providinga
ingr lubricant to said raceway, an a elongated
lubricant reservoir, the boreof said- shaft com-nw
member enclosed in a tubular passage in, said 15 municating with said reservoir, a member ‘with
' rotary component, said member and the wall
in‘ said bore a'daptedto induce the flow of
of said passage being, relatively movable’ and
lubricant from said reservoir to said raceway},
operativev uponrotation, of saidlrotary com
upon rotation of said rotary component, meansv
cooperating with said member to‘limit the ?ow
of lubricant, and means for holding said meme]
ber stationary during rotation of said compo-‘_
nent, said last namedmeans being adjustable
to shift said member'relative to said'cooper
ponent' to inducethe flow of lubricant from
, said reservoir through'said passage to said race
way, said member having a taperedend, means
, cooperating with said ‘tapered end ‘to restrict
the flow of said lubricant, and means for shift—,
ing said member axially relative to said cooper- , V
ating , means and thereby" vary, the flow 0
25 lubricant.
‘' » 15. Ina sewing machinea ‘vertical axisrhook
, 7 10. A vertical axis hook unit, which amt-f
atingmeans to regulate the ?ow of lubricant.
having rotary and non-rotary components with
a raceway, therebetween, said rotary com
prises a frame, a hollow shaft journalledjin
said frame, a rotary hook componentcarried
ponent having apendanthpllow shaft, a reser
' bysaid shaft, a stationary'hook component co-l,v
voir for, supplying lubricant to @said raceway, a
member within, the bore of saidshaft operative
upon rotation-of said rotary component to posi
tively pump lubricant from said reservoir, to
said, raceway,v means; cooperating with said
member to restrict the flow of said lubricant,
and adjustable meansgforsupporting said meme
her and shifting the same relative to said
cooperating means to, vary the ?ow of the
‘'_n a. sewing machine a'vertical axis hook
having rotary and non-rotary components with
araceway therebetween, said rotary component,
having a; pendant hollow shaft, a reservoir for
supplyinglubricantto said raceway, a member
within the bore of said, shaft’ operative upon
rotation of said rotary component to induce the
?ow of, lubricant. from said reservoir to said
raceway, said member having 'a ‘tapered end,"
means cooperating with said tapered end and
forming‘, a'needlertvalve therewith to restrict the
?ow of said lubricant, and adjustablevmeans for
supporting said member and shifting the same
I arelative to said cooperating means tovarythe:
flow of the lubricant. ,
joperatin'g with a raceway in said’ rotaryrcom-zl V
ponent, a chamber in said frame providingela
lubricant reservoir, the bore of said shaft com-v
' municating with said reservoir,. a member with-v
in, said bore adapted to’ induce the flow ofv
lubricant from said reservoir ‘to said, raceway
upon rotation of said rotary component, "means
U cooperating with said member to limit the ?ow.v
of lubricant, and an adjustable screw plug in»
the bottom of said frame for supporting said
member in variable relation to saidcooperating
means and holding said member, against rota
11. A vertical axis hook unit which corn-l1 _,
, prises a frame, a hollow shaft journalled in said ‘
‘frame, a rotary hook component carried by said‘
shaft, a stationary hook component »cooperl—.
ating with a raceway in said rotary component,
an escapement member. cooperatingwithjsaid
stationary component, connections from said,
6.0 shaft for actuating said escapement member,ia.
chamber in said frame providing a lubricant,‘
reservoir, the bore of 'said shaft communicating."
with said reservoir,'a 'memberwithin said bore
adapted toinduce the flow of lubricant from said,
,7. In a, sewing machine a' vertical axis hook 55 reservoir'to said raceway upon. rotation of said
havingrotary and non-rotary components with
rotary component, means for shifting said ,mern-r
, Va raceway therebetween, said rotary component
ber axially within said‘ bore to regulate the ?ow,
‘ ' having a pendant hollow shaft, a reservoir for
of lubricant, and wick means within saidframe,
supplying lubricant to said raceway, a member
effective upon rotation of said rotary, component
within the bore of. said, shaft operative upon 60 to deliver lubricant from said reservoir to, said
7 rotation of said rotary component to induce‘
the flow of lubricant from said reservoir to said’
raceway, said member having a tapered end,
12. vA'vertical axis hook unit which comprises
a . frame, a' shaft ‘disposed vertically in said,
means cooperating with said tapered end and,
frame, a rotary hook component carried by said,
forming a needle valve therewith to restrict the 65 shaft, v,’ a stationary "component, having‘ bearing,
?ow of said lubricant, and an adjustable screw‘
surfaces cooperating with said rotarycomponent,
plug axially alinediwith said member and ar-l
a'i'chamber in said frame formingraflubricant
ranged to support the same. if
V a ' '
v I
reservoir, means forv ‘delivering-lubricant from‘,
. 8. A vertical axis hook unit which comprises
. said reservoir'to said bearing‘ surfaces upon rota
a frame, ahollow shaft journalled in said frame,
70 tion of said shaft, an escapement, member co
a rotary hook component carried‘bynsaid shaft,
a stationary, hook component cooperating with.
a raceway ‘in said rotary'component, acham
, ber inasvaidl frame providingv a lubricant reserQ
> voir, thebore of said shaft communicating with
operating with said stationary component, driv-J'
ing, means connected with said shaft ‘above the
level of the lubricantin said reservoir vfor'actu-v f
ating said escapement member, and‘ wick means
in said frame extendingfroni saidreservoir to a‘ '
shaft, an escapement member cooperating with
I point adjacent said driving means e?'ective upon
'rotation of said rotary component to deliver
lubricant from said reservoir to. said driving
said stationary component, means connected with
said shaft for actuating said escapement mem
her, a removable cover over said actuating means,
13. A vertical axis hook unit which. comprises :51 a wick element carried by said cover, means for
delivering lubricant from said reservoir to said
a frame, a shaft disposed vertically‘ in said frame,
wick element, and means effective upon rotation
a rotary hook component carried by said shaft,v V
of said rotary component for removing lubricant
from said'wick element and delivering it to said
a stationary component having bearing surfaces
7 cooperating with said rotarycomponent, a cham
ber in'said frame forming a lubricant reservoir,
means for delivering lubricant from said reservoir
to said bearing surfaces upon rotation of said
actuating means;
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