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July 23, 1946. V
Filed Dec. 20, 1944
Patented July 23, 1946
Hyman Kornblutt, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Application December 20, 1944, Serial No. 569,067
5' Claims. (01. 219—8)
(Granted under the act of .March 3, 1883, as
amended April 30-, 1928; 3'70 0. G. 757)
‘This invention relates to welding devices and
a guide wheel roller which engage the work at
a point remote from the point of contact of a
tool therewith and which roller and wheel are so
more particularly to a ?llet welding device and
provides an improved apparatus for controlling
positioned and angularly disposed as normally to
urge the guiding arrangement into contact with
the guide portion of the work.
Further objects and advantages will be appar
ent from the following description’ claims and
the appended drawing in which:
a welding tool or tool of similar character along
a prescribed path.
Heretofore welding devices, such for example,
as the unionmeltr welding machine have been ‘em
ployed in welding operations wherein the welding
- electrode is guided along the work in a prescribed
manner, by means of suitable guide wheels or 10
similar apparatus. These guide wheels may bear
Fig. 1 is a vertical side elevation of one em
bodiment of the present invention; and
Fig, 2 is a top elevation of the embodiment illus
trated in Fig. 1.
Referring now to the drawing in detail the
against the work and may thus support the elec
trode with relation to the work.
It has been found that in the welding of I
beams and T beams by the prior process par 15 present invention comprises a'vertically extend
ticularly in ship construction where such beams
ing support or electrode bearing arm I0 which
are welded in deck platform and bulkhead as
may be of any desired cross-sectional contour
semblies, it is di?icult to provide a uniform guide
such as the circular construction shown and is
surface or track along which the welding machine
provided at its lower part with an off-set electrode
may be guided without interruption.
engaging clamp H, including a complementary
chocks and brackets which have been welded to
clamp portion l2 pivoted to the clamp II at I3
the webs of I beams and to the legs of angles
and secured by any suitable locking arrangement
obstruct the passage of the standard guiding
such as the nut and bolt M.
equipment of the unionmelt welding machine, and
An electrode l5 shown in dot and dash lines
necessitate loss of time and interfere with a con
may be clasped by the above clamping arrange
tinuous welding bead due to the stopping, shifting
ment and the point of the electrode may be p0
and restarting of the welding machine when each
sitioned adjacent the portion to which the weld
chock or bracket is passed in the process of weld
"is to be made.
ing. Approximately six inches of welding is ordi
Two adjustable roller bearing brackets l6 and
narily skipped at each chock or bracket and must 30 I‘! may be provided as shown. Bracket I6 has a
be welded manually upon completion of the auto
roller l8 which may bear against the side of an
matic welding operation.
I beam as shown in dotted lines; and bracket I‘!
In addition to the above it has been found that
has a larger roller or guide wheel l9 which may
guide wheels located too close to the welding elec
similarly bear against the top of the I beam.
trode work unevenly because tightly adhering
Both brackets I5 and I‘! may be vertically and
splatter from the tack welds provide a rough track
rotatably adjusted about the vertical support 10
for the guide wheel.
so as to assume any angular position with respect
In the practice of the present invention it has
thereto and may be retained in their adjusted
been found that the intermittent operation above
position by means of set screws 20 and 2| re
noted with the attendant disadvantages is effec 40 spectively.
tively avoided and the welding machine may be
The enlarged roller l9 rotates in a vertical plane
kept in continuous uninterrupted operation to
and may rest upon the top of a member to be
make a uniform weld throughout the full extent
welded such as the I beam shown for guiding
of its course.
It is therefore an object of the present inven
tion to provide a means whereby a continuous
weld may be produced by an electrode which is
action thereby.
It will be apparent that during the normal op
eration of the usual type of welding machine, the
electrode l5 may be caused to pass along the
guided from a point remote from the electrode
point of junction between the I beam and the
plate to which it is being welded, or other suitable
It is a further object to provide a guide wheel 50 welding seam, and this electrode may be guided
and support arrangement for a continuous weld
along the prescribed path by means of the roller
ing apparatus which may readily be applied to
l8 and wheel l9 which bear against the side and
and removed from the welding apparatus.
top respectively of the I beam.
Still another object of the present invention
As particularly shown in Fig. 2 the wheel I 9
is to provide in combination a guide roller and 55 rotating in a vertical plane about a horizontal
the arm and the electrode supported thereby
may be urged toward the member to be welded
axis is preferably so angularly disposed with re
spect to the I beam along which it travels that
there is a continual “toe-out” e?eet which tends
to draw the supporting arm I0 and the electrode
supported thereby toward the I beam.
It will be understood that by the words use’
herein and in the claims it is intended to desig
during operation.
3. In a guide wheel arrangement for the travel-
ling electrode of a welding machine, the combi
nate the guiding member along which the guide
rollers pass and this guide track may in most
instances be a portion of the member to be
nation of an electrode supporting arm, a guide
roller rotatable in a horizontal plane mounted on
said arm for vertical sliding movement along the
arm and rotary movement around the arm, a
guide wheel rotatable in a vertical plane mounted
on said arm for vertical sliding movement along
From the foregoing description it will be ap
the arm and rotary movement around the arm
parent to those skilled in the art that various
modi?cations may be made without departing
whereby the guide wheel may be adjusted for
toed»out relationship with respect to the mem
from the spirit and scope of this invention and it 15 ber to be welded.
4. In a guide wheel arrangement for the travel~
is desired, therefore, that the same be limited
ling electrode of a polygraph welding machine
only by the scope of the prior art and the ap
the combination of a travelling electrode bearing
pended claims.
arm, a work engaging roller rotatable in a hori
The invention described herein may be manu
factured and used by or for the Government of 20 zontal plane and mounted upon said arm for
vertical and rotative adjustment thereabout, a
the United States of America for governmental
work engaging guide wheel mounted upon said
purposes without the payment of any royalties
arm for vertical and rotational adjustment there
thereon or therefor.
on said guide wheel being journalled for rotation
Having thus described the invention, what is
claimed and desired to be secured by Letters Pat 25 in a vertical plane and adapted for adjustment
with respect to said work so that the wheel pre
ent is:
sents a toed-out relationship to the work whereby
1. In a guide wheel arrangement for the travel
advancing the arm causes the guide wheel to
ling electrode of a welding machine the combina
draw the guide roller into engagement with the
tion of a vertical guide wheel arm, a guide wheel
vertically movable on said arm and mounted for 30 side of the work.
5. A guide wheel arrangement for an electrode
rotation in a vertical plane, a guide roller verti
supporting construction wherein a travelling elec—
cally movable on said arm and mounted for rota
trode is guided by means of a portion of the work
tion in a horizontal plane, and an electrode grasp
positioned remotely from the electrode compris
ing means forming a part of the vertical guide
35 ing a travelling electrode arm having a guide
wheel arm and adapted to grasp an electrode.
wheel support surface forming a part thereof, a
2. In a guide wheel arrangement for the travel
guide roller supporting bracket mounted upon the
ling electrode of a welding machine the combina
support surface of said arm and having a guide
tion of an electrode bearing arm mounted for
roller disposed for rotation in a horizontal plane,
movement along a member to be welded, a roller
for engaging the side of the member to be welded 40 a guide wheel supporting bracket mounted upon
said arm and having an enlarged guide wheel
and adjustable about said mount and having
mounted for rotation in a vertical plane thereon,
means for retaining it in adjusted position, a
whereby the guide wheel may be angularly dis
guide wheel similarly secured to said arm and
having a guide wheel for engagement with the 45 posed out of perpendicular alignment with the
portion of the work so that continued advance~
top of the member to be welded, the guide wheel
ment of the electrode urges the guide roller into
being adjustable to a toed-out relationship with
contact with the side of the portion of the work.
respect to the axis of the member being welded
and the direction of electrode movement whereby
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