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July 23, 1946. I
Filed Felb. 5,1‘ 194s ,
2 Sheets-Sheet 1 '
July 23, v1946.
Filed Feb.‘ 5, 1945
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
XEM/A/Vr li I‘fuR/ru/A/v
Patented July 23, 1946
lYerVantHJKurk‘jian, Clifton, N. J.
Application EFebruary 5, 1943, Serial No. 474E368‘
2 Claims. (01. 128-128)’
'Figure 16 is a fragmentary bottom plan view
This invention relates to a‘pessary-an-d'iia‘s for
one of its objects the production of ‘a simple and
e?icient pessary which is provided with means
for gripping the body of the wearer atrthe 'mouth
of ‘one ~iend'iof a pessary, showing a modi?ednforrn
of adetachable handle and supporting means for
the pessary;
in position within the vaginaopening.
Figure '17 is ‘a transverse sectional view taken
of the vagina'openi-ng for ‘supporting the‘pessary
on line 11-11 of Figure 16.
By referring to the-drawings it will beseen that
A further object 'of this invention is ‘the pro
I i! designates the pessarywhich comprisesaa cen
duction of a simple and efficientpessaryhaving
tral saok’portion or cup-like portion II. This
an exterior» supporting means for supporting the
pessary from an outside position relative'to the 10 cup-like ‘portion ‘ l‘l carries an annular laterally
vextending flange comprising a plurality of con
vagina opening, the supporting means'also con
centric ribs l2. These ribs I12 may be de?ned by
stituting a handle for facilitating the insertion,
marking or~bya indenting the junction of the ribs,
as well ‘as the removal, of the pessary, to "and from
an inserted position.
as indicatedpat l3 in -Figurei2, to facilitate the
. 4
cutting of one or more ribs from the body of the
pessary to reduce‘the diameter thereof. Archan
Another object of this invention-1s the ‘produc
tion of a pessary having a pluralityof detachable
portions which portions may be removed torender
ne1-l4 is'preferably formed in thepouter face of
the ?ange of'the body vill adjacent‘the cup-like
portion ll and inwardly of the inner rib~l2, as
shown in Figure‘Z. A suitable medicated jelly
the pessary adjustable asto-size.
In the drawings:
Figure 1 is atop plan view of the pessary;
Figure 2 is a transverse sectional perspective
like substance ‘I5 is placed in the channel “for
treating certain vital internal parts within the
Figure 3 is a side-elevational View;
vaginal canal. ‘Since the pessary is formed of >
flexible rubber, :the- pessary may be folded to
Figure 4 is a fragmentary perspective view illus
25 facilitate placing the pessary in positioncor for
packing in a container 1 5 of suitable construction,
Figure 5 is :a sectional view showing .cerftain
trating the supporting .means;
4 '
such asis shownin Figure 7. A suitable medical
internal parts of the human body‘ with the pessary
in position;
' substanceinay be carried in the cup-like portion
Figure 6 is an exterior view showing the ‘pessary
in position and‘the supporting means which holds 30
Figure '7 is a side elevational view of the pessary
folded and mounted within a "container;
‘ face of‘ the rim vo-f- the pessary inwardly of the
Figure 8 is a side elevational view of a modi?ed
form of pessary mounted in position;
periphery-of the pessary, as‘shown in Figures 3
and 5, to provide a protruding or overhanging
Figure 9 is a top plan view of the form of ‘pessary
shown in Figure 8;
The pessary l0 carries a supporting clamp 11
which also constitutes a iremoving means near
the front’ end thereof.’ ,This clamp I1 is prefer
ably integrally connected tothe' lower or under
edge e20 above the Supporting clamp ll. This
Figure 10 is a fragmentary perspective View of- ’ supporting clamp I1 is formed of rubber of suffi
a pessary showing a ‘detachable supporting means
cientv body and strength to'cla'mp around .the
.140 front upperend of the entrance of the vagina
11 is a transverse
‘ sectional
‘ through
the rim of the pessary and detachable'supporting
means of the type shown in "Figure 10;_ T " ‘I
~ >
Figure '12 is atop plan view of a modified ‘form
of pessary, ‘certain portions of the human-body
being shown in section;
' ‘ '
Figure 13 is a side elevational view of the form
shown in Figure 12, the pessary being shown in
adjacent and around thewpubic- bone, as shown
inF’i-gure 45. This clamp extends upwardlyand
' contracts to ‘compress the flesh and :hold the
pessary-within the vaginalcanal by’ means of an
inner andouter clamping action. The edge/‘20
of thepessaryinthe form shown in Figures llto 6
constitutes the inner portion of, the‘ clamp and
the narrow tongue 18 constitutes the outer por
a supported position;
tion of the clamp. A knob or enlarged portion
the rim, of the pessary illustrating a sealing disc‘
in position to retain medicated jelly and the like
the form shown in Figure 5, it should be noted
that the tongue l8,v the edge 20, and the inner
Figure 14 is a front elevational view of the 50 I9 is carried by the outer end of the tongue [8
to provide a ?nger-grip to facilitate the removal
pessary in an inserted position;
of the pessary Ill from the vaginal canal 2|. In
Figure 15 is a transverse sectional view through '
carried by the pessary;
65 edge 20“; provide a three-point suspension for the
pessary when in position to ?rmly hold the pessary
against accidental removal or displacement.
In Figures 8 and 9, I have "shown a modi?ed
type of pessary of anelongated elliptical form
wardly of the clips 50 and the pessary 52. The
forward edge or portion 53 will constitute one
jaw of a supporting clamp while the clamping
tongue 55 constitutes the opposing jaw of the
comprising a bead or rim 22, and a sack or cup
like portion 23. The bead 0r rim 22 is provided
with a channel v24 in its upper face for receiv~
_ It should be understood that the pessary i1“
lustrated in all of the modi?ed forms may be
ing a suitable medicated jelly-like substance 25
‘ similar to theform shown in Figure l. _ The pes
the pad in the cup-like portion of the pessary,
used for holding a menstruation pad- by placing
sary in this vform may, be flexed'tofthe position 10_"if desired, without departing’ from‘the spirit of
shown in dotted lines, if desired, to ?t the pes
"the invention. If desired, the structure illus
. sary in ' position.
A clamping handle 26 pro- .
trated may be utilized for supporting any suit
jects from the forward edge of the rim 22,‘ as
able means for internal treatment of vital parts
shown. This clampingihandle 26.comprises ‘an’ ' of the-body, within the vaginal canal, by plac
inner clamping jaw 21 which is adapted to en- 15 ing the means for treatment in the cup-like por
tion of the pessary.
gage the ?esh just'inside'the opening 28 behind
the pubic bone while the opposing jaw 29 of the _
The clamping portions of the various forms il
clamping handle 26 impresses itself into the ?esh
lustrated may be formed’ of any suitable mate
just above and upon the outside of the opening
rials such as rubber, vulcanized rubber, plastics,
28 in front of the pubic bone. This form of 20 or stainless steel, or such other material as might
clamping handle 26 constitutes a two-point sus
be found most convenient and suitable. >
~ These clamping portions constitute a substan
pension for the pessary located at the front‘ of
tially U-shaped clamp or supporting and grip
the opening and will ef?ciently support the pes
ping means for snugly engaging the body of the
sary in position whether or not the‘inner edge
30, as in Figure 8, is in a contacting or support- E"25 ‘wearer, the jaws of the clamp ?tting directly in
ing position such as vis shown in Figure 5. The
front and in the rear of the pubic bone-—see Fig
ure 5, thereby providing a substantially U-shaped
outer‘ end of thehandle 26 is provided with a
pocket between the jaws for receiving the pubic
knob 3| to facilitate handling.‘
bone and providing an e?‘lcient support for the
As shown'in' Figure 10, a detachable clamp
ing handle 26a maybe‘ provided for detachable’ii'fgo
connection with the’ rim 22% of the pessary'by
means of the clamping jaws 32.
Having described the invention, what I claim
' _
1. A pessary of the class described comprising
illustrate a modi?ed form, the pessary 33 carries
a ?exible body adapted to be ‘inserted into the
a projecting tongue 34 having a T ashaped head‘35 vaginal canal and adapted to engage the inner
35 at its outer end. This head35 is provided
-end of the canal at one point and also adapted
“with rearwardly extending rounded lips 36 at its
to engage the upper wall of the canal at‘ an op
inner edge upon opposite sides'of the tongue 34
posite point just inside theentrance of the canal,
As‘shown in Figures 12' to ‘14 inclusive, which
which are adapted to be impressed into the ?esh
anda supporting and removing‘ means‘ carried by
~ above‘ and in from 0f the’opening? to 'hold""40 the flexible body and adapted to protrude
the pessary in place. In this'iform the inner
through the entrance of the canal and engage
' edge 38 ,of the pessary 33 is adapted to be im
the body of the user exteriorly of the opening of
pressed into the ?esh ‘at the inner end of the
channe1 39 to provide a second point of' suspene
> the vaginal ‘canal, the engaging points of the ?ex
ible body and the supporting means providing a
7 sion vtor, the pessary.
“ Asfshown in Figure 15,_the rim or bead
the pessarylll may be- provided with a channel
' E2 in which is snapped a stiff‘ closure plate‘43'
to enclose the medicated jelly ISa‘carried
2; 'A pessary of the class described comprising
a ?exible body adapted to beinserted into the
vaginal'canal and adapted toengage the’ inner
the ;
rim' or head 40, and also toenc'lose a inedical~
substance which may be carried in the cup-like
portion‘ 44. This type of closure plate 43 may
be applied to any of the illustrated forms with
out departing from the spirit of the invention
merely by providing a suitable receiving chané
’ As shown in Figures 16 and 17, a' modi?ed form
Ora detachable supporting means and handle ‘is
illustrated. /Two spaced clamping rim-engaging
three-point suspension _for the pessaryto hold
the pessary againstaccidental displacement.
end of the canal at one point and alsoadapted
to engage the upper wall of the canal atan op
posite point just inside the entrance of the canal,
and a supporting and removing means carried
by the ?exible body and’ adapted to protrude
through the entrance of the canal and engage
thevbody of the user exteriorly of the opening of
v. the vaginal canal, the engaging points of ‘the
?exible body and the supporting means ‘pro
viding' a three-‘point‘s'uspension for the pessary
clips 50'engage'the rim 5| of the pes'sary 52, the’? 60
,tohold thevpessary against accidental, displace
“ment, said supporting‘ and removing means eh
5|], asshown in Figures 16 and 17, to provide a I gaging the under faceof the ?exible body at a '
supporting ?esh-engaging portion 53. ‘The clips
point inset ‘relative to theiouterv edge of the ?ex- ‘
50 are connected by a'lconnecting bridge 54_ as ‘
ible‘body in a mannerwhereby the edge of the
shown in Figure 16, located near the rear of the -' 65. ?exible body overhangsa portion of the support
clips 50 and a protruding} forwardly extending '
, rimbeing adapted to‘protrude between the clips
clamping tongue 55 projects forwardly and up
ing and removingmeans.
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