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July 23,} 1946.
Filed June 2, 1943
'2 Sheets-Sheet 1
July 23, 1-946.‘ "
. G. A. LYQN'
Filed June 2, 1943
2 Shee‘ts—Sheet 2
' /47
62-0905 x74 55.97‘ Lra’v.
‘ '
ing?/wzmw we.
Patented July 23, 1946
George Albert Lyon, Allenhurst, N. J.
Application June 2, 1943, Serial No. 489,309 Q
6 Claims.
(Cl. 301—37)
This invention relates to a wheel structure and
is directed more particularly to an improved cover
my invention;
assembly therefor.
; of a wheel structure showing the form of my in
is to provide for a wheel structure a cover as
vention disclosed in Figure 1;
sembly including improved retaining means for
of a wheel structure embodying still another form
vide for a cover assembly on a wheel structure;
ized as “easy-on, hard-o?”jin that the cover may
ture and, when once applied, can be removed
therefrom only'by the application of forces con
siderably greater than those previously used to 15
‘ ‘
to render the rear side thereof accessible,» this
cover assembly being secured to the Wheel struc
Figure 6 is a fragmentary cross-sectional view
showing a wheel structure embodying another
form of my invention; and
, '
Figure 7 is a fragmentary cross-sectional view
of the construction shown in Figure 6 but show- ‘7
ing the manner in which a pry-off tool may be
applied to the cover for effecting removal thereof
Still another object of the invention is to pro~
sesses locally resiliently, temporarily ?exible
characteristics enabling it to be ?exed locally out
wardly away from the associated wheel structure
my invention;
Figures 4 and 5 are fragmentary cross-sectional
views of a wheel structure embodying stillfurther.
modi?ed forms of myinvention;
be quickly and easily applied to the Wheelstruc
yide for a wheel structure a cover assembly in
cluding an outer part constructed from sheet syn
thetic plastic stock or the like, whereby it pos
. ,
Figure 3 is a fragmentary cross-sectional view
securing the same to the wheel.
Still another object of the invention is to pro
attach the same.
Figure 2 is a fragmentary cross-sectional view
One of the important objects of the invention
improved retaining means of the type character
wheel structure embodying .a preferred form of
from the wheel structure.
It will be understood that the embodiments dis~~
closed herein are for‘ illustrative purposes .and
may be changed or. modi?ed without departing
from the spirit and scope of - the invention as set
forth in the appended claims.
Referring to Figure 1, the wheel structure
ture by improved means at the outer periphery
shown herein‘includes a tire rim ll) having a base
thereof, said means being so arranged that the
?ange H to which is secured a central spider or
outer peripheral portion of the ?exible. cover ‘is
bearing portion l2las by riveting or welding
protected from vbreakage impressed by the pry-off . load
a peripheral ?ange IZq thereof to the base ?ange
or removal forces necessarily applied to obtain 30 ll of the tire rim.
- "
detachment of the cover from the wheel.
As will be seen fromFigure 2, the ?ange [2a,
Still a further object of the invention ist'o ' at certain parts thereof,is depressed radially in->
provide improved means for detachably securing
wardly of the wheel structure to afford circum-.
the outer peripheral part of a locally, temporarily
ferentially spaced apertures along the junction of
?exible cover member to a wheel structure.
In accordance With the’ general features of the
invention, there is provided herein, for a wheel
structure, ‘a cover assembly arranged for dispo
the tire rim with the central load bearing portion
I2. The tire rim is further provided with oppo
site side ?anges l4, opposite intermediate ?anges
I5 and opposite edge portions l 6 between which is
sition over the outer side thereof, said cover as-, > disposed a pneumatic tire I‘! having an inner tube
sembly including a self-sustaining, form retain 40 [8 provided with a valve stem I9 which projects
ing radially outer marginal portion formed to be
through a suitable registering aperture‘ in the
locally, temporarily ?exed away from the wheel
outer side wall ?ange I4 of the tire rim.
to render the rear side thereof accessible and
The cover assembly shown in the construction
having a cross-sectional con?guration of such
of Figure 2 includes an outer annular cover part
shape and magnitude that it constitutes, in ef 45 20 and a central hub cap simulating circular cover '
fect, a continuation of the side wall of a tirev
part 2|. The central circular cover part'is pro-,
mounted on the wheel structure to give. the effectv
of being a part thereof and to give the appear
ance of being a white side Wall of a massive tire
mounted upon a wheel structure of minimum di
mensions, when colored white.
Other objects and advantages of the invention‘
will become apparent from the following descrip
tion and accompanying drawings ‘in which:
Figure 1 is a fragmentary side elevation of a
vided with a crown portion 22 and an axially in
wardly extending snap-on ?ange 23 terminating
' in a snap-on head 24; the latter being arranged
to be forced resiliently inwardly at portions there
of which override substantially radially inwardly
extending humps 25 formed on the outer surface
of the central load bearing portion l2 when‘ the
hub cap simulating member 2| is urged ‘axially,
inwardly of the wheel structure until the extreme
members 29 may be accomplished with ease and
facility; however, Withdrawal of the cover member
and the members 29 from the wheel structure re—
quires a considerably greater force since the outer
surfaces of the terminal portions 3| are, in effect,
drawn against the radially inner surface of the
radially outer portion 26 of the hub cap member
comes to rest against the adjacent portion of the
outer surface of the spider l2. When the hub
cap portion is forced into the above position it
will be seen that the snap-on bead 24 has sprung
resiliently outwardly to come to rest upon an
edge portion l6 during the withdrawal movement
obliquely disposed, substantially radially inwardly,
' and are detached from the edge portion by axial
axially outwardly extending rear face of the
outward movement of the cover only after suffi
humps 25, whereby a secure detachable engage
ment is obtained.
j '
cient iorce has been applied tolrpsiliently spring
the‘entire looped por?io s‘i3il" radiallyinwardly
‘ The outer ifinular cover part ‘2,0 is preferably
to so‘posi'tion the terminal’ portions 3| that they
provided "\with "a 'éro'ssrsectional configuration‘ of
may be slidingly disengaged from theedge por
such size and magnitude that it extends radially .
outwardly to the edge portion l6 of the tire
"tion l6.
and, if desired, therebeyond and radially inwardly
with a gradual curvature similar to that of ‘the
ably formed irom a material which is relatively
'weakennan metal or the like, and accordingly
‘side wall of the tire I‘! to a point ‘preferably
radially inwardly cf the radially-innermost evx
tremity of the tire rim l0, thereby to constitute,
in effect, a continuation of the side walll‘of'the
tire and to give the appearance of being a part
indicated previously, the cover 213 is prefer
it is highly desirable that the radially outer
peripheral margin of the cover member be pro
técted’ against damage by a pry-off tool, this pro
tection being a?orded herein by the novel con
struction‘ shown” which includes a'" “shami‘poft'l‘on
thereof" and-to‘ 'appear 'a's‘a‘ white-sidewall of’ a'
massive tire mounted upon a wheel structure_ of
minimum "dimension; when colored whiterw‘ ‘
3?. on eacn'offthe‘ re‘silient"rétaining' members‘bs‘,
these shank portions serving "to'i'r'ein or‘celthe
peripheralmar'gimoi*the'cover ‘memberfpairticuf ,
2.5 larly‘in"the‘
vicin'ity'of the‘ remainder ef'tne clips,
at Whicli'poin't' the" pry-‘oil "pressure is" applied
‘are-"ordinarily appended"to~'the'"tire"rim'andlin
either manually or 'by"‘a'to‘ol. " ‘
view" of 'the‘ 'fact" that'rthercover ‘member’zl ,' as
From ‘the foregoing 'it:'_wil1 be seen that there
above described, substantially entirely‘conceals
‘ ~In-vie'w of‘thie’f'ébtf that in certain‘vehicle con
structions wheel" balancing‘wei'ghts,"aind‘the 'tlike,
the ' outer “side 'of"'the'“tire" rim,“ some ’* expedient at
must'be’provided for" rendering the'rearisid'epf "
the rim accessible.'“Furthermore; whilei‘the‘v'alve
of ‘an‘ “easy-on“ operation" and ‘may be‘v removed
therefrom‘ ‘only
a i "fhardioff” "operation, ‘and
stein l'9 "shown 'hereirr'i's' of ’a“l'ength" 'suf?‘cient‘to
extend‘ through “th'e"aperture'20a‘in'the cover‘par‘t
‘20, certain constructions “areiitilize'd‘whereinthe
is protected
the’c‘ovW‘ m"
iva'lve ? stem" is entirely" ‘concealed "by the “cover
part "and,"'“under ‘saidpircunistancesf it is" likewise
‘necessary that*the'rear‘side‘of"the cover "be ac'-‘
'In the cover construction‘shown in'Figure ,3,
the radially ' inner"'portioii"‘3_3 ""of the"co'ver“ {ill is
merely” c'urved " to converge “'With'the "curvature
cessible forservicingofthesé parts hdusedfthere
is "provided. herein
“impi‘biiéd eever"assemb1y
and‘ improved"retaining" means therefor 'whereby
th'e'cove'r may be’applied‘tothe wheersy means
To ‘this end tn'e’icove‘r ‘*m-einber‘zmis
of the-adjacent pernener the esp-reefer body‘p rt
j synthetic“ plastic
' ‘sheet 'rrbmraematenai
stock 'or'fthe'" line,‘such‘
l2of'tlrie wheel’striicture.“
1In ‘this construction the retaining means for
securing the ‘cover‘to "the‘iwheel ‘structure ‘includes
‘ locally‘ ‘resilient, elastically- "flexible? selfLSustai'n?
i‘ng ‘characteristics;whereby‘ the "cover may-“be
r‘es'ilie'rl,t ?nger mefhlo' 3'5 which'comi
, temporarily, locally ‘distorted ‘tiff'rer'i‘dei' Ithe ire'ar 45 integral,
prise'iproj'ectioh's errext‘
5 rom" a" turned
I side-‘thereof access‘ible by draw g"_a part"thereof
back portion‘ 336 ‘ formed‘ at ' the "radially: "outer
‘ awaymrem’the ~wnee1‘ structur
periphéral'mfaréin ‘ofthe‘cotrer 3'41‘
> "‘iThé’c'o'ver member 20 is preferably provided
' the‘ i?n‘e'i'peripheralmargin‘ ther ' 'il'witn 'a'i‘rvoued
‘ " “Q
“me-members‘ 35; like‘ ‘those’ shown’ at 2} in '
Figure 2‘, are looped ‘as at “3T"and“’are provided
perjne‘n“ riw'ardly
1c“ rledyparv't
ntl‘yv?t of
Y ‘portion
forming _aperiphery
circular ther
, back’as‘ ‘at'rztllt‘o ‘enccmpasspne end or apluranty
' '
, 9ficirciimferentially“spaced *résili‘enttciips ~29‘i‘1’ay;
i mgf
p-"pertic'nsj'so terminatingtnjobliquelynisg
I posed, substantiallyriad llymwardly; axially outl
struction'rf'oj" Figure 2," "and
extending ‘terminal pertrens'si‘. “Ag will
‘ '
9 prev
inteririedi'a't'éloopi ‘parts
securestq-tne wheel ‘structure, "they e'?'icie _
retain the‘ cover 34 "thereon "in ‘the’; desired ‘ in ,n
ner'. “ Furthermore) Since they retaining the ‘
ay‘be sprung into ‘en;
? minerpertie?s ajfwn
@116 féWlQd fITQm ‘thel'f'salme ‘material asvis the,
gage‘menmenmd' the radially?n ardryr'a'xmy '
, outwardly extenqm‘g'f peripheral 'rnargin of‘the l
, edge portiori’lFb‘f the tireri?i‘l'll'.
gtt'aeningthe cover member 2!] to the wheel
enactment will‘b'e seen that v‘axial inward move
Cmerw thereof wil1"'cau"se
looped pertiens 10f
the ‘ine'mbér's'ZS "to ‘engage’ against the edge per;
1 non'feenu ‘15g; be‘urged"radially'i?wardly relative
carer 39;’th1ey ?f5l<?ij§ut1y secure ‘fhé b?vejr t6 the
wheel structure‘ and‘yetmay be detached there!
from with the anaemia dereémnal
outward force applied ‘ tof the‘ radially ‘outer part
Qrthe wver‘which is insufficient: widen-age trier
portion 'Qf'the "covenwhic'hds‘" manipulated" o
" Thefconstruction‘of
thereoi ‘from‘the
Figurev "includes
wheel? a cover
Figure 3
ovéd ‘su?i’éiently far axially "inwardly to 70
except”for“th'e= outerfpe ‘eral in'ar‘gin' thereof
pin itr‘tli'em
against as'sho'wn
the radially
in - which, in this construction, is" formed'td' crevice‘
a iubstahtially axially‘ ‘inwardly extending‘ "?ange
Fig re
axial'dir'ifward"movement or the
4'0.‘ In’this" form ‘of my ‘invention: the“ cross‘;
I until’ the" ‘:termin'al‘portio'ns " 3 l4 thereof
"745.. sectional uryature ‘or ‘the
efl'memiber 'aqfis
such: that when the radially outer part thereof
spaced,‘ axially inwardly extending arms 54 which
are arranged for alignment with the’ depressed
portions 'of the flange lZa and thus with the cir
cumferentially spaced apertures at the junction
ofwbeing provided’ with an ori?ce 39a arranged
to receive the outer,~protruding end of the tire
providedv with a plurality of circumferentially
wheel structure as shown at 4|, the body there
the bead 5|. The retaining member 52'is further
extremity of the edge portion iii of the tire rim
vHI, the radially inner portion thereof is retained
in pressure engagement against the outer sur
face of the central load bearing portion l 2 of the
valve stem l9.
outwardly openinggrooved part-'53 for receiving
is urged into alignment with the axially outer
In order that the outer peripheral portion of
of the ‘tire rim [9 and the central load bearing
portion 12 of the wheel structure. The arms 54
terminate in resilient loops 55 which‘are con
,?gurated to‘ give an overall dimension greater ,
the cover 39 may be retained in the aforemen
tioned position and to further augment the orna
than that of the depth of the respective aperture
in the wheel structure. Thus, when the retain
mental effect of the cover assembly there is
provided herein a split ring member v42, the ends 15 ing member 52 is urged axially inwardly of the
wheel structure with the arms 54 and the loops
of which meet as at 43, this split ring serving
55 in alignment with the spaced apertures of the
as a retaining member for the cover and being
wheel. the loops 55 are compressed until they
readily attachable to and removable from the‘
attain a position shown in Figure 5, whereupon
wheel structure in a manner to be presently
they expand to lock the retaining member 52 on‘.
the wheel structure. It will be understood that
The‘ retaining member 42 is provided with a
the ,cover member 41 may be ?rst assembled with
the retaining member 52 or the'cover may be elas
cross-sectional con?guration including a rear
?ange 44 which may be disposed in abutting re
lationship with the portion of the outer side wall
tically snapped into the radially outwardly
grooved, annular portion 53 after the member 52
has been assembled in the position shown in
of the tire I‘! immediately radially outwardly of
the junction thereof with the edge portion I6
of ‘the tire rim Ill.
Figure 5. Thereafter the outer peripheral portion
The member 42 is further
of the cover 4'l_ may be pressed against the wheel
provided with a’ radially inwardly extending por
tion 45 terminating in a beaded reinforcing part
46, thelatter part extending radially inwardly
beyond the edge portion IE to engage the outer
surface‘ of the radially outer margin of the cover
member 39 to ‘retain’ the same in the position
structure whereupon the ?ngers 49, and particu-v
larly the ends thereof, will be radially inwardly
de?ected and then will expand ‘radially outwardly
to attain the interlocking position shown.
In the form of my‘ invention shown in Figures
6 and 7, the resilient, circumferentially spaced
shown in Figure 4. The retaining member 42
may be formed from any suitable material but 35“ members 56 are similar to those shown in the con
struction of Figure 2. However, in this instance,
preferably this member is constructed from sheet
the retaining means at the radially inner periph
metal and may be ?nished with a high luster
or enameled to give ‘the desired color effect.
ery of the locally ?exible cover member 51, while
- In the construction shown in Figure 5, the cover
a plurality of circumferentially spaced, axially
similar to that shown at '52, in Figure 5, differs
In assembling the construction of Figure 4,. it
will be seen that it is merely necessary to dis 40 therefrom principally in that it is constructed to
facilitate removal of ‘the assembly from the wheel
pose the‘ cover ‘39 in concentric relationship over
the outer side of the wheel and then to progres
As shown in Figures 6 and 7, the'retaining .
sively engage the annular retaining member 42
means 58 provided‘ at the radially inner periphery
around the tire rim in the position shown'in
Figure 4, whereby it urges theaouter peripheral 45 of the cover member 51, includes an annular por:
tion 59 ‘which terminates in a radially outwardly
part of the cover 39 axially inwardly into the
extending peak 69.
position shown to retain the same securely on
The retaining means 58 is further provided with
the wheel structure.
4'! is similar to that shown in the construction of 50 inwardly extending arms 6| > which terminate in
?nger elements 49, these elements terminating in
resilient loops 62, the latter having an overall
dimension greaterthan the depth of the spaced
apertures in the wheel structure and being ar
ranged for alignment therewith so that axial .in-"
substantially radially inwardly, axially outwardly
55 ward movement of the cover assembly causes
Figure 2; however, in this instance, the retaining
means associated with the outer peripheral part
thereof, is in the form of an annulus 48 having
extending obliquely disposed terminal portions “50
which function in a manner similar to the por
tions ill of the construction shown. in Figure 2.
compression of the loops 62 as they pass through
the respective apertures, whereupon they expand
to interlock the cover assembly with the wheel
structure when the extreme inward axial posi
that the retaining member, being provided with 60 tion, such as that shown in Figure 6, is attained.
In the construction of Figure 5, it will be seen
a continuous annular portion, serves to greatly
strengthen the cover member and ?exure of a
portion of the outer peripheral margin of the lat
ter results in a greater circumferential expanse
thereof being removedaway from the wheel in
order to render the rear side of the cover accessi
ble. In this construction, in order that the cover
will not be entirely removed from the wheel struc
ture when a portion of the outer peripheral part
thereof is drawn axially outwardly from the
' wheel, there is provided at the inner peripheral
As will be seen from the drawings, the cover mem
ber 51 may be provided at the radially inner mar- .
gin thereof with a substantially radially inwardly
turned ?ange 53 which terminates in an oppo
sitely extending ?ange 54, the radially inner pe
‘ ripheral part of the annular portion 59 of the re-'
taining member 58 being disposed in sandwiched‘
relationship between the'?anges 63 and B4 ‘to
afford attached engagement of the retaining
member and the cover 51.
As shown in Figure 7, after the members 56v
have been disengaged from the wheel structure,‘
part thereof a bead 5| which is pivotally engaged
the cover 51 may be drawn axially outwardly away /
in an annular retaining element 52, the annular
from the edgerportion IE to permit entry of a
portion of which is provided with an outwardly
curled cross-sectional con?guration to provide an 75 pry-01f tool T, the point of which may be inserted‘
axially inwardly of the peak 60 of the retaining
member as with
radially inwardly at the
iil’ieiineglieie part thereof
, v
inlcrumed at the corner junction formed be
i. .
emarginrast thetirerim
extremity and retaining loop structure tinned
generally axially inwardly from said connecting
structure and upon itself for retaining engage
ment within said extremity ?ange of the tire rim:
tween the edge Portion 1-5 and the intermediate
?ange I.5 at the tire rim all), It will'be seenthet
teul is in this position, upward move
ment of the cuter part thereof will cause radial
inward movement of the point thereof and this
.4.-,'I:r1 a wheel structure including ‘a tire rim
having an axially outwardly and radialiy .in
movement will urge the peak 69, together with
the 1099s 62, radially outwardly from the wheel
to disengage the cover assembly therefrom.
Frqm the foregoing it ‘Will be seen that I have
‘provided herein? novel cover construction in
Ward-1y turned extremity ?ange andaicentralload ‘
bearing portion, an annular cover structure
dimensioned to extendnircm overlying relation to
the extremity flange of the tire rim adjacent. to
the tire supported by the rim. and in concealing
cluding impreved retaining means whereby the
993161" may be attached torrda wheel structure hav
relation to the tire rim toward the load bearing
the attachment operation :
portion of the-wheel, and resilient spring clip
ing it flanged
tire withereat facility- Further
means» carried ‘by the outer margin of the cover
more, it will be seen that ;I have provided a re?
taining structure whereby the cover is very .se_
,curely'retained upon the wheel structure and may
axially inner side ‘of the margin past the tire, rim
extremity and retaining loop structure turned
and including connecting structure united to said
margin and extending- radiallywinwardly at the
be‘removed therefrom only by the ‘application so generally axially inwardly from said?connecting
of considerably greater forces than those re-,
structure and upon itself for retaining .engagea
quired to, accomplish the assembling operation,
ment within said extremity‘flangev of the tire rim,
the retaining construction being $110.11 that the
said cover being formed from a material having
portions of ithe'cover'member against which de
the physical property of ‘being self-sustaining and
tachment forces are applied, in the event that
the coveris constructed from a resilient, rela
yet being resiliently de?ectable without permaa
nent deformation and said retaining means, being
‘operable-to hold the cover on the wheel uniformly
destruction by the application of these forces.
about the entire circumference ‘of; the cover but
'WlnatI claim is;
permitting resilient de?ection of the cover within‘
1;,Ina wheel structure including a tire rim 30 certain limits.
and a central load bearing portion, a cover as
5. ,In a wheel structure including a, tire rim
sembly including a radially outer annular, locally
having an axially outwardlyl and radially‘ in
resiliently ?exible, self - sustaining, relatively
wardly turned extremity ?ange and a central load
frangible part for disposition‘over the outer side
bearing" portion, an annular‘ cover’ structure
of an annular portion of the wheel structure, re-,
dimensionedto extend‘ from overlying relation to,
tively weal; materiaLare well protected against
taining; means for securing the cover to the wheel
structure including‘ a plurality of circumferen
the extremity flange‘ of the tire rim adjacent to
the tire supported by the rim and in concealing
, tially spaced resilient clip members arranged to
relation to the tire rim toward the load bearing
- ?ex with relative ease to aiford attachment of 40 portion of‘ the wheel, and resilient spring clip
the cover to the Wheel structure and to resist
means carried by the outer margin of the cover
with greater force removal of the cover member,
and including connecting structure united to said
from the Wheel structure by axial outward move
margin and extending, radially inwardly at, the
ment of the cover, said clipsbeing joined together
axially inner side of the margin past the tirecrimv
as an integral unit by an integral annulus ar
extremity and retainingrloop structure turned
ranged to be enveloped at least in part by the
generally axially inwardly from said connecting
radially outer marginal portion of the cover and
structure and upon itself for retaining engage-s
to reenforce that portion of the cover against
ment within said extremity ?ange of thetire rim,
' breakage by receiving a pry-01f tool during a‘pry
the connecting structure of the clip means being
oif operation.
so in the. form of shanks‘ lying contiguous to the
2-. In a wheel structure including a tire rim
and a central load-bearing portion, said tire rim
having a flanged edge portion, a cover assembly
including a radially outer annular part arranged
inner face of‘ the cover margin and the cover havev
ing' a securing flange turned back upon itself and
engaging said shanks.
.6. In a wheel structure including a tire rim
to extend radially outwardly to the edge portion ’ ' having an axially outwardly and radially in-v
of the tire rim and retaining means for securing
the cover to the wheel structure including a split
wardly turned extremity ?ange and a central load
bearing portion, an annular cover structure
retaining ring having a part arranged to overlie
dimensioned to extend from overlying relation to
the radially outer surface of the edge portion of
the extremity flange of the tire rim adjacent to
the tire rim and a part bent back upon the ?rst
the tire supported by the rim and in concealing
named part and extending radially inwardly of 60 relation to the tire rim toward the load bearing
the edge portion of- the tire rim to overlap the
portion of the wheel, and resilient spring clip
outer margin of the‘ cover to engage the same to
detachably secure the cover to the wheel.
,3. In a wheel structure including a tire rim
means carried by the outer-margin of the cover
and including connecting structure united to said‘
margin and extending radially inwardly at the
having an axially outwardly and radially in 65 axially inner side of the margin past the tire; rim
wardly turned extremity?ange and a central load
extremity and retaining loop structure turned
bearing portion, an annular cover structure
generally axially inwardly from said connecting
dimensioned to extend from’ overlying relation to
structure and upon itself for retaining engage
the extremity ?ange of the tire rim adjacent to
ment within said extremity flange of the tire rim,
the tire supported by the rim and in concealing
said connecting structure of the clip means being
relation to the tire rim toward the load bearing
formed as an integral turned back portion of the
portion of the 'wheel, and resilient spring clip
means carried by the outer margin of the cover
and including connecting structure united to said
cover margin.
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