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_ July 23,. 1946.
Fill-Led NOV. 29, 1943 I
Patented July 23, 1946
Peter J. Christman, Green Bay, Wis.
Application November 29, 1943, SerialVNo. 512,146
9 Claims. (01. 71-3)
This invention relates to improvements in fac
spindle or boring bar axially ofv the sleeve, re
ing and boring devices. >7
gardless of sleeve rotation, the boring bar has
It is the primary object of the‘invention to pro
vide a boring head attachment for 'a'boring and
a'reduced extremity at H on which a quill I2 is
journaled so that the rack teeth '13 of the vquill
may remain in mesh with the rack feed pinion
milling machine comprising improvedmeans for
feeding a tool radially independently of its rota
I4, v'nc'jt‘vvithstanding rotation of the spindleor
tion at any desired ‘speed or direction.
In the past, facing attachmentsi'for machine
tools have generally been operated intermittent
a The rack'fe'ed, pinion i4 is mounted on a shaft
I5 which is conventionally driven by power at a
ly by means of engagement of rotatable and Sta; 10 variety '- of speeds, but may also be driven by
tionary feed parts once in each'rotation of -the
hand if desired.‘ In an exempli?cation of a con
head for ‘the radial advance'o'f the tool. Such
ventional boring‘ bar machine tool, the shaft [5
devices have not been reversible in operation nor
may be operated'in'either direction at eight dif
controllable as to the rate of tool- feedv in the
ferent feed speeds by a motor driven crank‘ speed
radial direction. It is an important object of 15 mechanism (notshown).
the present invention to provide‘ a construction
I At its forward 'end,_ the spindle or boring bar
in which the tool feed can be continuous rather
9 has a taper socket I6.
. r
than‘ intermittent, can be controlled as to'speed;
The parts adjacent the spindle sleeve faceplate
and can be controlled as to direction during the
are illustrated on alarger scale in Fig. 1 and
continuous rotation- of the head. i
' Other objects of the invention will appear more '
2.0 Fig. 2_._, Forthe purposes of the present invention,
amounting plate I9; is screwed to the face plate.
particularly from‘ the following - disclosure there
as a ‘means of supporting the facing head 20.
For convenience ofomanufacture, the head
.In the drawing:
preferably made up in two ‘separate: parts 201a,
Fig. 1 is a view of my improved attachment in 25 and 20b which together provide a guideway 2| '
section,»the adjacent ‘parts of l'the boring and
milling machine being also illustrated fragmen
tarily in
forhthe cross slide 22 having 5 T-slot' at 23in
which thee-head 24 of the tool carrier 25 is'ad
justablyl fixed {by nut, 26,' The tool 21 may be
mounted in the carrier in any desired manner;
‘a ‘Fig. 2 illustrates-my improved head and con
tiguous portions of the boring and "milling ima
As shown in;Fig.m1, the'cemponent parts 20a
and'2llb ofthe head 20‘ have registering bores
chine ‘in section-in a plane at- right angles to the
plane in which the parts areillustrated in Fig, 1.
Fig. 3 is'an lend elevationof the attachment.
....Fig. .4 is a. view taken insection- throughla'
lined with bushings to provide bearings for a
cross shaft 28 integrally'formed to provide a pin
.p'ortion of. the milling . machine. fragmentarily 35
illustrating .conventional parts thereof on.,a re
, Like parts are identi?ed by the same reference
characters‘ throughout the several. views.
ion 25} andtowhich pinions?qv and 3| are‘keyed.
vMeshing with the pinion '29 isfa rack 33 mount
ed. on a rodwh'icheeigtendsrthrough the mount-_
ing disk [9 and is‘ provided with a tapered end
at “to L?tthe taper l6 of the boring bar or spin
7 The attachment comprising the present inven
tion ispeculiarly' adapted foruse on boring and
millingmachines having axially movable boring
bars.particularlywhere such bars are arranged
Any movement of the spindle inwardly or '
40 outwardly with respectto the spindle sleeveiwill
reciprocate the rack 33 and thereby impart rota
' tive‘motion to the pinion 29.
Thepinions 30 and’ 3| have twice the radius of
for horizontal movement. Referring ?rst to Fig.
pinion 29 and mesh with rack teeth 35 formed at
4,- the conventional column of such a, machine is .45 the rear of the slide 22 as best shownin Fig. 2.
illustrated at 5. ' Botatablymounted in the col
umn-is a spindle sleeve 6 ofgwhich the last gear
in the ‘conventional drivingutrain is indicated
at 1.
e spindle sleeve has a face plate at _8 to 50
which the facing head of this invention is, at
tached‘as will hereinafter be described.
~ '
‘ .A'xiallyv reciprocable through the spindle sleeve
is 'a'splndle or‘fboring bar 9 splined at I0 to the
sleeve for rotation therewith. For advancing the
Thus. thein and outreciprocative motion of the
spindleor boring bar is communicated through
rotation ofjthe. cross shaft 28vto cause radial re- _
ciprocation ofthe slide 22 and the tool carrier
and toolmounted adjustablythereon. _
It will be apparent to those skilled in the art
thattheradial reciprocation of the tool may be
effected entirely'independently of the rotation of v '
the "spindlesleeve and head. The appropriate
‘rate'o‘f irritation or the drive shaft” I5 which actu
shaft spanning the chamber and journaled in the
respective parts of said head, a set of three pin
ates the quill and the boring bar or, spindle will
eciprocate the tool in a radial direction whether
the head is stationary or in rotation, Moreover,’
ions mounted on the cross shaft within said 7
chamber, a part reciprocable axially of said head j'
trolled and will at all times, in the speci?c struc ‘Ill and including a rack meshing with the interme
turedisclosed, be double the. rate'at which the , diate pinion, said ‘part being adapted for connec
tion with a boring bar reciprocable in the spindle
boring bar, or spindle is advanced or retracted.
sleeve of a machine tool to which said head is at
Any other desired ratio may be had by simply
t'achablfe, i‘ne'a'nsgin the arespectivexpart's of said
varying the relative‘sivzes of the pinions ‘on cross
‘head providing “a iguidewa'y disposed “transversely
f -_
While the details of construction are broadly
of the axis of head rotation, a slide reciprocably
immaterial, it will vbe. noted that the component
mounted in the guideway and provided with teeth
parts 29a and 2% of the head 2!] are connected
exposed in the chamber of said head, the rack
together in practice by the'cross boltst‘l (Fig. 2) r
teeth o'ftthé' ‘slide meshing with the pinions at
and the head is connected to the‘moun-ting plate 15 either-‘side ofl‘said intermediate pinion to receive
transverse reciprocation upon the axial recipro- ‘
screws 38 in(Fig.
1 and Fig. 3).
cation of said part.“ "
attachment with the machine tool, the boringbar
. T14. ;A tool carrying head applicable to a machine
and its driving connections perform'an entirely
'tool'of the type having a rotatably mounted
"new function in that'it vln‘ow becomeslan operator 20 spindleesleevexwithga ":térmi-n'ali faceyiand a b‘or
the rate of tool movement can be accurately con
for moiiiii'gthetool ‘laterally, wherebyftliamae
ingbar reciprocable axially=.o'fithegsl'eeve i-nzbeare
. chine‘toollbecomésiadapte'dfor the’performanc‘e‘of,
' ing;_;contactjtherewith and J-provided --with driving
a facing 'rathe‘r'tfhan‘a ‘boring'opferati'on'; " 1
.7 bonnection’spbehill'dsaid; sleeve :for actuating the
flliAn' ‘attachment: of‘ the ‘character fdescribed
bar .1. axially ‘irrespective of I sleeve rotation ;-, {said
tool ‘carrying -head_j'compr_isinig :a body . member
provided withrmeans, , r-inounting, .it on ;the face I
inié‘jtwo ‘parts in vconnection 'With-ea‘chotherand
at theend of the sleeve-apart reciprocable ax»
.ially ‘.Of' :the {head and projecting therefrom ‘and
ce-mprisingv the combination ‘with ‘a centrally
apertured mounting member, of ‘a head comprise
' , ‘said mountingi‘member, 's'aid‘parts havingiregise
ing’cavitiesproviding ‘aninterior'chamb'enfa
provided ~with-means_-for_ connecting it ;to said
‘boring bar to-receive axialmovementtherefrom,
s'is'fshaft mounted in ‘the head aiid spanning
a transversely. movable islide rearried I by the head
said~chamberja“pliiralityj of ‘pinion's-o'n 'the'c'ross' -‘ , 'andeprovided'with'rack teeth, the head havinga
‘s‘ha‘jt icor'in’ected “for rotation, ~means providing ' a
; .guideWa-y
which saidslide is transversely ire,
'giii‘de‘way"transverselymf- saidheadya’s'lide pro- 7 ciprocable, a, ‘tool; provided with means j'efor
yidedwith a tool holder ‘moti'nte
way 5for ‘transverse reciprocat
'nps'aid'guid'e- '
mounting ‘it upon thegslidaapinion meansrngeshr
fan‘dlhatvingl ‘rack
~ine withxtzhe rack eteethznf the (slide, and- a rack
teeth exposed within the ‘chamber ‘of said head
' arid-meshing witlrio'ne of? said pinion
n‘d apart ; '
ocrable ftransvers'elyiwithr resp'ec oithe'path'
ov'e’me‘ntpf‘said slide ~-='and including arack
connected gwithnsaidpart and meshingavithésaid
‘pinion "means; whereby axial movement 1: said
part in both directionszo boi‘inezharzteein
'ri 'Jsaid chamber-meshing "with ianotherliof .
H _.
feet transverse jmovement of , aid ‘slide [irrespec
tive of rotation of the spindle'sleeve and said body
s r
nions,saidllas'_t3part including reciprocable
' operating-means exposed‘to ‘-receivel'~'r'eciprocative
mctienrqthmugh {the
. ;5- ‘ALWQIfhWédJ attachment ifdrzarmachinettpol
of ‘the-type having a~rotatably mountedspind-le
'chm‘erit ffo'f lithe“ character 'fdescribed sleeve .provided with a terminal lirace, andsaabor
"comprising he‘ combination'with-dafceritrally . ing bar reciprocable in the sleeveinjbearingecon
applicable'tq arcentrallyj‘a'per
tact therewith and provided behindtthe sleeve
ée've" of ‘a' machine :tool‘ to hero
driving Pconnections @for ‘actuating it :axially
V ‘tated thereby, saidihe' ad‘haVinga-minterior ‘cham '50 vindependently of the rotation io'ftt'heésleeve, "Said
‘ber aha-ha'ransverse jguideway; ofa ‘slide re‘c‘i-p- '
boring wbar being ‘provided within.’the radius :‘of
said sleeve, with attaching'gmeans; :saidl'toolrhe‘ad
mane ‘intsaid giiidew'ay "transversely “ofitheea'xis
otation’of said 3head with said‘ spindle- sleeve,
attachment:‘comprising:a'ibody'fmember provided
slide having 'rackteeth exposed within ‘said
chamber ‘at Ltrans'versely'‘spaced tpo-intsetherein, a
'ciie'ss v11'111'Jf1'i7 spanning Isai‘d-cha-mb’e'r’arid provided
irs'tlan'd fsecond-‘pinions'meshing with the a
"spaced 1 ra‘ok'éteeth efsaid slide, ‘an’ intermediate
'ipinion'i-oncs'aid *cross shaft *conn‘ect‘edjior rotation
with‘the-pinions-lirst mentioned, and an ‘actuat
transversely ='mov'able' vs'li'd'e ireciproc‘able' ind-‘the
jguidew'ay, a’ toolicarri‘er; p'roj ecti'ngli ' ' misai‘d slide
fan‘d exposed-at the‘en’d 'ofpltheibodiy portion,¥rack ,7 7
means within ‘the body portion connected yvith'the
slide-for itran'sv "rse reciprocationitheréwi'
= i
'Agmachine toolattachment comprising :a
?bnfinieahs joaniaied methanol-yearned
, ,
'cl‘ufding i‘piihi‘on'v teeth j‘mé‘shing 1 with "the
‘means of said ‘slidef-‘a'nd ‘alpa‘rt Laxi'al'ly lre'cip
roc‘able in the "body portion ‘and "provided ‘with
mounting 'i'plate applicable ito the spindle ‘sleeve
' off-a- iriachihe tool ‘for rotation ‘therewith’ and-hav
ing a {central aperture, a head icomprisi‘ng ‘two
parts joined upona planelparallélinget’he'pro
"tito the face to ‘said
sleeve "substantially co‘axia’lly 'withgsaidz'sleev ‘rd
boring bar, said body’ member beingipr‘ovide
a transverse ' g'uid'eway ‘opening ‘to :such Qen‘cLla
aperture of the head iandreciprocable lin'fslaid
chamber parallel to the axis of rotation ‘of said
head-and comprising-arack >mes'hing with said
with :‘means forfmountin’
the end remote nom' said-attachinglmeans '- '
ing'partiexposedto receive ‘motion *th'rou‘g'h‘the
intermediate pinion.
7 .
' 'm'eans projecting therefrom forconnection'with
‘said boring 'bar, sa-i’d {part r‘having 'rack
. sh,
ejected axis of -'thefspind1lerisleeve'tofwhich the 7 ; ‘with,
teeth; of ls'aid
rlpini‘on'jmeans, ither
mountmg? plate is applicable, 'z-saiidfparts"Tb'eing
connected with each jother vvand
said {plate direction ~w'illfcommuiiic’ate, mttrqnfth " iirghithe '
and being ' provided withiregis‘tering cavities ‘air
' 'fording- a' ohamberiinteriorly? ofsalidhead, a’ cross 1'
‘respective. ram;‘arliiipiiiiorlftitans-tiv , ‘i‘d‘slide
‘andttool-icarrier" for the adjustment'th’eredf trans;
versely respecting the axis of rotation of said
8. The device of claim 7' in which the rack tooth
means of said part is o?set from the axis of body
6. An attachment for a machine tool of the
rotation and. said pinion means being rotatable
type comprising a spindle sleeve mounted for ro
upon a transverse axis substantially intersecting
tation and a boring bar reciprocable axially Cl the axis of body rotation, said part having an at
through said sleeve; said attachment comprising
taching portion projecting from said body sub
an attachment body provided with means for
stantially on the axis of body rotation.
9. A machine tool attachment for a machine
mounting it on the end of said sleeve, said body
having a central cavity opening toward said bor
tool of the type comprising a- rotatably mounted
ing bar, a part reciprocable axially in said body 10 sleeve, and a boring bar axially reciprocable‘
and provided with means adapted for connection
with such a boring barifor reciprocation in both
therein; said attachment comprising the combi
nation of a body portion provided with means
directions therewith, said part having an o?set
for mounting it at the end of said sleeve for rota
within the body provided With rack teeth, a pin
tion coaxially therewith, a cross slide having a
ion meshing with said rack teeth and mounted 15 tool carrier exposed at the end of said body por
for rotation in the body cavity upon a transverse
tion opposite to that provided with said attach
axis spanning the offset portion of said recip
ing means, said ‘body portion having a transverse
rocable part, a second pinion coaxial with the
?rst and connected therewith for rotation, a slide
guideway in which said cross slide is reciprocable
and having an interior cavity to which said guide
reciprocable transversely of said body, said body 20 way opens, ?anges on the cross ‘slide provided
having a guideway in which said slide is opera
with laterally spaced sets of rack teeth exposed
tively mounted for reciprocation, rack teeth con
within said cavity, a cross'shaft spanning said
nected with the slide and meshing with the sec
_ cavity and having a transverse axis substantially
ond pinion, and means for mounting a tool on the
intersecting the axis upon which said body por
slide to be moved therewith transversely of said
tion is rotatable, a set of three pinions mounted
body upon reciprocation of said boring bar.
on said cross shaft and connected ‘for rotation in
7. An attachment of the character described
unison, the outermost of said pinions meshing
comprising the combination with a body adapted ‘
with the rack teeth on the ?anges of the slide, and
to be rotated on a predetermined axis and pro
a reciprocable part including a connecting por
vided with a guideway extending transversely of ,
said axis and opening to one end of said body, a
slide reciprocable in the guideway, tool mounting
means projecting from said slide and exposed at
the end of the body tO/which said guideway opens,
pinion means within the body, said body having a .
central cavity housing said pinion means and to
which said guideway also opens, rack teeth on the
slide meshing with said pinion means, and an
actuating part having a portion guided for move_
ment within said cavity in a direction axially of
the axis of body rotation, said part having rack
tooth means meshing with said pinion means for
transmitting motion therethrough to said slide.
tion’ adapted for connection witha .boring bar
for reciprocation along the axis on which said
body portion is rotatable, said part having an
offset portion disposed within the cavity and pro
vided with rack teeth" meshing with the interme
diate pinion of said set of three, whereby motion
may be communicated from a boring bar with i
which said part is connected to said pinions and
thence to said slide and tool carrier to effect
transverse reciprocation thereof.
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