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July', 23, 1946.
Filed. NOV. 28, 1945
775,27 77 f5
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Alweer F.’ Hamm/wv
Hitt orn -27
Patented July 23, 1946
Benjamin Cooper, NewYork, N. Y., andAlbert F.
Hohmann, Teaneck, N. J.; .saidJHohmann as- -
signor to said Cooper
`Application November 28, 1'945,fSerialvNo. £31,242
6 Claims.
(Cl. .W7-‘7.1)
tures of construction, combinations of elements,
.and varrangement ofparts which will be exempli
,?ied in .the construction hereinafter described, and
An object of this invention is to .provide a cig
.arette lighter comprising abody and a cover
.hinged thereto, said..body .beingformed .with ¿a
surface .inclined 4downwardly and .forwardly to
The invention accordingly consists in the fea
'I‘his invention relates -to cigarette lighters.
ward the‘front surface. of .the-body, and said .cover
.being >.provided Witha complementary inclined
of which _the scope of application will be indi
cated in .thegfollowing claims.
In-the accompanying drawings, in which are
surface, the ybody :being .formed with a. fuel` cham
'shown various possible yillustrative embodiments
»ber andiwithawickï-passagecommunicating there
of this invention,
'.witl1,; said yinclined surface >on
.the-body, .whereby .to provide for .can .upwardly
and ’forwardly :shooting fname located .where it
is easily :accessible for líghtingfcigarettes,.cigars
-for .'pipes, and; furthermore .providing lample vair
¿space all -around the .wicksoas to‘prevent dead »
pockets 'which ¿are .likely to `extinguish the' flame
when moving the. lighter -around .after thename
‘ islit.
Fig. 1 .is atop plan view of , a cigarette lighter
embodying the invention, with the cover closed;
Fig. 2pis a cross-sectional viewtaken onjline
2-'-2 of Fig. 1, but with vsaidsection passing
through the axis of therfuel chamber;
~ .
Fig. 3 is a cross-sectional view taken online
v3--3 of Fig. 1, but with the Asection `passing,
>>through the axis of the fuel chamber;
Fig. 4 -is ;a .cross-.sectional `view taken on 4line
-'Still another object iof this invention is to pro
vide vin Aa cigarette lighter of 4the character rde
scribed, ‘a cover provided witha .bulge .or bump
projecting forwardly of :the front ïsurface of the
body, 'which may` be'easilyengaged by thefthumb
to' facilitate opening the cover.
`Still another object of this invention is‘to pro
' 'videza cigarette lighter‘ofthe characterdescribed,
4-4 of Fig. 3_;
Fig. ‘i5 isza -front»elevational zview of the .cig
arette lighter .With-the covergopen ;
Fig. Gis a front perspective view of the lcig
v arettelighter ;: and
.,Fig. 7‘ista*sreariperspectiveïview thereof. "7 ,
AReferring :now tain Vdetail .to :the vvdrawings,V l0
designates a cigarette 4lighter embodyingt'he` in
vention'~ .The same comprises arbody vil and a
»cover :1;2. The body «lll 'may be made of :metal
vcomprising .a body `provided k.with :fan :opening to
'receive a spring .pressed ¿piece :of vflint,.;:and a
screw plug to close v.said :opening-'said bodyrbein'g.
-such as faluminum or «other suitable material.
Afurthermore -.formed :with fa ¿fuel :chamber `and
A.provided with a plug to .close said chambensai‘d
plug being formed on 'its .inner surface with :a
"-is» formed fwith :a bottom surface 1.3, a‘frontsur
face I4, a rear surface I5, side surfaces 1,6 and
central drilled opening, and provided with’a strip
of steel forced 'into the opening .and projecting
therefrom to »serve .as a screw ‘driver fior pun
‘Saidabody Il .is generallyfprismatic in shape vandA
"Il, :anda top Y'surface i8. vSaid -body is formed
. :with'an axial'fuel Chamberlin.
'Chamberszß comprises a drilled opening ex- y
’screwing the screw plug for the flint opening.
Yet a lfurtherobject of Vthis invention is .to pro
vide a cigarette lighter of 'the `character 'de
scribed, comprising a body `an‘dalco'ver. hinged
>tending :upwardly from `the bottom surface 1|3.
`At-'th'e l'ower‘vend .ofi-,he 'fuel 'chamber L20 is an
internally screw; threaded portion -12l Í’terminating
above the bottom-surface '|3. At the `lower end
-thereto, »tsaid cover having :a 'top surface,fflush =
ßwithfpart of the `top .surfaceof'îthe . body,ean`d ‘said
' cover interfitting with‘the body-ltoiprovi'deismooth
bored open-ing 23 `having a 4diameter larger than
`the `<Width'of .the bottom surface |23. The ï'fuel
top l'and iside surfaces, «and :said cover ¿'being; fur
thermore formed with `¿an opening 'to receive the>
the Íbody. AThe lower-*end of the fuel chamber «20`
lWicky 'on the body, and with fan Aopening dtolrece'ive '
'Still alfurther` object-'of this invention is Ito
provide a compact, 'light andfdurable ‘cigarette
"lighter of the lcharacter rdescribed, whichshall
- be relatively inexpensive I¿to manufacture, which ff
lîshall `be «graceful 4in - appearance, easy v»to Vmanipu
late, 'sure and positiveV in operation, 4and Vyetiprac‘z
»lti'calfand' vefficient to a high degree in use.
'Ether-'objects '0f this-invention will in rp‘ar-t` be
'n_d »in part hereinafterjpointedwout.
of the screw threaded opening 2l is a counter
'chamber 20 terminates below the upper fendhof
is close'd‘bya plug 25.
fSai’d Eplug 25 ’comprises an externally> `screw
threaded "porîtionlß engaging 'thescrew threads
`21 . At the lower end‘of "the plug V`or closure m’em-`
ber 25 Yis an 'enlarged knurled head 21'received
within the tc'ounterbore'd .opening 23. vThe shank
of the'plug-»may be undercut-as at 2li-'adjacent the
knurled vrhea'd 7.21. ‘The diameter of `the-knurled
head is greater than the width of the body so ,
' that :portions “of 'said `head `project "beyond the
>isidesurfaces i6 vand ’Il‘ïwherebyïtoffacilitate ro
tation of the plug. VThe plug is formed for the
purpose hereinafter appearing at its inner end
with an axial blind drilled opening 29. Forced
»into the opening 29 is a diametrically disposed
axial strip 30 of spring steel. The edges of the
strip 30 are embedded-in the metal as the strip
is forced into the drilled opening. The strip 38
has a width somewhat greater than the diameter
of the opening 23, so that the edges thereof will
form grooves as said strip is forced into the open
in Fig. 2 of the drawings. The rear end of open
ing4i2 is screw threaded as at 53. The axis of
opening 62 is substantially in the plane of the
axis of openings 58, 60.
received within slot 33 and is formed with a
through opening through which the` pivot pin
1.0. 41 extends whereby to pivotally connect the cover
after appearing.
`to the body.
Tongue 10 has'an end surface 1I
Y `which'is flush with surface I5 of the body when
the cover is closed. Said surface 1I is disposed
»aboveV the opening 50 when the cover is open.
Tongue-10 has an undersurface 12 substantially
perpendicular to surface 1I. Surface 12 is adapt
ed to overlie opening 50 when the cover is closed.
The body II is formed with a vertical slot 33 Q
which extends from the rear surface I5 forward
l ly.' The slot 33 extends up to the top surface I8
of the body. Said slot is somewhatcloser` to the
side surface I1 than it is to the side surface I6.
Said cover I2 furthermore comprises an inclined
surface 13 adapted to contact surface 38 of the
The slot 33 has a bottomsurface 34. It also forms ' -
Vparallel side vertical surfaces 35 and 36.
The cover`I2 comprises a tongue portion 10
ing. Said strip projects up above the plug and*j
serves as a screw driver forV the purpose
ing to the rear surface I5. The forward end of
opening I6 extends to the surface 44, as shown
Said 20 body when the cover is closed. Surface 13 ex- tends to the front end or surface 14 of the cover.
body( Il is furthermore formed at the top with
an upwardly and rearwardlyV inclined surface 38
It also extends to the vtop surface 16 of the cover,
'forming an edge 11, parallel to surface 1I and
spaced forwardly therefrom.. Surface 13 is formed
which extends from the front surface Id‘to the
.top surface I8.V vOn- one side of slot 33 is a wall
v38 and on the opposite side of said slot is'a wall 25 with a socket or blind opening 18 adapted to
40. Theï inclined surface 38V constitutes a por
-'tion Yof the top edge of- said wall 39. At the upper
'end' ofV wall 33 is a top surface 42 at -.the level of
surface I8; Surface 38 extends up to surface 42,
Surface 38 furthermore extends sidewise to wall
overlie and register with the counterbored open
ing ’52, for Vthe purpose hereinafter appearing.
The surface 16 is complementary with the sur
faces 42 Vand I8 making therewith the rectangu
lar top of the cigarette lighter. Surface16 ïis
inthe plane of surfaces 42, I8 when the cover
Vis closed. Extendingr to one side of tongue 10
is a cover portion 88 having a'rear surface 8|
complementary to surface 44 and adapted to con
’ ~'It:>will be noted that surface I8 extends from
ìthe‘ïrear 'surface' I5 forwardly but terminates
shortof the front surface‘lß. Extending down
wardly from the front end of said surface I8 35 tacttheV latter. Portion'ßß is also formed with a
'isïa'surface 44 'somewhat inclined forwardly. Ex
lower surface 82 complementary to surface 45
tending forwardly from the lower end of surface
of the body and adapted to contact the latter.
‘ 44 is a horizontalsurface 45V. Surface 45 extends
to surface I6 on, one side and also to the front
Said portion 80 is formed with a notch or re
cess 83 Vextending to surfaces -82 `and 8| and
surface I4. _Extending from surface 45 is anl 40 Vadapted to overlie opening 68 and communicate
inner horizontal surface 45a which is substantially
with the forward end of opening 62, for the pur
in the plane of surface 35.
, ..
' Vpose hereinafter appearing.
The walls 39, 40 are formed withzaligned trans
It will now be understood that the cover I2
verse openings carrying a transverse pivot pin
when closed completes the upper end of the' block
"41. The pin 41 traverses the slot 33'for the pur 45 like body to form substantially a prism.' ' Said
l pose hereinafter appearing.
cover, however, is formed at vthe forward end
Said? body'II is furthermore for-med with a
thereof with a forwardly extending bump or pro
'verticaldrilled opening 50 extending downward
jection `85 which may be engaged by the thumb
, ly` from the lower surface 34 of the slot 33. ' Open
’to facilitatelifting of the cover.
Ying V58 is centered with respect t0 the slot and 50 "Means is provided to releasably retain the cover
is rdisposed close to the'rearY surface I5 of the
in open or closed position. To this end there is
disposed within the bottom of opening I5, a coil
Said body is furthermore formed with an-»up-Y
compression spring 9U. x Mounted within , said
wardly and forwardly inclined drilled `opening
opening, and on spring 90, is a pin 9|. The up
5I communicating with thefuel chamber 20 and 55 per end of 'pin 9I is adapted to contact Vsurface
„ extending'to the inclined surface 38, perpendicu-.
1I when the cover is open and surface 12 when
larly thereto. Said inclined opening 5I is disposed
forwardly of slot 33. Its upper end is counter-y
the cover is closed. The> spring pressed .pin 9|
»therefore tends to maintainV the cover in either'
Y , bored, as at 52, for the purpose hereinafter ap
The body is furthermore formed with a vertical
corner notch 55 located at the junction of the
open or closed position.
Mounted within the counterbored opening 52
is a sleeve 93. Extending through the sleeve 93
and through opening 5I, is a wick 94 which Yex
surfaces I4, I 6. The upper' end of the notch
tends into the fuel chamber 20. , The upper end
Y is disposed somewhat below surface .45 and forms
of theY wick projects from sleeve 43. Y When the
an undersurface 56. The lower end 51 of the 65 wick is lit, the flame projects Vupwardly and for-V
notch is substantially at the middle of the body.
-_ The body is formed with a vertical drilled open
ing 58 whichextends downwardly fromrsurface
H51.2 The Wall 59 formed between surfaces 56 and
{'45is formed with a vertical opening 60 _aligned
V,with opening 58,V but of larger diameter. ' The
notch<55 is located Yat thejunction of surfaces
_’Said >body isy furthermore formed with aV sub-`
stantially horizontal through opening 62.extend-
wardly. When Athe cover is closed, the-wick, as
wellras >the upper end ofthe sleevewhich projects
above surface 38,»is received in the VsocketV 18 of
the cover.
It will be'noted that the inclined sur
face38 extends all the way back'so as to provide
~ sufûcientpair ,all around the'wick. Thus, when
vthe’li-ghter is moved, there is no likelihood ,of
any dead >space or vacuum beingçcreated within
the vicinity of -the name.- Such construction
therefore insuresV against the Vflame being extin
¿and adjacent? the A’f-_rontärsurface thereofïw'ith
when thelighterfisïrnovedback an‘df‘forth. Y 'face
va ‘notch located Yat» one sidel'of 'lthe‘ïinclined sur»
"j Screwed itothe " screwfthreaded -portion l'63 -of
'face «of the body, a flint vwheel rotatably mounted
operîingl‘ßïis'ascrew plug 915, ~'Witl'1~in‘the vopenl'in l'said7‘notch, 'said vcoverV having aportion' 're
ing ‘G_Zf‘is'jacoil `compression A*springfiiiiß' At' the
yceived within said notch, said ïp'ortion :of `said
forward ïend‘ofïthe opening'is a'piece'Qfi of flint. U1 cover being »formed with a recess ltofreceive'sa'id
The ~ spring ~ 96 i pushes )the `flint ' 9_'1 ` forwardly~for
the purpose hereinafter appearing. -> i '_
>~¿Mounted- with'in openingsÍEB, ’60 'isga pin or
-shaft- |00.` The ~'pin >|00 hasfa shank portion |‘0|,
the" lower end of 'which is received in 'openin-gfâß.
*A1 "e'supperl'en‘dfv of shank" rtion v'-|~||_|, is an en
larged 4’portion 4|12*> received injopeningiìil, The
wi h anßinternally screw'threaded blindopening
Screwedifinto theopening is a Iscrew Hill.
body-'having `affront surface, side surfaces, a rear
sur-face, and a 'top surface, «said body ¿having ‘at
_its yupperîendfan upwardly and rearwardlyfin
-clined surface-extending from'the front surface
to 'the i top Vsurface, said inclined-'surface `extend
l'enf ' :ged-"portionflûI-is _"formedjaït itsiupper‘end
_ '
'2. »Ai cigarette 'lighter ‘zcomprising f a fone. piece
ingftoLoneside-surface of »said 'bodyysfaid bo`dy
¿Re ive'd j_-wit notch {Bäçand -on'shank portion
¿IDU-j_is-ajknurled finger ‘Wheel |05@> The _shank
-"|"0'{|_‘»is“knurled",«"'asjat fûdjtoç'grip vtloe'inner surface
being furthermore formed at «its» front surface
with a notch disposedlto one _side »of said inclined
surface,¿a` cover hinged to said 'fbody,f said cover
Y'ha-ving' IanV inclined ¿sur-'face`~ contacting Ithe-"in
clined surface of the body, said-cover furthermore
of _ thei'opening in'the knurled roller Jor sleeve |05
having a portion received within said `'noïtclfiisaid _
sc_-that j said ïlçnurle'd Lwh_eel¿wi1l rotate _with the
’body being formed with aïlongitudinalffuel-cham
ber; and with a wick opening communicating'fyvi'th
_'ï-Qn ’the ¿upper end "of >portion [|02 *of ‘pin
«_TI-ßrllfi‘s a "flintf'wheel‘ jIjBBf
wheel “has a
vcentral opening 'througlïfwhich ' the shank> of _the
»mitV extends. fThehead-o'f the >screw con
tactswthe Atoiar of the flint wheel, ‘_ _The upper end '
'he >head ‘|112 of pin lliiii _may lbe Aformed ‘with
`the fuel l'clf'i'aïmber Vand- extending to said inclined
'surface of said body substantially at Vright angles
thereto, 'awick within said Wick opening project
ing upward-iy'anfd forwardly lof `the 4"body, said
cover being 'formed with a socket -to lreceive‘lthe
tchesfand the iun'dersidejof _the _flint wheel may
exposed endn of the wick., »ai-lint Vwheel rotatably
-b vormed with "serrations engaging `the notches
mounted on' said body and located-'within said
‘so’ Jthat the? screw jwil‘l _ rigidly > _fix the ' flint >wheel
notch Fand' adjacent "saidl wick, :and said Ífportion
tò-_fthepin The flint piece '91 is pressed against v30 of v¿said cover _havingfa :recess t_o-'~«recei»ve Qsaid
I _It ¿wil'lmowîbe understood _that'when a thumb
v"engageslthe'-thumbv wheel or Jrollerfl'ûlì "and the
‘body having affront surface, side surfaces;=a'rear
surface, and »aV top surface, said body-havingïat'its
otated, `the'wheelffwill _bejrotateçijthere
vh'thï tof/cause 'sparksjtoi impinge 4against the ‘
upìp’erí-end of the ’wickjtol 'caus,_e"a"fl_ame_.'
upper end an upwardly‘anä‘ïrearwardly'ïinclined
. __
surface extending 4_from the ‘front surf-ace «to4 the
_The ‘screw driver blade '30 maybe used to un
>screw the .screw _95‘ _when vit ’is desiredjto insert
‘tcp-surface, -saidin‘c'lined surfacefextending -itó'one
sidesurfacevv of said body,said body `b’eing’furt‘her
«ain-ew» piece of lflint `into the ; cigarette j lighter._
more formedV at its 'front surface :with la ‘notch
It willfthusvbe seen that 'there/is' provided a 40 disposed lto »one »side of' saidv inclined surface, 'a
devigce‘iniwhichçthe several objects of this in
vention‘f'are achieved, “and vwhich is well adapted
to meet the conditions of practical use.
As various possible embodiments might be
made of the above invention, and as various
changes might be made in the embodiments above
set forth, it is to be understood that all matter
cover vhirnged to ¿said *bodyy said 5 cover having »fan
inclined surface contacting the inclined surface
of the body, said cover furthermore having a por
‘ tion received within said notch, said body being
formed with a longitudinal fuel chamber, and
herein set forth or shown in the accompanying
drawings is to be interpreted as illustrative and
not in a limiting sense.
Having thus described our invention, we claim
as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent:
with a wick opening communicating with the fuel
chamber and extending to said inclined surface
of said body substantially at right angles thereto,
a wick within said wick opening projecting up
wardly and forwardly of the body, said cover be
ing formed with a socket to receive the exposed
end of the wick, a flint wh'eel rotatably mounted
1. A cigarette lighter comprising a body having y on said body and located within said notch and
front, side, rear and top surfaces, said body being
adjacent said wick, and said portion of said cover
formed at its upper end with a slot extending to
having a recess to receive said wheel, said cover
its upper surface, said body being furthermore
being formed with a projection at its front end
formed with an upwardly and rearwardly in
extending forwardly of said front surface of said
clined surface adjacent said slot and extending
body, and adapted to be engaged by a thumb to
from the front surface to the top surface of the
facilitate lifting the cover, said projection extend
b'ody, a pivot pin on the body traversing said slot,
ing across the' full width of the cover and also
a cover having a top surface complementary to
extending substantially from the underside ofv
the top surface of the body and comprising a
said portion of said cover to th‘e top surface of
tongue disposed within said slot and formed with
said cover.
an opening receiving said pivot pin, said body
e. A cigarette lighter comprising a one piece
and cover together forming substantially a quad
body having a front surface, side surfaces, a rear
rangle prism, said cover having an inclined un
' surface, and a top surface, said body having at
dersurf ace complementary to and adapted to con
its upper end, an upwardly and rearwardly in
tact the inclined surface on said body, said body
clined surface extending from the front surface
being formed with a fuel chamber and also beto the Vtop surface, said inclined surface extend
ing formed with a wick passage communicating
ing to one side surface of said body, said body be
with the fuel chamber and said passage being
ing formed with a fuel chamber and with a wick
perpendicular to the inclined surface of said body,
said cover being formed in the inclined surface s
thereof with asocket registering with said wick
passage, said body bein-g formed at its upper sur
opening extending from said fuel chamber to said
inclined surface of said body, said wick opening
being substantially perpendicular to said inclined
surface lof said body, a forwardly and upwardly
inclined-'.Wickin saidwick opening, said body beT
and» spaced from the :ñrstfnotchgend aligned
ing-»formed'with a slot adjacent said inclined sur
said `vertical notch,ga, ñintwheel ñxed torotate
with said thumb'wheel and»l received-within the
ñrst-mentionedfnotch of said body, »and saidpor
tion of said coverbeing formed Withäakrecess’to
therewith; ¿a thumb wheel rotatablyfmounted'; in
face; said body being furthermore formed at its
front end >with a notchA disposed at one side of s_aid
inclined surface, ak pivotpin traversing said slot,
a. cover having a tongue received in said slot and
receive said flint vvheel.~r
y ~-~Ä '
formed with' an openingreceiving the pivot p_in,
»- ` 6.»A cigarette’lighter comprising a oneV niece
said cover having an'inclined surface contacting
havingga front surface, side surfaces,` aurea
the inclined surface of _the¿body, and a portion 10 _body
surface, and a top surface,.said.body havingat its
.received within said notch, saidgbody being
upper end an upwardly-and re'arwardlywinclined
formedrwith a vertical notch at the junction of
surface extending from 'the y front Ysurface to'fthe i
.therfront‘surface with one of said side-surfaces,
top surface, said inclined surface ïextendin'g'to one
and spaced `fromv the first -rnotch and aligned
side surface cf said bday, said bodybeing-formed Y »
therewith, a-thumb wheel-rotatably mounted in ~
-said'vertical notch, a iiintwheel'ñxedwto ¿rotate
Ywith said thumb wheel, and'received within the
opening. extending from said'fueljchamberfto-said
inclined surface of said body,`V said --wickopening
a being substantiallyïperpendicular*to said‘inclined
first-mentioned notch of -said body, said portion
of said'cover being formed with >a recess to re
ceivethe ñintwheel.
„ k5. YA cigarette lighter comprising a oneipiece
>With a ’longitudinal fuel chamber and with?, wick
body h‘aving a front surface, ‘side surfaces,'a rear
surface, and a top surface, said body having at
surface,l said body beingy furthermore ¿formed at
of’said inc1ined¿surface,'a one 'piece-cover piti-.
its front end with a notch-disposed. tof one >side
oted to the upper end of thev body and forming
therewith a substantially quadrangle prism, said
cover having an inclinedundersurface contact-y
its upper end an upwardly and rearwardly in
clined surface extending from the front sur 25 ing the inclined surface ofsaid body, said cover
face to the top surface, said inclined surface ex
furthermore having a portion received within
tending to one side surface of said body, said body
notch, said body being formed with a vertical
being formed with a longitudinal fuel chamber a
notch at the junction vof the front surfacewith
and with a-wick opening extending from said fuel
one of the side surfaces andfspaced from the >first
chamber to said inclined‘surface of said body, 30 notch and alignedtherewith,` a thumb Wheel ro
said wick opening being substantially perpendicu
lar to said inclined surface, said body being fur
thermore formed at its front end with a notch
Y disposed to one side of said inclined surface, a one
piece coverrpivoted` to the Vupper end of the body 35
and forming therewith -a substantially quad
ranglesprism, said cover having an inclined un
tatably mounted in said ~verticalnotch;»a'flint
wheel fixed tomate with .said-thumb wheel' and
received within the first-mentioned- notch ofsaid
body,fand said portionof said cover being?formed
witha recess to receive said flint Wheel,- said cover
being formed at its front end with a bump ¿pro- Y
'jecting forwardly of- said front surface of said
body, said bump extending acrossthe full width
dersurface contacting the inclined surface of said
body, said cover furthermore having a portion'v /
.the cover and being adapted -tolbeV engaged
received within said notch, said body being 40 of
by a thumb to facilitate lifting the cover.
formed with a vertical- notch at theV junction o_f
theA front surface with one of the >side surfaces
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