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July 23, 1946.
Filed Jan. 8, 1943
. Owens _
Patented July 23,1946
2,404,454 '
'James H. Owens,_Camden, N. J'., assignor'to Radio .
Corporation of America, a corporation of Dela
Application January 8, 1943, Serial No. 411,737.
2 Claims.
This invention relates to an improved method
of and apparatus for applying glass beads to pro-7
jection screens, particularly the type of projece.
tion screens used in conjunction with 'the'pro
jection of motion pictures. with sound.
The invention involves the provision of‘ a .ro
tatable drum which is adapted to support" the
screen during the operations thereon. in con-_-.
I junction with means for applying adhesive‘ and
a novel device for distributing/the beads over the
adhesive surface of the screen._
(01. 91—18')‘ '
One object’ of the invention is to. provide .an
trunnions I5. ‘The drum should be sufficiently
large in both length and diameter to'support' the
largest screen to be treated without folding or
overlapping. The drum II is provided with ap
propriate means l2 for securing the screen l3
thereto under sufficient tension to keepit smooth.
An appropriate spray-gun I6 is provided for
applying the adhesive, which is preferably an
appropriate clear paint or clear lacquer or paint
or lacquer pigmented with titanium dioxide. The
type of vehicle used depends upon the speed with
which the operation is to beperformed, the flex
ibility required in the ?nished. screen, and‘similar
factors." The spray gun I6‘ maybe supported
Another object of the invention is to provide an it upon the track I‘! byan appropriate carriage 18;
improved apparatus for applying beads to pro
jection screens.
improved method of and apparatus for applying
for manipulation in either of the several fashions
beads to the adhesive surface of a screen.
hereinafter described.
Another object of the invention is to’provide
an improved apparatus for distributing adhesive
uniformly over the surface of the screen.
Another object of the invention is to provide
an improved apparatus for distributing beads
evenly over the surface of a projection screen.
An appropriate trough or hopper I9 is provided
above the drum II. The trough l9 may be sup
20 ported from the frame I!) by appropriate brack
ets 20. An appropriate slot is provided at 2| to
permit the beads 24 to flow from the trough.
This slit may be of ?xed dimensions, or it may
Another object of the invention is to Provide
an improved method and apparatus for embed
ding the beads to a uniform depth with the ad
be made adjustable. For example, the front side
hesive or re?ecting surface material on the face
of the screen.
lent means may be provided.v
of the trough [9 may be made to slide up or down
to adjust the size of the opening, or other equiva- ‘
A heater 23 is provided within the trough is,
preferably extending the entire length thereof.
Another object of the invention is to allow the
use of the smallest size beads, that is, beads hav 30 This heater is illustrated as being of the electric
type, although it will be apparent that a, steam
ing a smaller diameter than those in common use.
heater or other equivalent device may be used.
Another object of the invention is to provide
The heater serves a double purpose. Due to the
a method and apparatus for holding the screen
slightly hygroscopic nature of the surface of the
in a uniform plane or shape during the entire
operation of applying adhesive, applying beads, 35 glass beads used they have a tendency to stick
together, sometimes momentarily clogging the
and removing excess beads.
outlet of the trough l9, and sometimes emerging ‘
Another object of my invention is to provide
through the slot in bunches. Both of these ef
a method and means for immediately removing
fects are eliminated by heating the beads and, in
the excess beads almost instantly after they have
40 addition, the heated beads adhere more ?rmly to
been deposited on the screen.
the surface of the screen. The improved ads
Another object of the invention is to provide
herence of the heads is apparently due to sev
an improved method of and apparatus for caus
eral different effects: The dry surface of the
ing beads to adhere more securely to the surface
beads accepts the adhesive more readily than
of the screen than has heretofore been possible.
Other and incidental objects of the invention 45 if it had a layer of adsorbed moisture, the warm
beads soften the adhesive when they strike it
will be apparent from a reading of the following
and thereby become more ?rmly lodged therein,
speci?cation and an inspection of the accom
and the warmth of the beads causes the sur
panying drawing, in which:
rounding adhesive to dry quite rapidly thereby
The single ?gure of drawing is an end view,
partly in section, of my improved apparatus and 50 preventing their displacement.
If so desired, the beads may be heated sepa- ' serves to illustrate the manner of performance
rately, but the heater in the trough presents ad
of the method.
vantages, particularly'in damp weather.
In the apparatus illustrated, the frame Ill sup
A ba?le board 22 is provided, appropriately sup
ports the drum H, which may be a hollow sheet
metal drum, through the bearings I4 and the 55 ported on the frame ID. This baflle board is
“ 1*
located at such an angle that the beads emerg
ing from the slot 2| strike it and bounce off onto
with the initial edge of the screen near the ba?l‘e
22 and the drum is slowly rotated in a clockwise
direction as the beads ?ow from the trough 19.
In their flow the beads ‘roll over the extending
lip of the trough I9 during which time any clumps
of beads tend to break up, and they are then
the surface of the screen. This serves two pur
poses. If there are any clumps Of beads they are
. broken up by the impact, and the beads are
caused to strike the screen surface practically
perpendicularly at a higher velocity than if theyv
were merely poured thereon from the trough.
bounced from the ba?le 22 onto the screen l3 in
the form of a uniform spray. After the entire
screen has been covered it may be removed from
The beads which :do, not adhere to the screen‘
fall into the trough 26, whence they may be rel 10 the drum and hung in an appropriate location for
moved and replaced in the trough l9. Some‘
beadswill, of course, tendto bounce, and these
are caught by the screen 25, which may be of 7
any appropriate material, suchAas cloth,‘ for ex: ' _
“further drying.
Having now described my invention,’ I claim:
1. Apparatus for delivering beads in a uniform
spray to an adhesive-surfaced projection screen
ample, and caused to fall into the trough 26.
15 ‘ comprising a trough for supplying the beads, said
trough having an extending lip and a slot ad
'7 In the operation of heading a screen the screen
jacent thereto to ?ow the beads over said lip,
is ?rst stretched on the drum and secured at I2
as above described. The adhesive paint is then ' and a ba?ie mounted in spaced relation with re
spect to said trough atan angle to the path of
applied by the spray gun l6. Starting at one
end of the screen the paint may be applied in a 20 beads ?owing from said ~lip for redirecting said
beads in a uniform spray'to the projection screen.
single stripe longitudinally of the drum, the drum
‘ 2.'Apparatus for making beaded projection
then rotated the proper amount, a second stripe
screens including. a drum having an axis of ro
applied, and vso on until the entire screen is cov-,
tation, means for supporting the screen 'upon
ered. Alternatively; the drum may be rotated
' continuously whilethe spray-gun is moved slowly 25 the outer surface of said drum,'spray meansifor
applying. an adhesive coating, to'the, screen sup- "
along. Either of these methods will provide a
su?iciently ‘uniform coatingv if properly used, but
I prefer the method ?rst described for the reason
that the portion‘ of the drum. not protected by
ported'on the drum, a trough havinga slot and
an extending lip for uniformly supplying beads
along a path'substantially parallel to a tangent
the screen does not become smeared with ade 80 to the drum, a baf?e mounted in aplane substan
tially normal to said tangent in- the path of- said '
hesive and‘ the uniformity of the coating is less
beads for redistributing said beadsanddirecting
a?ected by air currents.
. ‘
i 1
After the adhesive coating has been applied
7 and, if. necessary,‘ beenpermitted to dry to an
appropriate tacky consistency, the beads are ap'-'
plied; The ‘application of the‘ beads is vstarted
them into a path substantially radial to '7 said. /
drum, and means for rotatingsaid drum._
l .
Iowans.- ’
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