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July 2.3, 194s. '
Q. w. scHLUM‘s
Fiied Dec. so, 1941
'¿ s sheets-sheet 1
.July 23, 1946._ _
o. w. scHLUMs
, Filed Dec. so, 1941
:s'sheets-sneet s
” 2,404,462
Patented July 23, _1946 n
_ UNl'rl-:ÈD? siïlzlrrr.,sI PATENT. OFF-ICE
._ ‘
[out vv. schuim, 'Whitinsvilla Mass., assignor to _ ' ‘
Whitin Machine Works, Whitinsvìlle, Mass., a,
_ corporation of Massachusetts y
l Application December 30, 1941», Serial No. 424,945
15 Claims.
? (Cl. 242-1)
the mass of yarn wound on bobbins or the like,
tion' applied; Fig.l 2
a, plan ofthe marking
mechanism associatedone with each winding
such as are delivered from automatic textile wind
head; Fig. 3 is an elevation fof Fig. 2 from :line
The invention relatesto apparatus for Vmarking
H11-111;" Figs. 4 and ägrepresent examples of
ing and analogousmachines, and consists of ,de
liverymechanism incorporatedl in or applied to i _ marked bobbins; Fig. 6 is a plan for using liquid
pigment; and Fig. 'l is an Velevation of Fig. 6.
such Y,machines operatingto pass lilledbobbins .
Figiß is a` partial top plan of the Winding machine.
therefrom', as wound, and‘at the same time mark
4The apparatus includes as its supporting means
several bracket Yaims l intervals along
the iframe 2 of` the winding machine, parts of
which appear in Fig. 1, 'and' as will. be‘under
stood. The> brackets carry 'a >longitudinal sup
' the yarn of each bobbin with an identifying mark
or symbol. .Themarking refers tothe character
of the yarn so thatinlsubsequent processes the
mill operativescan observe‘what kind of yarn
the bobbin carries without having to examineit
closely, the marking pigment used being either
porting rod 3 running the :length ofthe machine,
and also .thefjournal bearings for a. longitudinal
fugitive or easily removablein the ultimate prod- _
uct or when this function hasbeen served'.v
, Such marking has heretofore lbeendone by hand
roller shaft I‘l4 likewise running the length of the
machine and driven by a train of reducinggear
vwith colored chalk by the operator, and in the
ing, marked 5, inV turnA driven ‘by the main `or
case of certain kinds Vof windingmachines this
has required specialrehandlíng of the bobbins
’The longitudinalroller shaft! is driven con
.for noY other purpose than to put the marks upon l20 tinuously and in aposition directlybelow-.the
row .of heads in which the bobbins are held while
them, besides which the variety of markings avail
they are being wound (Fig. l) and adjacent the
able for use has been limited to the number of
outlets of the chutes ‘l into which the ñlled bob
distinctive chalk colors.
By the present invention each bobbinis marked
bins> drop on being released from vthe chucks in
on its mass of wound yarn a mark which may
.a _wound ,_.bobbin drops upon, the upper slope of
be a chalk mark if desired, and which maybe
distinctivenot only as'to color, but also as to
form or combination, thereby aifording a practi
the chute Aon which it turns as it slides or ,falls
automatically yas produced by imprinting directly "ß such heads, When the chucks separate or `open
so that it reaches the lower end of the chute
butt ñrst. At 'lb isa conventional chuck showing.
cally unlimited range of _ marking .for the more* 430 The bobbins are commonly retained, momentari
reliableV identification of the yarn. Within the
term bobbin is included any other similar _form
ly, in the clhute> while the yarn is being _severed
of wound ltextile package, Whether on a core or
cape‘door la. » It will -be understood that each
not,’and the term pigment ,is used to refer to
any marking substanceof the kind indicated,
4winding head, of which there may be manyin
one machine, is self-contained and automatic,
whether liquid or solid.
and are then released’by the opening ofthe es
delivering its bobbin independently ‘of the other
According to this invention the bobbins are
taken one by one while in process of emerging
from the winding mechanisms of ¿the machine
and carried onward through a -path deflned by
opposing -driven surfaces which engage thebob-l
heads as soon‘asithas lbeen _fully wound Vwith
`Adjacent each such chute the shaftycarries
fast thereon a groovedorgconcave roller, such
as _8, and _associated Vwith 'each suchroller there
bin with some pressure, and one at least ofthese
surfaces is a marking device, or a marking roller,
is an .opposed or complementary pressure mem- Í
supplied with the marking pigment, and acting
-marked' 9.Y Between themy these rollers 'deline
a continuation of the bobbin-discharge path 'and
into which the ,bobbîn protrudes as Vit emerges,
butt first; from _ the opened end_of Athe chute.
Thegpressure means_or roller 9 is vcarried infa
frame Illv swinging on _the¿longitudinal-shaft«3
to transfer such pigment in a selected pattern
to the yarn mass as -it passes. »The bobbin-en
gaging membersrare driven continuously vso that
they become active to mark and pass each bob
bin onward instantly that it reaches contact-with
The marking
drawingsit hereof
at the same
_ _
= em-v
ber, Vpreferably also- in thev form of ‘a roller»
50 as an axisV and spring-urged toward thegroqved c
driven roller 8 by spring l2. In the intervals
bodiments of means within the invention-for car
between -»marking operationsthis frame .rests
rying out .the action _referred to, Fig. 1 being Van
end elevation of a known form of multiple-head
against» a ñxedstop Il,¿which» is en__arm also
carried _onj the supportrod 3, _and desirably so
automatic winding machine having theinven 55 adjustably v,set on' that rod that- thai-ollersam
3 .
- normally spaced widely enough apart to allow
and in the manner described vis preferred. In
such case the marking Apigment'is prepared for
transfer, that is to say,.reduced to powder, by
Y l the butt of» abobbinto enter betweenv them, with
Y‘or without exerting pressure upon it, but in any
event _closely enough together to grip and make
§a Viirm Contact with the yarn mass »upon such
bobbin. Within the rangeof an ordinary auto
the actuation of the bobbin itself, to which the '
transfer is made, and since the transfer roller
rotates only while engaged with the `bobbín no K
`matic winder various styles and sizes ofbobbins Y
more chalk is ground oiî of the pencils than is
`may be delivered. by 4,thechute'at different times
actually ‘requiredfor making ` thëma'rksí' l It _may
and thev normal spacing between the driving relier
Vbe noted »alsof-that the adj«ustrnent’i of theV springs
‘and its pressure means including the spring I2, -10
s I2 combines with the action of the cleats 3a to
§isdesigned as indicated to provide a suitable» " -provide the traction necessary for driving the
transfer rollerÄ under the Vfriction load imposed
v1 pressure on the yarn foreach of them, and so ~
' `by> thé pencil or pencils. Instead of cleats the
- roller 8 passes the bobbin slowly..onwardßtowardj@wi driving rollers kcould be provided with rubber sur
llthat when entry occurs therotation of lthe driven
Lthe place ïof deposit. Since `-the butt» diameter
faceswhichwouldlbe the equivalent.
is often as large ,or larger than the yarn mass
Figs.' 6'~and"'7'indicate the appropriate changes
`diameten’the entry into the pass between rollers
for using> _a liquid marking pigment and in the «
case where the lower or ldriven rollers, here
which are set to press on the yarn is apt to be
uncertain and'resultin the blocking of the chute
` rnarkedv 2E serve as theY marking means.
Y land possible vinjury to n.the winding mechanism. 20 such roller is supplied with the pigment liquid by
Í'I‘his is Aavoided byfproviding vribsor .cleats .8a
on-the driving-rollers-rof .properform to inter
means of oneor morerelativelyby narrow trans
‘they bobbinabutt.thus> to draw the. bobbin ¿intoV
in acontainer 22. Twosuchdiscs areshown trans..
lferring two lineswof». pigment ,-to the 4suríace~of
`?'er discsgsuch as y2 I., Vwhich bear.y against it and
llock withv or -catch hold of-the ridges or rings onY ` have their. lower` edges .dippingi'ntothe liquid held
)thel pass vunder Y all `Ycircumstances.` The»~stop 25
arms ILwill be understood‘tobe initially setgin . driven. rollerfZû r«and each hasjits‘ownrpigment
îthe` adjusted Vpositions referred to, and beingall s _supply which can vbe sof di'iîerent. colors,.each .disc
set-'screwedto the support rod V3-f-the _passes ' 4being' ~.».]‘0urnallecl` in .its ,ownl removable. container
which is .adjustable on its suppertVas indicated .at
4through> all» of thesrollers can` be «simultaneously
V23, so yasto cause it toïproduce' theappropriate
‘ and conveniently. changed >when required ' by
contact with- the roller-12d..A This‘constituteslthe
rocking such rod in itssupporting brackets...
equivalent ofjithezchalking ‘meansmf the.. .other .
- In Figs. 1 to 4 .the pressure means >or vroller
form. .The bobbin `passing river:I the roller.'V picks
‘9 is a marking roller, rotated by the bobbin, and
ïis shown as >made
twin iorrn, with Ytwo ad
ïjacent rims `or treads,A the' equivalent of ltwo
up .the Apig-ment and «is 4.markedaccordingly..
VThereafter the continuing rotation vof-theA roller Y
-ìì‘Lin the »intervals-betweenlmarkíngm insuresV that
irollers- 'mounted> sider> byside. -Each tread is
lsupplied with pigment, which in'this «case is-a
solid such as chalk,u and appliedv thereto ~bya
lpencil of that Ãmaterial loosely held in a feed'tube
it will be >.properly.suppliedwitlrpigment.for its
nextactionf» As lin~ the Vlotherl-‘forrn . the; marking .
roller may also present Veither- continuousor inter
rupted surfaces to.. Contact by the ¿1a-rn .thusA to
i I4 through the open bottom of which vthe pencil
¿bears uponthe tread- surface or surfaces of the
‘roller as'the latter rotates. These --tubes are
supported side ,l by >sideina bracket I5 also
produce >such' --patterns y 'as - are indicated
carriedV on the swinging-rollen frame I0 so as to
as before, whichis carriedíinaf-similarLspring
pressed frame ~ It» normal-ly» held against .the .stop
I I sothat the ’yar-nzmasslcan be- gripped :under
The pressure means
. 2¢ilinfthis~-case»iswamoller
preserve aconstant 'relationto the roller; they
gmaybe supplied with spring followers or other
means for :pressing the> chalk downwardswhen
' the upïressurey appropriate- for advancing it..and
transferring «the ¿pigment ‘from the `drive ¿roller to
` The Yrotation of- 'the marking roller by the
lbobbin causes its tread surface to rub the end
`of the' chalk pencil'so as to grind off some of the
itï a's- the bobbinfpassesffïalong. »I The Àc-zonstruction
`chalk in the »form of Apowder which clings to the
ring means, »if desired; like-the roller lil with either
, Ãtread surface,- such surface being appropriately
single 'or Yïplural l treads; 'thereby -ni-arking` both
roughened »as by cementing emery Yflour toit.
Although this chalk powder `adheres to the rough
tiñed- from anyfangle from _which»viewed.~ AIn both
tread, enough ¿of it is Ytaken off by the >~yarn
Y forms the chutes constitute-'means for `entering
mass underßthe rolling "contact `withïthe latter
the bobbins into the action@ ofthe Ymarking mech
anism and such-action isunder way while the
bobbirr-is still »partlyinllthe control «of the chute
as canfbe observedinïthe drawings.> Fromthe
to produce a distinct marking.
affords the advantage' that theïpres'sure--rollíngï
means such as Y2!! can' also be a pigment-transfer
sides «of the bobbin at- once-'so that it -canïb‘e'iden
In the forrnil-L `
lustrated, two y'continuous chalkA stripes arer’thus
imprinted on the’ yarn; the treads of the roller `
`being continuous. This makes a novel and con->
The rough-->
vening of the Atreads can also be discontinuous,
`if desired, one or both, in such Vcase making-in
terrupted or broken stripe marks, and of course>
any combination ofsuch markings, in the same
rollers-the marked bobbins fall into ya rreceiving
. ¿spicuous identiñcation for bobbins.
y f
’ “rei
Vl. -As' an" adjunct to a bobbin-wind'er' compris
esY ing
row of automatic and independent1-y-oper-~
ating `.bobbin-winding heads provided.4 with» deliv
:or different colors,rand as suggested byrlFig's, 4 '
ery 'chutes which receive »and 'discharge f bobbins
`and 5.-' The 'twin' rolling means 9 is> mounted
‘forrready’ removal from its frame,> as 'by un
in _the sequence in which they become Vfully wound
by` said heads', the Vcombination ofï’a v'longitudinal
bobbin-drive shaft, `Vmounted on .said'machine
the ' ythumb-nut
so Y that» other
`markers can be substituted Yto make morefor
lfewer marks onthe yarn.A .While theinvention
contemplates >supplying»pigment to the roller' 9
iin any desired manner, itsapplication in'ïthe
paralle'l'ïtogthe row and ¿common to all the lwind
ing'ï'lieads thereof, a series -o'f bobbin-drive rollers
distributed along andpdrivenb'y suchïshafaîeach
roller ¿respectively adjacent to a _delivery chuteeof,
form vof a pencil of a 'solid -substance likeïchalk x75 aïfwin‘din’g headgfand‘ each having'a pressure
--means cooperating. with it'to advance a bobbin,
' 'means for continuously driving such shaft to con
>tinue the Adelivery. of .bobbins as soon as presented
~by saidchutesand .means for applyinga mark
ing pigment to the bobbins while engaged by said .~
"bins and means for supplying marking -pigment
to the rollers` of` one of said series Acomprising
`more than one pigment holder'for .each of: said
ï'rollers, vrwhereby more thanî one mark` is trans
ferred- from such rollers tothel yarn on the bob
comprising a plurality of automatic-and .inde
7. As an adjunct to automatic apparatus for
winding bobbins comprising a row of automatic
pendently-operating .bobbin-winding ,heads hav
independently-operating bobbin-winding heads,
ingbobbin-discharge chutes receiving `bobbins in
the sequence in which, wound, the combination
longitudinally on such machine, a series of‘bob
y 2. As an adjunct to a textile winding machine
of a series ofv bobbin-drive rollerslocated respec
tively closely adjacent to each of saidV chutes to
engage the forward endsA of bobbins while still
within the chutes, means for continuously driv
ingsaid rollers, and means for‘transferring mark
ing pigment-«to> the yarn Vmasses, on the bobbins
whileengagedv by said rollers, Y
,3.k As an adjunct toa bobbin-winding ,machine
comprising a plurality of automatic, independ
ently-operating bobbin-winding 'heads f having
bobbin-discharge chutes which receive bobbins in
the sequence in which woundjthe combination
the combination ofia bobbin-drive shaft mounted
bin-drive rollers driven by such' shaft with one.
roller appurtenant to each winding head, a series
of pressure rollers for cooperation respectively
with said drive rollers adapting the latter to grasp
and advance bobbins entering between them,„and
a corresponding series of pigment holders each
adapted to hold solid pigment in rubbing contact
with a roller of one of said series'thereby trans
ferring pigment from the rollers to the yarn
masses on the bobbins.
8; As an .adjunct to apparatus for winding bob
bins comprising a row of automatic independ
of a series of bobbin-drive rollers located respec
ently-operating bobbin-winding heads, the com
tively closely adjacent to each of said chutes, a 25 bination of a longitudinal supporting rod and an
series of cooperating4` pressure rollers for said
adjacent. longitudinal bobbin-drive shaft both
drive-rollers adapting them _to engage the for
lmounted on such machine in parallel relation,
ward ends >of bobbins while still within such
bobbin-drive rollers driven by such shaft with
-chutes, means for continuously driving said roll
one roller appurtenant to each winding head,
ers,- means for supplying marking pigment to the
frames on said rod mounted to swing thereon,
rollers or one of said series, and means for hold
toward and from the drive rollers and having
ing said pressure rollers in positions in which they
marker rollers journalled in their free ends, each
are spaced from the drive-rollers 4by a distance
vi-rame carrying a pigment holder for the swing
greater than the diameter of theV bobbin butts,
ingV roller thereof,'and means for yiedlingly hold
whereby pigment istransferred only to the yarn A
`ing said frames and the marker rollers carried
1l.V As an adjunct to a bobbin-winding machine
'thereby ina predetermined spaced relation to
@their respective bobbin-drive rollers adapting
comprising a plurality’of automatic independent
ly-operating bobbin-winding heads having bob
bin-discharge chutes which receive bobbins in the
`l:[91.3As'an adjunct to apparatus for winding
on the
sequence in which wound, the combination of a v
~¿them to receive a bobbin between them.
bobbins comprising a row of automatic inde
pendently-operating bobbin-winding heads, the
series of bobbin-drive rollers located respectively
combination of a supporting’rod and a bobbin
closely adjacent to each of said chutes, a series
drive shaft both mounted longitudinally on such
of cooperating pressure rollers for said drive-roll
machine and adjacent to each other, bobbin
ers adapting them to grasp bobbins, means for 45 -clrive rollers driven by such shaft with one roller
supplying marking pigment to one of said series
appurtenant to each winding head, roller-carry
of rollers, and means for holding said pressure
ing frames mounted to swing on said rod and
rollers in positions in which they are spaced from
spring-urged respectively toward said drive
the drive-rollers by a distance greater than the
rollers, marker rollers journalled in said swinging _
diameter of the bobbin butts, whereby pigment is 50 frames, pigment holders on said frames for the
transferred from the rollers only to the yarn
marker rollers thereof, and stop brackets mounted
masses on the bobbins passing therethrough.
on said rod to limit the approach vof said pressure
5. As an adjunct to bobbin-winders comprising
rollers toward said other rollers.
a row of automatic independently-operating bob
10. As an adjunct to bobbin winders comprising
bin-winding heads, the combination of a bobbin 55 a row of automatically independently-operating
drive shaft mounted longitudinally on such ma
bobbin-winding heads, the combination of a bob
chine, a series of bobbin-drive'rolle'rs drivenY by
bin drive shaft and an adjacent supporting rod
such shaft with one roller appurtenant to each
both mounted longitudinally on such machine, a
winding head, means for continuously driving said
series of bobbin-drive rollers driven by such shaft
rollers, a -series of normally non-rotary pressure 60 with one roller appurtenant to each winding head,
rollers for cooperation respectively with said drive
frames mounted on said supporting rod carrying
rollers and adapted to be rotated only by contact
a series of pressure rollers for cooperation respec
with the bobbins engaged between rollers, and
tively with said drive rollers, adapting the latter
means for supplying marking pigment to said nor
to grasp and advance bobbins, a corresponding
mally non-rotary rollers for transfer therefrom
series of pigment holders each adapted to hold
to the yarn masses on the bobbins.
solid pigment in rubbing contact with said pres
6. As an adjunct to a textile winding machine
sure rollers thereby transferring pigment to the
comprising a plurality of automatic independ
yarn masses on the bobbins, and means for con
ently-operating bobbin-winding heads having
tinuously rotating said bobbin-drive rollers.»
bobbin-discharge chutes which receive bobbins in 70
11. As an adjunct to a bobbin-winding machine
the sequence in which wound, the combination of
. comprising a plurality of automatic independ
a series of bobbin-drive rollers located respectively
ently-operating bobbin-winding heads having
closely adjacent to each of said chutes, a series
bobbin-discharge chutes which receive bobbins in
of cooperating p-ressure rollers for said drive- r the sequence in which wound, the combination of
rollers adapting them to grasp discharging bob 75 a series of bobbin-drive rollers vlocated respec
ltively 4adjacent to `each of said chutes, a series >of
cooperating and normally non-rotating pressure
` , rollers for said drive-rollers -assisting them toad
~ vance sloobl:»insV received from „such chutes,` and
means for supplying markingfpigment to said
series of pressure rollers for transfer therefrom
to the bobbins, comprising 'holders for solid pig
4ment pencils adapted to hold such :pencils‘in rub
loing `contact with said pressure rollers, whereby
the` action of [the bobbin ‘itself ~on said rollers :ef
fects the transferof the rubbed-olf pigment, tothe
yarn mass thereon.
12; As an adjunct to a bobbin-Winder compris
ing .a row of .automatic .bob'bin-Winding heads
each having a delivery. chute, the >combination of
a longitudinal bobbin-,drive shaft mounted lonsaid
machine parallel to the row and ¿commento all
.of said pressure rollers, with respect to said drive
rollers, `»and .a .supporting rod on which such arms
Vare carried, said vrod being V’movable vfor simul
taneously changing the spacing „of~ all rof said =pressurerollers.v
14. A bobbin-Winder comprising a row of auto
matic bobbin-Windi-ng heads provided with de
liverylchutes to receive and discharge bobbins, a
vlongitudinal bob'bin-drive shaft, mounted on said
1.0 machine parallel -to the row and common to allv
¿the'Wi-nd-ingsheads thereof, `a series »of bobbin
' drive rollers distributed along the row and driven '
Yby such shaft, each roller respectively -beingßlo
cated respectivelyadáacent to a delivery chute -of
va winding head, and each being `adapted to propel »
the ‘bobbinsï endwis‘e, apressure sustaining means
opposed to and cooperating with each drive roller
the winding heads thereof, a series of bobbin
to enable it to propelbobbins, means for con
drive rollers distributed along and driven by .such
tinuously driving such shaft, land means ?for ap
shaft, each roller Árespectively adjacent to .a de-`- 20 plying a marking'pigment tothe bobbins while
livery chute of a Winding head, a series of pres
.engagedïby said drive rollers» ~
sure rollers respectively cooperating with each of
l5. 'Abobbin-winder comprising a row of auto
said drive rollers to define continuation delivery
»in-at-ic bobbin-WindingV` heads provided with de,
paths forl bobbins from the chutes respectively
livery chutes to receive and discharge bobbins,v a
appurtenantY thereto, and means« for supplying 25 longitudinal bobb-in-d-rive shaft, mounted on r'said
marking pigment» to both series of rollers thereby
Vmachine parallel tothe »row and common to all the
transferring marks to both sides of the bobbins
"winding heads thereof, a 'series of bobbin-drive
passing fromV the Winder.
rollers distributed along the'row andv driven by "
13’.Y Asian adjunct to bobbin-Winders compris-Y
*such shaft, each roller respectively being located
independently - operating bobbin - Winding 30 respectively adjacent tov ardelivery chute. of Y a
heads, the combination `of a vseries of bobbin
drive rollers, `one Such roller being appui-.tenant to
each Winding head, means for driving said rollers
winding head, and each being adapted to propel
bobbins endwise, an idly mounted roller opposed
to and cooperating With Íeach 'drive roller lto Ven
able it to propel bobbins,f means for continuously
to deliver loobbins,V a series of pressure rollers re-_
spectively cooperating each with one of said drive 35 driving such shaft, _and means for applying a
rollers, means’ for supplying marking pigment t0
marking pigment to the bobbins while engaged by
said drive rollers.
the rollers of one of said series for _transfer there
from to the yarn masses on the bobbins, a series
of stop arms for determining the normal spacing
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