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4July 23, 1946.
Filed Oct. l5, 1945
> 2,404,4âì
Patented July 23, 1946
2,404,481 -¿
Joseph L. Finck, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Application October 13, 1945,Y Serial No. 622,119
6 Claims. > (C1. 'z2-117)
' The present invention relates generally to lath
ing material and more particularly'to a metal
Fig. 3 >is a section taken along the
Fig. 2; and
une 3-1-3 'or
y «
Fig. 4 is a face view of the lathing material.
The present invention aims to provide a build
lathing material, such as expanded metal, or the
One of the objects of the present invention is 5 ing material which comprises Within it perma- '
nently assembled the desired elements _so that the
to provide a self-furring metal lathing material.
Thus the present lathing material when applied
same serves as a plaster lath, and as an insulat-y
against the studs or sheathing on the inside or
outside lof a frame wall or against a brick wall
provides an air space lbetween the lathing mate
ing building material, and so that when the same
is nailed by the'customary operation in the build
rial and the wall.
the wall with an air space between the wall and
ing art against the wall and ñrrnly attached to
Another object of the present invention is to
provide such a self-furring lathing material
which will have a substantially monoplanar
plaster-receiving front face and which will be 15
the lath, the lath provides a substantially con
tinuous plaster-receiving face and at the same
substantially free of all obstructions on its plas
ter-receiving face so that the plasterer may per
with metal such as aluminum or aluminum foil.l
time this material embodies a heat-reflecting
building paper such as a building paper coated
Any suitable lathing material may be employed>
in the construction of the p_resent building ma
terial. As illustrated in the accompanying draw
is to provide a metal lath which also constitutes 20 ing, the expanded metal lath I0 is employed in
the` present assembly. Such lathing material
an insulating building material. For this pur
permits the plaster to enter the openings in thepose,'the metal lath is -backed by a ilexible sheath
material and thus becomes located with and to
form insulating material in the form of a building
the lathing material. In the present invention
paper coated with aluminum or aluminum foil.
The aluminum coatedr building paper, with the 25 the back face of the Vmetal lath I0 is lined with
the building paper II which may be in the form'v
aluminum coat on its rear side, namely, on the
of any suitable asphalt coated paper, or kraft
side exposed to the wall, serves to reflect radiated
paper, or any other suitable paper. On its back
heat and prevent the transmission of radiated
heat across the air space between the lathing and 30 face, namely, on the face that would be exposedv
to the Wall, thebuilding paper II lis adhesively
the -wall.
covered with aluminum foil I2. The paper lying
The present invention further aims tovprovide
against the back of the metal lath will prevent
metal lathing material Which is combined with
the extrusion of excessive amounts of plaster
a- metal coated building paper so as to convert
through the openings in the metal lath.
thelathing into an insulating material, the com
In order to maintain the aluminum coatedl
bination or structure being such as to prevent
, building paper and the metal lath in iixed and
any of the plaster or any of the liquids in the
permanent assembly, the metal lath'is provided`
plaster vfrom gaining access to the aluminum
with rearwardly extending ribs. These are pref
v coating on the building paper. Such liquids
erably parallel to each other _and extend either
would corrode the aluminum foil or any other 40 lengthwise or widthwise‘ ofthe metal lath, as,`
aluminum coating on‘the building paper. In the
desired. It will be noted that ’theser ribs I3l are
form the plastering operation with facility.
A still further object of the present inventionV
present invention, therefore, furring or spacing
strips or grips are employed which serve to grip,
fix, and ñrmly attach the metal coated building
paper onto the back of the metal lath.
- formed by crimping the metal lath. While these
ribs or >crimped portions should lextend entirely "
across the‘dimension' of the sheets of metal lath,
their depth may be varied.
Other objects and advantages of the present
Essentially the depth of the rib or crimping
invention will be understood by persons skilled
should be large enough so that it may be gripped
in the art from a reading of the following speci
by the spacing or furring strip I4. The furring
ñcation and from the accompanying drawing
strip I4 may be employed in the form of the
which illustrates the present invention.
50 spaced short sections. It is preferred, however,
In the drawing:
that the same be coextensive with the ribs I3 so
Fig. 1 is a diagrammatic cross section of the
that thereby it may offer rigid support to thatl
lathing material;
portion of the metal lathing. The aluminum
Fig. 2 is a cross section of this lathing material
coated building paper is also suitably crimped,
55 as shown, and its crimping overlies the ribs I3.
mounted on a wall;
The furring stripsA I4 serve to grip and ñrml
ceive nails for mounting the lathing on the wall
Y attach the building paper to the metal lath.
' and to space the lath from the wall.
The furring strip I4 may be made ofy sheet
metal or impregnated über and may be pre
formed to the shape shown. It will be seen that
the side walls of the furring strip are provided
With’their curved portions I5 which face each
2. A self-furring lathing comprising in com
bination, a metal lathing material Vhaving a
plaster receiving front face and a rear face, the
material having integrally formed ribs on its rear A
face, a layer of paper on its rear face, the paper
bearing a coating of aluminum on its rear face,
gripping means disposed over said ribs> serving to
After the f_urring stripsv I4 are assembled over 10 hold the paper in assemblyiwiththe 'metal lath
other and which also provide outwardly ñared
the ribs I3 with the'building paper interposed,
to receive nails for mounting the lathing on the
therassembly is subjected to a further crimping.v _ »wall and to space the lathing from the Wall.Y
3. An insulating building material `comprising
operation with the result that the curved portions
' of the'side walls of the furring strip I4> form a
> Vin combination, a metal lathing material having
rigid and firm assembly together with the alu 15 a plaster receiving front face and a rear face, the
minum coated building paper and the ribs I3.
l material having integrally formed ribs on its rear
The depth vofthe furring stripv Ill-'may be Vvaried ~
V,as desired and Vwill depend upon the particular _
use to which the material is to be put and will
~ depend, ofcourse, upon the size of the air. space 270
that may be desired. Thevbottom of the furring Y
Vface; alayer of paper on its rear face, the paper
bearing a coating of aluminum on'its rear face,
gripping stripsdisposed overV said ribs serving to
hold the paper in assembly with the metal lath,
strip I4 is preferably ñat s0 that it will rest solidlyV
shaped and serving to' receive nails forV mounting
Vagainst the surface'to which it is applied. '
the lathing on the wallv and to space the lathing
'jIn' use, the material is placed against the wall
20 with; the' bottom ofthe furring strips resting
solidly 'against' them and nails V2lv are driven
from the wall.
. in combination, a metal lathing material having
a substantially monoplanar plaster receiving front
strips> Il, as'shown, andinto Wall 20. The' broad
face and a rear face,Y the material having in~-.
heads '22 of the nails 2| will tend to lodge in the
tegrally formed ribs onv its'rear face, a layer >oi’
ñared portionV of'the channel and will thus serve
to gripVV the expanded' metal and the aluminum
30 paper on its rear face, the paper bearing a coat;
ItÑ will n'ow be understood that the present
material'. ‘constitutes "a unitary productïwhichV
Vforms "a „self-furring andv heat insulating lathing
A *material V,Themetal coated building paper is
> held‘against the metallathing rby friction exerted
by the ffurring strips against the ribs. The build',
`. ing> paper thus ’can well outstand'the force exerted
ing ofaluminum onits rear face, gripping‘strips‘ l `
disposed- over said ribs serving to hold >the paper
» in assembly with Vthe metal lath, sai'd gripping
strips. being substantially channel shaped' andV i,
having outwardly flared free'edges, the"v strips
serving to receive lnails for mounting> the lathingY
on the wall and to permit the headrof the nail to
lodge in the ila’red portion of the strip. ì
The v'paper willv not tear and’will serve to
55A self-furring lathing'comprising in com
bination, a metal lathing material having a
plaster receiving front face and _a rear face, the
material having integrally formed ribs on its rear
limitthe amount of extrudedf'and wasted plaster.
Thel'rib's or ridges I3 add rigidity to the metal
. face, a- layer of paper on its rear face,r and spac
. ing strips disposed over and gripping Ysaid-ribs,
lath and generally'improve the rigidity of the
said strips being substantially channel-shaped
by the'plasterer Vin applying the plaster'on‘ the
' finished plaster wall. 'It will also be. appreciated
. that the present building material may be in#
stalled' without anyV operations other «than those
customarily employed in the installation of' metal ~ Y
lath inV that the' only operations that AneedV to be
Yperforrned’on the building job is driving the nails .
` 2'I' through the' metal and onto the wall.
VV1.7fAn insulating building material comprising
and serving to receive nails'for »mounting thev
Y lathing on the wall and to space'the lathing from
thewall, said strips also serving to hold' thev paper
in assembly with »the metal lath.
65A self-ruiming lathing comprising meomr
bination,r a metal lathingïmate'rial having av
plaster receiving front face and a rear faceg’the
material having parallel. reentrant strips forming
ribs on its rear face,. a layer of paper- on itsIear
" in combination,V` a metal lathing material' having Y
face, and spacers disposed overand gripping said` Y
a rplaster receiving front face and a rear face,I the
ribs, said spacers- being substantiallyvch-annel
Vmaterial having on its rear face spaced parallel
shaped, and having outwardly liared free edges,
thev spacers serving toV receive nailsf-or: mountingA
the lathing on the wall, said spacersvalsol serving
to hold the> paperin` .assembly with- the-'metall'
Qri'bs, 'a layer of paper on'i‘ts rear face, the paper
. Vbearing a coating of ’heat reflecting material on
¿4; An insulating building, material comprising
through the ribs I3 and the bottoms of the furring
' coated VVbuildingpaper between its head and the
, ii'aredportionsof the furring strip I4;
saidÍ gripping strips. being vsubstantially*channel,
it's‘jrearjface,Y spacing and gripping strips dis
posed'over said ribs'V serving to'hold the paper in
assembly .with the metal'lath, said strips being>
f substantially channel shapedfandïserving to ref-V
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