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July 23, 1946.
Filed NOV. 8, 1945
2,404,485 ‘
2,404,485 I
Patented July 23, 1946
Walter)‘. Gleisnerkchicago, Ill., assignor to
Ritchie and Company, Chicago, 111., a corpora
vti‘oli of Illinois
Application November 8, 1945, Serial No.v 627,356
'7 claims.
Thecurrent invention pertains to certain novel
features of advantageousstructure and resulting
bene?cial properties in the bases or bottoms of
receptacles or containers, such, for instance, as
those used for accommodating toilet preparations,
as for example, face-powder.
It is not new to make boxes holding powder
containing drums with frangible or rupturable
(01. 1229-515)
Figures 3 and 4 portray the'?rst'istep'i
process of making the bottom;v_‘ r;
Figures 5 and 6 depict theisecondqstep in ‘the '
method of forming the metal member of the bot
Figure 7 shows
' the pasteboarv
Figure 8 presents the metal in
tops which are broken through'when the powder
pasteboard disc united together;
Figure 9 reveals the applicat
contents are to be used for the ?rst time.
' 10
Such open-bottom drums housed in their open
pasteboard disc inside "of the bott in‘;
bottom covers are ordinarily ?lled while they are
upside down with the powder to be marketed and,‘
then the bottom of the drum is snapped orforced
into place closing the bottom thereof and having
an extended marginal portion underlying the
lower edge of the removable cover when the box
is completed and is right side up.
Such ?lled containers are subjected to various.
Figure 10 is a section through the joi'nplet'
boxor container; and
“Figure 11 is an enlarged, ,fragmentaryifsection
of a'portion of the box to more clearly jpresent‘ "
its details of construction.
In accordance with the new proceduregof J he
present'invention a flat, round, thin, meta ,
2| of proper diameter, as shown in Figure ’
conditions"- which tend to detrimentally affect 20 2, by means of suitable companion dies, is
into inverted dish-form 22, Figures 3 and 4,, ,With'
them or their contents.
a marginal depending rim 23 and an outstand
Such applied bottom must seal its opening
terminal, circular ?ange 24, the main body of
tightly under all conditions of temperature, mois
such member having a series of circularly-di's-l, ,
ture, careless handling, etc. This bottom must
not shrink or expand any'appreciable amount; it 25 posed, spaced-apart, smallapertures 25, 25 con-"
centric with the element itself, and the metal
must retain its original size, and in some instances
which formed the apertures having been forced
the matter of transmission of heat or cold
through the bottom to the contents may be a sig
down to provide around each such holeifour», de
ni?cant factor.
pending, sharp-pointed, doWnward-flaringfpro‘ngs
For example, if one such ?lled container is dis 30
the whole main body"
played in the sunshine in a store window for an
to or he .
disc is pressed or forced down inside. of'the irn ~
extended period, it is likely to shrink or otherwise
23 into the plane of the marginal iiangeZflIv as
be modi?ed so that it does not seal tightly and
depicted in Figures 5 and ‘6, thereby making’ the
the contents of the receptacle may be spoiled or
35 new circular rim 27 of double thickness and un
detrimentally affected or spilled.
dercut on its outer face and sloping upwardly
A plastic bottom could readily be modi?ed un
outwardly on its inner surface.
der such conditions as to make it undesirable.
Thereupon, Figures 6 and '7, such formed metal
According to the present invention, the ‘novel
member 28 with its depending, sharp-pointed,
and improved bottom is made in a special man
ner to provide a resulting structure which is not 40 ?aring prongs is placed coaxially on the top sur
face of a somewhat-larger, ?at, round, paste
subject to the indicated and other weaknesses and
defects which render them unsatisfactory in one
or more respects.
board or‘ comparable disc 29 and then pressed or
, forced down into ?rm engagement with such sur
face, the prongs 26, by reason of their outwardly
In order that those acquainted and skilled in
this art may understand this invention, both from 45 spreading disposition entering and penetrating
the material of the disc in analogous directions,
structural and operative standpoints, a present
thus binding the pasteboard disc 29 ?rmly to the
preferred type of bottom and its method of pro
underside of the metal member 28.
duction have been fully illustrated in the accom
Then another cardboard or similar disc 3| is
panying drawing forming a part of this speci
?cation and to which reference should be had in 50 applied to and cemented to the top face of the
metal member and is of a size substantially the
connection with the following detailed descrip
same as that inside of the rim 2]" so that all of
tion thereof.
the apertures 25 are closed and the bottom pre
In this drawing:
sents an attractive appearance.
Figures 1 and 2 illustrate the original. metalv
Subsequently, while the powder-?lled drum 32
disc employed;
, ..
down so that their bottoms are open (not so
ing integral externally-undercut rim and a plu
rality of depending, integral, ?aring prongs em
shown) the now completed novel and improved
bottom is snapped onto and partly into the open
said upper member and lower element perma
bottom of the drum, the circular rim or head 21
nently together.
‘of the metal member of the bottom extending in
beyond the internal, curled, marginal bead 34
of the drum and being permanently held and
maintained‘ in powder-tight relation therewith
tom set forth in claim 1, in which said metal rim
is in its encasing cover 33 and both are upside
from then on.
bedded in said lower element thereby fastening "
2. The novel combination in a receptacle bot- ‘
is of double-thickness.
' -;
3. The novel combination in a receptacle bot
10 tom set forth in claim 1, in which said upstand
The one outstandinghighly desirable charac-v
"ing undercut rim is inwardly away from the
teristic of this new type of bottom is that it can- 7 e periphery of such metal member.
7 4. The novel combination in a receptacle bot
not change size or becomedeformed because of >
its metallic Properties.
The cover of this container may have a paper
covering of artistic appearance and the exposed
edge‘of the bottom below the cover may be, also
supplied with an attractive covering whereby the .
container as a whole can be extremely pleasing
in appearance.
Those acquainted with this art and industry
will readily understand that the present inven
tion is not necessarily con?ned to the exact and
precise details of structureset forth and that
i tome-set forth in claim 1, in which said prongs are
15 inwardly of the metal member from said upstand
ing rim.
" ‘
5. The novel'c'ombination in a receptacle bot
tomset forth in claim 1, in which said lower
?brous=element is sufficiently large to underlie the
cover of the receptacle:-
GJThe novel combinationin a receptacle bot
tom set? forth'in claimv 1,‘ in which said prongs
aredivided into groups, eachv group surrounding
an- aperture throughvthe metal member“ ' reasonable changes may be availed of both as 25. 37. Thel'novel combination in a receptacle bot
to‘ procedure and structure vwithout departure
from the heart and essence of the invention as
defined by the appended claims.
I claim:
tom setrforthr in claim 1, in ‘which said member
and element are circular and concentric, in'which
saidv element is larger than said memberi in which
said rim is of double-thickness iaridcircular,‘ and
1. In an undercut bottom for application to a 30 in which said prongs are divided into a’ circular
receptacle having .an internal marginal bead
'series of groups, each group surrounding-an aper
around its bottom mouth of a size to ?t ?rmly
ture through the member and said prongs and
apertures are concentric with the metal member
over an undercut rim on such bottom to hold
the latter to the receptacle, the novel combina
and are within said rim.--
' ~
tion‘ of 1an upper metal-member and a lower ;
?brous-element, said member having an upstand
?wAhTERJc oLEIsNaa.
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