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July 23, 1946.
' ‘
M. |=>7 KNECHT
Filed June 13, 1944'
Patented July 23, 1946
Margaret P. Knecht, Muncie, Ind.
Application June 13, 1944, Serial No. 540,109
1 Claim.
(01. 155—1)
This invention relates to baby supporters.
There has long been a desire by the mother,
for a utility by which the baby, in the tender pc
ance as it appears in readiness to be applied to
Figure 2 is a perspective view of Figure 1, the
positions of the ?exible parts when in their trans
posed positions, being indicated by the broken
Figure 3 is a perspective view showing the ap
pearance of the invention installed and the baby
being lashed to the pad.
riod of its growth and development and when .
nurtured in the crib or carriage, may be suitably
supported therein in a raised position. In her
effort to so support the baby, the procedure hith
erto practiced, consisting, as it does, of disposing
the baby in raised position and at rest against a
pillow or the like, has been unsatisfactory, for
the reason that the baby, constantly in action,
A pad of preferred form consists of a pad or
cushion fashed to formation substantially as in
dicated in the drawing, having a covering of
smooth soft material such as muslin, and being
stuffed with cotton batting or the like. Its height
may be about ten inches, and the width at its
base about twelve inches. The pad so formed is
adapted to be conveniently disposed, and it is
Incident to the baby's having become so dis
; suitably retained in the crib or carriage. The
placed, is an annoying and troublesome incon
frontal portion 6, slightly concave in cross sec
venience to the mother, and also to the child;
and there is the necessity of frequently and re 20 tion contour, is inclined rearwardly at a suitable
angle, so that the baby may be readily disposed
peatedly re-positioning of the baby, and the re
centrally of the front of the pad and at suitable
arranging of the pillow, garments and coverings.
'To provide a utility (by “utility” being meant a
A member which I designate as a crotch band 8
device or equipment) whereby the above named
disadvantages may be overcome, and whereby the 25 consists of a stout ?exible fabric such as webbing.
It is secured at its rear edge, as by snap eyelets
baby may, with ease and facility, be effectively
and being without faculty of maintaining itself
in such position, will soon have worked itself from
the raised position in which it will have been
placed, to a downwardly, forwardly and prone
, 9, to the lower edge of the frontal portion of said
pad. At its forward end are spaced buckles Ill.
A transverse body piece [2 made of flexible ma
The said general object, and also certain spe
ci?c aims which will presently appear, are ac 30 terial such as webbing, is provided with short
straps l4 projecting from a, side thereof and which
complished by, and my invention is embodied in
are adapted to be connected to the buckles of the
the new construction, combination and arrange
said crotch rband. Extending from each side of
ment of parts shown in the annexed drawing and
arranged and kept comfortably in raised position,
is the object, broadly stated, of my invention.
the upper end of said body piece, is a tape l6 of
described in the following speci?cation.
Keeping in mind that in the early period of the 35 predetermined length and suitable width, and
whose end portions I‘! are of narrowed formation.
baby’s development, the baby is physically unable
My new appliance appears, in readiness for
to support itself in raised position; and that
use, as indicated in Figure 1. In the practice of
means which are provided for supporting it should
my invention, the pad is disposed in the position
so function that the baby may be maintained
comfortably, and safe from strain or injury, my 40 desired. For example, in the baby’s crib, as in
invention has proceeded upon the concept of pro
dicated in Figure 3, the crotch band and tape
viding, an upstanding pad, suitable in height,
lying on the bed coverings of the crib, and in the
order indicated in Figure 2. The baby is placed
broadened of base and having rearwardly in
in position leaning against the frontal surface
clined front, a ?exible band extended forwardly
from the lower portion of said pad and adapted 45 of the pad.
to reside within the baby’s crotch, a ?exible body
Then, with the lifting of the tapes, the crotch
piece connected to the forward end of said band
band is brought up between the baby’s legs, and
and adapted to be reposed against the baby's ’ the body piece I2 against the baby’s abdomen.
abdomen, and opposed similar tapes integrated
Thence the tapes are drawn rearwardly, one at
with the said body piece and which are adapted 60 each side of the pad, the end portions I‘! being
to be drawn about the said pad and then tied to
athwart the rear side of the pad and where same
are tied together, as indicated by the broken lines
gether at the back thereof, whereby the baby
in Figure 2.
may be lashed, in the raised position, to said pad.
By the procedure just described, the baby will
In the drawing:
Figure 1 is a top plan view of my new appli 55 have been safely trussed to the position shown.
‘The crotch band, body piece,‘ tapes and cushion
details of my invention without departing from
its principle, and the invention is to be construed
so function, that whereas the'baby is retained
against lateral displacement as well as against 7
lowering displacement, it is settled comfortably,
snugly and safely.
as of the scope de?ned in the claim.
What I claim as my invention is:
An appliance of the kind described consisting
To remove the baby from its status as above
described, the tapes are untied and flung apart
of an upright cushion pad of suitable height and
broadened of base, and having rearwardly in
clined and transversely concave frontal surface,
whereupon the body piece and crotch band fall
a ?exible ‘crotch band connected at one of its
free and detached. The position of the body
piece I2 being adjustable (by the buckles‘ l0) it 10 ends tothe lower edge of the frontal portion of
said pad, 'a flat ?exible‘body' piece detachably
may be adjusted to suitable height in conformity
with the size of the baby, and with the nature and
arrangement of its garments.
secured to the other end of said crotch band, and
complemental elongated tapes integrated with
the upper end of the said body piece, substantially
My invention lends itself to ease in handling
and use by a person of only ordinary skill. It is 15 as and for the purposes described.
durable and dependable, and is economical of
manufacture. Modi?cations may be made in the
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