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July 23, 1946.
Filed Dec. 5, 1943
Patented July 23, 1946 I
Gust Lindgren, Youngstown, Ohio
Application December 3, 1943, Serial No. 512,803»
3 Claims.
This invention relates to a toy and more par
ticularly to a wheel toy for small children.
The principal object of the invention is the
provision of a wheel toy taking the form of an
A further object of the invention is the provi
sion of a toy airplane provided with wheels two
of which are positioned on a ‘single axle and
thereby steerable.
on near the? rear thereof and- suitably attached
thereto; The seat portion is‘preferably formed
integrally with the usual transversely extending
tail surface l8 While a rudder member I9 is posi
tioned thereon.
In order that the toy may be supported, an axle
2|] is pivoted to the body I 0, forward of the center
line thereof and is provided at its outermost ends
with wheels 2| While the rear of the toy is sup
A still further object of the invention is the
ported by a pair of vertical supports 22 which
provision of a wheel toy provided with a seat and
have a tail wheel 23 positioned therebetween ad
having a steering gear on its uppermost surface.
jacent the lowermost end thereof. Vertical bars
A still further object of the invention is the
24 are positioned in drilled openings in the piv
provision of a wheel toy taking the form of an
oted axle 29, one on each side of the body mem
airplane and having, the steering gear so ar 15 ber H3, and are attached at their uppermost ends
ranged as to in no way interfere with the leg
by a cross member 25 which is pivoted to' the body
positions of a child riding the same.
portion i0 and which is positioned in a cut-out
With the foregoing and other objects in view‘,
area 26 thereof immediately under the Wing l4.
which will appear as the description proceeds,
Flexible connecting members 21 extend back
the invention resides in the combination and ar 20 wardly therefrom and are attached to opposite
rangement of parts and in the details of con
sides of a circular steering gear member 28 which
struction hereinafter described and claimed, it
in turn is provided with a vertical shaft 29 which
being understood that changes in the precise em
in turn has a cross piece 30 positioned on the up
bodiment of the invention herein disclosed can
permost end thereof. The circular steering gear
be made within the scope of what is claimed 25 member 28 is pivoted to the upper edge I | of the
without departing from the spirit of the inven
body member Ii].
It will thus be seen that a child sitting on the
The invention is illustrated in the accompany
seat I‘! can readily straddle the body portion of
ing drawing, wherein:
the toy and that there will be more than suffi
30 cient leg room in back of the wheels 2| on the
Figure 1 is a side elevation of the toy.
Figure 2 is a front elevation of the toy.
axle 2!! to enable the child to propel the toy. The
Figure 3 is a top plan view of the toy.
steering gear, due to its novel formation provides
By referring to the drawing it will be seen that
a, readily accessible steering bar 3'0 for the child '
the wheel toy consists of a few relatively simply
to grasp and the motion is transmitted through
formed wooden sub-assemblies, the principal one 35 the ?exible connections 21 to the cross piece 251
of which consists of a body portion indicated by
and through the vertical bars 24 to the pivoted
the numeral I0, the body portion comprising a
axle 20. The child can, therefore, handle the toy
section of one inch wooden material positioned
with ease and convenience as compared with
On edge. The uppermost edge of the body por
similar toys heretofore known in the art wherein
tion I0 is straight and is indicated'by the numeral 40 the steering apparatus if located adjacent the
|| while the lowermost section is curved at both
child’s hands invariably interfered with the
the front and rear sections thereof as indicated
child’s leg action in propelling the toy.
bythe numerals l2 and I3, respectively. A wing
It is obvious that desirable decoration may be
I4 also formed of a single piece of wood is posi
either painted on the toy or applied thereto as
tioned transversely on the uppermost edge ll of 4:5 by decalcomania such as are indicated by the
the body member ID and is preferably tapered as
motor representation 3| and the rudder decora
is best illustrated in Figure 3 of the drawing. It
tion 32 and the cabin window representation 33 on
is attached to the body portion In by any suit
the member I5.
able means. A simulated cabin structure con
It will thus be seen that a simply formed,
sisting of a single curved member standing on 50 practical wheel toy has been disclosed wherein
edge is indicated by the numeral l5 and is posi
the principal novelty resides in the unique steer
tioned on top of the wing member l4 and at
ing arrangement provided.
tached thereto. A tapering frontal section I6 is
Having thus described my invention, what I
also positioned on the uppermost edge II of the
claim is:
body portion I 0 and a seat I‘! is positioned there 55
1. In a wheeled toy taking the form of' a toy
airplane and including a body, a wing member, an
axle pivoted to said body member and located be
neath the body andrwing members, and a steer-i
ing gear positioned in back of the wing member
on the body member, ‘and means establishing con-v
nection between said steering gear and said axle,
said means including a pair of vertically posi
‘ ,
tioned steering bars on said axle, a pivoted cross
member, ?exible connections positioned between
the cross member and the said steering gear.
3. In a wheeled toy taking the form of a model
airplane, and including a body member consist
ing of a section of wood positioned on edge, a
wing positioned transversely thereon and an in
tegrally formed seat, and tail member positioned
thereon and adjacent the rearmost portion there—
of, a, pivoted axle positioned beneath the said/body
piece ai?xed to the uppermost ends of said steer
wing members and pivoted to the bottom of
ing bars and ?exible connections between the 10 and
the body member, vertically spaced bars posi
said cross piece and the said steering gear.
tioned on the said axle, one on either side of
2. In a wheeled toy in the form of a model /
the said body member, a slot in said body member
airplane, and including a body member having
beneath said wing, a cross member a?ixed to said
a wing member positioned transversely there
spaced vertical bars at their uppermost ends,
on, a seat member, a steering gear rotatably posi 15
tioned between the said member and the wing
member, an axle positioned beneath the body and
wing members and pivoted to the bottom of the
body member, vertical bars positioned on the said
said cross member positioned in the said slot be
neath the said wing and pivoted midway between
its ends to said body member and flexible con
nections positioned between the cross member and
the said steering gear.
axle and affixed to a cross member at their upper 2,0
most ends, the cross member located beneath the
said wing member and pivoted to the said body
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