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July 23, 1946.
_Filed June 8, 1945
2 sheets-sheet 1
July 23, 1946.
Filed June 8, 1945
2 Sheets-Sheçt 2v
fnv-@RNE râ.
Patented July 23, 1946
» _2,404,525
21,404,525 `
,Elmer June
8, 1945,
Wing,No. 598,325-
5 Claims. (Cl. 51-217).
This invention relates to a portable micrometer `
fixture or support, designed for suporting a mi
posed near the upper end thereof, is a plate I3
that is horizontally disposed, the plate being pro
vided with an opening to receive the cap screw
crometer during the operation of lapping the mi
crometer anvil and end of micrometer spindle.
An important Vobject of the invention is to pro
I4 that is of a length to extend into a threaded .
opening of the ground steel block I5, securing vthe
block I5 to theplate I3. The front edge of the
vide a device of thischaracter which may be
adjusted for use in accurately lapping. anvils or
block I5 is formed with a V-shaped groovev I6 in
which the barrel ofthe micrometer under treat
ment, is held.` A clamp I1 which is in the form
of a bar adapted to span the V-shaped groove,
is secured to the block I5, by means ofthe set
screws rIB, to the end that the barrel of a mi
of micrometers
object of theofinvention
various sizes.
is to provide
a fixture having means whereby the >micrometer
or spindle thereof, is clamped in such a-manner
that an adjustment between the lap and the'work
crometer positioned within the V-sha-ped groove
I6, will be iirmlyclamped within the groove-and
With Athe foregoing and other objects in view 15 held against movement, during the lapping oper
ation. Securedv at the upper end of the column
which will appear as the description proceeds,
being lapped,v maybe made, without disturbing
the relative alignment of either. .
6 bymeans of the cap screw I 9 is a plate 26„ which
has an offset portion 2| formed with an open
ing¿for the reception of the sleeve 22 that is pro
vthe invention consists of certain novel details of
construction and combinations of parts herein
after more fully described and pointed out in the
vided -with external threads that cooperate with
the'internal threads Vof the sleeve 23 which is
formed with a knurled end 24 by means lof which
claims, it being understood that changes may be
made in the construction and arrangement of
parts without departing from the >spirit of the in
vention as claimed.
the sleeve 23 may berotated. The sleeve 22 is
also formed with a knurledportion so that this
Referring to the drawings _»f
Figure 1'is an elevational view of a ñxture or 25 sleeve may be rotated within the sleeve 23. " The
sleeve 22 is formedwith an annular ‘groove’ 25
support, constructed in accordance with the in- 4
-Figure 2 is a fragmental sectional view, illus
trating the main column and adjustable sleeve
movable over the column.
' '
Figure 3 is a sectional'view taken on line 3-3
of Fig. 1.
Figure 4 is a sectional view taken on line'V 4--4
of Fig. 1.
Fig. 5 is a plan view of the device.
Voffset portion 28 of the plate I3, there being pro
35 vided a clamp screw 29 positioned in aV threaded
Figure 6 is a side elevational View of the device,
taken at right angles to Fig, «1.
into which the screw 26 extends,y locking the
sleeves 22 and 23 together, eliminating back-,lash
with plate 20, when the sleeves are operated.Vv
They sleeve 22 is provided with fine, yinternal
threads, that mesh with threads at the upper
end of the adjusting rod 21‘ that has its lower
end extended through an opening formed inthe
Referring to' the drawings in detail, 'the Vrefer
opening formed in the edge' of the offset portion
28 of the plate I3, the 'clamp screw contacting
with the rod 21 in securing the plate I3 .and rod
21, together. . Thus it will bel seen that dueto
ence character> 5 designates the base of the iix
ture, from which `rises the column G, the column 40 this construction, the clamp screw 29 maybe
loosened, and the sleeve II adjusted longitudi
6 being secured to the base 5, and held in a ver
nally of the column 6. ' After the adjustment has
tical position, by means of the cap screw 1, that
been made, the clamp screw 29 may be oper
extendsA through an opening in the base and
is embedded in the threaded bore 8 formed in the 45 ated to clamp the rod 21, securing the sleeve II
in its position of adjustment. Should it be de- Y
lower end of the column 6, as clearly shown by
sired to further adjust the sleeve to a minute
Fig. 6 of the drawings. The column 6 is provided
degree, the sleeve 22 may be rotated to raise or
with a key-way 9 which is disposed longitudinally
lower the rod 21 and sleeve II connected there
thereof, the key-way being _designed to accom
modate the key I0 that is fitted in a groove, dis- A
posed in the inner surface of the sleeve II, the
key I0 being secured to the sleeve Il, by means
of the pin I2, so that the sleeve may move longi
tudinally of the column 6, but be prevented from
rotating with respect thereto.
Formed integral with the sleeve II, and dis
Mounted on the base 5, are parallel lap supports
30 which are secured in position by means of the
screws 3| that have their heads countersunk in
the upper surfaces of the lap support 30.
Disposed Ibetween these lap supports 30, is a
guide including the upwardly curved arm 32
that has va downwardly extended supporting pin
sleeve mounted for longitudinal sliding movement
positioned Within the opening 34 formed inthe `
on the column, a block having a V-shaped groove,
It will oi course be understood that there
mounted on the sleeve, an adjusting rod, means
` will beV a, precise sliding ñt between’the pin 33
' for connecting the sleeve and adjusting rod,
i and opening 34 to insure accuracy during-the
lapping operation.v
means for moving the adjusting Yrod vertically
adjusting the position of the block with respect
At the upper end ofthe arm 32 is an enlarge
` ment 35 formed with a horizontal bore to accom
to the b'ase, said V-shaped groove adapted to re
ceive a micrometer barrel, means for securing the
modate the Vpin «'35 that extends from the yoke .31,
l the yoke 31 being formed with-threaded openings
anvil endioi-amicrometer to the base, and sup
ports on v"which a lapping stone rests in lapping
j to accommodate the set-screws 38 that are adapt
Í ed to clamp the anvil end of the frame of a miev
crometer therebetween.
the anvil of a micrometer.
3. A micrometer lapping fixture, comprising a
’ base, a column rising from the base, a sleeve mov
When positioning a micrometer frame in ‘theV
' able .longitudinally of the column, an adjusting
1 device,.the narrow endvof the micrometer frame vr15 .rod supported by the column and disposed in par
‘ ispositioned Within the V-shaped grooveV >Itì of`
Y allel spaced relation with the column, means for
ï the ground steel block I5, Where it is` held 'li-riposi-l l ì connecting the adjusting rod to the sleeve for ad
‘ tion by means of the clamp l1. The sleeve .I lY ,
justing the sleeve vertically, a block to which the
‘ is now adjusted so that .the anvil end of 'the mi- '
anvil ‘end of a micrometer is- secured'means foi"V
` prometer frame will move between the arms of the 20 securing the block to the sleeve, a vertically mov
able member mounted on `the base and vincluding
\ yoke 37, ‘whereit -wi-llbe clamped by the screws
a yoke adapte-d ‘to grip the :anvilendfoi a microm
7’3-8 and held securely 'in position.
eter »supporting the anvil .of the micrometer in
The lapping tool, -which lin ‘the‘present showing
lapping .relation with the base,çlapping itool vsup
- i >is¿indicatecl‘by the reference `char'ac‘te;` A, is now
-portingmeans mounted .o-n‘the hase land adapted
.i positioned on the upper edges‘of >the parallel lap
to support alapping tool vduring the lapping .of
` supports, ltheintermediate portion of 'the lapping
; tool contacting with the
of the micrometer.
>the anvil.
4. A micrometer lapping fixture, comprising a
hase, ga yer-tical column rising `from the base, Va
¿sleeve ‘mounted for longitudinal slidingmovement
i By moving the lapping tool over the anvil, the
,f anvil -w-ill be lapped and conditioned lor accurate I
"by thevertical movement >of the supporting pin
on 'the column, means for securing ‘the sleeve tin
`various positions Aof adjustmenu'said means in
cluding an adjusting .rod connected 'with `the col'
umn, said adjusting rod adapted to >operate to
adjust the .sleeve longitudinally lof the column,
a block movable vwith the sleeve, said 'block .hav-`
ing a ’ll-shaped ,groove in the 'front edge thereof,
means for clamping the barrel end of .a microm
eter Within _the groove, a vertically movable mem
ber >'mounted onthe base and adapted to clamp
the vanvil fend of the micrometer secured Within
the groove `of the block, and-means yon the base
for supporting a lapping tool usedin lapping the
` v33 within “the Vopening 534. 'o
anvil> held in the device.
. Y ‘It'might-befurther stated 'that ~va knurled screw
`39 Aextends through the enlargement :35'fof 4the
‘ -a'rm 32 and -engagesïthe pin 3'6 ‘ofthe yoke 31,' se
curing 'the yoke Within 'the opening of the en-v
ï iargement §35.
§ _ Dur-ing the lapping operation, should it be -de
`sired to 'raise the :anvil Vend of 'the micrometer >to
contact the ‘lapping tool A, it `is only necessary
to rotate the sleeve 22 slightly, tothe end rthat
:the sleeve -I i will v‘be elevated, Vand since the lower
` en_d ¿or anvil end of the micrometer frame is held
lwlitl'iin the'yo'keV î311, the yoke 31 will l-be elevated
Y,1. VA `mier@meter 'lapping fixture, comprising a
ibase, ja _column rising from 'the base, Éa bloc-‘k
î‘mounted for ‘adjustment longitudinally ¿of `rthe
‘ column, means for -securing‘the ldlock infits posi- ,
ltions ¿of adjustment, means for adjusting vthe
block'longiïtudinally «of the column, said Ilo‘lock
having a `V-shaped groove `in the face thereof,
‘means fon V«the block for -clamping a 'micrometer
barrel >'inthe groove, means kfor clamping the
l ‘anvil end of the micrometer to the l1base,`and 'par-A
allel .supports providing a ’rest for a lapping 'tool
used in îlappingf the .micrometer anvil heldbe- Y
tweensaid rests',
2. A micrometerlapping ñxture comprising a ,
base, a vertical column rising ~from the base, .a "
' Y
5. A-micrometer lapping .iixture comprising a
_ base, lia column l,extending »from the base at .right
angles with respect thereto, a sleeve movable »over
V' „What is claimed is:
.the‘column-sa-id sleeve being held against rotary
movement, an adjusting rod, means for securing
one end of the adjusting rod .to one end of .the
column, means for connecting the adjusting rod
to the sleeve whereby rotary movement of the .ad
justing rod .operates to move the sleeve longitudi
nally of the column, means for connecting the
barrel end of a micrometer, tothe sleeve, a ver
tically movable member mounted Von the base and
>adapted to clamp the anvil end of lthe microm
veter, whereby the anvil may belapped.
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