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July 23, 1946.‘
'. E. w.‘ R‘ODGERS ET-AL
‘.Filed Nov.- so, 1945
,. I \ I’
Patented July 23,‘ 1946
Frederick W. Rodgers, ,Pacoimarand Alvan M.
Palmer, Los‘ Angeles, Calif.
v Application November 30, 1945, Serial No. 631,990 '
. 1 Claim.
This invention relates to a device for facilitat
ing the handling of sacks or bags of wheat, bar
member. The axis of curvature of the concave
face I | parallels the bottom edge l2 and the con
cave'face || preferably represents an angle of
ley, other grains, and. various pulverulent or gran
ular materials.
Grain and various other granular materials
are often shipped and handled in bags. These
bags may weigh from 90 lbs. each to as high as
150 lbs. Many of the sacks or bags are made of
rotation or generation of not less than 60° nor
more than 90°.
The backing member also includes a substan
tially ?at upper portion l5 from which exten
sions l6 and I1 extend upwardly in parallel, >
‘spaced relation. The upper ends of these exten:
sions may be connected by means of a cross piece
workers handling the bags are not only subjected
It; around which a hand grip I9 is fastened or
to a great deal of strain but, in addition, often
formed. or the hand grip I9 may connect the up
suffer abrasions and loss of skin from the areas
per ends of the extensions l6 and, I1. Reenforc
of the wrists immediately above the palms of the
ing ribs 20 may be formed in the backing mem
hands, due to frictional and abrasive movement
of the sacks against such areas while the bags 15 ber and extend into the extensions Hi and IT. Ad
ditional reenforcing ribs may also be formed in
are being handled. The present invention is di
othersections of the upper and lower portions
rected to a sack lifter which facilitates the work
l5 and | | of the backing member. The ribs, such
of lifting, arranging, stacking, or otherwise mov
as 20, preferably extend rearwardly (from the
ing heavy and awkward bags of granular mate
20 convex surface of the bottom portion), thereby
presenting a minor depression on the concave
An object of the present invention is to dis
or front surface of the backing member,
close a sack lifter which may be quickly and
A sheet of relatively thin metal provided with
readily applied to a sack so as to permit such
.a large number of punched out, integral, rigid,
sack to be lifted, raised and moved without dis
comfort and without causing the workers’ hands 25 sharp teeth is attached to the concave faceof the
lower portion of the backing member. ‘Such sheet
or wrists to rub against the sack.
is indicated at 2|, and it will be noted that the
A further object of the invention is to provide
lower portion of such sheet is provided with a
a device which not only facilitates the lifting and
large number of triangular, punched out teeth
manipulation of heavy sacks but does not damage
30 22, 23, and the like. These teeth are preferably
the sacks during such handling.
punched out of the sheet metal 2| by suitable
A still further object is to provide an arrange
dies while such sheet is ?at and then the punched
ment and combination of elements whereby sacks
out sheet is bent to the curvature imparted to the
may be readily lifted and the devices disengaged
backing member and either riveted or welded to
from the sacks in an effective manner Without
damaging the sacks.
C: (it the concave front face of the backing member.
The tooth-bearing face sheet 2| may be remov
An object of the invention also is to provide
ably attached to the backing as by means of
an inexpensive, simple construction which per- '
machine screws. Thin sheet steel has been suc
mits effective sack liftingdevices to be manu
cessfully used for the toothed facing 2|.
factured economically.
It will be noted that the various teeth 22, 23,
These and other objects of the invention will
and the like are only formed in that area of the
become apparent from the following description.
facing 2| which covers the curved lower portion
In such description reference will be had to the
| | of the backing member. The upper portion
appended drawing, in which:
of such facing 2| and particularly that area which
Fig. 1 is a front view of one of the sack lifters
is located between the curved lower portion, the
made in accordance with the present invention,
extensions “5 and I‘! and the hand grip opening,
portions thereof being broken away.
is-left plane or flat as indicated at 24 and pro- '
Fig. 2 is a side elevation of the device.
burlap or other coarsely woven material and the
Fig. 3 is a sketch illustrating one manner of
use of such device.
vides a bearing area or surface.
face which is contiguous to the bottom edge l2
bag is readily lifted, the various teeth penetrat
In use, a pair of sack lifters is grasped by th
The device of the present invention generally 50 handles or hand grips and the lower edges I!
are inserted beneath the sides of a'bag. When
consists of a backing member l0 comprising a
an upward pull is exerted upon the handles, the
lower, curved portion || presenting a concave
ing the bag or sack and ?rmly holding such sack
tween the side edges l3 and H of the backing 65 upon the devices. When it is desired to release
of the member.
The concave face extends 'be- »
the bag, it is only necessary to bring the hand ‘
grips IQ of the two devices toward each other,
the bearing area 24 resting against the side of
the bag and acting as a lever point which facili
comprising a lower curved portion presenting a
concave face contiguous to‘ the bottom edge of
such member and a substantially ?at upper por
tion; a pair of spaced extensions extendingup
wardly from the upper portion of the backing
member; reenforcing ribs formed in the lower
' sirable to have the hand grips positioned with
and upper portions; a hand grip carried by the
their axes substantially parallel to - the bottom
extensions, the ‘axis of the hand grip virtually
paralleling the bottom edge of the'backing mem
edge l2 of the device. The teeth 22 and 23 should
be rigid and may vary from approximately %" in 10 ber; and a sheet of relatively thin metal provided
length to 1/2" in length. They should be smooth.
with a large number of punched out, integral,
tates the withdrawal of the teeth from the bag.
In actual practice, it has been found highly de
and free from burrs so as not to rip or pull the ‘
' rigid, sharp teeth, such sheet being attached
threads of the bag material. The overall height
to the concave face of the lower portion of the
of the device from the bottom edge to the top of
backing, member, said backing member ‘and sheet
the hand grip may vary from 14 to 16 ‘inches so 15 presenting a virtually ?at, toothless, bearing area .
as to place the hand grips above the upper sur
above the concave face and between the exten
face of the sack being lifted,
' ' ‘
sions and hand grip.
We claim:
A sack lifter consisting of : a backing member~
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