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July 23» 1946-
L. E. slMMoNs
`Filed Jan. 13, 1945
y #www
Patented July 23,r` 1946
Leon E. Simmons, Claremont, N. H., assignor to
Joy Manufacturing Company, a corporation of
Application January 13, 1943, Serial No. 472,281
3 Claims.
(Cl. 262-33)
lThis invention -relates to cutter chains and
nected at 1 to strap links k8. The strap links have
inwardly directed gibs 9 receivable in the external
guideways of the cutter bar, and outwardlydi
rected trunnions I0 which project within trans
verse bores II ’1n the parallel side portions I2, I2
of the chain blocks. The strap links have out-V
more particularly to improvements in a mining
machine cutter chain especially designed for» use
in the Cutting of coal.
An object of the present invention is to pro
vide a cutter chain of an improved design. An
other object is to provide an improved holding
means for securing the cutter bits in cutting po
wardly directed, rectangular projections I3 mid
sition on the chainblocks in an improved man
way between their ends and at their outer sides,
which are arranged between adjacent chain
ner. Other. objects and advantages of the inven
blocks and which are arcuatelyV notched or
tion will, however, hereinafter more fully appear.
grooved at I4 at their opposite sides. The ends of
the side portions I2, I 2 of the chain blocks are cut
I In the accompanying drawing there is shown
away at I5 to provide relatively narrow arcuate
flanges I6 which project within the slots I4 in the
15 strap link projections in the manner clearly shown
In this drawing:
‘ «
Fig. 1 is avfragmentary sideelevational view of
in Fig. 5, when the strap links and blocks are in
operative assembled relation. When the »chain
a cutter chain constructed in accordance with
blocks are swung into a predetermined relation
an illustrative embodiment of the invention.
as shown in Fig. 6, the ilanges I6 on the side por
__ Fig.72 is a cross sectional View taken substan
20 tions of the blocks move out of interlocking rela
tially on line 2--2 of Fig. 1.
tion with the projection-slots I4 so that the link
Fig, 3 is a cross sectional view taken substan
trunnîons I0 may be moved inwardly out ¿of the
tially on line _3f3 of Fig. 1.
Fig. 4 is a view partially in longitudinal vertical
block bores, thereby to enable ready detachment
section and partially in elevation, taken substan
of the links from the blocks. The structure of
25 the improved interlocking connections between
tially on line 4-4 of Fig. 2.
Fig. 5 is a transverse sectional view taken >sub
the strap links and chain blocks is being claimed
stantially on line 5-5 of Fig. l, showing the im
in a continuation-in-part application, Serial No.
for purposes of illustration one form which the
invention may assume in practice.
proved interlocking connections between the
504,660, filed October 2, 1943.
chain blocks and strap links. `
In this improved construction each chain block
Fig, 6 is a detail elevational view, illustrating . 30 has a lateral lug I8 provided with relatively in
the manner of detaching the strap links from two
adjacent chain blocks.
Fig. ’7 is a perspective View of the improved
cutter bit holder.
clined outer surfaces I9, I9, parallel side surfaces
20, 20 and a longitudinal bore 2I. The lug I8
projects laterally from a surfacey 22 lying in a
plane parallel to a longitudinal plane including
Fig. 8 is a perspective view of the front bit 35 the axes of the block bores II. A holder 23 is
formed with a recess 24 shaped to receive the
Fig. 9 is a perspective view of the improved
block lug I8 in the manner shown in Figs. 3 and
4, and has an integral bolt portion 25 received
chain block.
Figs. 10 and l1 are perspective views of a pair
in the lug bore 2I in the manner shown. A trans
of cooperating strap links.
40 verse rivet 26 (Fig. 3) passes through alined open
In this illustrative embodiment the improved
ings in the block lug I8 and bolt portion 25 and is
cutter chain generally designated I is of the so
secured to the holder 23, for rigidly holdingv the
called “outside running” type, guided for cir
holder in position on the chain block against the
culation about the margin of a cutter bar gen
rear face of the block lug. The holder recess 24
erally designated 2 (Fig. 2). The cutter bar may 45 has relatively inclined side walls 2'I engaging
be of the same general design as that disclosed
the inclined surfaces I9 and parallel side walls
in my copending application, Serial No. 273,511,
28 engaging the parallel side surfaces I8, I8 of
filed May 13, 1939, now matured into Patent No.
the lug.. Surfaces 29 at the inner sides of the
2,324,033, patented July 13, 1943 and comprises
side portions of the holder rest against vthe plane
a bar member 3 having a relatively narrow flange 50 surface 22 of the chain block.
4 to which suitable wear platesk 5 are secured.
The bit holder is adapted to receive a cutter
These wear plates provide guiding surfaces for
bit generally designated 30, of a, conventional
design and this bit has relatively inclined' cutting
the cutter chain externally of the cutter bar.
faces 3l, 3l lying in the sides of a triangle and
As is shown in the drawing, the cutter chain
includes a series of chain blocks 6 pivotally con- 65 terminating in cutting points 32, 32 at the op
2,404, 54o
„ 4.
posite extremities of the bit at the same side` of ‘
-the latter.
The bit body is generally diamond
shape in cross section. This cutter bit may be of
the same general type as that described in the
patent to John Ross No. 2,020,215, patented Nov.
5, 1935. The cutter bit is received in the recess
24 of the holder 23 with the inner inactive cutting
face 3| resting against a plane top ysurface 33 of
the block lug i8. yThe holder recess isshaped to
conform to the shape of the sides of the 'bit so
that the bit is ñrmly laterally held in-position in. the holder. Mounted on the bolt portion 25 of
the holder is a front clamp 34 having a projec-' "
tion 35 provided with an inclined surface 36 en
gaging the inner portion of the active cutting` face
3| of the cutter bit for holding the bit in cutting
position in the holder recess. Thebolt portion
1. In a cutter chain, a chain block having a
lateral lug provided with a longitudinal bore, aV
bit holder having a recess for receiving said block
lug and a bolt portion received in said lug bore,
and a transverse securing Aelement passing
through openings inthe block- lug and holder
bolt portion and secured to said'holder for se- » .
curing the latter to said block lug.
' 2. YIn a cutter chain, a chain block having a
lateral lug provided with a longitudinal bore, a
vbit holder having a recess for receiving said block
lug and a bolt portion received in said lug bore,
said holder recess being shaped to receive a cutter
bit, and means associated With said holder-for
securing> a cutter bit in said recess, said bit secur
of the holder is threaded at 31 along its forward ~
ing means including a front clamp on said bolt
portion and engaging the inner portion of the
active cutting face of the bit and means engag
portion to receive a nut 38 which, when tightened.
ingsaid bolt portion for adjusting said clamp
adjusts the front clamp 34 into bit clamping po-l ` 20 relative to said holder-and rsaid block into bit
sition. The cutter bitrmay be reversed end for
end with respect to the holder when one cutting
point becomes dull, thereby to- presenta sharp
v3. In a cutter chain, a chain block having a
projecting lug providedwith an outer planey sur'
face and a longitudinal bore, and means for hold
Asa result of this invention it will be noted 25 ing a cutter bit in cutting position on said'block
that an improved cutter chain is provided having
With the inner end ofthe bit resting against said
point to the work in a Well known mannen
an improved- chain block and strap linkstruc
plane lug surface comprising a detachable holder
attached to said block and having a bit receiving
ture. It Will further be- noted that by the provi
recess and a longitudinal portion received in saidv
sion ofthe improved cutter bit holder structure
theycutter bits may be firmly held in position
lug bore, said holder enclosingsaid lug, means
on the chain block lugs. Other advantages of 30 for -attaching said holder to said block, and Yad
the» invention Will be clearly apparent to those
justable means associated'with and adjustable
skilled in the art. ì
relative to said holder and engageable with a bit
While there is inV -thisj application specifically
in said holder recess for securing the bit in s_ai'd
described one vform Which the invention may .35 Vrecess against said plane lug surface, 'said‘rìad-- '
assume in practice, it will be understood Vthat
justablev means being positionable tfo‘ permitl re
this form ofthe same is shown for purposes of
lease of the bitV from the holder recess While the
illustration and that the invention may be modi
holder remains attached to said block; and said
fied and embodied in various other forms without
departing from its spirit or the _scope of the ap
ment engaging said holder and saidlugfand` pass
pended claims.
ing through said longitudinal holderportion.
holder attaching means including a securing ele# `
What I claim as nexvand- desire to secure, by`
vLetters, Patent is: Y Y
_ v LEÓN
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