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July 23, 1946.
J. c. THoMAs,àD
Filed March 14, 1945
/Í. .|
53\._M_ _
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_ _ J4_ .§2
[0o.9,H “
Patented July 23, 1946
l"s V
' 1
`_ dairiesl C. Thomas,v III, El Segundo, Calif. »
Applicants March 14, 1945, serialvNo. 582,672 ¿_
s claims. (ci. 2994-84)
fluid mixing device for mixing any desired'fluid
ñt as indicated .by the interñtting portionsl I9.
Thebore I0 at its left end opens into the space
between the wall I2 and the flange 'I5 and the
latter space in turn, opens into the spacebe
medicine or the like with a stream of water from
an outwardly extending flange I8 and the flange
I8 and the topl of container I removably inter
- The invention relates to a mixingl chamber or
»An object of the invention is to by-Dass the
' water from the faucet-without diluting the liq
tween the wall I6 and the ñange vIll to provide a
uid in the container, whereby the operatorïmay
shut off the mixed' fluid outlet‘fand regulate the
volume and temperature ofthe water to be-usedf,
without thereby wasting lor dilutingÍ ïtheïmedi;
cine* or the like in the mixing chamber,- while
relief outlet indicated at 20.
Depending from the conduit section 9 is-'anv
annular ilange 2l in which is fitted a suction tube
nozzle 22 having an outlet` 23-which `projects
automatically mixing the‘iluid in >the ¿chamber
into 'the' conduit section -9 and faces outwardlyV
with ‘the water from the faucet Von opening »the
of the conduit section»4,»which serves as a mixed
fluid outlet. Sealed into the flange 2If below th'e
Another object of the invention is to provideV 15 suction tube nozzlej 22 is the topof a suction
tube 24, the lower end ofA which carries a capY 25
a device of the character'v described of moldable
which houses a check valve 26 yhaving an upper
material-such as plastic.
sten1'21> guided in the lower end-of tube 24.`and
YAnother object of the-invention is to provide
having a stem`28 whichextends through :an en
a mixingichamber adapted to be mounted on
mixed fluid outlet.
and: supported by the faucet spout.
» A
is pressure in the suction tube 24. l Valve 26 . V
Figure 1 is a vertical sectional viewfoi a mix
opens to admit fluid indicated at 32> from the
ing .chamber or device according to the >present
25 container I into the tube ¿24 when water vfrom
the faucet,ynotv shown, is Vflowing- throughthe
transverse conduit section 9 to the'mixed fluid
Fig. 2 is a sectional view onl line 2-2 of Fig. 1,
looking in the directionA of the arrows.
larged »inlet aperture 39 4in the lower endY of
cap 25.` The valve 26 has a circular valve head
3| which seats on the insidefof cap 25 when there
For further. details 'ofthe invention referenc .
may >beimade to the drawing, wherein: Y
,-Figs. 3 andfi are views in side >elevation and
outlet 4.
Arising from the conduit section 9,'b'etween
plan, respectively, of the toggley ofV Fig. 1 for
clamping the device of Fig. 1 to aV faucet spout, 30 the suction outlet 23 and the relief valve I3
is a sleeve 33 which servesfas aninlet'ïand is v
provided with internal screw threads 34. ’
vReferring in-detail to the drawing, the mixing
chamber or device of this invention comprises
acontainer I having a cap` 2 _in which is _mount
ed a transverse conduit fitting 3. The conduit
Threaded into the threads 34 _is a hollow` num-f»
. ble 35 having at its upper end a flange 36 which
overlies an inwardly-projecting flange 31 on
a rubber sleeve washer 38. The Washer flange
htting >3 comprises two telescoping sections of
which the section 4 passes _through an aperture
31 fits on an inlturned flange 39 at the base-` of
`5 in the side wall 6 of the cap 2, vthe section 4
terminating at its outlet end_ina stop flange 60
vand in corrugations 1 _forming a connection for
the neck 40 of the .cap 2. yThe washer flange 31
is clamped on _the neck flange 39, between the
thimble flange 36 andthe said flange 39, to pre
vent leakage at that place, and to prevent¿the
sleeve washer 33` from blowing out> when the» de
a. »hose 8. „The hose 8 has va conventional clamp
vor shut-off valve, notV shown. Fittingin the
vice is inuse.
- j
"pipe section 4 is an aligned section 9 having at
The means herein disclosed for clamping lthe
lits outer end an enlarged bore I0 .in which is
arranged a compression spring II which bears 45 mixing device I--2,`to the spout of Va. faucet,`not
shown, is described and claimed in my 'copend
at its outer end on the side wall I2 of the cap 2 '
ing application,` Serial No.._58,2,673,-iiled March
-and at its inner end on arelief valve I3 „having
' `'The outer end of the transverse'conduit sec'
14, ,1945, for `Faucet attachment, and-here is
'shown ' as -comprising* aj compressible neck-49
tion- 9 terminates'ina ilange' I5 which serves as Ato v‘which arises from and is integral with the cap
2 and provided with a number ofY longitudinal
a wallportion which supplements and ñt's o'nI
the complementary wall portion I6 of the con
~ slots 4I , ,here indicatedA as fourinfnumber, where
by the’neck 40 being; of_ plastic material is com
tainer I.. Theflange Vor wall portion I5 at its
pressible. -Around the neck 4u~is arranged a
opposite sides vvand> _topA ñts in a groove. I1 in the
lcan2....,.'1711e~ sidewall I 6_ 44of the container _Iphas '_ 65 clamping han@ 42 ,hevige ,e i955?? 52.55°" that.
chamber having therein a transverse conduit of
the neck 4i) can be kclamped or unc'lamped from
which one end is a relief outlet and the other end
‘ the faucet spout.
a mixed fluid outlet, a spring pressed relief valve
If desired, use may be made of an auxiliary
cap 44 having a top opening 45 to receive the
faucet, the cap 44 ñtting on a shoulder ¿i5 on
closing said relief outlet, _a suction tube depend- '
ing from said conduit between said outlets, a check
the top 2.
All of the parts shown, except the spring II,
Valve opening to suction and closing to prevent
reverse ilow> for said suction tube, said suctionV
tube having in said conduit an outlet facing said
hose 8, sleeve- washer 38 and clamping band 42 n
and toggle 43, may be cast of mo'ldable material.
mixed fluidoutlet, and a fluid inlet opening into
such as plastic which is slightly flexible when `in .
'said conduit between said >suction tube outlet and
» said relief Valve, said parts being constructed and
' the form of a hollow container and cap as indi
cated at I, 2. Accordingly, the opposite side walls
arranged so that iluid from said inlet can dis-.>
41, 41a as indicated in Fig. 2, may be pressed yin
wardly at their .top to release the grooves 48, 49
from theribs 50 and 5I at the lower edges‘ofthe
cap 2, to remove container I from cap 2 while the
latter is clamped on the faucet. The ribs' and "
grooves 48 to 5I need not extend> the full width
of the container I and are illustrated in Fig. 1 as
charge through said relief outlet and not through
said suction tube into said chamber when saidY
mixed fluid outlet is closed, said relief valve being
closed and mixed fluid delivered to Vsaid mixed
' fluid outlet when the latter is open.
2. VA fluid mixing device having a container and
a cap therefor, said cap having a conduit fitting
therethrough, one end of said conduit iltting
being a mixed fluid outlet and the other end of
said passage ,being a relief outlet to the outside
of said container, a relief valve for said relief
outlet, a suction tube having an inlet in its lower
end and an outlet in said conduit ñtting, and a
extending approximately yl/âi of the width ofthe
container, as indicatedat `52. The side walls of
container I may bethickened for the -length of
the grooves 48, 49 ,as shown at 6I, 62. The con
tainer'I and cap 2 at their meeting edges I9 are
somewhat rectangular in cross section, whereby
the opposite side walls 4'I and 48 and the corn-y
panion side Walls on the cap'f2 are substantially
faucetV connection having an inlet ~conduit open
ingl into said conduit fitting onthe side of said
In assembling the .device the check vaive’zslis Y
mounted in the lower end of tube `24 and the cap
25 is cementedV or fused in theposition shown,
suction outletopposite said mixed;` fluid outlet
and between said suction outlet and said relief
3. A fluid mixing device according to claim 2
with a plastic Isolvent.Y The tube 24 with the suc
wherein said` container has a wall, one portion Y
tion nozzle 22T above it, are cemented in the sleeve
of said cap projecting beyond thecompanion wall
2I. - The conduit section 9, after placing there
portion of said container, and the relief outlet
lief valve I3 and spring II in place, is mounted 35 endof said passage having a flange inwardly
in the cap, with'ilange'` I5 fitted in the recess I7.
spaced from the insidexof> said cap portion and
Then the conduit section 4 isf passed, through
fitting on and complementing said wall portion.
the opening 5` from rightto left, and telescoped
`4. A iluid mixing device comprising a container
in and cemented ,to` the conduit section 9. The
having a cap, said cap having side walls anda
sleeve 38 is lltted in the neck .-40 and clamped
neck, a substantially Te-shapedv conduit fitting
`in’position bythe thimble 35.V Thus, thereis
mounted in the cap 2 a T shaped integral fitting
wherein one branch is the relief passage Ill, the
other branch the mixed fluid outlet 4, the stem
being the suction tube 24, *withr an inlet sleeve
33_arising from section 3 between relief valve rI
and suction tube 24. The device is then .ready
for use as above described, and when the toggle
having an inletarising- from one _branchof said ,~
T, the outer end of Which'terminates in a relief
passage leading to the outside of said container,
a relief Valve therefor, the outer end of another
branch- being a mixed: iluid outlet, andthe-.stem
of said T .being a suction tube for said container, ,
meansfor supporting theroutlet branchesof said
'T Yon theiopposite wallsV offsaid’cap and. means
43 isl employed to clamp the neck v4I) and the
_for supporting said inlet in said' neck.` ' Í
washer 38 to the faucet spout, the latter` will sup 50
5. A fluid mixing device comprising a- container
port the mixing device I, 2.
having Aa cap, said cap having a neck» havingan
A particular advantage ' of- *the construction4
>inturned flange at its inner end, a sleeve washer
above described is that after the operator places
in said neck and -having a flange overlying said `
a desired amount of medicine or other fluid 32
in the container I, and fits it onto the cap 2 which 55 neckflange, a conduit fitting having inlet, outlet
and suction' branches, and a thimble secured‘to
is assumed to be clamped on the faucet spout, the
said` inlet branch and >clamping said >,washer
operator may then close off the hose 8, turn on
and said inlet branch to the opposite sides
the faucet Aand adjust the relative amounts of . flange
of said neck flange. '_
' ` “
hot and cold Water, and its volume, While >such
Y 6. AV fluid ¿mixing device'comprising al con
waterl is by-passed through the relief valve I3
tainer having a cap, said cap >havinga neck hav
and relief outlet 20 without entering container
ing at its inner end an yinturned -flange, a mixing I or picking up any of the fluid 32. When'the
>conduit fitting housed in said cap, said conduit
operator desires to discharge through the hose V8
a vmixture of >.the Iwater from the faucet andthe
k ñtting having a threaded sleeve comprising an
fluid 32, it is simply necessary to open the valve, 65 inlet, a sleeve washer and a thimble havingA a
flangev -overlying said neck flange,v said, Athimble
not shown, in the hose 8, whereupon the spring
fhaving external thread 'engaging .said `threaded
I I closes the relief valve I3 and the water in rush
sleeve on the other side of said neck‘fl'ange'with
ing-past the suction outlet 23 picks up some of the
fluid v32 which is mixed with it and discharged , saidjneckilange 'clamped between and support
70 ing said thimble and said sleeve. ,
7. A fluid mixing'device comprising a container
. ~It* will be apparent that various modifications
.through the hose 8.,
may. be made in the vvinvention without departing
>fromrtherspirit of thefollowing claims.` ¿Y Y l
1. claim:
A fluid mixing
i device
- . .
. a _x;
havinga'cap, said capV having a vneck and side
walls», la transverse yconduitfinside 4of`saic'i'cap
'and havinga Vsupportin each of 'thefoppos‘ìt'e
'in walls
of' the cap, one end of said conduit com- Y
prising a relief outlet, a relief valve in said relief
outlet, the other end of said conduit comprising
a mixed ñuid outlet, an inlet sleeve arising from
said conduit and having a supporting connection
spout, said means comprising means for securing
said inlet to the spout, a hose connection on one
of said outlets, a spring pressed relief valve clos
ing said other outlet when said hose outlet
with said neck, and a suction tube for said con 5 is‘open, said relief valve opening when said hose
outlet is closed or restricted, a suction tube on
tainer depending from said conduit 'on the mixed
said fitting for said hose outlet, and a container
fluid outlet side of said inlet.
8. A mixing device comprising an integral con
for said suction tube and united With said fitting.
dui-t fitting having an inlet and two outlets there- '
for, means for supporting said fitting on a faucet 10
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