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July 23, 1946.
Filed March 14, 1945
James C. Thomas, III, El Segundo, Calif.
Application March 14, 1945, Serial No. 582,673
5 Claims. (Cl. 285-90)
The invention relates to improvements in a
faucet attachment with the provision of means
for securing the attachment to faucets of differ
the cap 3 may be removed from or mounted on
the container 2.
Mounted in the cap 3 is a transverse conduit II,
ent sizes.
one end I2 of which serves as a relief outlet hav
An object of the invention is to provide a faucet
ing a relief valve 9 held closed to its seat I3 by
attachment integral with' and forming the neck
spring 8 when the mixed fluid outlet I4 is open or
unrestricted. Depending from the transverse
of the top of a container, to support the container
from the faucet.
conduit II is a suction tube I5 having a check
valve I6 which opens t0 suction and closes when
Another object is to provide the container top
with a compressible neck adapted to be clamped 10 there is pressure in the suction tube I5. The
on the faucet spout.
upper end of suction tube I5 has an outlet I1
which is in the conduit I I, facing the outlet I4.
Another objectl of the invention is to provide
Between the suction tube I5 and the relief out
the container neck with a sleeve washer to pre
let I2 there arises from conduit Il a sleeve I8
vent leakage through the neck and to prevent the
washer from working loose or blowing out under
fluid pressure when th'e faucet attachment is in
Another object of the invention is to restrain
having internal screw threads I9 which engage
the external threads 20 on a hollow thimble 2|
which serves as an inlet. The cap 3 has integral
therewith a neck 22 having a plurality of longi
tudinal slots 23, here shown as four in number,
expansion of an auxiliary sleeve washer or re
ducer for a smaller size of faucet, by a cover for 20 whereby the neck 22 is flexible or compressible.
Inside of the neck 22 and over the slots 23 lits a
the container neck.
rubber sleeve washer 24 having at its inner end
For further details of the invention, reference
an inwardly projecting flange 25 which rests
may be made to the drawing, wherein:
and nts on a flange 2B at the inner end of the
Figure 1 is a vertical sectional view through a
mixing device provided with the faucet attach 25 neck 22. Both the flanges 25 and 25 have cen
tral apertures indicated at 21 through which the
ment of this invention.
thimble 2I projects. To prevent leakage be
Fig. 2 is a vertical sectional view on line 2-2
tween the flanges 25 and 26 and to hold the sleeve
of Fig. l, looking in the direction of the arrows.
washer 24 in position and prevent it from blow
Fig. 3 is an enlarged view in side elevation; and',
Fig. 4 is a plan view of a toggle for one form of 30 ing out, the ilanges 25 and 26 are clamped to
gether between the flange 28 on the thimble 2|
compressing device or lclamping band for the
and the upper end 29 of the socket I8. The body
I faucet attachment of Fig. l.
sleeve 24 prevents leakage through slots 23.
Fig. 5 is a vertical sectional view with parts
The sleeve 24 receives the faucet and the com
broken away of the faucet attachment of Fig. 1,
pressible neck 22 and sleeve 24 are clamped
with attachments to accommodate a smaller 35 around the faucet spout to support the mixing
device I on the faucet spout. One form oi clamp
Fig. 6 is a vertical sectional view with parts
on the neck 22 is indicated in Figs. 1 to 4 as com
broken away of a modified form of faucet attach
prising a band 30 of wire having its ends con
40 nected to a toggle clamp 3| having a handle 32
Fig. 7 is a sectional view on line 1-1 of Fig. 6.
which can be moved up or down to clamp or un
Referring in detail to the drawing, the mix
clamp the band 30.
ing device I is disclosed and claimed in my co
The cap 3 is provided with a shoulder 34 on
pending application, Serial No. 582,672 ñled
which ñts the lower edge of an auxiliary cap 35
March 14, 1945, for Mixing chamber, and gener 45 having a central aperture 36 through which the
ally comprises a container 2 having a cap or clo
faucet spout passes. In the modiilcation shown
sure 3 removably held in position by lugs 4 and 5
in Fig. 5, when using a faucet spout too small to
on the side walls of the closure 3, and companion
fit in the sleeve 24 in Fig. 1, use may be made of
recesses 6 and 'I on the container 2. All of the
an auxiliary sleeve 31 which ilts in sleeve 24, the
parts illustrated except the spring 8 for relief 50 cap 35 being provided with a removable insert ring
valve 9 and the >clamping band I0, are cast of
38, of plastic, having an internal diameter to fit
moldable material such as plastic, and the side
gi'id restrain expansion of the outside of the sleeve
walls of the container 2 are flexible enough to per
mit compressing them together so as to release
In the modification shown in Figs. 6 and 7. in
or engage the lugs and recesses 4 to 'I so that
stead of using the clamping band 30 to com
» ,
press the flexible and compressi-ble neck 22, use
the other side of said collar flange, and means
for compressing said flexible collar and washer
sleeve portion.
2. A faucet attachment comprising a collar of
may be made of a cam lug such as indicated at
39 on the upper end of each of the four neck por
tions like 45; that is, the neck has four flexible
portions such as 45, as there are four longitu 5 flexible plastic material having spaced longitu
dinal slots such as 40 which divide the neck into
dinal slots extending through one end of the
four pieces like 45. Four companion cam lugs like
collar, said collar having an integral inturned
4I are arranged around the inside of the top of the
flange at the other end thereof, a washer hav
cap 42. The cap 42 rests on a shoulder 43 of the
ing a sleeve portion fitting in said collar over
cap 44. By rotating cap 42 in one direction 10 said slots, said washer having a flange fitting on
said collar flange, said flanges having aligned
or the other, the four neck pieces such as 45
can be bent in to compress the same and the
central apertures, means having a ñuid passage
therethrough extending through said apertures
sleeve 46 to clamp the faucet spout, or to re
lease it.
for clamping said ilanges together and means for
It will be apparent that various modifications 15 compressing said collar and washer sleeve.
may be made in the invention without departing
3. A faucet attachment according to claim 2'
from the spirit of the following claims.
wherein said compressing means comprises a
I claim:
band having a toggletherein.
1. A faucet attachment comprising a compres
4. A faucet attachment according to claim 2,
sible c_ollar having an outer open end to receive 20 wherein said compressing means compriseìcam
the faucet spout, said collar having an inner end
lugs on the outside of said collar, and a cap
having an inwardly projecting flange having a
ver said collar, said cap having a central
central aperture, a resilient Washer having a
faucet receiving aperture and having companion
sleeve portion fitting in said cölTaÍr'and having a
internal cam lugs.
flange portion fitting on said collar flange, said 25
5. A faucet attachment according to claim 2,
Washer flange having a central aperture, a hollow
comprising a reducing Washer sleeve fitting in
thimble extending through said aperture and
said ñrst Washer sleeve, a cap fitting over said
collar, said cap having an aperture, and a ring
having exterior screw threads, said thim-ble hav
ing a flange overlying said washer flange at one
removably fitting in said cap aperture, said ring
side of said collar flange, and a hollow clamping 30 fitting around said reducing washer sleeve.
nut in engagement with said screw threads at
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