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July -23, 1946.
2,404,572 4
Filed oct; 17,'1945 l
Á? Arra/Swfy
Patented July 23, 1946
Kermit Graetz, Verona, N. J.
Application October 17, 1945, Serial No. 622,747
4 claims. (01.-46-130)
My present invention Arelates to figure toys and
is directed more particularly to a toy ski jumper.
One of the objects of my invention is to DTO
vide a realistic toy ski jumper of novel construc
tion which simulates the movements of .a skilled
human ski jumper.
Another object of my invention resides in a toy
ski jumper in which a toy figure is caused to
perform a somersault during its movement down
a ski-track-like structure.
A further object of the invention constitutes
the designing of a toy figure which is so con
structed and balanced as to simulate effectively
the movements of a skilled human ski jumper.
A still further object of the invention is to pro
vide an interesting, amusing and novel toy of
simple and inexpensive design.
In the accompanying drawing:
Figure 1 shows, in perspective, the major por
tion of a toy responding to the present inven
Figure `2 is a vertical medial sectional view
taken longitudinally through Figure 1;
Figure 3 illustrates the toy ski jumper ñgure
by itself and
Figure 4 is an enlarged fragmentary view of
the toy ski jumper and the contiguous portion
of the ski track, partly in section and partly in
or'the like with apolished or glossy upper sur
face. One’end `of the member I4 has an aperture
|45 through which stud I6 passes. The stud pro
jects from the upper part of sloping portion I2'
and the member I4 can thus be disassembled for Y
packing, storing and shipping purposes, if de
sired. The end of the member I4 may be rein
forced by a cross-piece I'I which serves to main
tain the member in the proper position illus
The toy ski jumper comprises a figure I8
mounted on a member I9 shaped to the general
configuration of a pair of skis and narrower than
the clearance between the member I3. The
formed portions of member I9 are provided on
their underside with feet 20 which have smooth
rounded bottoms adapted to slide along ski track
I2 and ski run I4.
A cross bar 2I of round
section is rigidly secured to the upper surface of
member I9 in the position illustrated. In other
words, the figure I8 which is conñgured to re
semble a skier is mounted on a member having a
central platform with forwardly and rearwardly v
projecting parallel ski-like extensions.
It is to be understood that the ski jumper is
so constructed, balanced and proportioned as to
enable it effectively to follow the gyrations in
dicated in Figure 2 from which it will be observed
that the toy figure somersaults in the free space
Like numerals designate corresponding parts 30 beyond the end of the ski track and lands in
throughout the various views of the drawing.
skiing position on the ski run down which it pro
Referring to the drawing in detail, the nu
ceeds. Thus, the toy figure slides down ski track
meral Ii) indicates an elongated base member
I2 with cross bar 2| above the guide rails until
on which is mounted a main body member II,
it enters the free space at which time it drops
a portion of the upper edge of which is formed
down until cross bar 2l strikes the top edges of
as a ski track I2 which is a smooth steeply slop
members I3, whereupon, due to the balancing of
ing surface and another portion of which is cut
the toy figure, the figure I8 goes through a clock
away to form a free space within which the gyra
tions of the toy ski jumper occur. Beyond the
free space, the member II again slopes steeply
downwardly at I2’ for a purpose to be herein
after set forth.
The member II is disposed between a pair of
wise rotation and cross bar 2l rolls accordingly
until the toy ski jumper assumes the dotted line
position A from which it drops onto ski run I4
and slides down the same.
It is to be understood that the parts described
and illustrated may be made of any suitable mate
vertical wall-like members I3 the upper edges of
rial including wood, metals, alloys and plastic
which parallel ski track I2 but project somewhat ç >
materials. The toy is preferably but not neces
sarily finished in colors simulating the actual ap
pearance of the true counterparts. The sizes and
proportions of the various parts are subject to
thereabove, as shown, to form guide rails which
prevent the toy ski jumper from moving laterally
and thus leaving the track. The lowermost por
tions of the upper edges of the member I3 merge
into a flattened concave section which denne and
constitute lateral boundaries for the free space
modiñcation depending upon the materials em
ployed and the weight and density of such mate
Y rials.v Such variations are all deemed to be ar
above referred to. The-member I3 terminates
short of the sloping portion I2’ as shown.
part of my present invention which is rather that
The member I4 serves as a ski run and is
Moreover, the feet 20 may be omitted- and if
deñned by the appended claims.
preferably composed of a strip of flexible linoleum 55 desired the member I9 may have projections cor
I claim:
ing a free space, and a toy figure having portions
capable of sliding down the track and having
lateral projections cooperating with said guide
rails and related to the center of gravity of said
member so as to cause the toy figure to perform
a somersault in said free space, and a down#
l. A toy of the character described comprising
a downwardly sloping track and a toy figure
capable of sliding movement down said track
actuated by gravity to simulate performance of a
wardly sloping run beyond said lower ends of said
guide rails to receive said toy ligure Yafter it has
somersault at the lower end of said track and a
Y run over which said iigure is movable from said
` performed said somersault.
4. Atoy of the character described comprising
a 2.
A toy of theY
guide rails
ing Yabove and downwardly beyond said track,~>- l
forming a free space below the lower endof‘vt?he
Y track, and a toy ñgure having portions Ycapable
Y of sliding down the track and having lateral pro-Í ' `Í
Yjections cooperating with said guide rails and re
lated to the center of gravity of said member" so
asrto cause the toy iigure to perform a somer 20V
sault in said free space.
V3. VA toy of the character
. a downwardly sloping track, guide rails projecting
above and downwardly beyond said track, form
responding to thev ends of the cross bar 2l but
formed in one piece with said member, all within
the spirit and scope of the invention.
a main body member provided with a ski track
andrcut away below said ski track, a pair of verti
cal members between which the main body mem- _
ber isdisposed which rise above such main body
member to form guide rails and to deñne a free
spaceb'eyond and below said ski track; a steeply
sloping surface on said main body member beyond
said vertical members and said free spacesloping
ñexible'member secured to the steeply
surfacerand forming a ski run.
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