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Patented July 23, 1946
» g 15 claims. (c1. 36,519.5)j
' This l'invention relates 'to `improvements inl foot
wear and more particularlyto an improved upper
a` counter pocket strip' secured >interiorly- of Athe
structure'for shoes andthe like, -this application
Figure 5 is a View similar to `Figures 3 ande
per and having a pocketjstrip secured exteriorly
to the upper, the counter >in this view being
cofpendin'g application‘Serial No. 567,362, iiled
but of another‘modiñed structure having an up
for patent being a continuation in part of my
It is among the objects. of the lpresent _inven
Figure 6 is an- elevationpf the rear part of
tion to provide an improved' shoe upper structure
a completed shoe with a portion of the~upper
invwhich a pocket strip is attached to either the
upperor'its 'lining at theY rear part of the struc 10 broken laway, to show a pocket strip-secured in-V
teriorly of’an upper element.
ture thereby to provide a counter pocket between
Referring to the drawing, Figs. lf3 illustrate
thev strip` and the' elementto'ïwhich .the strip is
‘_ l _Y
one embodiment of the invention in ajshoe upper
structure comprising an upper'lß, >@,{lining >I2,
Another object'jis >to -, provide Á,an improved . shoe
upper' structure in _whicha counter. pocket -is pro 15 a sock-.lining i4 and a shank s_tiiïener 1,6.` AS
shown, the lining I2 and .the socle-,lining M are
vided on the lining at'> the’rear of Athe shoe 4and
stitched together at I8 only aroundthe forepart,
the rear portion of upper is lasted overy the counter
leaving vthe " rear portion; of liningireeíofjthe
pocket and over upon the .base 'flange Acf a .counter
sockelinms. Y The upper l0.; in Fig; 111s, entirely
in said pocket, whereby> the lasted upper may be
free ofI visible evidence of >the V'presenc‘ze ofthe 20 vfree'of the lining and sockgliningfat'îthe >base
region, :and the rear portion ‘ofthe sock-lining
has 'its _marginal regions turned over’the edges
Still another object is to provide animproved
of the" shank stiffener I6 as`at'„20jand_ secured
shoe upper structurek havingl‘a ïforepart 'whose
to the under marginal regionsof the‘latter.
lining isv slip-lasted and whose upper is regularly
lasted, and havinga rear part‘which has a strip
additional to an upper element and having ex
tent only at a rearpart of> the `structure for
constituting'with said upper element aepoclcet
for reception of a counter.
According to my'present. invention, a counter
pocket is provided'on either the upper or lining
at the rearp'ar't of the,v structure and, as repre
sented in Figs. 1,-3, `rthe counter pocket is pro
vided’interio'rly ofthelining I2` by ,means of a
' A further object isf to provide a shoe upper 30 .pocket strip 22 which may ,bestitched to the lining
as at 24. In this connection,y it. should be noted
_structure comprising an 4upper and a lining in
that the v‘rear part of the lining I2has alasting
which a counter pocket is provided on the lining
allowance> as at. 26 ¿so that:after> afcounter 28` has
and in which no evidence of the presence of the
been inserted inpocket 30 between the lining ~and
pocket is visible exteriorly of `the upper.
It is, moreover, my purpose and object gen 35 pocket strip, the lining, and also-the upper, may
>be lasted over upon the flange 29 of the counter
erally to improve shoe upper structures and more
and secured in lasted relation in any suitable
especially the counter-stiffened rear portions
manner as by cement. As herein represented,
y thereof.
the pocket strip is co-extensive with the lining
In the accompanying drawing:
Figure l is a bottom plan View of a shoe upper 40 I2 at the rear of the structure, and its portion
corresponding to ,the lasting allowance of the
structure embodying features of the invention,
lining is turned inward upon Aand cemented to
showing the upper, lining and pocket strip prior
the `bound shank stiffener I6 and faces the upper
to insertion of a counter and prior to turning of
side of the counter flange.> The counter flange
said elements inward over the margin of the base
45 29 may be cemented to this turned over portion
of the upper structure;
of pocket strip as well as to the subsequently
Figure 2 is a longitudinal medial sectional view
lasted over portion of the lining. 'I‘ïhe upper is
also lasted and mav be cemented te ,the lasted
over lining. If Idesired a suitable ñller 32 may
incorporated counter, in their secured relation
50 be provided as shown in Fig. 2 and tne forel-,art
of the upper may be lasted over upon the filler
Figure 3 is a cross-sectional view on line 3--3
32 and secured thereto in anyv suitable manner;
of Figure 1 but having a flanged counter in the
as by cement. Preferably the ñller 32 will be
counter pocket;
of resilient material for cushioning the forepart
Figure 4 is a view similar to Figure Sbut of
a modiñed structure having no lining but only 55 of the Structure,
through the structure of Figure 1 on a last and
with the upper, lining and pocket strip, and an
When the pocket strip 22 is secured to the lining
and a full length sock-lining stitched together
I2 interiorly thereof, it will be obvious that both .
the lining and the upper maybe regularly lasted v
at least> around their foreparts, an upper lasted
over the lining at least around the forepart, said
lining and upper extending around the rear part
of the shoe and there being a counter pocket
overzthe counter 28 and the stitches which secure
’ Í the pocket strip to the lining are entirely obscured
by the'upper excepting along the top edge of
ï the shoe structure where’the same line of stitch- l
strip stitched to one of them _at said rear part"
to provide a pocket between them, a counter in
said pocket having a ñange underlying the rear
ing may secure the upper _and lining together
part'of ‘said sock-lining, said'rupperf, lining and
10 pocket ï strip each having Va ' .lasting ' »allowancel
thereon at the rear part of the upper structure,"
Fig. 4 shows an upper structure having no lin
ing but having a pocket strip 34 secured interiorly. ._1 ¿and all of said lasting allowances being turned
_inward into general parallelism with the counter '
l In
of the
form, 36
at counter
the rear28part
is inserted
of the structure.k
between ‘ _
v'flange with atleast one said lasting allowance
i the pocket strip and upper, and the pocketistrip
l oneach side of the counter flange.
` may be turned inward over the bound shank- stiff- _ Y ` _* 3. In an article of footwear, van upper struc
ture comprising-an upper, a. lining, and a pocket
plane of the under surface of the stiffeknen'as'l ~ strip_- at the rear part of the article secured to
the lining and providing a counter pocket be-_
‘ in Fig. 4, in which "latter case either it or the
I ener I6, as in Fig. 3, or maybe trimmed‘at the’ l ‘
; counter/_will be jcoatedïwith cement so that the 20 tween the strip and the' lining, a, flanged counter
È pocket strip`may ybe n'secured in smooth covering
. relation tothe inner surfaceof the counter. _i i
AIn the -form óf .the invention illustrated in'Fig.
5, the pocket strip'38 is" secured exteriorly of the
in said pocket,_ said upper, _lining and strip each.
having a lastingv allowance thereon,V andthe last;
ing allowances 'of said 'lin‘in'gland 4strip being
turnedr inward to_ lie Vonnopposite sides` of the
` upper Auand 'it is 'the.e1ementwhieh"wi11 be 1asted 25 counter flange,`and the lasting _allowance ofjthe _
upper being turned inward upon the'lastingallow
over the counter and inward`- upon _the counter i
\ flange, the upper 40 in this case being turned over _ ance which lies'on vthe outer side of the counter
` uponthe'shank stiff'e'ne'r, Asimilar t'ò the 'pocket
strip in Fig. 3.
¿ _
4.»In an article offoQtweana -_lining and a
'It will be obviouslthat, fin all 'of the illustrated
sock-_lining ,stitched> y together only around A their
‘ forms,_ the pocketJstrirfrnayA extend all around
foreparts, a pocketv strinseßured to @neef said
the rearfpart _of _thestructurev or onlyjaround
I such portion of theV rear partasis to be stiffened '
underlying. ,the SWR-,lining _ ,alittle rear part, and
by a counter.v ._ _.
While I have shown'the invention embodied
` in a particular type of shoe, it should be under
_ stood that my Ycounter pocket features may be
v embodied in any shoe .upper structure which has i
a’rear part ofthe upper with or without a lining.
I claim as my invention; _ _»
f _
1, VYIn an _article jof footwear, an upper structure
Í comprising Yanupper element, a lining element, l
î and Vavpcicket strip at‘therearpart, of the article
_ _ secured to onejof said elementsand providing _m
. arcountelî pocket vbetween said. strip and the ele
ment to' which the strip is secured, a ñanged
1 counter in said pocket, said strip and said ele
elements at the rear part, a stifî'enerjmember
havíng'marginalrée'icgâ_ofthe söQk-linìngtilmed
over vrits edges and securedfto the margin of _its
under face, the'rear portion ofthe liningv being
lasted over HP0@ `Said Seife-11mg, member, @flanged
counter at the _rear partfhavingnitsrijange under;lying'the s_tiffe'nefr elementgïand thejrearpart
>of Vthe- upper being'flas'te'd >over upon ltl'ieflarlge
of said counter;
and sockflin'in‘g ‘ stitched? togetherv around 4_only
their fore'part's, arcounter‘poçket strip stitched. ~
to said lining varound „tlieífrear part of Ythe struc’
ture toprovide a pocket i'ntëriorly -of -the lining
between the lining and _said strip. av counter in
1 ments each' having a lasting allowance and one
said pocket having a. iiangefunderlying the '_re'ar
‘ saidlasting allowance being turned inward -to
portion of the sock-linìilë, ~upperlasted
‘ lie on one _side ofthe íiange of the counter, and 50 over'the' lining at the Vforepa‘rt_andoversaid
l the other lasting'allowances being turned inward
3 upon the -other side of the flangeof the counter. ‘
2». AÍshoe upper structure _comprising a lining
Counter Docket @the rear garb-"1g _
_ _
. .
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