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Juli!’ 23,1946.
Filed Nov. 3, 1944
Patented July 23,1946
' 2,404,625
Joseph J. Druhot, Fort Wayne, Ind.
Application November 3, 1944, Serial No. 561,649
2 Claims.
(01. 294-87)
This invention relates to improvements in bot
tle carriers adapted for use by customers in car
rying away bottled goods in small lots and subse
quently returning the empty containers for ex
change upon making a new purchase.
Ordinarily, carriers for the same purpose are
made of ?imsy material and are short-lived,‘ ne
cessitating frequent replacements, and generally
apart from each other, and each is adapted to re
ceive the neck of a pair of bottles, the arrange
ment being such that each bottle positioned in the
hanger frame will be held equally spaced apart
from the adjacent bottles.
An open recess 9 is made in the upper portions
of the encircling members that extends longi
tudinally parallel with the base-bar 4 and equi
laterally therefrom a suitable distance, for recepe.
are so constructed as to require handling of the
bottles separately in ?lling the carrier as well 10 tion of a pair of lock-bars. [0, one on each side of
as their removal therefrom.
the handle. ‘Each bar has a pair of lugs II that
One object of the invention is to provide a du
project laterally from its inner edge and extend
rable’ carrier that may be used many times with
loosely into corresponding openings i2, made in
out appreciable deterioration.
the handle, at its junctures with the base-banso
Another object of the invention is to construct 15 as to permit‘ upward‘ hinged .movement of the
a carrier by which a group of bottles is grasped,
automatically secured'in the carrier and removed
from a case in which theywere uniformly ar
ranged, and subsequently transported and depos
ited into an empty case in similar arrangement
without handling the bottles separately.
lock-bars relative to the hanger frame__ j'I'heJ
outer marginal side‘ portions of each bar ‘has
made therein a series of adjacent indentations
l3 that are curved oppositely with respect‘to the
p20 adjacent curved end walls of the corresponding
encircling members so there are formed a series
And a further object of the invention is to pro
vide a bottle securing means ‘for the carrier that
operates automatically and holds a group of bot
tles in orderly arrangement and which readily re
leases the bottles from the carrier upon manipu
lation, as with the thumb and ?nger of one hand
by the operator.
And a still further object of the invention is to
of bottle-neck receiving openings l5 through
which the upper ends of a corresponding series
of bottle-necks project when in place. Each bar ,
is shaped to have along its outer lateral edge a
pair of ?nger-holds l6, preferably. located respec
tively above the spaces between adjacent encir
cling members, to afford convenience in tilting the
bars upwardly by applying manual pressure
construct a bottle carrier with but few parts so
against the bottom face of one or the other of
arranged and assembled that the movable parts
the ?nger-holds.‘
are held secured together and in connection with
The lock-bars ID are normally held within the
recess 9 by means of a spring ?xture I 1 preferably
formed of a single piece of wire shaped to have
the frame of the carrier without resort to auxil
iary fasteners.
Other objects and advantages of the invention
appear in the following description.
An illustrative embodiment of the invention is
shown in the accompanying drawing, in which:
two divergent contracting coils l8. The mid
portion of the ?xture extends astride the lower
edge of the base-bar within the middle encircling
member ‘I, and its terminal ends are hooked in
Fig. 1 is a side elevational view of a structure
connection with the respective lock-bars, thus
in which the invention is incorporated, a portion 40 serving to hold the hanger frame and lock-bar
being in section;
Fig. 2 is a top plan view of the structure shown
in Fig. 1, a portion being cut away on the line
2--2 thereof; and
Fig. 3 is a vertical cross sectional view of Fig.
2 on the line 3—3 thereof.
The illustrative embodiment of the invention
consists of a hanger frame shaped to include a
base-bar 4 provided with an upwardly extending
handle 5 and a series of similar oblong bottle
‘ assemblage together and permit opening move
ment of the lock-bars selectively.
In using the invention the carrier, while held
pendently by its handle. is lowered over an assem
blage group of bottles, whereupon the top of the
bottles protrude into the encircling members and
contact with the lock-bars causing them to move
hingedly upward as the hanger frame is lowered
thus permitting the tops of the bottles to pro
50 trude beyond the tops of the members. Subse
neck encircling members 6, ‘I and 8. The handle
quently, upon elevating the carrier, the necks of
and said members are preferably integral with ~ the bottles become clamped between the adjacent
the base-bar and formed of a single casting. The
lock-bars and the opposing end walls of 'the en
bottle-neck encircling members are open through
circling members and are then bodilyliftedto
their tops and bottoms and are spaced suitably 65 gether with the carrier and transported.
posed in said recess having lugs projecting from
their opposing edges into openings in the hanger
left in the original assembled order by first rest
frame structure, adapted for hinged movement
ing the group of bottles on the place of deposit,
upwardly respecting the frame, the outer edges
thenswinging the lock-bars upwardly into dis
engaging position, after ‘which the carrier is
of said lock-bars having indentations located op
raised free from engagement with the bottles.
positely with respect to the adjacent end walls of
In Fig. 3 is illustrated a bottle I9 of the usual’
the corresponding encircling members, and hav
type of beverage container having an external
ing ?nger-holds by which to manipulate said
annular shoulder 20 on its upper end portion
lock-bars, and a spring ?xture having divergent‘
which when in locked position overhangs the tops
contracting coils disposed astride of the base-bar
of the corresponding encircling member and the
and connected respectively with said lock-bars,
The bottles are released from the carrier and
adjacent lock-bar. In this, manner removal of
thus to secure the lock-bars in connection with
the bottle from the hanger frame is prevented 7 the frame and hold them normally in bottle-neck
engaging position.
upward to permit
it is engaged
2. A bottle carrier consisting of a hanger frame
An advantage of the invention is that the car
having a base-bar provided with an upstandingv
rier is easily operated with the use of but. one
handle and a series of bottle-neck encircling
hand, or, two carriers may be operated at the‘
same time using both hands independently of!‘
each other. This‘is afforded by the automatic .
operation of the lock-bars in loading the car
rier, and the location of the ?nger-holds on the
lock-bars in proximity to the handle within con—
venient reach of the thumb and ?nger of the
hand by which the carrier is held while unload-v
members transversely disposed in connection
with the base-bar; a pair of lock-bars disposed
one on each side of the handle, each having lugs
projecting laterally from its inner edge loosely
into corresponding openings in said frame to se- -
cure said lock-bars for upward hinged movement,
the outer lateral edges of said‘ lock-bars having’
indentations for reception of bottle-necks re
spectively ‘when disposed in said members, each
'Variations. from the particular construction
lock-bar ‘having a ?nger-hold disposed so as to
above disclosed may be resorted to by the exer
be engageable by the thumb’ or‘ a ?nger of the
cise of skill in the art, ‘without departure from
therscope of the invention,’ and the following‘ 30 operator’s hand while grasping the handle where
fore to operate said lock-bars. selectively, and a 7
claims are intended to be inclusive vof such varia
1. In a bottle carrier, ‘a hanger frame shaped
spring ?xture engaged with, said base-bar around
the lower edge thereof provided» withdivergent
retracting coils connected respectively with said
to include a base-bar, a series of‘ similar oblong‘ .
lock-bars to secure the ‘frame-and‘ lock-bar as
What I claim is:
bottleéneck. encircling members supported by the
semblage together and. to yieldingly hold the '
base-bar- and. handle in ‘connection ‘with the
frame, said frame having inits top a recess ex-‘
tending longitudinally parallel with the base
bar: and equilaterally therefrom, 1ock-bars"dis-7
lock-bars in bottle-neck engaging. position was
to permit selective operation thereof.‘ '
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