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July 23, 1946»
|_. z. ‘PLEBANEK
Filed‘April 1, 1944
2 Sheets-Sheet l
mirzvenioj' ,
vjleorzgsfd ZPZeémzek
July 23, 1946-.
Filed April 1, 1944
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
\LeozzargpzPleéanek '
Patented July 23, 1946
Leonard Z. Plebanek, Chicago, 111., assignor of
one-third to Charles J. Strebel, and one-third
to Anthony Bird
Application April 1, 1944, Serial No. 529,136
2 Claims. (Cl. 2'73-—101)
This invention relates to a bounce ball game
which may be substituted for the usual pin ball
game and concerns itself primarily with a struc
ture in which the balls are projected into space
for descension upon a platform ‘from which they
means as is well known in the art. The balls that
pass thru target holes are adapted to return thru
a hole 8a in the target panel and travel over cir
cuitous paths on the ?oor 1 as they strike the
pins 12 thereon until they drop or descend thru
an aperture I-3 in the floor ‘I and fall upon the
are adapted to bounce toward a target having a
return runway ?oor 6. »
plurality of target holes toward any one of which
The halls descending thru the apertures l3
the ball may be projected for registering a score.
are adapted to operate electric switches M for
It is an object of this invention to provide in
such a game a certain amount of skill in the 10 controlling scoring means as is common in such
apparatus. These switches are carried by the
provision of a rotatable projector or cannon
bottom of the runway floor 6 which it will be
which is adapted to be swung in azimuth and
noted slopes downwardly toward the :frontend
sighted upon any desired target hole or adjusted
oflthe aparatus whereby the balls are caused to
thuswise that ‘the projected ball will pass thru
15 roll- by gravity toward the front end of the apQ~
the desired target hole.
paratus against the guide I5 (Figs. 3 and 4). _ The
It is a further object of this invention to pro5
guide I5 which may be in the form of a low wall
vide means for returning the projected balls to
or rib has a passage l6 toward which the lateral
the proper position for permitting the same to
portions of the ‘guide converge as shown in ‘Fig. 3.
be again projected from the cannon.
The passage I6 is normally closed or obstructed
The invention comprises the novel structure
by a ?nger H which prevents the balls from en
and combination of parts hereinafter described
tering said passage 16. Before a ball from the
and more particularly pointed out and de?ned in
runway floor 6 can enter the passage IE1, it is nec
the appended claims.
In the accompanying drawings which illustrate r" “ essary to push the ?nger ll rearwardly in its
a preferred form of this invention and in which 25 guide slot [8 in the floor 6 as shown in dotted lines
similar reference characters refer to similar fea
tures in the different views:
Fig. 1 is a vertical sectional view taken in a
longitudinal direction thru an apparatus involv
ing this invention.
Fig. 2 is a vertical fragmentary sectional view
taken thru the ball projecting mechanism.
Fig. 3 is a top plan view of the apparatus with
in Fig. 4. The finger I‘! is on the end of an an
gular rod I9 attached to a slide 20 slida-bly
mounted in a coin box bearing 21 and provided
with a coin slot 22. The’ slide 20 is connected by
30 a spring 23 with the wall of the casing and its
return or outward movement is controlled by a
dash pot 24 connected thereto. This dash pot is
designed to retard the return movement of the
slide 20 to such an extent that ?ve balls will
a part of the cover broken away and
Fig. 4 is a sectional View taken upon the line 35 pass from the playing?eld into the passage [6
before the passage is again obstructed by the ?n
4-4 of Fig. 1 looking in the direction of the
ger. These ?ve balls may be obtained by the in
sertion of a coin and may be used to constitute
In referring to the drawings, it will’ be noted
a player’s allotment.
that the operative parts of the invention are .
The passage 16 communicates laterally with the
housed in a casing 5 having a transparent cover 40
lower portion of a bore 25 in a tube-like mem
5a which extends downwardly a considerable
ber 26 and a rotatable projector or‘canncn 21
distance at the front end of the casing in ordei
to bring the projector into view from the exterior
for sighting purposes. This casing is provided
which rotatably telescopes in the upturned end
of said member as shown in Fig. 2. It will be
with a lower runway ?oor 6 for receiving the 45 noted that the upper end of the member 26 curves
and that the projector 21 extends vertically for
balls from an upper runway ?oor l.
a distance and then curves into a straight por
A target plate or panel 8 rises from the runway
tion 21a which is slightly tilted in an upward di
rection for retaining the balls in the bore of the
ers try to have the balls pass after they‘ pass or 50 projector by friction. The curved portions of the
bore allow the balls to freely move therein. It
bounce from the ?oor 1 which is provided with
will be noted that the bore 25 is normally ?lled
a steel insert I'll upon which theballs areafdapted
with balls 28 so that an impact from one to the
to drop for bouncing toward the panel target.
other can be used for discharging themv one at
The balls that ‘pass thru target holes are adapted
to close electric switches II that control scoring 55 a time from the projector 21.
?oor ‘I at a rearward slope. This target plate is
provided with target holes 9 thru which the play
The balls‘28' are adapted to be projected by
means of a plunger 29 which extends thru the
29 and release the same, whereby the spring 39
will snap the plunger back. and cause its head
front wall of the casing into the tube-like mem—
29a to strike the ?rst ball 28a and impart an
ber 26 and it is provided at its rear end with a
impact to the series of balls for discharging the
head 29a for striking the ?rst ball 28a in the 5 foremost ball in the series. The discharged ball
series in the bore 25. A coil spring 30 con?ned
will take a trajectory similar to the dotted line 48
between said head‘and the end of the plunger
shown in Fig. 1 and descend upon the bouncing
passage normally urges the plunger inwardly.
platform Ill from which it will bounce toward the
The said ?rst ball 28a in the bore 25 is merely
target panel along a line indicated by the refer
an impact ball in that it is never projected but‘ 10 ence 49 and enter a target hole 9 and eventually
always remains in contact with the plunger head.
registering a score provided, of course, that the
To maintain said ball 28a in its impact position,
i ‘ player made a perfect shot.
To ?re the second
suitable projections or lugs 3| are preferably pr0-'
ball, the player must push the rod 31 inwardly
vided in the bore 25 slightly in advance of said‘ I and swing pawl 32 rearwardly and advance the
ball 28a as shown in Fig. 2. When the plunger 15 series of balls minus the ball 28a the distance
29 is pulled outwardly and released, the spring 30
of one ballas shown in Fig. 2. A ball from the
which has been put under tension, will snap the
passage I6 will now roll by gravity into the vacant
plunger back and cause its head 29a to strike
space between the ball 28a and the ?rst ball in the
the ball 28a and impart to it an impact which
advanced series‘ thereby loading the apparatus
will be transmitted thru the whole series of balls 20 for a second shot. In this manner, a player may
and cause the end or furthermost ball to be dis
?re ?ve balls from the projector.
charged vfrom the projector and descend upon
the receiving plate I0 and bounce therefrom to
ward the target panel or a target'hole therein
depending upon the skill of the played in adjust
ing the projector as will later more fully appear.
After a ball has been discharged, it is necessary
to advance the series of balls in the bore 25 the
distance of the diameterv of one ball in order to
After ?ve balls have been ?red as. above ex
plained, it becomes necessary to replenishithe
~ supply passage I6 by inserting a coin and pushing
the slide 20 inwardly to open’ the mouth of the
passage for the entrance of the ?ve ?red vballs
which shall have been returned, before another
Thus by inserting a coin, and pushing in the
bring the outermost all into discharging position. 30 slide 20, a player puts the machine in position for
Mechanism for accomplishing this purpose has
?ring'?ve balls as heretofore explained. It is
been provided in the ‘provision of a rock pawl 32
hence unnecessary to employ an attendant in
which is secured upon a rock shaft 33 below the
connection with the use of such an apparatus.
?oor 6. This pawl 32 extends thru a suitable slot
Then the features of sighting the projector at
34 (Fig. 2) in the floor 6 and is adapted for engag 35 the target and ?ring the balls therefrom into
ing the ‘ball adjacent the impact ball 28a and
space for descending and bouncing in the direc
shift the same with the entire series ahead into
tion of the target produces a far more interesting‘
the position shown in Fig. 2 whereby a space is
game than the common form of‘. pin .ball game
provided between the ?rst two balls for the en
now in use. Thru theadjustments of the pro
trance of a ball by gravity from the passage 40 jector, a certain amount of skill comes into play
It as shown in Fig. 2. A holding pawl 35 which
which greatly enhances the value of the game.
is pivoted to the'wall of the tube-like member
I am aware that many changes may be made
25 extends thru a slot 36 therein and holds the
and various details of construction may be varied
series of balls in their advanced position by its
Without departing from the principles ‘of this in
contact with the lowermost ball in the advanced 45 vention so I do not propose limiting thepatent
by- ‘
series. A hand operated rod 31 which extends
granted thereon otherwise than necessitated
thru the front wall of the casing is connected to
the appended claims.
the rock shaft 33 by means of the crank arm 38.
A coil spring 39 connects said rod 3‘! with the
I claim as my invention:
1. In a device of the class described, va ball pro
casing for normally drawing and holding the 50 jecting ‘mechanism including a member having
shaft 33 and pawl 32 in inoperative position, The
a bore for receiving a series of balls in contacting
series of advanced balls are held in proper posi
relation, means for projecting said balls, a'run
tion ‘by a spring pressed friction pad 21b mounted
way ?oor for receivingsaid balls after projection,
in a slot cut in the end of the projector 21 and
means de?ning a ball guideway from said runway
supported by a leaf spring 210 (Fig. 1).
55 ?oor to the bore in said member, means for con
The projector 21’ in addition to its telescopic
trolling said guideway for the- passage of a’ pre»
bearing is rotatably mounted in} [a bearing 40a
determined number of ‘balls, means for advancing
on a bracket 40 supported upon the runway floor 6.
said series of balls in said bore, means for re
A suitable gear 4| is secured upon the projector
taining said series in such advanced positionv and
21 between the bearings and this gear is engaged 60 means for advancing a ball from said guideway
by a small gear or pinion 42 (Fig. 3) fast upon an
into said bore into ‘contacting relation with said
operating rod 43 journalled in a bearing 44 on,
said bracket 40 and extending thru the front wall
2. In a device of the class described, a ball
of the casing where it is provided with-an oper
projector having a bore for receiving a ‘series’ of
ating handle 45.
65 balls in contacting relation, means for projecting
vBy turning the operating handle 45 and its gear ‘
said balls one at a time, a return runway for the
42, the projector 21 will be rotated in azimuth.
projected balls including a passage leading to
The straight portion 21a of the projector is prefer
said bore, means for controlling said passagefor
ably provided with a sighting barrel or portion
the passage of a predetermined number of balls, .
46 (Fig. 1) having a sight 4'! thereon.
70 means for advancing the series of balls in'said
In Figures 1, 3 and 4, the apparatus is shown ‘
with ?ve balls in position for a player to make
bore for the admission of another ball, and'means
?ve shots.- Such player will adjust the projector,
if necessary. and sight the same upon one of the
behind the series of advanced balls. '
target holes 9. He will then pull out the plunger
for feeding a ball from said passage to a'point
' '
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