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Filed May s, 1944 '
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July 23, 1946.
` |_.»z. PLEBANEK
Filed lMay 8, 1944
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Filed May 8, 1944 i
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Patented July 23, 1946
Leonard Z. Plebanek, Chicago, 'Ill., assignor of
one-third to Charles . Strebel and’one-third to
Anthony Bird
Application May 8, 1944, Serial No. 534,619
9 Claims.
(Cl. 273-101.1)
Fig. 11 is Ia wiring diagram of- the modiñed form
This invention relates to an electric target game
in which a target is moved thru space for being
fired upon by a beam of light, and concerns itself
primarily with a target which is electrically or
otherwise controlled so that at a predetermined
time or after a predetermined distance of travel
or movement such target will cause an attack
upon the gunner if he has not been hit himself
of apparatus.
In referring now to the drawings, especially to
Figs. 1 to 8, there is shown a target housing i5
having a target chamber I5a at the'top in which
horizontal sprockets I6 (Fig. ‘2) are suitably
mounted in spaced relation around which a conf>
veyor chain I1 is trained.
Suitable parallel guides I8 extend parallelfto
at such time or distance.
The preferred target consists of a rabbit which 10 the chain for guiding and assistingin supporting
the target I9 which in the present instance is
is caused to travel a predetermined distance dur
shownras a rabbit. Spaced forwardly from the
ing which the gunner will have an “opportunity
target housing, there is a coin box 2l) .having a
to hit the rabbit with a beam of light, an action
coin slot ZI. An electrical cable 22 connects the
which will illuminate the face of the rabbit, if
hit with such beam of light, and indicate to the 15 coin box with the target housing for supplying
the necessary current that is required therein.
gunner that a hit has been scored, the rabbit
A second electrical‘ca'ble 23 extends from the coin
having a target spot for such purpose.
box to the gunner’s or player’s riiie 24 for furnish
In the event that the rabbit is not‘hit before
ing the current for the beam of light as is well
travelling a predetermined distance, he will turn
and face the gunnerland' raise his own rifle that 20 known Vin the art. The cable 23 also includes
suitable shock wires 25 and 26 which are respec
he is carrying which will be illuminated at its end
tively connected to hand pieces 21 and 28.0n the
indicating that a. shot has been fired at the gun
gunner’s >rifle 24, which pieces‘are suitably insu-.
lated from the body `o_f the rifle. These hand
This shot will be scored and an electric
shock will strike the gunner.
The invention comprises the novel structure 25 pieces 21 "and 23 thus are adapted to be energized
for imparting a mild electric shock to the gunner
and combination of parts hereinafter described
under certain conditions as will later more fully
and more particularly pointed out and deñned
in the appended claims.
The insertion of a coin in the coin box will
In the accompanying drawings which illustrate
also close a motor switch for operating a motor
the preferred form of this invention together with
29 for driving the conveyor chain. It might be
a modified form and in which similar reference
mentioned that the motor switch may be a well
numerals refer to similar features in the differ
known time switch so that the normal operation
of the conveyor chain will be substantially one
ent views:
Fig. 1 an elevational view in perspective of
revolution for each operation. Thus. the target
an apparatus Vinvolving this invention with parts
will always be brought to a normal starting posi
tion after each operation from a coin.
Fig. 2 is a sectional View taken upon the line
The rabbit target is shown asa hollow affair
2_2 of Fig. 1 looking in the direction of the ar
which is attached to. a base bearing 3U (Fig. 3)
rows and with parts omitted.
Fig. 3 is a sectional view thru the target at ,40 by means of fasteners 3l. This base portion has
a? reduced cylindrical portion 32 rotatably mount
tached to the conveyor chain and showing parts
ed in a supporting plate 33 which is attached to
in elevation.
the conveyor chain by -a pivot pin 34 and suitable
Fig. 4 is a side elevational view of the target
connecting pieces 35 in any suitable manner. The
showing the same in traveling position.
Fig. 5 is a front elevational view of the target. .45 plate 33 carries a plurality of guide rollers 35
located respectively at the end margins for travel
ling upon rabbit tracks 3l formed in the top
margins of the guide rails I8 which may be sup
Fig. 6 is an enlarged fragmentary top plan
view of Fig. 3 with parts in elevation.
Fig. 7 is a diagrammatic view illustrating the
wiring diagram of the above apparatus.
Fig. 8 is an elevational view of the gunner’s
Fig. 9 is an elevational view in perspective of
a modiñed form of a feature of the invention.
ported in any suitable manner.
The rabbit may have one or two hind legs 3S
pivoted to the body portion as indicated ‘at 39
(Fig. 4) which are adapted to strike a series of
pins 4I) extending from one or more of the guide
rails I8 to make it appear as though the rabbit
Fig. ‘10 is a perspective view of the gunner’s
55 were running. The rabbit has two front arms or
riñe used in the modified form of apparatus.
legs 4l pivoted to the shoulders thereof as indi
chain and moving the target. He will then take
cated at 42. A miniature rifle 43 is pivoted to the
the rifle and attempt to direct a beam of light
ends of the arms as indicated at 44. The forward
y thru the aperture 63 in the rabbit for striking
end of the rifle carries a small lamp 45 con
the photo-electric cell for scoring Vpoints as `is
nected by wire 46 (Fig. 3) emerging from the
well known in the art. However if the gunner
wiring inside of the rabbit. The rear front arm
fails to make a hit before the rabbit reaches
of the rabbit carries a pendant rod 4l having a
the turning point at the latch 5|, the said rab
roller 48 at its lower end adapted to engage ¿a
bit will turn ninety degrees as alreadyexplained,
cam 49 on the plate 33 when the rabbit is turn-=
an operation which will close the switch 56 for
ing thru an angle of about ninety degrees for 10 energizing the lamp 45 on the miniature rifle
elevating the front arms and the rifle as shown
'indicating that the rabbit has fired at-the gunner.
in dotted lines in Fig.’ 4 at which time .the light
‘The closing of switch 56 will simultaneously close
bulb in the end of the miniature riñe will be
switch 56B which is connected thereto thru
illuminated as will later more fully appear for
which Ythe vcircuit to lamp 45 is completed. At
making it appear that the rabbit has fired upon 415 the same time vsolenoid 5l will be energized for
the gunner. At the same time, the gunner will
closing switch 53 for imparting a mild shock to
be given a shock as will later `be explained.
the gunner thru wires 25 and 26. At the same
The rabbit carries a pin 5l] (Fig. 6)
time,.the target counter ‘èl will be operated for
adapted to strike a latch 5I controlled by a sole~
recording the score made by the rabbit. It will
noid 52. If the hooked portion of the latch is in 20 be noted that the coil 5@ Ifor operating the sole
the path of the pin 50, the rabbit will be turned
noid _is in circuit with the lamp 45. ln due course,
ninety degrees and face the gunner before the
the spring 53 will return the’rabbit to normal
pin slips past lthe latch. When the pin has
slipped past the latch, a coil spring 53 anchored
In Figs 9 to l1, there is shown a modified form
to :the _plate 33 -at 54 and having a strap 55 par 25 of a feature of the invention which includes a
target housing 63 having Va target image receiv
tially surrounding the rabbit and attached `to a
pin ‘50 will return the rabbit to his normal posi
ing face El adjacent the top thereof upon which
is adapted to be projected an image 68 by a
projector 69. Supports 'l0 `,extend from the hous
When “the ,rabbit is turning,.the arms. 4l and
rifle "43 -wi'll `be elevated as previously explained 30 ing -forsupporting the projector 59 together with
a -g-un 'lil having spaced handles "H a. The `gun
and the main electric switch 5B will be closed
is mounted‘to be turned 'in azimuth for lsighting
for energizing the circuit for illuminating the
on the target. The projector 169 is adapted to be
lamp inthe miniature rifle carried by the rab
esci-Hated by a small motor 69a as shown in
bit and at the same time the relay 51 will be
Fig. 11 for moving the target image across the
energized for closing switch 58 (Fig."7) and
field. Such mechanism is old and well .known
transformer >circuit 59.
and involves no part of this 'invention except as
lWhen the transformer 59 is charged, a vmild
it may co-operate therewith.
shock will be transmitted to the >gunner thru
vThe invention herein concerns itself more par
wires 25 and 26 which are respectively connected
with 'the transformer circuit and the switch 58. 40 ticularly with the feature of imparting a >shockto
the gunner and registering aV score for the tar
The closing of switch '56 also energizes a magnet
get, if the gunner ’fails 'to make an imaginary -hit
6l)Y which .operates a Vcounter 6| ’ for _recording
before thetarget reaches a predetermined point.
the points scored by the rabbit. >The switch .56
To this end, the handles lla, `of the gun have
is adapted "to be closed by a cam .56a on the rab
bit when the rabbi-t is turning.
electric conductors 12 associated therewith, each
of which is suitably grounded as shown in Fig. l1
Within the rabbit, there _is a photo-electric Ycell
and which are connected in parallel relation with
62 'which is adapted 'to be struck by a beam of
an electric conductor 'i3 whichV extends to a sta
lightfrom the gunner’s rifle when said gunner is
tionary switch blade 14. This Aswitchib'lade ‘I4 is
expert enough to make an accurate shot.` This
beam of light, if >accurately directed, will pass 50 normally in open position while the projector E9
oscillates from the right hand limit to the center
thru 'an aperture 6.3 in the rabbit. If the gunner
or during the'time of the travel thru the “off”
makes a :hit ‘thru such aperture before the
position. During this movement, the gunner or
rabbìttravels ya predetermined distance, a cir
player -must make an imaginary hit upon the tar
cuit 64 (Fig. V'7.) from the photo-electric cell 62
to the solenoid '52 will be established whereby the 55 get or else he will receive a mild shock. For
latch will be ,attracted from the path of the pin
when the image moves from the center to the left
5| yon the rabbit with the _result that the rabbit
or thru` the “on” position, the switch blade 14
will .not be ‘turned but will continue to travel
will be in circuit with the handles of the rifle.
approximately one revolution when the motor
This is brought about by a cam bracket l5 in
will stop. An amplifier 64a in the circuit of the 60 sulated from the projector by insulation 75A
photo-electric cell may be used to increase the
and attached to the projector. This cam bracket
potential delivered to the solenoid.
" ,
is designed to operate against a roller 15 which
The idea of -firing a beam of light at a photo
is part of the main switch. The roller 1S is
electric cell in a Ytarget thru a coin operated
connected to a kstud '.'7 to the ends. of which are
electric circuit is old and well known and for 65 secured switch members 78 and 79„ the 'former
this reason, the wir-ing diagram for such has
of which is adapted to engage the ‘blade J4 'while
not been fully illustrated.
The novelty of this
the latter is connected with a source of cur
invention is predicated more particularly upon
the action of the target and the mild shock to
The switch member 75 is .adapted to engage a
the .gunner and the wiring diagram for illus 70 stationary switch blade 8l which is connected Ito
trating these actions is shown in Fig. 7 as will
a conductor 82 which in turn extends to a switch
later .be set forth.
member 83 which is adapted to be engaged 1by a
In use, the gunner will insert la coin Vin the
movable switch member or blade 84 connected Áby
machine `and close the >motor switch Vfor oper
an insulated pin 85 with a second movable switch
ating the motor >29 for rotating the conveyor 75 member B8 which is adapted to be moved to open'
rent Bil.
position by a solenoid coil 81 or the like. The
coil 81 is connected to a source of energy. The
switch blade 86 isvpreferably connected to a
transformer `88 for having its potential increased.`
' The switch blade 85 normally engages a con
the target counter-92 for lregistering the score
thus made by the target.
Thus in both forms, the apparatus act to give
the gunner or player a mild shock if the gunner
fails -to make an imaginary hit before the target
tact on a conductor 89 which leads‘to the switch
reaches‘a predetermined point and when this
member 18 that furnishes the shock current.
Theïmovable switch blade 84 is connected to a
occurs a score is recorded on a counter in behalf
ductor 03. The resistance coil 81- is connected
hits` the target or‘else he will receive a mild shock
of the target.
It is ’characteristic of this invention that the
conductor 90 leading to solenoid 9| or the like
which operates a target counter 02 and which is 10 gunner or player must make an imaginary shot
before lthe `target reaches a certain point and
connected with the source of energy by a con
and the target will wires 94 and 05 (shown broken) with a switch
In the form of the invention involving -the me
member 06 and a battery 01 respectively.
The gun 1| is shown in the wiring as movably 15 chanical rabbit, an effective imaginary shot will
cause the rabbit’s face to be illuminated or as it
pivoted at498 and as carrying a contact 0S adapt
were, cause'the rabbit to blush. But should the
ed‘for engaging a contact |00 carried by the pro
imaginary shot not be eiîective, the rabbit will
jector 60. A conductor |0| connects the contact
do the extraordinary and turn and simulate a
|00 with a relay |02 which may be termed the
“hit relay.” The contact 09 is >connected by a 20 shot at the gunner or player.
The game hence affords exceedingly interest
conductor |03 with a stationary switch blade
ing entertainment and amusement wherein the
|04 on the handle of the gun. The switch blade
target can attack the gunner or player and score
|04 is adapted to be contacted by a movable
points as well asthe player.
switch blade |05 which is ‘connected to a con
I am aware that many changes may be made
ductor |06 leading to a source of energy. A trig 25
and various'details of construction may be varied
ger |01 pivoted on the gun handle is adapted >to
without departing from the principles of this in
be operated by the gunner or player for closing
the switch |0l|-|05.
vention so I do not propose limiting the patent ‘
granted thereon otherwise than necessitated’by
The hit relay |02 is also connected to the source
of energy. This relay when energized is adapted 30 the prior art~
I claim as my invention:
for attracting a switch member 06 into contact
1. In a game of the class described, a target,
with wire 04 for closing the circuit thru the re
means to move said target, a weapon carried by
sistance coil 81.
said target, means for causing said target to turn
The motor 69a may be connected by a crank
after a predetermined movement under certain
|00 to the projector 69. This motor is shown ccn
conditions and electrical means for causing i1
nected by the electrical conductors ||0 and |||
lumination of the end of said weapon for simu
to a suitable source of energy l |2. The conductor
lating a shot at substantially the end of the turn
| || may be provided with a suitable switch H3
ing movement of said target.
which may be coin operated or otherwise. It is
2. In a game of the class described, a target,
merely illustrative of a means for starting the 4.0.." means for moving said target, a weapon carried
In practice with reference to the modified
by said target, means for causing said target to
lating the projector B9. During the movement
of the projector 60, a target image E0 will be
projected upon the receiving surface 61. While
this image travels thru the “off” position, the
discharge therefrom at substantially the end of
turn after a predetermined movement and ele
form, the gunner will cause the motor switch
vate said weapon and electrical means for illumi
||3 to be closed for starting the motor for oscil 45 nating the end of said weapon for simulating a
the turning movement of said target.
3. In a game of the` class described, a target,
means for moving said target, a Weapon carried
gunner will sight the gun upon the moving target 50 »by said target, means for moving said target at
and pull the trigger |01 for closing the switch
an angle to the ñrst movement under certain con
|04-I05. Now if the gunner has made an ac
ditions and simultaneously elevating said weapon,
curate sight when he pulls the trigger |01, the
electrical means for illuminating the end of said
contact 99 on the gun will contact the Contact
weapon at substantially the end of said second
|00 on the projector E0 for closing the circuit 55 movement, a target counter and means respon
which causes operation of the relay |02. The
sive to said electrical means for operating said
operation of the relay |02 will close the circuit
counter for recording a target score.
to the relay B1 which will open switches 84 and
4. In a game of the class described, a target,
86 for opening the shock circuit and preventing
means for moving said target in space, a weapon
the gunner from receiving a shock. Mecha 60 carried by said target, a weapon adapted to be
nism for recording the score of the gunner has
trained upon said target for directing al beam of
not been 'shown as it is old and well known and
light at a predetermined spot thereon, means
involves no part of this invention except as it
for illuminating said target when penetrated by
may co-operate therewith.
said beam of light, means for turning said target
In the event that the gunner fails to make 65 at a predetermined point if said beam of light
such an imaginary hit which will close the cir
has not penetrated the same, and means for simu
lating a discharge from the first weapon at sub
cuit thru contacts 90 and |00 while the image
is travelling thru the “off” position, the switches
stantially the end of such turning movement.
5. In a game of the class described, a target,
18-14 and 10--B| will be closed thru the move
ment of the cam bracket 15 while the image is .70 means including a gun for simulating a shot at
the target, an electrical circuit including shock
moving thru the “on” position. The closing oil
wires attached to the gun and means for control
the switch 18--14 will establish the shock circuit
ling said circuit for passing current thru said '
thru the handles of the gun for shocking the
shock wires when said simulated shot is not ac
gunner. The closing of the switch 10-8I will
close the circuit to the magnet 9| for operating 75 curately directed.
6; In a game of the class described, a target,
means for moving said target, means including
V8. In a game of the class described, a target
comprising a mechanical rabbit, means for caus
a gun for simulating a. shot at the target, an elec
ing said rabbit to travel in a predetermined path,l
means for causing said rabbit to turn at a prede
trical circuit including shock Wires connected to
said gun, means -for controlling said circuit for
passing current thru said shock Wires when said
simulated shot is not accurately directed, a tar
get counter and means for operating said coun
ter when said shock Vvvîres are energized.
7. In a game of the class described, a target
comprising a mechanical rabbit, means for mov
ing said rabbit in a predetermined path, said rab
bit having a pair of forward arms, a Weapon piv
otally supported by said arms, a second Weapon
adapted to be manner by a gunner for directing
a beam of light at the rabbit, a'device adjacent
the path of the rabbit adapted for co-operation
With said rabbit for ycausing the rabbit to turn
termined point under predetermined conditions,
said rabbit having pivotally supported arms, a
ñring Weapon carried by said arms, and means for
causing the elevation of said Weapon and simu
lating a ñring operation upon the turning move
ment of said rabbit.
9. In a game of the class described, a target>
comprising a mechanical rabbit having arms and
a target spot, arr Weapon carried by said arms,
means for causing said rabbit to travel in a pre
- determined path, a weapon adapted to be manned
by a gunner for directing a beam of light at said
target spot and means for causing illumination
of the rabbit’s face in the event said target spot
has been pierced and means for causing a turn
ing movement of said rabbit and an elevation of
and face the gunner at a predetermined point,
means responsive to the striking of said beam of
vlight of a target spot on said rabbit before the
same reaches saidpredetermined point forren
his weapon and simulating a shot at the gunner
in the event that he has failed tostrike said tar- '
dering said device inoperative and illuminating
the face of the rabbit, and means for elevating
vthe rabbit’s Weapon and simulating a shot at the
gunner upon the turning movement of the rab
bit, in the event that the gunner has'failed.
get spot.
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