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July 23» 1946#
Filed sept. 14, 1944
` 2,494,659
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July 2_3, 1946'.>
c’z. RoHULlcK
Filed Sept. 14, 1944
3 Sheets-Sheet _2
July 23, 1946.
Filed Sept.x14, 1944
3 Sheets-Sheet 5
Patented July 23, 1946
Charles Rohulick, Scranton, Pa.
Application September 14, 1944, Serial No. 554,067 '
2 Claims.
(Cl. 244-445)
My invention relates to improvements in para
chutes, the primary object in View being to equip
A relatively small, auxiliary umbrella section 9,
substantially circular with the exception present
such devices for quick, easy and safe control, as
regards both speed and direction in descending,
ly noted, is provided on the under side of the um..
brella I and which is of sufficient size to close said
and also for easy control of the same on the
vent opening 3_ and overlap the edge of the same
so as to be compressed against said edge under
pressure of air in the umbrella I and thereby seal
Other and subordinate objects are also com
said opening 3 around the edges thereof.
prehended by my invention, all of which, together
The auxiliary umbrella section 9 is also formed
with the precise nature of my improvements, will
be readily understood when the succeeding de 10 of gore sections I0 of `any suitable material hav
ing side edges overlapped and suitably secured
scription and claims are read with reference to
together to provide radial seams II of double
the drawings accompanying and forming part of
thickness of the material, and said auxiliary um..
this specification. y
In said drawings:
brella section 9 is scalloped around the edge
Figure 1 is a‘view in top plan 0f a parachute 15 thereof between said Vseams II, as at I2, to facili
tate ballooning action of said section. The seams
equipped according to my invention in the pre_
II correspond in number to the seams 3 so as to
align with the latter for a purpose presently seen.
Figure 2 is a View in transverse section taken
Attaching lines I3 for the auxiliary umbrella
on the line 2-2 of Figure 1,
Figure 3 is a View in plan, partly broken away, 20 section 9 are provided which are suitably fixed in
the seams I I to extend along the same and extend
and looking at the under side of the parachute,
out of the outer ends of said seams. The attach
Figure 4 is a fragmentary View partly in side
ing lines I3 are extended through openings I4 in
elevation and partly in transverse section and
the under sides of the seams 3 into said seams
drawn to an enlarged scale,
Figure 5 is a fragmentary view in plan partly 25 and from said openings along said seams 3 to sub
stantially the outer edge 0f the umbrella I. From
broken away,
the openings I4, the outer end portions of the
Figure 6 is a diagrammatic view illustrating
attaching lines I3 are suitably secured in said
the manner in which the auxiliary parachute sec
seams 3. From the openings I4 to the auxiliary
tion may be manipulated to accelerate the de
scent and cause lateral movement in one direction, 30 umbrella section 9, said attaching lines I3 are
exposed and somewhat slack, and the openings
Figure 7 is a similar view showing how the
I4 are spaced sufñciently remote from said sec
auxiliary parachute section may be manipulated
tion 9 to expose the attaching lines so that the
to cause quick straight descent,À
edge of the auxiliary umbrella section 9, as pres
Figure 8 is another similar view showing how
ferred embodiment thereof,
the auxiliary parachute section may be manipu
lated to cause accelerated descent and lateral
movement in the opposite direction relative to
`that in which said parachute will move as illus
trated in Figure 6.
Referring to the drawings by numerals, accord
ing to my invention, a usual parachute umbrella
35 ently described, may be pulled away from the edge
of the vent opening 5 or permitted to close said
Manipulative pull lines I5 are suitably attached
at one end to the outer ends of the seams II to
40 depend therefrom for grasping by the person de
scending in the parachute.
I embodying gored sections V2 having overlapped
The manner in which the described. invention
is to be used and operates will be readily under
side edges secured together to provide seams 3 be
stood. When the parachute is descending and
tween said sections of double thickness of materi
al, and harness suspension lines II interlaid be 45 the manipulative pull lines I5 are relieved of pull
thereon, the auxiliary umbrella section 9 is
tween the double thicknesses of the seams 3 to
pressed against the netting 8 and the edge of the
extend along the same, is provided with an axial
vent opening 5, by the compression in the um
comparatively small, circular vent opening 5
brella I and against said section, and said open
bounded by a hem 6 to which said seams 3 extend,
and in which is suitably secured a circular anchor 50 ing is closed. By pulling the edge of the auxiliary
umbrella section 9 at one side thereof away from
cord 'I to which the lines 4 are suitably attached.
the edge of the vent opening 5, as illustrated in
A circular section 8 of netting extends over the
vent opening 5 and is suitably attached at its edge
Figure 6, the parachute may be caused to quicken
to the hem 6 on the outer or upper side of the
its descent and to move laterally in one direction.
55 By manipulating the pull cords I5 to pull the edge
umbrella I.
of the auxiliary umbrella section a'way from the
edge of said vent opening 5 all around said edge,
as Ishown in Figure 7, the parachute may be
caused to quickly descend with a suddenly ac
celerated action. By pulling the edge of the
auxiliary umbrella section 9 opposite to that
vshown in Figure 6, as similarly manipulated, away
from the edge of the vent opening 5, the para
chute may: becaused to,I descend with an acceler
ated action- and to move» in the direction oppo
site to that in which it willbe moved according to
the showing in Figure 5.
As will be seen, the vent opening 5 and the
edge thereof, together with the auxiliary umbrellaì
section 9, form, in operation, a valve in the-axis,>
of the umbrella I and which may be opened vari-`
lease vent, and radial seams extending from said
opening to the perimeter of the umbrella, means
operative to close said opening under pressure of
air in said umbrella comprising an auxiliary um
brella section larger than said opening to overlap
the edge of the same, means to attach said Isec
tion in said umbrella comprising cords attached
to the edge of said section and extended into said
seams intermediate theY endsv of thev same with
end*x por-tions» extending along. the seams and fixed
therein, and pull lines attached to said section at
Í different points whereby diiferent portionsl of said
y section may be pulled away from the opening to
variably open the same.
'21. In a; parachute, an umbrella having a cir
<cular axial opening therein forming an air re
' lease vent, and' radial seams extending from said
celerate descent of the parachute and?or direct
openingÍ to the perimeter of the umbrella, means
the same laterally as required. By completely
to close said opening under pressure of
opening, or uncovering,` the vent opening 5 when 20 operative
air insaid umbrella. comprising an auxiliaryf um
the person descending has reached theV ground,
collapse of the` umbrella l" may‘be‘faci'litated' and>
brella section` larger than said. opening tov overlap.
the edge of theA same,` mearisto` attach-said seohandling and' control of' theI para-chute in col
tion in, said umbrella comprising. cordsr attacl'ied>
lapsing the same rendered easyl and safe.
, to theedge ofsaid section` andextended into saidThe foregoing will, it is believed, suñice- to inr 25 seams intermediate the ends ofV the samewith
part a clearunderstanding' of my'invention with»
outer end portionsextending along the~ seamsand
out furtherA explanation'.
ilxed`tl`1erein,V p_ullj lines attached to. said section `
Manifestly; the invention; as described, is sus
at, diiïerent. points whereby different` portions of
ceptible of' modification without' departing from
said section` may be pulled" away from the open
the inventive concept, and right' is herein` re
ing toïvariably open the sama, the inner end por
served to such modiñcations asfall within the
tions> of the> cords beings attachedÍ to. the` edge of
scope of the appended claims.
What I claim-is:
l`. In a parachute,v an umbrella having a cir
cular axial' opening therein, forming] an air- re
'said section and’ free between said. section and the
points of extension into said. seams to thereby
provide for floating `movement> of- said'section.` '
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