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Patented July 23, 1946
'Edgerton, Rocky River, Ohio,’ assignor
to Convenient Carrier Corporation, Cleveland,’
7 Ohio, a ‘corporation of Ohio , i
‘Application Augusto, 1944, SerialN-or548,180
3 Claims.
(01. 224-45)
This invention relates broadly to bottle carriers
of the type employed in the retail distribution of
beverages and more speci?cally to improvements
in fabricated metal carriers for such use.
One of the objects of the invention is to provide
ing the fragmentary portion of the side frame of
the carrier.
Referring ?rst to Fig. 1 the carrier comprises
a narrow band to of relatively thin sheet metal
stock formed to partially envelop the outer faces
of a plurality of bottles when arranged in. pairs
a metallic frame which may be folded into a sub
stantially ?at relatively small package in order
and columnar alignment as shown. The end walls
to realize maximum economies in space when
I I of the frame are tangential to the outer bottles
so grouped, the ends l2 of the band being united
empty carriers are in transitude Or storage.
Another object of the invention is to provide 10 by welding or secured by rivets one of which may
serve as the supporting element for the bail or
a metal frame for carrying bottles which is de
signed to facilitate the arrangement of filled car
handle IS. The central ‘portion of the side wall
riers in stacked or superposed relation.
of the band H) is pierced and die struck to form
tongues l4 bent inwardly and arcuately to par
Another object of the invention is to construct
a carrier which will afford an individual support 15 tially envelop the inner side walls of the contigu
ous bottles, The tongues are of suf?cient length
for each of the: bottles placed therein irrespective
the number or location of other bottles in the
to prevent lateral movement of the bottle em
braced thereby.
The upper edges of the end walls ll of the
Further objects of the invention reside in the
provision of a carrier which is attractive of ap 20 frame are pierced and folded outwardly to form
ledges or stops l5 provided to delimit the inner
pearance, sturdy of structure, economic of manu
movement of the bottle supporting members or
facture and adapted for use with minimum ad
cradles l6. As will be seen in Figs. 2 and 3 the
justment at the crowning machine during the
cradles are of U -shape con?guration mounted for
loading operation of the carrier. Other objects
and advantages more or less ancillary to the fore 25 pivotal movement upon rivets lBa seated in the
end walls I l of the frame ID. The cradles are dis
going and the manner in which all the various
posed in spaced relation with each other and are
objects are realized will appear in the following
arranged relative to the centers of the aligned
description, which considered in connection with
bottles to provide a substantial bearing for the
the accompanying drawings, sets forth the pre
30 base or bottom walls thereof. The upper ends of
ferred embodiment of the invention.
In the drawings:
the cradle arms are formed with arcuate corners
H to facilitate the folded adjustment of the era
Fig. 1 is a plan view of the improved carrier
dles to the position indicated in Fig. 5. The inner
illustrated in its operative position, a portion of
sides of the arms are formed with squared corners
the handle being broken away in the interest of
I8 adapted for engagement with the stops I5 when
the cradles are adjusted in their operative posi
Fig, 2 is a side elevational view thereof;
tion shown in Fig. 3. In order to accommodate
Fig. 3 is an end elevational view of the carrier
the stacked relation of a plurality of the carriers
shown in Figs. 1 and 2;
the handle I3 is formed with a slot l9 adjacent
Fig. 4 is a fragmentary sectional view of a por
tion of the carrier illustrated on an enlarged 40 the ends thereof, the slot being of su?cient length
to permit the handle to drop below the crowns
scale, the section being taken on a plane indicated
of the bottles when released. ‘The arms of the
by the line 4-4 in Fig. 2;
handles are designed to afford adequate ?nger
Fig. 5 is a plan view of the carrier shown in its
clearance above the crowns of the bottles and
collapsed position, the central partition illus
trated in this ?gure being of an alternate form; 45 also overlie the base of the cradles when the car
rier is folded in its collapsed position as shown
Fig. 6 is an end elevation of the folded carrier
in Fig. 5.
shown in Fig. 5;
In the structure illustrating the modi?ed em
Fig. 7 is a vertical section through the hinged
bodiment (Fig. 5) the central supporting frame
portion of the carrier frame, the section being
50 work comprises a pair of straps 30 bent in gen
taken on a plane indicated by the line 7-1 in
eral con?guration of the contours of the bottles
Fig. 3;
grouped in the manner heretofore described and
Fig. 8 is an elevational view partially in sec
illustrated. The ends of the straps 30 may be
tion of a handle of an alternate form; and
pierced for retention by the rivet H5 or welded to
Fig. 9 is a vertical section therethrough includ
55 the inner face of the frame Ill. If desired the
handle may be formed as a separable unit at
rows, curved sections in said loop con?gured for
tachment to the band I!) being provided by an
engagement with portions of the side walls of
inturned loop 3| (Fig. 8) having a slot 32 therein
bottles enveloped by said loop, tongues pierced
adapted for engagement with lugs or tabs 33 bent
from said curved sections and formed to partially
inwardly from the pierced and inwardly bent por
envelop the side walls of the bottles enveloped
tions of the end walls II. In this structure the
by said loop, a pair of cradles formed of strip ‘
handles may be readily snapped in place con
metal pivotally mounted in spaced relation on the
temporaneous the adjustment of the cradles
end portions of said loop, the bottom ‘portion of
to their operative position. The length of the
each of said cradles constituting a supporting
slot 32 in this embodiment, like that in the former 10 medium for a row of bottles, said cradles being
formed to fold outwardly over the sides of said
case, is designed to permit adjustment of the bail
loop and lie in a common plane therewith.
below the tops of the bottle crowns.
2. A bottle carrier comprising a, continuous loop
It will be readily recognized that the carrier as ‘
of sheet metal strip stock con?gured for engagee
formed may be folded into Va, ?at relatively small‘
'ment with portions of the side walls 01 a plu
package to facilitate shipping thereof, that the
bottles supported‘ therein may be ?rmly held so” rality of bottles, separators in said loop, con?g
ured for engagement with portions of the side
that one or more bottles may be carried in the
container without danger of any of them falling
walls of the bottles, and a pair of spaced U-shaped
arms formed of sheet metal strip stock pivoted
therefrom, that the weight of the bottles will pre
vent collapse of the cradle l6 when folded into i to and depending from said loop, the width of the
operative position, that the handle of either form
base of said U-arms being substantially equal to
disclosed herein may be positioned below the
the diameter of the tops of the bottles and being
disposed within a plane common to the vertical
crowns of the bottles and that the cradles when
adjusted in their operative position will a?‘ord
axis of the bottles whereby one of said carriers
adequate stability for self sustained support of
?lled with bottles may be stacked upon another.
the structure when moved along the conveyor ad- '
3. A bottle carrier comprising a continuous loop
jacent the crowning machine.
of flat metal stock formed to encompass a plu
Although they foregoing description is neces
rality of bottles, a pair of U-shaped arms each of
sarily of a detailed character, in order that the
invention may be completely set forth, it is to be
a width equal to that of said loop, said'arms
being pivoted on said loop in spaced relation with
understood that the speci?c terminology is not
intended to be restrictiveor con?ning, and that
various rearrangements of parts and modi?ca
each other and adapted for adjustment normal
thereto or parallel therewith, a, handle pivotally
mounted on. said loop intermediate the pivoted
connections for said arms, the pivotal connection
tions of detail may be resorted to Without depart
ing from the scope or spirit of the invention as 35 for said handle being disposed beyond the faces
of said arms whereby said‘handle may be ad-,
justed in parallel relation with said loop and said
arms and in overlapped relation with either of
1. ‘A bottle carrier comprising a continuous
herein claimed.
loop of narrow metal formed vto envelop a plu~
rality of bottles arranged in parallel contiguous
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