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a July 23,1946.
Filed Sept. 25. 1943
#2 1a
Jasse ‘Le/e013
Lawrence Patr/z'c?’
Patented July 23, 1946
,, U
“ 0 FF 1 CE
Jesse Leedy and Lawrence Patrick, Lima, Ohio
Application September 23, 1943, Serial No.v503,552
3 Claims.
(Cl. 131-4202)
Our invention relates to smoking pipes, and
has among its objects and advantages the pro
vision of improved cleaning and ?ltering facili
ties for such pipes.
In the accompanying drawing:
with a plate-like core 48 paralleling the axis of
the body and arranged in right angular relation
ship with the passage 20.
While the core ex
tends from side to side of the body 46, its ends
terminate short of the ends of the ?lter body.
This constrains the smoke to enter the side of the
Figure 1 is a side view of the pipe;
body 46, ?ow axially ‘thereof toward the ends of
Figure 2 is a longitudinal sectional view;
the body and then axially in reverse directions for
Figure 3 is a top view of a fragment of the stem
continued ?ow through the smoke passage. Thus
Figure 4 is a perspective view of a ?lter ele 10 the smoke is caused to flow through a relatively
large mass of ?ltering material in a ?lter body of
relatively small proportions.
Figure 5 is a sectional view of the ?lter; and
An important feature in our invention resides
Figure 6 is an enlarged vertical sectional view
in the fact that the bore 34 crosses the smoke
passage 20 and is open at both ends. This pro
In the embodiment of the invention selected
vides a construction wherein a smoke passage
for illustration, we make use of a pipe structure
of the rear end of the bowl.
having the usual bowl l0, stem l2 and mouth
piece I4. An axial rbore I6 is provided in the
stem 52 to frictionally receive the shank l8 of
of nonuniform contour may be easily cleaned.
The passage 20, when the ?lter body is removed,
comprises a bore of uniform diameter and may,
the mouthpiece l4. Coaxial smoke passages 20 20 therefore, be easily cleaned. Similarly, the bore
is easily cleaned by merely pressing the ?lter
are provided in the stem l2 and the mouthpiece
from the bore 34 and then wiping the
M, with the passage
the stem extending
bore dry. Because of the position of the pas
through the rear wall of the bowl, in addition to
sage 20 with respect to its intersection of the
its communication with the bowl.
A ?at face 22 is formed on the bowl ll] against 25 bore 34, the latter constitutes a well effective
in its retention of free flowing moisture, which
which a closure plate 24 is held ?rmly to close
naturally gravitatesto the bottom of the well,
the passage. This plate is pivotally connected
both in the presence or absence of ?ltering mate
at 26 with the bowl, and is normally yieldingly
latched in its closed position by a projection 21
struck from the plate to project into a recess 28 30 Without further elaboration, the foregoing will
so fully illustrate our invention, that others may,
in the bowl. The plate is resilient to resist per
by applying current knowledge, readily adapt the
manent distortion when being ?exed to dislodge
the projection from the recess.
An enlargement 3!) is formed on the stem l2 ‘
7 same for use under various conditions of service.
We claim:
1. In a smoking pipe having a stem and a
and provided with flat top and bottom faces 32. 35
mouth piece each provided with a smoke passage
This body is of generally cylindrical contour when
and said passages being in axial alignment, said
viewed in Figures 1 and 2 and is ‘provided with a
stem being provided with an enlarged bore cross
bore 34 extending throughout its full length and
ing and intersecting said passage at‘right angles
through the ?at faces 32. We prefer to center
the bore 34 on the axis of the passage 20 at right 40 to provide a well, said bore traversing said stem
angles to the passage, with the passage 20 inter
secting the bore at equal distances from its ends.
To close the ends of the bore 34, plates or cov
ers 36 lie in close ?tting engagement with the
flat faces 32.
These covers are pivotally con
nected at 38 with the enlargement 30, and each
and being open at its ends, covers on the stem to
close said bore atits ends, ?lter means in said
bore and removable from either of its ends, and a
core extending diametrically through the ?lter
45 means transversely of the passage, but terminat
ing short of the ends of the ?lter means.
2. In a smoking pipe having a stem provided
with a smoke passage, said stem being provided
4i] struck from the cover to lie in a recess 42 in
with a bore crossing and intersecting said pas
the enlargement 30. Both covers are ?exible in
the same manner as the cover v24. To facilitate 50 sage to provide a well, said bore traversing said
stem and being open at its ends, means coacting
opening and closing of the covers, each is ‘punched
to provide 2. lug 44 constituting a thumb nail
with the stem to close said bore at its ends, said
means comprising ?at faces on the stem inter
sected by the bore, and covers pivoted on the
In the bore 34 is removably contained a ?lter
body 46 completely ?lling the bore and provided . ?at faces of the stem and movable to positions
cover is latched in its closed position by a lug
4 .
over or to one side of each of the ends of the bore.
faces of the stem to be moved to ‘positions over or
3. In a smoking pipe having a stem provided
to one side of’ the bore, coacting formations on
with a smoke passage, said stem being provided
the stem and said covers to latch the covers in
with a bore crossing and intersecting said pas
their bore closing positions, a bowl connected‘
sage and extending the same direction to either 5 with the stem, said passage having communica
side of the smoke passage to provide a well, said
tion with the bowl and extending through the
bore traversing said stem and being open at both
bowl, and a cover means normally closing the
of‘its ends, covers on the stem to close said bore
passage at its end extending through the bowl. '
at its ends,- ?at faces’ on- the stem intersected by
the bore, the covers being pivoted on the ?at '10
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