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July 23, 1946.
Filed May 29, 1942
W/u/AM E J/MPsoN.
‘[wo /v0Toms 5/qA/AL
_ orramvtr'
Patented July 23,1946
KWillianr E1: Simpson, .South ozone Park,'iN. 'Y.; as
‘signorxtoRadio Corporation of America, a cor
I porationv of- Delaware
j AppIi'cation‘MayIZQ,1942;'Serial'Nos441L991“;
t9 Claims. (clans-L66)
‘This ‘invention relates :to"~tone‘ frequency signal
ator ‘is ‘coupled to i an? input circuit ‘of “tube 58 "by
repeaters and more‘ particularly ‘toran arrange
means of ‘a"'transformer ‘110. ‘ The 5secondary :of
inent which has‘ been‘ foundlpractical in systems
of telegraphy. 'FIt'is oftentimes desired to'receive
this transformer has'terminals" connected respec
tively toindividuiil controlJgrids in the tube '8.
A mid-tap on ‘the/secondary‘ ofhtran‘sformer I0 ‘is
telegraphsignals‘on ‘one channeleand‘torepeat ‘~
‘the same on a different outgoingchannel. "Where
coupled across "capacitor II "'to the “common
the marking and spacinglelements of thexsignals
cathode of tube 8. ‘ “ This ca‘thode'is grounded. The
' arejrespectively characterized‘ by'on-and off keying
anodes-of tube Bare‘ connected‘ respectively to
of ‘a tone f1‘equency?it ‘has’ beenYfoun'd lthat'the
tone frequency generator use‘d'lat arepea'ting
.station‘lis aptito ihetero'dynefwith' the ripple com
the ‘two i‘ terminals- of - a primary winding‘ on‘ ' an
output“ transformer ‘T2. “Thelsecon‘dary of this
transformer is ‘connected to any‘suitable‘out;
ponent of the recti?ed‘ ‘ incoming ‘signal. "Such
going circuit. ‘In order-"to control'the on and off
I keying of the output tube 8, I provide‘abiasing
hetero'dyning is-very objectionable in thati‘it does
"not-insureithe maintenance of‘ signals of uniform
Accordingly, it’ isran‘ object<of my‘inverition ‘ to -
provide altelegraph'repeatercircuit which is
electronic-in ‘action ‘and-which permits of send
ing out‘ a?regenerate‘d' tone 'frequency‘sign'al com
‘circuit for its grid‘lwhich “is 'connected to the
mid-tap on the‘ secondary ‘of transformer l0 and
leads'therefrom to "aitap on ‘a- potentiometer l3.
This potentiometer ‘is connected ‘between the
negative terminalof 1a "direct‘current source [4
and‘ the anode ‘of‘tube‘S. ‘Sources I 4 and 6 are
pletely'free'from the’e?ects-ofa ripple component V20 series-connected.
in ‘ the recti?ed ‘ incoming ‘signal. 1
‘The operation of ,myjrepeater circuit ‘will’ now
‘It is‘ another object of my! invention to'provide
_ ‘be explained.
eaikeying circuit'which“ would“ be particularly use
In‘the absence of an‘incoming-tone signal, the
grids‘ of tubes‘ l'an'diii are rendered 'su?iciently
‘ful‘vasea‘ repeater; and'to provide‘therein~=a~ system
of- electronic ‘devices "suchi that ‘no adverse effects
‘Will result’from" the use ofcav recti?ed incoming
signal in ‘ keying ‘an output circuit- for: the trans
mission of ' interrupted: tone frequencysignals.
positive‘so that‘ both of ‘these tubes are conduc
tive; The‘ gaseous discharge‘ tube 35 having be
come ionized; its'anode potential‘drops to a value
such‘ that‘a'cut-o? bias is applied’through poten
‘Other-‘objects and advantages o‘f-my‘invention
tiometer‘ l3 to’the‘grids of tube 8. ‘ The tone fre
will'be made‘ apparent in‘the description to‘ follow.
‘This description is accompanied‘by-ea drawing,
the sole ?gure of which represents ‘in diagram
quency output 'from“ the ‘generator 9, ‘therefore,
7 ‘has no'e?ect upon‘the'tubeB during a “space”
element‘o'f the signal‘ train.
matic ‘form the essential elements of 1 a preferred
embodiment of my invention.“ ‘ v‘
Upon-arrival o'f a'markingelement of the in
coming tone signal, full'wave recti?cation'takes
place in tube '3. The vpotential drop resulting in
‘ _
"Referring to the drawingyl‘show an'i'ncoming
tone'signal "circuit whicmincludes the primary
winding of-atransformerd. “Thesecondaryof ‘
this ‘transformer ‘has a" mid-tapewhich :is con
minalsofv the secondary of‘ the ‘transformer 1‘I ‘are
connected ~>respectively to‘, the “anodes ‘of a- double
resistorjll causes tube*2 ‘tobe ‘completely out oil. 7
‘The grid in tube {is also ‘rendered negative by
virtue of a connection thereto'from'the grid end ‘
of resistor"! through "an additional resistor ‘l5.
Since‘ no - current can 'further‘traverse thespace
path of-tube‘2,‘the gaseous tube 5 becomes “de
ionized. 'The ‘increase in’the'positi‘ve potential
‘diode recti?er tube 3. “The ‘common cathode” of
“this tube is grounded. A~loadresistor1completes
the recti?er tube circuit.
‘The vacuum tube Thasan-output circuit which
includes “the space (path ‘of aegaseous discharge
*‘tube ‘5. ‘This-output’ ‘circuit may ‘be ‘traced vcom
on the anode‘df tubé-"i'theréfore, is re?ected ‘in an
‘ ‘increasedvo‘ltage drop through the potentiometer
~l3 which‘shifts the bias‘on‘th'e grids of tube 8 so as
pletely 'from the cathode of~tubee2 ‘throughean
yQ-‘durin-‘g a markingelement’o'f the-'signaltrain.
"operating potential "source 6, a ‘resistor “ ‘I, 'the
anode of ‘ tube 5, "and a ‘:connection between - the
cathode-of tube‘5 andltheanodeof tube 2.
An output tube 8 is‘shown having two trio'de
sectionsarrange'd"ior-push-pull operation under
to render this tube conductive. The tube will then
amplify the‘toneifrequency generatedtbyl‘t-he unit
‘ It ‘will be apparent that the‘ ripple ‘component
2:50 'in the recti?ed-‘signal ‘as applied to the grid‘ of
tube ‘2 will have vno“appreciable effect upon the
conductive state in the tube '15. ‘In other words,
the slight Variation in the'impedance o‘f1tube-95
is negligible in value compared with the changes
control of a tone frequency voltage which may be
derived from a suitable generator 9. This gener 55 in value between on and off keying which are
having input terminals coupled to said source and
output terminals coupled to input circuits for both
states in the gaseous tube 5.
of said tubes, and arranged to bias the vacuum
While my preferred circuit arrangement has
tube to cut-off in the presence of recti?ed poten
been described in its relation to a repeating sys
tem, it will be clear to those skilled in the art that 5 tials, a direct current operating potential source
attributable to the conductive and non-conductive
for said tubes, a keyed tone frequency signal re- 7
the circuit itself is capable of a variety of differ
ent uses under different conditions. In other
peater circuit including a push-pull ampli?er, an
\j'outgoing stoiifefjf-requenbyj ource,f-,*and>j biasing
words, it's use is ‘hotjr'iecessarily;restricteditof?foni’
“means connected to“the--~iinput~‘-'circuit of said
and “on” "keying of- “telegraph "signals?" Other
uses may include those which pertain to facsimile ‘ 10 ampli?er and controlled by alternate conductive
systems as well as other systems of communicai‘l ' qand non-conductive states in said gaseous tube
oncausingEthev output voltage from said out
tion. The scope of the claims is, therefore, tovbeT
in tone frequency source to be keyed in accord
understood as though not restricted to the precise‘ "
:ance witlris'aid; incoming signals,
details of the exemplary embodiment‘whichv has
repeating keyed tone signals
@“by' 1means ="ofi-it‘w'o discharge tubes the output
1'. A gaseous triode ‘discharge, tubein' com-r ‘,‘circuits ~Qf§,Whi_Ch‘ are series-connected, one of
‘said tubes being of the vacuum type and the
bination with a device for controlling its periods
of ionization, said device comprising a vacuum-dis-v 1 3 othe'r'tube being gas-?lled, which method com
charge tube having at'least three electrodes of 20 prises, rectifying a keyed incoming tone signal,
I claim:
shown and describedwl‘l
1-15. "2'17. ={;»'I‘hé=inethod1of
Y "1
simultaneously exciting said / tubes when vsaid
which the anode is connected to thecathode of
said gaseous tube, the'vacuum tube-cathode hav
signal ‘is keyed ‘foff_,;’.-’ utilizing ;a recti?ed .com
ponent of'said ,signal- when-it is ,keyed f-‘o'n”
ing a circuit connection-to the gaseous tube anode,
said circuit connection including a ‘direct current
for biasing said vacuum ‘:tube: "to: cut-0111;; and
impedance interconnectinga control grid in said
crating a constant tone frequency, intermittently '
source and a load impedance, an inputcircuit g5 for thereby extinguishing-said gas ?lled tube,_.gen
vacuum ' tube with» its- cathode, an impedance
amplifying said¢tone frequency, andcausinglthe
interconnectingthe control grids in the v,two said
tub/es,,and alsource of intermittent ,controlpotenr»
periods of ampli?cation :of ,said, tone .rsfrequency
to be de?ned by corresponding periods ofextinc
tial which, when applied across said input circuit ; $3.9 ~tion of said gas'?lled tube. 1
impedance,’ causes the vacuum tube tobe blocked,
8.~ In oombinatiom; a.‘ gaseous discharge ,tube,
‘thereby interrupting ~a- normaldischarge in said
a vacuum discharge tuba-each of saidtubeshave
gaseous tube._-,, ;
ing acathode, ananode and acontrol grid,. the
2. :The combination according vto claim >1- and
cathode in one of said?tubes,beingzrdirectlyfcone
including rectifying ~means, in circuit between,.135 nected solely to the anode in the other, ofysaid
tubes to form V a series , circuit, which‘ includes the
said sourcev of intermittent control potentials an
said input circuit impedance.
‘discharge‘paths. ofthe two-fsaid tubes, adirect
current source;v for ‘ activating-r said 1, ‘tubes, said
3. In. a signal-controlled "circuit, arrangement,
va tube having a gaseous discharge path in series
with the discharge path of a vacuum tube, each ,7 $50
of said tubes having a cathode,aan anode and a
control grid, said tubes having a common input
sourcebeing connected in series with a'load in; an
output circuitextending-between the anode and
the cathode at the two endsaof said series circuit,
an input circuit.‘ including} ;a-.;resistorintercon
necting the ‘grids iinethe» two._1tubes,,and a second
circuit impedance across» which a recti?cation
component of a toneemodulated signal is inter
resistor interconnecting the, grid “and- the cathode
mittently impressed,‘ and an output circuit corny
of the tube at the negativeend of said'seriescir
edit, and common control meansinoluding-a pul
mon to said tubes, said output circuit including ‘a
direct current source anda load impedance, said
source constituting means for‘ producing simul
taneous discharges in the two said tubes during
periods when no signal is applied to. said input 50
sating potential source connected _across,,sa,id
second resistor, said means being effective in re
sponse to a positive control pulse torender both '
tubes conductive, and in response to anegative
circuit, said vacuum tube being subject to a cut
control pulse to’ blockthe vacuum- tube, thus
off bias in the presence'of signals,randr constituting
extinguishing the gaseous tuber. _
means for extinguishing the gaseous discharge
in the, other of said tubes.
' ‘9.,An electronic irelayr;c_omprising_ a_
4. The combination accordingto claim ‘and :
including means;v forlgdelivering an outgoing ,tone
signal; which is keyed on and o?by differences
in the potential drop across saidrlorad impedance.
‘5. The combination'according to claim 3 and
including a repeatinglcilrcuit having a tone fre
quency generator, anelectronic ampli?er subject
tojcontrol bysaidgenerator andmeans effective
tube and a gas-?lled tube, said tubesqhaving
their discharge paths serieseconnectedinrajcir
cuitgwhichfisj so constituted that the spacepur
‘ rent traversing'one tube (is always ‘equal, inampli
tude to ‘the space current: traversinglthejlother
tube, a- direct 'currentsourcev for activating, :said
tubes, said source being connected in series: with
a load in an __output circuitextending between
' to apply a blocking bias to the’ input circuit of said
the anode and the cathode at thetwo ends-of
said series-connected discharge paths, aresistive,
ampli?er during periods ofqdischarge in said
input circuit a portion of which is3individualto
tubes, said means2 comprising a negative biasing 2
source connected in circuit witha potentiometer
and connected also to ,points of different-poten
to the two tubes,control grids'in each tube-haw
one tube and another portion of which is common
. ing connections to saidinput circuit, andwmeans
tial inthe output circuitrcommon to said, tubes.
forsapplying control potentials to said input .cir
with that of- a‘ vacuum tube havingat leasta
tube is biased tocut-offv then the gas-?lledltube
cathode, an anode and a control grid, a, source of
becomes extinguished,
cuitin such manner that said tubes are rendered
6.;In a signall repeater, a gaseous triode dis
charge tube the space path of .which is in series ‘ 7.0 conductive simultaneously, and when thevacuum
incoming tone frequency signals, rectifying means
err/resort, '
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