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July 23, 1946.
Filed Feb. 22, 1944
4 Sheets-Sheet l
I `
July 23, 1946.
Filed Feb. 22, 1944
Juäy 23, i946.
H. H. wAsHBoND
Filed Feb. 22, 1944
4 Sheets-Sheet 3
July 23, `1946.
2,404,760 '
Filed Feb. 22, 1944
4 sheets-sheet 4
Patented July 23, 1946
Harry H. Waslibond,V Springfield», 111., assignerA to
The Baker Manufacturing Company, Spring
field, Ill., a corporation of Illinois
Applicationv February 22, 1944, Serial No. 523,465
10 Claims.
(C1. 37-1‘44)
This' invention relates to a bulldozer or scraper
structure adapted for attachment t0` and control
l2 having `a seat I3 therein. A- re'ar axle housing
it> supports theV track frames l5, and transmis
from a power Vehicle, such' as a tractor'.
sion inean‘s‘?notY shown) with-in- the axle housing
is driven by the engine for drive» of the Shaft
structure' it" which carries the driving sprockets
im> important object of the invention is to pro'
duce an eñîcient bulldozer' or scraper' whose op
il. Forwardly of the rear axlelfiousingg` is a cross
erating‘ parts are‘supp'orted ón the front end of a
support I8 which extends from the vehicle body
pOWei“ Vehicle in front ofY thedí‘iver’s 'cab ‘so that
the‘drive‘r may readily observe the operation.`
to the track frames l5, and on the forward ends
Another object is to provide an arrangement
of the track frames are mounted the idler wheels
in‘ which the support for the blade elementV of the ll v íli, endless tracks 2li engaging the sprocketwheels
bulldozer or scraper embodies a pair of linkage
and idler wheels on opposite sides‘of the vehicle.
quadrilaterals of which the blade element con
Trackrollers 2l’ on the track frame engage withI
stitutes the front link.
the lower ‘runs’ ofthe tracks.
A furthe'r‘object is` to provide an arrangement
Secured to andi extending` forwardly from- the
in ‘which hydraulic power means moin‘ited4 on the 15 vehicle body lû" at opposite~` sides thereof are‘ the
‘vehicle is connected to' apply power to the lower
links of the` quadrilateral linkages for operation
of' said blade element into various operating po#
sitionsin a'substa'ntially vertical direction.
beams 22 and 2‘3 which near their front ends are
spanned -by a cross-beam` 2li secured against the
under sides thereoil This beam' structure serves
A- further object isv to yprovide- an' arrangement 20
whielrtliey lower links vof ‘ the' linkages consti
as aV supportA for the bulldozer or scraper
TheV blade element of the bulldozer comprises
tutes pus-h'~‘ba"rsY hinged to the vehicle' and to' the
lowerfportionl of the blade element,` and with
a2 single hydraulic cylinder-piston structure
the transversely curved-_ blade 25 reinforced on its
isv connected with the p_ushl links and the brace
bars so> that the power for vertically setting the
their front ends' the upper and lower links 3B and
3l are hinged- to the blade element 25 by pins 33
and 3"4,_respectiîvely». At their rear ends the upper
links Zware pivoted to the upper ends'of the inner
middle portion -by ribs `2li secured to its rear side,
a knife edge structure 2l forming the lower por
mounted on the vehicle having leverage- connec-- 25
tion of the blade. The blade- element constitutes
_tion `with the lower links for exertionÍ of power
a front link of two linkagequadrilaterals 23A and
oni these# links in» substantially vertical' direction.
29. These linkage quadrilaterals are* alike and
Another object is to provide an arrangement
each comprisesH an upper link 30, a lower link 3|
inA which. brace. bars- are extended ïfrom- the push
andan inner link 32;> the blade element 2-5 form;
linksìtoxthe outer ends ofthe blade element, and 30 ing
a commonu outer link for the two linkages.A At
the leverage operated` by the hydraulic“ means
blade element is applied closer tothe outer ends
of the blade element.
Other and further objects of the invention will
becomeY apparent to those skilled in the art from
the` following» detailed description on the annexed
:sheets of drawings which disclose preferred em
bodiments of thelinvention.
Qn the drawings:
Eigure 1` is a side elevation of a power Vehicle
with the bulldozer or scraper structure thereon;
Figure 2. is a plan view;
Figure 3 is an enlarged section on plane
III-IIIY Figure 2; and
Eigure Liis a section on plane >IV-IV Figure
The power vehicle to which I have shown my
improved bulldozer or scraper assembly applied
links-32 by pins'. te', and at their lower ends the
inner.’ links 32’ are pivotedto: brackets 353 secured
on the lowerV links 3l.Y The lower links extend
rearwardly beyond. their connections with the
inner links to be» fulcr'umed on brackets 3l se
cured tol the `beams 22 and> 23; Brace bars 38
extend between the lower links` 3l' and thee'nds
of the bladei element 25 t'o stiffenlthe blade ele-V
ment and form» additional supportA therefor. As
shown on Figures‘Z` andl‘if, the hinge pins’3‘4‘rwhich
extend throughI the inner» ribs 26«of the blade' 25
are extended'l laterallyl outwardly through'V outer
ribs 26* to receive-the front ends-cf the-brïacebars
33 to hingeconnect'them-with the blade eler'nent.`
On the>V forward ends oft-he beam 22; zii-brack
is a tractor of the type in which the driving en
gine is in the rear of the vehicle body and the~ `< 'ï` ets 39 are secured, links~4ß being pivoted at their
driver’s cab is inthe front. Briefly describing the
front ends tothe-brackets as-indicate'd- atMï and»
tractor, it comprises a frame or body Ill‘ at" the
rear of which is mounted the engine frame Il and
at their rear ends being- pivoted to'
SpdndingY inner links‘32 as indicated atl?. These`
at the’front of which is located the driver’s cab'
e lìnks'llû hold the links of thelinkageqlllatii‘i'l‘alt-`
erals in relative position for the desired tilt Aor
through a scraping range from about 142 inches
rake of the blade element from the perpendicular. '
^ As best shown on Figure 2, plates 43 span and
below tractor ground line to about 12 inches above
ground line and then tilt the blade forwardly
about 15° as it rises above the scraping range.
are secured to the brace bars 38 and the lower
links 3| and on these plates brackets 44 are
mounted. Bars 45 are pivoted at their lower ends
to the brackets 44 and at their upper ends are
pivoted to L~.-shaped levers 46 which extend rear
wardly and receive at their rear ends a fulcrum
With the hydraulic power transmitting connec
tion shown, the bars 45 will, during swing of the
scraper structure into various positions, transmit
the hydraulic power substantially inevertical di
rection to the push links of the linkage quadri
rod 4l extending between and journaled in the 10 laterals, thus utilizing to a maximum extent the
hydraulic power from the hydraulic ram or cylin
upper ends of brackets 48 mounted on the beams
der-piston structure.
22 and 23. A spacer tube 49 receives the rod 41
_Some of the push power applied by the vehicle
and extends between the brackets, as ¿clearly
to the push links will be applied to the ends of
shown on Figure 4. Pins 50 extend through the>
the blade element through the brace bars 33, and
outer ends of the rod 4l adjacent to the outer
with the brackets 44 mounted on the cross plates
sides of the brackets to hold the rod in place. ;
43, the hydraulic power transmitted through the
The beam 24 has upstanding ears 5i.' ' Acylin; " i
der 52 has the lug 53 extending down between
the ears5l to be hingedfthereto by a pin 54. The
bars-45 to the brackets will be borne conjointly >
ing between the> levers 4S.
blade element is thus ‘distributed along the’ made
by the push links and the brace bars. The push
levers, .45 are connected _at _their bends by a rod 20 force against the blade element by the vehicle
and the hydraulic force for vertical setting ofthe.
55, a spacer tube 56receiving the rod and extend
tending Yfrom the piston (not shown) in the cylin
element by the connections therewith -of the pushA
der projectsat its _outer end_into the opening 58
in_thespacer tube 5_6 to receive and to be ful
links and the Ibrace bars.
I am'aware that many changes may be made
and numerous details of construction may be`
varied through a wide range without departingl
Hydraulic fluid conductors 59 >and 60 extend
from the principles of this invention, and 1 there
from _the lower and upper ends of the> cylinder to
fore do not purpose limiting the patent granted
a valve structure V for which a suitable -control
crumedtothe rod 55.
C is provided Yfor operation by the driver in the
From a pump P fluid is delivered under hy
heli-:ecn otherwise than necessitated by the priori
I claim as my invention:
draulic pressure through a conductor `iìn't'o‘th‘e
1. A bulldozer structure'for application at the
valve structure [or now to either end of the vcylin
front of a power vehicle, comprising' a blade ele
der by the setting of the valve V by the control C.
-A reservoir R supplies the fluid to theV pump P 35 ment, push bars at opposite sides Vof the vehicle
body hinged thereto and extending forwardly
through conductor 6 I a (Fig. 2) i
Whenfthe'vehi'cle is driven forwardly for op
eration’ of the scraper structure, the lower links
3l will function Vas push beams for engagement
of the scraper blade with the terrain which is to
be operated upon. The -lupper and-inner links
therefrom and connected with said blade element Y
brace bars extending diagonally outwardly from
_, said push bars and connected at> their outerïends
Sil’and> 32 andthe intermediate links 40 will then
function tov hold- the upper portion of the blade
element to maintain 'the proper tilt or rake there-v ._y »_
of from -the perpendicular.
On Ilî’igure 3 the »full lines show th'e scraper
structure in an intermediate position. If it is
desired to lower the scraper structure, the valve
V isset by thecontrol C for iiow of hydraulic
with said blade element, asupport> spanning Leachv
push bar and itsl brace bar and secured thereto,
brackets on said supports, a lever structure ful
crumed at its inner end on` the lvehicle' body,
power transmission bars betweenthe outer l,end
of saidlever structure and said brackets, a hy
draulic power device on the vehicle body connect..
edwith said` lever structure at an intermediate
point thereof for swinging said leverstructure
vertically for transmission of the hydraulic- power
iluíd through the conductor 6D into the upper` 50 through said ytransmission bars and brackets to
end of the cylinder for inward movement of the
piston, and this movement of the piston is trans
mitted through the rod 55 to the levers 46 whose
downward swing is transmitted through the bars
said push bar structures for vertical swing there
of for operation setting of the blade element;
2. In combination with arpower vehicle com
prising a body and propulsion means therefor, a
45 to the push links 3l for downward `movement 55
bulldozer structure located in front of the Vehicle
of the scraper structure, the short dot lines on
body and comprising a blade element, push bars
Figure 3 showing the down position of the scraper
at opposite sides of the vehicle hingedat -th'eir
structure. If it is vdesired to raise the scraper
rear ends thereto and extending forwardly there
structure, the valve is set for flow of hydraulic
huid through the conductor 59 to the lower end 60 from for hinge connection with the lower portion'
of saidblade element, a linkage assembly con
of the cylinder for upward swing of the levers 46
and upswing o_f the push links 3|,A the longr dot
lines on Figure 3 showing the upper portion of the
scraper structure.
With the blade elementy sup
necting the upper portion of said blade element
with said push bars, guide links between said link
age assembly and the vehicle body for’co-opera
ported and guided by the linkage quadrilaterals, 65 tion to determine the rake of the blade element
when moved vertically with said push bars', a
theblade element will substantially retain the
same tilt or rake through its scraping range above
lever structure fulcrumed at its inner end on the
vehicle body, transmission bars depending from
and below the tractor ground line and _will tilt
the forward end of ‘said lever structure to said
forwardly above the scraping range to more freely
discharge dirt. Thus while the blade will move 70 push bars, and a> hydraulic power device mounted
on the vehicle body and connected with said lever`
substantially in a vertical line when swung to Vits
structure at an intermediate point thereof where
various scraping positions,_it is preferably' tilted
by, upon swing of said lever structure by said'`
above the scraping range. For example the blade
rake controlling links 30, 32 and 40 are preferably . l hydraulic device, hydraulic power willbe transl-r
arranged so that they will hold the blade vertical 75 mi'tte'd- through said transmission barsto said'Vl
Àpush bars for‘swing ofsaid bars and operation
setting of said blade element.
3. In combination with a tractor comprising
a» body and propulsion means,therefor, a bull
dezer attachment for the front of the tractor
comprising a blade element, a support for said
blade embodying a pair of linkage quadrilaterals
of which said blade element constitutes the outer
link, the lower links of said linkage quadrilater
als being hinged at their rear ends to the tractor
body Vto constitute push bars for the blade ele
ment, guide links between said linkage quadri
and the tractor bodyfor co-operating
with the linkage quadrilaterals to determine the
rake of the blade element during vertical move- ‘_
eringthe push beamsand blade relative to the
tractor, and meansA connecting 4the second links
and tractor to hold the blade in the same vertical
plane as it is raised and lowered throughout its
tilting range and-to tilt the upper end of the blade
`forwardly as the >blade is raised above its tilting
'7. In combination, atractor having an oper
ator’s cab at the front end thereof and an engine
behind the cab, an implement blade extending
across the front of the tractor in closely spaced
relation to said operator’s cab, push beams >on
each side ofthe tractor pivotally connected` at
their rear ends to the tractor and at their front
ends to the lower end of the implement blade,
upper push links on opposite sides of the tractor
pivoted at their front ends to the upper end of
the blade, fulcrums for said upper push links,
ment thereof, a lever structure fulcrumed at its
inner end on the tractor body, transmission bars
depending from the forward end of said lever
means responsive to raising and. lowering of the
structure to said linkage quadrilaterals, and a hy
blade for shifting said fulcrums relative to the
draulic power device mounted on the tractor body 20 push beams to control rake of the blade, levers
and connected with said lever structure at an in
on opposite sides of the tractor pivoted at their
termediate point thereof whereby, upon swing of
rear ends to the front end of the tractor and pro
said lever structure by said hydraulic device, said
jecting forwardly therefrom, a rigid power trans
push bars will be swung for operation setting of
mission link pivoted on the front end of each
said blade element under control of said linkage 25 lever and depending therefrom, means pivotally Y
quadrilaterals and guide links
connecting the lower ends of the power trans
4. In combination with a tractor having sup
mission links with the push beams, «double acting
porting beams extending forwardly from its body
hydraulic jack means pivoted on the front end of
and intermediate the tractor wheels, a bulldozer
the tractor and connected to the levers inter
structure comprising a blade element, push bars
mediate the ends of the levers for positively rais
pivoted Vat their inner ends on said supporting
ing and lowering the blade relative to the tractor,
beams and connected at their outer ends with the
and means in the cab of the tractor for operating
blade element, brackets on said supporting beams,
said jack means whereby an operator in said cab
arms pivoted to and extending forwardly from
`will have full vision of material engaged by the
said brackets and links extending down from the 35 implement blade during scraping operation and
forward ends of the arms and connected with said
can more efficiently control the position of the
push bars, a rigid cross connection between said
arms intermediate their ends, a supporting plate
8. In combination, a tractor having an oper
mounted on and extending between said sup
ator’s cab at the front end thereof, an implement
porting beams, and a hydraulic power device ex 40 blade extending across the front end of the trac
tending between said supporting plate and said
tor closely adjacent said operator’s cab, push
cross connection for effecting vertical swing of
beams pivoted on the front end of the tractor in
said arms and thereby vertical swing of said push
spaced relation adjacent the sides of the tractor
bars and with the blade element thereon.
and extending forwardly therefrom for a rela
5. A bulldozer structure for application at the
tively short distance, pivots connecting the for
front of a power vehicle, comprising a blade ele
ward ends of the push beams with the lower end
ment, push bars at opposite sides of the vehicle
of the implement blade, relatively short push
body hinged thereto and extending forwardly
links overlying the push beams pivotally con
therefrom and connected with said blade element,
nected to the upper portion of the blade to co
brace bars extending diagonally outwardly from 50 operate with the push beams for holding the
said push bars, a plate spanning each push bar
blade in upright position, fulcrums for said push
and its brace bar and rigidly secured thereto, a
links, means responsive to raising and lowering
hydraulic ram carried by the vehicle, a frame ful
of the blade for shifting said fulcrums relative to
crumed at its inner end on the vehicle body and
the push'beams to control rake of the blade, lift
having a cross bar intermediate its ends acted on 55 levers fulcrumed on the front end of the tractor
by said ram for vertical swing of said frame, and
and extending forwardly therefrom, rigid power
links extending downwardly from the outer end
transmission links pivoted on the front ends of
of said frame and pivoted at their lower ends
said levers and pivotally connected to the push
respectively to said plates for transmitting the
beams, double acting hydraulic jack means piv
60 oted on the front end of the tractor and connected
swing of said frame to said push bars.
6. In combination a tractor, push beams piv
oted on the tractor extending forwardly there
from, an implement blade extending across the
front end of the tractor having its lower portion
with said lift levers intermediate the ends thereof
in spaced relation from the lever fulcrums and
power transmission links to swing the levers for
raising and lowering the blade relativeto the
pivoted on the push beams, first links pivotally 65 tractor, and a valve in said operator’s cab con
connected tothe upper portion of the blade and
trolling fluid flow to said hydraulic jack meansk
extending rearwardly therefrom toward the trac
whereby the operator can readily view the work
tor, second links pivoted to the rear ends of the
ing of the blade and easily control action of the
first links and to the push beams, first arms piv
to obtain efficient operation.
oted on the push beams and extending upwardly 70
9. In combination with a propulsion vehicle,
therefrom, second arms pivoted on the first arms
an implement blade extending across the front
and extending rearwardly therefrom, pivots oon
of the vehicle, a lower push link pivotally con
necting the rear ends of the second arms to the
tractor, a hydraulic jack interposed between the
tractor and the second arms for raising and low
necting the vehicle and lower portion of the
blade, a guide link pivoted on the vehicle, an
upper linkage connected to said guide link, said
10. In combination' with a propulsion vehicle,
lower push link, and the upper portionl of the
an implement bladel extending across the front of
blade, a lift lever fulcrumed on the vehicle, a
-hydraulic jack pîvoted on the vehicle and piv
the vehic1e,‘a lowerpush link pivotally` connect
Aing the vehicle and lower portion of the blade, an
otallyconnected vto the lift lever for swinging the
leveriabout its fulcrum, and a power transmis $1 upperpush link pivotally connected to the blade,
a. fulcrum for said link, means responsive to rais
sion link pivoted on the lever in spaced relation
ing and lowering of the blade for shifting said
from the fulcrum and jack pivot for raisingand
fulcrum relative to the lower push link to control
lowering >the .blade in response to swinging move
the rake 0f the blade, a lift lever fulcrumed' on
ments of the lever, said pivotal mounting >for the
the vehicle, means on the vehicle for swinging
jacks effecting straight-line application of force
said lever about its fulcrum, and means between
to the lever in all' positions of the lever through
the lever and blade for translating swinging
out. its arc of travel, and said guide linkcon
movements of the lever into raising and lowering
trolling said upper linkage for regulating the
rake ofthe blade.
movements of the blade-
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