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3%, 19466
Filed .Jan. 8 , 1945
Patented July 30,1946
Jacob Rush Snyder, Cl eveland, Ohio, assignor to
Thompson Products,
corporation of Ohio Inc., ‘Cleveland, Ohio, a
Application January 8, 1945, Serial No. 571,834 ' ‘
6 Claims.- (Cl. 251-113)
This invention relates to surfaces especially '
adapted for cooperating with seals to decrease
wear and friction losses without decreasing seal
ing ef?ciency.
Speci?cally this invention deals with a selector
valve, shut-01f cook, or other ported valve having
a rotatable plug or valve member with a shot
engaging surfaces of the plugs are sandblasted
and then treated to smooth off sharp edges.
A speci?c object of the invention is ‘to provide
a valve with a rotatable valve plug having a sand
blasted surface coacting with a plastic material
seal which surface has been covered with a plated
metal to smooth off any sharp edges thereon.
blasted, sandblasted or otherwise pitted surface
Another object of the invention is to provide a
engaging the port seal for decreasing torque loads
shut-off cook or valve especially adapted for regu
required to rotate the valve Without decreasing
lating flow of gasoline or other aromatic ?uid
the sealing e?iciency of- the port seal.
includes a rotatable valve plug having a
Heretofore, metal sealing surfaces for engage
nickel plated sandblasted surface in sealing en
ment with rubber or other plastic material seals
gagement with a synthetic rubber seal.
were provided with a smooth surface'to. insure
and further objects of this invention will
good sealing contact._ According ‘to this inven 15 be Other
apparent to those skilled in the art from the
tion, however, metal surfaces for engaging rub
following detailed description of the annexed
ber or other plastic seals are pitted as by grit
sheet of drawings which, by way of a preferred
blasting or the like. These pitted surfaces are
example only, illustrates one embodiment of the
preferably plated with a metal such as nickel or
chromium. If aluminum is used its pitted sur
On the drawing:
face can be anodized. The nickel or other coat
Figure 1 is a vertical cross-sectional view, with
ing does not form a smooth, ?at surface but fol
parts in elevation, of a selector valve equipped
lows the contour of the pits formed by grit-blast
with a sandblasted and metal plated valve plug
ing, while smoothing off any sharp edges.
in accordance with this invention.
Contrary to expectations, the pitted metal sur 25
Figure 2 is an enlarged fragmentary vertical
faces of this invention provide very e?icient seal
cross-sectional view illustrating the coaction be
surfaces for coacting with rubber or other plastic
tween the sandblasted plug and rubber seal of
the valve shown in Figure .1.
material seals. These pitted surfaces effect in
creased wear life for the seals and decreased
Figure 3 is a fragmentary plan view diagram
30 matically illustrating the sandblasted plug and
torque loads for operation of the valve.
the-seal of the valve shown in Figures 1 and 2.
Ithas been found that smooth ?nished metal
As shown on the drawing:
plug or valve surfaces develop a Vacuum as they
.In Figure l, the reference numeral I 0 desig
pass over the sealing areas of plastic seals, and
nates generally a valve having a body member I I
this vacuum actually tears and pulls off the plas
with a cylindrical bore Ha extending inwardly
tic material, resulting in a very high wear rate
from one face thereof and de?ning a valve oper
of‘ seals and ‘increased seal leakages. In addition
ating chamber. The bore Ila is counter-bored as
the vacuum developed between the smooth sur
at Ilb at one face of the body and has a reduced~
faces and the plastic seals increases the torque
diameter portion He at the otherend thereof
load for movement of the plug. The pitted sur
40 terminating in an end wall portion I2 which is
faces, however, break the vacuum without break
apertured at I3 to provide a reduced opening in
ing the seal and carry liquids or other material
the other face of the body. The counterbore llb
flowing through the valves over the face of the
has a ?rst carbon bearing ring I4 therein. The
seal, ‘thereby lubricating the seal.
It is, then, an object of this invention to pro 45 reduced diameter portion I I0 has a second carbon
vide seal surfaces having a myriad of pits or de
pressions free from sharp edges for’ sealing en
gagement with rubber or other plastic material
bearing ring I5 therein.
A valve plug I6 has a main cylindrical por
tion Ilia with. reduced-diameter ends I6b and
I60 together with a stem 16d projecting from the
central portion of the reduced end I60. The
A further object of the invention is to provide 50
reduced end I6!) is rotatably mounted in the
a valve with a rotatable valve member having a
carbon bearing ring I4. The reducedend I6c. is
sandblasted surface for sealing engagement with
rotatably mounted in the carbon ring I5. The
rubber seals to break the vacuum norma1ly_en
stem l-Bd projects freely through the aperture
countered between valve surfaces and seals. 4
A still further object of this invention is to 55 I3 and leakage around the stem is stopped by a
seal I'3a such as a rubber O ring-in a metal cup
provide valves with rotatable plugs having sand
spring pressed against the end wall I2.
blasted and plated metal surfaces for engaging
The main cylindrical portion I6a is freely dis
the seals of the valve.
Another object of the invention is to provide
valves having rotatable plugs wherein the seal
posed in the bore I la.
An end cover I1 is secured on the bottom
face of the body II. Bolts such as I8 are passed
pockets, depending on whether or not the valve
is being operated wet or dry, and time liquid or
air in the pockets permits the surface of the
through the cover I‘! and body II and serve to
mount the valve 10 on a support (not, shown).
The cover has an outlet I9 arranged for ?owing
valve to glide over the rubber-like seal material
fluids or other material out of the valve body ~ substantially free from a vacuum pull. As a
H. The plug [6 has an axial outlet passage Hie Cl result, the operating torque for the valve is ma
aligned with the outlet l9 together with a radial
terially lowered, the rubber shows no appreciable
inlet passage l?f. This inlet passage 16]‘ opens
wear after repeated operation of the valve, and
through the main cylindrical portion 16a of the
the sealing effectiveness is vmaintained.
vWhile the seal 24 has been described as a rub
A nipple 20 is bolted to a side face of the body 10’ ber seal, it should be understood that any suit
II as by means of bolts 2| or the like. This
.able sealing material can be used. Where the
nipple provides a radial inlet 22 for the valve
valve is intended for use with_ aromatic fluids,
body communicating with an inlet port 23 in the’
synthetic rubber such as neoprene or the like
side wall of the valve body.
are used. Of course, any. synthetic rubber-like
The inlet port 23 receives a seal assembly 24
material is to be included within the meaning
composed of a rubber sleeve 24a having an end
of the term "rubber” as used here-in.
wall arranged to engage the main portion Ita
It will, of course, ‘be understood that various
of the plug it. A ‘metal ring 25 is embedded in
details of construction may be varied through a
this sleeve to rigidify the sealing end of the
wide range without departing from the principles
sleeve but the end which engages the plug is 20 of this invention and it is, therefore, not the pur
composed of rubber. The sleeve 24 has an out
pose to limit the patent granted hereon otherwise '
turned ?ange 24b disposed between the nipple
than necessitated by the scope of the appended
member 20 and the side wall of the body iii.
A coil spring 26 is mounted in the sleeve por
I claim as my invention:
tion .24 and bottomed on the nipple 20 to act 25
1. In a seal assembly including a deformable
against the embedded metal ring 25 of the seal
seal and a metal part in sealing engagement there
for urging the end face of the seal against
with, the improvement of a myriad of pits in the
the portion 16a of the plug valve.
surface of said metal part and a protective coat
In accordance with this invention, and as best
ing on said surface following the contour of said
shown in Figures 2 and 3, the portion l?a of
pits and providing a smooth pitted surface for
the plug valve is sand-blasted to form a plu
sealing engagement with said seal.
rality of pits 21 in the surface thereof. The
2. In a seal assembly including a rubber seal
pitted surface is treated to form a protecting
?lm 28 thereover. This film 28 can be composed
of electrodeposited nickel, chromium, or the like.
and a metal member sealed by said rubber seal,
the improvement of a myriad of minute indi
vidual pits in the surface ofsaid :metal member
effective for conveying air or liquid over the .sur:
face of said seal for lubricating said surface without destroying the seal between the metal parts
If desired, aluminum valve plugs can have the
sandblasted portions thereof anodized to provide
a protecting coating of aluminum oxide thereon.
The protective coating 28 is of uniform thick
the seal.
ness and follows the contour of the pitted sur 40 and
3. In a seal assembly, relatively movable parts
face, but smoothes off any sharp edges, so that
in sealing engagement, one of said parts being
the ?nished plug surface has a smooth pitted
deformable, the other of said parts being rigid
surface free from cutting edges that might
and having a minutely pitted surface in sealing
roughen or cut the rubber seal.
contact with said deformable part.
The end wall of sleeve portion 24a of the rub 45
4. In a seal assembly, a rubber seal, a metal
ber seal 24 rides on the plated pitted surface
valve coacting with said rubber seal, said metal
16a of the plug 16 and the pits provide pockets
valve having a sandblasted surface for engaging
or wells 29 capable of carrying fluid such as
said rubber seal, and an electrodeposited coating
gasoline, oil or the like passing through the ‘valve
of metal on said sandblasted surface following the
over the sealing face of the seal. If ‘the valve 50 contour of they pits therein to smooth off any
is dry, these pockets 29 will carry air across
sharp surfaces without ?lling the pits.
5.. In .a valve, a casing having a port therein,
the face of the seal.
‘The pockets 2-9 are of such a minute size ‘that
a rubber seal in said port, a metal valve plug
no bleeder channels can be provided across the
rotatably mounted in said casing, a spring urging
entire face of the seal. Each pocket v‘is inde
said rubber seal against said metal valve plug, -
pendent of the next adjacent pocket, and the
and said metal valve plug having a grit-blasted
surface for sealing engagement with said rubber
protecting layer 28 on the valve will have a plu
rality of spaced localized contacts with the seal
since the spring 26 is not strong enough and
the rubber of sleeve 24a is not soft enough to
allow the rubber to ?ll the pits.
In order to position the passage I61‘ of the
valve plug l6 relative to the ports in the casing
l I, one or more spring-pressed plunger pins such
as 30 can be provided in an endface of the
valve plug for coacting with recesses ‘such as
a valve plug rotatably mounted in said casing in
sealing engagement with said rubber seal, said
valve plug having a. pitted surface for engagement
1 with said seal, said pits forming individual pock
ets for conveying liquid or air over the face of
the seal to prevent formation of a vacuum .on the
seal surface, and a coating of protective material
on said pitted surface smoothing off any sharp
3| in the cover 11. The plunger and recesses
serve as position ?nders for the valve plug.
The pitted valve surface provided in accord
ance with this invention substantially eliminates
all tendencies for pulling off the rubber sealing
surface by vacuum created between the valve and
the rubber seal. The pits act as ‘liquid or air
.6. In a valve assembly including a casing hav
ing a port therein, a rubber seal for said port, -
edges but following the contour of the pits with
out ?lling the pits.
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